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Nursing acclimatization costs and agents about-face can be ambiguous for a bloom affliction organization, affecting both banking adherence and accommodating assurance (Birnbaum et al., 2017). Preceptors are key to the acclimatization process. They clear and authenticate accepted accommodating affliction and authoritative ethics and abetment in evaluating whether preceptees can accommodate safe accommodating affliction (Kaddoura, 2013).

preceptor evaluation form nursing
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The appellation adviser has been authentic as an accomplished assistant allegorical new or amateur nurses into their new roles (Kaddoura, 2013). The adviser role involves actuality a role model, socializer, teacher, and analyzer (Condrey, 2015). However, ensuring that a adviser has the characteristics to be able needs to be evaluated. The appraisement of adviser characteristics application a accurate and reliable apparatus can adviser educators in accouterment added able development in these characteristics. Furthermore, nursing managers can accept a constant adjustment by which to baddest able preceptors. Constant use of a adviser alternative apparatus that is accurate and reliable may enhance preceptees’ acclimatization processes and adviser educators as they advance adviser education.

Acute affliction accessories accept estimated the amount of replacing a assistant to be 200% of his or her bacon (Sandau, Cheng, Pan, Gaillard, & Hammer, 2011). Birnbaum et al. (2017) acclaimed that about-face costs can be as abundant as 5.8% of anniversary account costs for a bloom affliction organization. Continued appellation care/subacute accessories nursing agents assimilation accept been acclaimed to be 66.7% (Salmond, Cadmus, Black, Bohnarczyk, & Hassler, 2017). Measuring the banking implications of adviser casework has not been easy. Many variables can access nursing assimilation and nurse-sensitive outcomes. Adviser apprenticeship and incentives accept been emphasized, with little absorption to anecdotic constant characteristics of preceptors or the furnishings of preceptors on retention.

A quantitative, descriptive, allusive empiric abstraction articular adopted characteristics of abeyant RN-preceptors, certified nursing administering (CNAs), and accountant applied nurses (LPNs) in a abiding care/subacute adeptness as advised by acclimatization lath associates (two RNs and one LPN). The lath comprised two nursing leaders and a agents affiliate apery altered educational levels (Master’s, Bachelor’s, and LPN). Anniversary agents affiliate was evaluated already by a lath affiliate who was abreast of their precepting characteristics. The lath associates represented real-time ascertainment of the preceptor, as against to a self-evaluation apparatus or accession adjustment of appraisal. The catechism airish was: What are adviser characteristics of RNs, LPNs, and CNAs alive by a long-term/subacute affliction facility, as abstinent by a accurate reliable adviser appraisement instrument? Additional questions were asked afterward basic abstracts analysis: Is there a aberration amid the roles (RNs, LPNs, and CNAs) by absolute array on all-embracing adviser characteristics? Is there a aberration amid the roles (RNs, LPNs, and CNAs) by alone account ranks on adviser characteristics?

A focused, alike analysis of the abstract appear from 2014 to 2018 on adviser alternative and assimilation accurate the charge for added analysis apropos this topic. Implications for adviser alternative alarm for the administering of a accurate and reliable apparatus for screening adviser candidates (Cotter & Dienemann, 2016; Odelius, Traynor, Mehigan, Wasike, & Caldwell, 2017). Salmond et al. (2017) addressed a charge for a constant adjustment in selecting preceptors in the abiding affliction ambience that will abutment best practices, archetypal authoritative values, and abutment absolute assimilation data.

Literature accurate that long-term/subacute affliction settings are bedeviled with poor staffing, low nurse–resident ratios, bound banking reimbursement, low educational requirements for nursing staff, and aerial agents about-face (Aaron, 2011; Miller, 2012; Pattock, 2014; Salmond et al., 2017). The charge for change and a aggregate of interventions to abutment preceptors’ and preceptees’ success in the abode was acutely articular in the abstract (Gueorguieva et al., 2016; Hsu, Hsieh, Chiu, & Chen, 2014).

The transtheoretical change archetypal served as a framework for the project. The archetypal has been acclimated in nursing convenance to adviser change and is decidedly advantageous in this study, as beggarly ranks of three items on the adviser apparatus were cogent (Srigley et al., 2015). Anecdotic the agreeable of adviser apprenticeship may alter according to the preceptor’s role in the organization. Application a change access to adviser the alternative and, best importantly, the able development of preceptors is vital, as the access provides compassionate as to how change occurs.

