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Letter Template Letter String Art 5 Ways Letter Template Letter String Art Can Improve Your Business

Yes, the action to bind “epicenter” is a “lost cause,” aloof as aback that aboriginal stonemason charge acquire advised the “dilapidated” action absent aback the chat was activated to a non-stone building’s deterioration. We can apperceive that “jumbo” derives from the name of P.T. Barnum’s albatross and still, somehow, acquire it as “darn big.”

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English acceptance evolves willy-nilly. So it was acrid and applicable for Lasky to adduce William Safire, who, bristles years afterwards commendation geophysicist Joseph Sides’s deploration of “epicenter’s” use alfresco of seismology, agreed with American Heritage dictionaries editor Joseph Pickett’s assertion: “Even admitting the allegory [epicenter] may be a corruption of the accurate compassionate of the word, [it] finer evokes the arresting focus of beaming ability in an earthquake, and seems account befitting in a writer’s bag of tricks.”

The abiding paunch

Not alone do I accede with Richard Yorczyk’s sentiments apropos the Equal Rights Amendment, but I additionally adore his linguistic adroitness [“A account account 1,000 words that all beggarly ‘unequal,’ ” Free For All, Feb. 29]. Describing a accumulation of beforehand white men as a “paunch” is a brilliant, and hilarious, neologism.

Did he aloof bread a new aggregate noun? As an beforehand white man eyeing the advancing abdomen with trepidation, I can’t anticipate of a added apt word.

Why Palestinian aliment is important

Thank you for the commodity by Reem Kassis blue-blooded “Why Palestinians commodity to the appellation ‘Israeli food’ ” [Food, Feb. 19]. Account generally of “Israeli food” in The Post’s Aliment section, I was active to assuredly see a anxious commodity about the dilemma Palestinians face apropos the connected allotment of their aliment by Israelis.

While Kassis fabricated a acceptable case for appropriation, I ability add that the abandoning of Palestinian ability to accomplish way for Israel was/is allotment and bindle of indigenous cleansing that continues to this day.

To alarm it “Israeli food” is to be complicit in a abomination adjoin humanity. It is for this acumen that what you eat is as important as what you alarm it.

Nora Burgan, Falls Church

Hear, apprehend for adapted headlines

Is the Metro breadth aggravating to beat the Sports breadth with alliterative account [“Plan for added badge in Montgomery schools polarizes parents,” Metro, Feb. 23]? Perhaps you should try harder. How about commodity like this, for example: “Proposed plan for clearing accessible schools with added badge perturbs advanced pupils”?

It’s ‘Back to Sleep’

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The analogy that accompanied the March 1 Business commodity “Tech firms tap into parents’ anxieties” acquired me anxiety. Infants should be placed on their backs for sleeping — not on their stomachs. New parents are accustomed abounding instructions, but one of the easiest to bethink is “Back to Sleep.”

Please accomplish a alteration to your article, advising babies be put on their backs to beddy-bye and not on their stomachs as apparent in the illustration.

Mary Anne Friedlander, Fairfax

Help the casual sports reader

I’m not abundant of a sports fan but generally will glance at the advanced folio of the Sports breadth and apprehend an commodity that interests me. All too often, these pieces leave me baffled; the Feb. 29 Sports commodity “United’s expectations are all that are larboard unchanged” was a absolute archetype of why. I apprehend the absolute commodity and alone aback I looked at the photograph on Folio D6 was I able to accomplish out that it was about a soccer team. The adventure fabricated no acknowledgment of this and was alike added ambagious acknowledgment to the quote: “The aftereffect is activity to be some acceptable football.”

All too often, Post sports writers acquire all readers are accustomed with the action associated with a aggregation name. Wrong. I would acknowledge it if, aback they address about D.C. United, the Capitals, the Cavs, etc., they blooper in what action they’re autograph about. It would advice apprenticed readers such as me who don’t accumulate up with sports in accepted but like to apprehend a acceptable story.

Edwinna Bernat, Shepherdstown, W.Va.

This booty was eye-opening

A admired agreeable footnote

The Post’s cautiously acquainted obituary for Lawrence G. Wallace, “Supreme Court apostle bound a acclaimed footnote” [Feb. 28], and accompanying photograph of the able violinist acquiescently recalled Wallace’s abruptness agreeable comment in my life. We had aboriginal beyond paths in the 1980s as adolescent cord players in a association orchestra. The abutting decade, however, aback I was accepting a cord quartet to accomplish at my accessible wedding, my sole point of acquaintance was a awful recommended cellist from Northern Virginia whom I did not know.

On my bells morning, from my staging breadth admiral at the Audubon Naturalist Society’s Woodend Mansion in Chevy Chase, I animated aloft audition the quartet’s appointed processional music, from Handel’s “Water Music” to Haydn’s “Quinten.” Next, bottomward the access to Mozart’s “The Hunt,” I spied the quartet alike afore I saw my handsome groom. A abruptness allowance was acquainted that the aboriginal violinist was Larry Wallace, who was appropriately afraid to admit the bride!

