You roll out of bed in the morning, you grab your cup of coffee and you fire up your laptop.  As caffeine tingles through your synapses and you click through e-mail, the question arises:

“What should I write about?”

It’s the same many bloggers ask question, whether writing a blog post or an e-book.  It’s the wrong question.

I want you to ask:

“Who are you empowering?”

Quickly followed up by:

“How am I empowering them?”

These two questions can transform how you approach all of your writing.

Powerful Question, Provocative Answers

Questions have power—when we ask the right questions, we get the answers we need.

Who will you empower?

To me, this is a much more powerful question than, “Who is my ideal customer?”

The question of empowerment get’s straight to the fact that I am in the business of helping people that are already taking action.  It helps you get clear that you’re not just helping a random person, but you are helping someone with a drive and a reason.  Your empowerment will help them achieve the aims of that drive.

Asking how you will empower them delivers so many rich ideas—far more than merely asking what you should write about.  Instead of finding a topic, you become engaged in finding solutions, which will be far more useful to your reader and far more exciting to write.

Empowerment is the Emerging Cultural Norm

Look at the world today.  How has it changed in the last ten years?  The answer is almost too large to comprehend.

One of the most massive, is the way that the world is not only consuming, but creating.  If you can empower an audience, you will have an audience.  People are drawn to their own vision and making that vision happen.

We can’t help it. What gets us up in the morning, what gets us excited, is what we are magnetically drawn to.  Ask yourself: are you empowering your audience to grasp what they are excited to achieve or create?

The people that make the biggest impact on the world are the ones that are empowering the most action and creation in the world.  If you want to remain relevant, focus on empowering your reader, not churning out blog posts and products.

A Powerful Approach to Product Creation

Would you rather give a man a fish or teach him how to fish?

The first nourishes and provides immediate gratification.  The latter potentially empowers for a lifetime.

Many blog posts are how-tos—specifically, how to do something.  This empowers your reader for the short term.

How do you empower your reader for the long term?

By teaching them how to think.  The knowledge and expertise you possess in your particular area of brilliance is more than a series of how to articles.  To arrive at the place you exist at in this moment, you evolved to think in a particular way.  You have a specific way of looking at tasks, challenges and obstacles within your field that will help you solve them.

Share that knowledge, along with your how-to-dos, and you will empower your audience in a way that almost no one else is even attempting to do.

People Empowering Others

Kelly Diels empowers her readers to embrace their words and use them to seduce.  She teaches them how to think about the words they choose (and sometimes, the choices they make in life).  If you ever need a dose of inspiration when you’re looking for the right word, don’t be shy about reading her archives.

Chris Guillebeau empowers artists, creatives and travelers to turn their dreams into their life pursuit.  He takes a practical look at how “unconventional” techniques can be used to take advantage of the shifting landscape in today’s online world.

Brandon Sutton empowers children and people of the Gulf Coast to tell their stories.  With passionate drive, a camera and deep seeded belief, Brandon is taking on issues that have conveniently fallen off the radar of the public mind.  Without Brandon and other people like him, these issues would be easily forgotten in today’s ADD news cycles.

Look to people like Kelly, Chris and Brandon as examples of people who strive to empower others.  Their drive and their success is a direct result of their mission to empower others.

The Question Is…

Who will you empower today?

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