The transtheoretical archetypal is composed of six stages: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and backsliding (Glanz, Burke, & Rimer, 2015). The organization’s drillmaster and agents acquaintance of these stages of change may affect their adeptness to embrace the use of a accurate and reliable apparatus that can adviser the selection, education, and, best importantly, the advancing able development of preceptors (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

The transtheoretical archetypal is fabricated up of six stages of change. The precontemplation date occurs above-mentioned to a being cerebration about authoritative a change. The ambition date occurs back there is acquaintance that a change is needed. That may activity back an alignment becomes acquainted of the amount of acclimatization and of the cogent role preceptors comedy in the acclimatization process. The third date is preparation, which involves a plan for change, such as application a adviser alternative instrument. The fourth stage, action, takes abode back there is a charge to change, such as consistently application a adviser alternative apparatus to accept preceptors. Stages bristles and six, aliment and relapse, are basic if change is to accept a abiding impact. Planning for aliment and backsliding from the alpha of the change activity allows organizations to apparatus measures during the change activity to ensure sustainability (Neill & Neill, 2013).

A quantitative, anecdotic empiric architecture explored characteristics of abeyant preceptors alive as nursing agents in a long-term/subacute affliction setting. The Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus (CSPI; Cotter, Eckardt, & Moylan, 2018) is a accurate and reliable apparatus (internal bendability believability Cronbach’s alpha = .85.). Convergent authority was accustomed amid the CPSI and Anniversary Appraisement of Adviser (r = .56, p = .032) (Cotter et al., 2018). The CPSI was acclimated to call adviser attributes, as evaluated by a three-person (two RNs, one LPN) acclimatization committee.

Setting. Nursing agents in the 180-bed long-term/subacute affliction setting, amid in a above northeastern U.S. city, alive about 154 nursing cadre (RNs, LPNs, CNAs). About 15 to 20 agents commonly volunteered and served as preceptors, depending on the needs of the organization.

preceptor evaluation form nursing
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Preceptors and Acclimatization Lath Members. A allocation nonprobability sampling access was obtained, based on the admeasurement of the cardinal of anniversary nursing accumulation (RN, LPN, CNA). Inclusion belief consisted of RNs, LPNs, and CNAs of all genders who formed for the alignment for at atomic 1 year and who were recommended by their assemblage ambassador or assistant leader. The acclimatization lath sample was fabricated up of two assistant leaders and one agents assistant confined as preceptors aural the organization. One bent that was self-identified by lath associates complex their claimed acclimatization activity and adviser experience.

A university institutional analysis lath advised and accustomed the abstraction for animal subjects’ considerations. The ambassador of the accommodating abiding affliction adeptness advised the abstraction and accepted approval for the study. The preceptors and the acclimatization lath accord were autonomous and accord forms were alive by all participants.

The CPSI is a accurate and reliable apparatus (Cotter et al., 2018) and uses 10 domains, or conceptual qualities, founded on the domains of able bloom affliction organizations by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a accessory of the American Nurses Association (Cotter et al., 2018; Magnet Acceptance Program, 2011). The 10 domains of the CPSI abide of 14 questions to appraise adviser characteristics.

The 10 domains of the CPSI accommodate the following: Analytic Adequacy (one question); Nursing Activity (two questions); Transformational Administration (two questions); Collaboration/Communication Abilities (two questions); Able Development (two questions); Conflict Resolution (one question); Charge (one question); Flexibility (one question); Empowerment (one question); and Ethics (one question). The items arm-twist responses based on the afterward scale: 1 = needs improvement, 2 = meets expectations, 3 = exceeds expectations. Array are affected as a sum of items responses. The accomplished account accessible was 42.

The ambition of the CPSI is for a adviser to account a absolute of 35 or college (Cotter et al., 2018). Achieving a account of 35 or college may not be astute for the nursing agents in the long-term/subacute affliction settings, due to agents and managers’ benightedness and abridgement of ability of Magnet®/Path of Excellence® standards, such as aggregate babyminding and funds for agents development. A average account of 21 or college was the criterion account acclimated for preceptors in the study. A average account was set as a criterion due to bound agents development apprenticeship and poor assimilation of staff.

Following institutional analysis lath approval, a flyer announcement the abstraction was amid abreast the time alarm for 2 weeks. The acclimatization lath met one time afterwards a account of accepted or abeyant preceptors was articular by nursing administration afterward alive consent. The acclimatization lath associates acclimated a cardboard CPSI to appraise preceptors they had empiric precepting and in analytic practice. Lath associates accustomed admonition and account of the CPSI. Alone one CPSI was completed and denticulate for anniversary adviser participant.

Descriptive statistics on the abstraction cohort’s demographic attributes were affected application SPSS® adaptation 24 (Table 1). Forty participants alive accord forms for the study; a absolute of 39 participants were evaluated application the CPSI. One CNA withdrew from the abstraction due to claimed reasons. The beggarly age of the sample (Table 1), including RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, was 47.89 years (SD = 11.34). Preceptors who formed for the alignment for added than 5 years constituted 71.8% of the sample. Table 1 provides a allegory of adviser candidates’ demographic characteristics by nursing agents position. Alone one actor who was a CNA denticulate beneath 21 on the blended account of the CPSI. The CPSI apparatus acclimated a criterion of 35 for all called preceptors in the astute affliction ambience (Cotter et al., 2018). The abstraction begin that if a criterion of 35 were acclimated (Cotter et al., 2018), alone 33% of the sample would be asked to be preceptors. The Cronbach’s alpha accessory was .903 for this sample, which indicates that the CPSI reflects a accomplished bigotry in the levels of the assemble (Burns & Grove, 2009).

Table 1:

Demographic Characteristics of Adviser Candidates (N = 39)

Table 2 provides anecdotic statistics on CPSI items. Beggarly account array on CPSI items ranged from 2.07 to 2.51 on the 3-point calibration for all characteristics except two. The everyman account beggarly was 1.82 for “Provides ‘learning moments’ to advance peers.” The additional account beggarly was 1.89 for “Objectively identifies strengths and weaknesses of cocky and others. Provides effective acknowledgment in a abode that allows for progression and growth.” These low array could analyze an educational gap apropos to associate appraisement and peer-to-peer education. Preceptors’ accomplished account beggarly was 2.51 for “Provides nursing affliction according to accustomed nursing standards.” The additional accomplished items beggarly was 2.35 for “Projects absolute attitudes as it relates to assignment environment.”

Table 2:

preceptor evaluation form nursing
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Descriptive Statistics on Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus Items (N = 39)

A Kruskal–Wallis, nonparametric ANOVA, amplified statistical analysis was affected to analysis the antecedent that CPSI absolute array differed by nursing agents position (RN, LPN, and CNA). After-effects did not abutment the antecedent (χ2 = 1.94, df = 2, p = .379). Nonetheless, the beggarly ranks beyond nursing positions showed that RNs ranked college than LPNs and CNAs. LPNs’ and CNAs’ ranks were agnate (Table 3). Table 4 includes the after-effects of a Kruskal–Wallis analysis on CPSI items compared by nursing agents position. The after-effects showed that there were statistically cogent after-effects by nursing agents role for three of the 14 CPSI items.

Table 3:

Mean Ranks on Absolute Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus by Nursing Agents Position (N = 39)

Table 4:

Kruskal–Wallis Analysis on Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus Account Beggarly Ranks by Nursing Agents Position

The Mann-Whitney U analysis (Table 5) was acclimated as a column hoc analysis to analyze the three statistically cogent ranks by nursing agents position. The RNs’ beggarly ranks were college than CNAs’ ranks (statistically significant) for three items (“Documentation is adapted and complete,” “Set priorities and demonstrates time administration skills,” and “Delegates appropriately and finer to nursing abutment staff”). The LPNs’ beggarly rank was college than the CNAs’ beggarly rank at a statistically cogent aberration for one account (“Documentation is adapted and complete”). This may be accompanying to professionalism and role responsibilities.

Table 5:

Post Hoc Mann-Whitney U Tests on Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus Items Showing Statistically Cogent Altered Ranks

This abstraction declared adviser characteristics in a sample of accepted and abeyant preceptors in a 180-bed long-term/subacute affliction setting. This abstraction was the aboriginal in which a connected apparatus was acclimated to analyze characteristics of preceptors in the abiding care/subacute bloom affliction sector. The account was that selecting preceptors application a accurate and reliable apparatus would be advantageous in allegorical adviser apprenticeship and developing preceptors in affair the claiming of orienting new agents that may affect both assimilation and nurse-sensitive outcomes.

The after-effects adumbrated that preceptors denticulate aerial in authoritative processes and absolute attitudes against the organization, appropriately authoritative them ideal preceptors for authoritative processes and absolute assembly of the organization. Analytic adequacy and attitudes are generally the primary focus of nursing leaders back anecdotic preceptors but may not be the alone factors that affect assimilation and nurse-sensitive outcomes. Preceptors denticulate low in self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses and in accouterment effective acknowledgment and acquirements moments for peers. Self-awareness and acknowledgment are analytical factors in creating a absolute acquirements ambiance for new staff. Anecdotic the charge preceptors accept in these areas is analytical to developing adviser apprenticeship that can abutment able advance for preceptors.

preceptor evaluation form nursing
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CNAs were stronger than RNs in alive captivation in acquirements activities, accouterment acquirements moments for peers, alertness to alter assignment assignments, and absolute attitudes accompanying to their assignment environment. College CNA array in these areas may be accompanying to CNAs defective 12 hours of apprenticeship anniversary year, tracked by the adeptness and which can be requested by authoritative bodies during a survey. Also, the charge for teamwork in accommodating affliction with common staffing challenges may be a acumen why CNAs denticulate college in these items. Compassionate CNAs’ strengths can be accessible to educators as they abode specific adviser needs of CNAs.

Using a adviser alternative apparatus in the long-term/subacute affliction ambience is important for several reasons. According to the 2018 U.S. Census, by 2030 there will be added bodies over age 65 than bodies beneath age 18 (U.S. Demography Bureau, 2018). Alone 21% of the United States citizenry has abiding affliction allowance (Miller, 2012). Agents acclimatization in the continued term/subacute ambience can be as abbreviate as 6 to 8 days, with basal to no apprenticeship for preceptors. In accession to the amount of orientation, about-face of agents is aerial and assistant accommodating ratios are low (Aaron, 2011; Miller, 2012; Pattock, 2014; Salmond et al., 2017).

Implications of this abstraction accommodate the charge to use a accurate and reliable apparatus to adviser bloom affliction leaders in selecting and developing preceptors and the application that anxiously called preceptors could affect acclimatization amount and nurse-sensitive outcomes. No best can adviser alternative be based on a nurse’s constancy with the alignment or admiration to be a preceptor, nor can it be bent by who is the best assistant alive on a accustomed day (Aaron, 2011; Salmond et al., 2017).

Hsu et al. (2014) accurate the charge for educating preceptors and the use of reliable instruments to appraise the capability of adviser apprenticeship and preceptee response. Constant use of a adviser alternative apparatus may be key to convalescent the long-term/subacute and added bloom affliction setting’s nursing agents retention, acclimatization costs, and agents satisfaction. The transtheoretical access provides a adviser to bloom affliction leaders and educators apropos the stages of changes that will activity as stakeholders embrace the use of a accurate and reliable apparatus to adviser adviser selection, education, and sustainability of the process. Back accurate and reliable instruments are used, constant outcomes and sustainability may activity (Cotter & Dienemann, 2016; Miller & Rollnick, 2013; Odelius et al., 2017).

The Institute of Healthcare Advance encourages all bloom affliction organizations to abatement costs, advance citizenry health, aerate affection care, and abode agents satisfaction—the quadruple aim (Feeley, 2017). The use of a adviser alternative apparatus may be one footfall that bloom affliction organizations can absorb as leaders seek to embrace the Institute of Healthcare Advance quadruple aim. Added analysis needs to be completed application the CPSI to analysis the aftereffect of a adviser alternative activity on agents retention, adviser education/development, and nurse-sensitive outcomes.

Demographic Characteristics of Adviser Candidates (N = 39)

Descriptive Statistics on Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus Items (N = 39)

Mean Ranks on Absolute Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus by Nursing Agents Position (N = 39)

Kruskal–Wallis Analysis on Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus Account Beggarly Ranks by Nursing Agents Position

Post Hoc Mann-Whitney U Tests on Cotter Adviser Alternative Apparatus Items Showing Statistically Cogent Altered Ranks

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