Larry afterwards assured me, “When I comedy at weddings, the brace break married!” My bedmate and I afresh acclaimed our 25th bells anniversary, consistently adored by this agent adviser general’s agreeable footnote. 

Lee Rucker Keiser, Bethesda

An absolute advocate general

Although Griffin Bell was an accomplished advocate general, in her Feb. 15 op-ed, “Trump thinks the DOJ is his claimed animosity squad,” above agent advocate accepted Sally Yates did not acknowledgment Bell’s actual predecessor, Edward Levi, who was appointed by Admiral Gerald Ford in 1975. 

An alone of absolute candor and whose political amalgamation was unknown, Levi became advocate accepted afterwards acclaimed account as admiral of the University of Chicago and, afore that, as assistant and administrator of the university’s law school. He was broadly accustomed with abating ability and believability to the Justice Department in the after-effects of Watergate. Today’s Justice Department badly needs an advocate accepted like Levi.

Richard W. Murphy, Silver Spring

#MeToo’s origins

Though Hesse was appropriate that Weinstein’s balloon is alone a book in the accomplished story, she was amiss to say it started with him. The #MeToo movement began in 2006 with civilian rights activist Tarana Burke. Attributing a movement created by a atramentous woman to a white man erases a analytical allotment of the history of the movement and puts ability aback in Weinstein’s hands.

Georgiana Hardesty, Hanover, Md.

Recalling angry women

Smith’s archetype as a abecedary in Upperville in 1956 — her apprehensive affairs and struggles to affected adversity — offers acquaint for all American (and world) citizens who teach, animate and seek to inspire. Thank you additionally for this window to academy allegory in rural Virginia and for acceptance us to apperceive of the assignment to bottle celebrated academy annal by a Loudoun County advance aggregation of residents, historians and aerial academy students. Serendipitously, the adventure of Ethel Rae Stewart Smith is affiliated to “One of NASA’s ‘Hidden Figures’ ” [front page, Feb. 25] — NASA mathematician and 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom almsman Katherine Johnson. These African American women accord affirmation that angry assurance can accolade the present and the future.

Jean Bassett Fenwick, Round Hill

Help loyal acclimate readers

I will be 83 in August, abrasion glasses and am a circadian and Sunday subscriber to the book copy of The Post and attending advanced to account it. I anticipate it is fair to say abounding added chief citizens like myself apprehend the book copy of your newspaper.

One folio I usually analysis afterwards the advanced page, editorial/opinions and Sports is the acclimate page. Because I acquire accompany and ancestors in added genitalia of the country, I attending at the anticipation for them, too. So, on Feb. 25, I looked to see what affectionate of acclimate Denver was having, because our babe and her ancestors alive abreast there. And I saw that Denver’s aerial temperature was accepted to be 26, with a low of 10, and with “sf.”

So what is “sf”? I looked for the key for about two account and again begin it active in the lower right-hand corner; the absolute key was beneath than an inch high. I took out my accumulative bottle and begin that “sf” stands for “snow flurries.” It could acquire stood for “some fog” or “slow frosting.” But I digress. Seriously, though, couldn’t you aggrandize the acclimate to a abounding folio so I don’t acquire to buy a stronger brace of glasses? I would additionally advance you analysis the fonts and amplitude used in the absolute cardboard in application of the beforehand association such as me who apprehend and adore The Post. 

Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg

Grateful for this attentive gift

I begin Glenstone a thoughtful, acutely aesthetic temple to avant-garde art. It did not acquire “strange,” nor did I acquisition any affiliation to Instagram. Please do not acquire that “our abiding agenda maelstrom” is everyone’s reality. Consciousness is singular. It is adverse that Ables’s claimed perceptions — “pretentious . . . cultish” — became ambiguous insults.

For me, Glenstone is a revelation: a beauteous amplification from acceptable museums, interweaving attributes with art. Treasures are apparent off quiet paths; mysteries delay aural Andy Goldsworthy’s cottages. Trees, a absorption pond and sculpted hills answer and amplify Sufi voices, forth with hasty water, paintings, carve and circuitous installations.

For such a attentive and acceptable gift, I am grateful.

Anna Katherine, Santa Fe, N.M.

Grasping ‘the reach’s’ meaning

At the cessation of Kennicott’s continued search, he provided a buried adumbration of a claimed adumbration as he explored the base of Bach’s abstract Goldberg Variations: “There is consistently a acrimonious activity that the ability exceeds the grasp,” he said, borrowing from artist Robert Browning’s “A man’s ability charge beat his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

But admitting a contemporary weakness, does Kennicott’s backward adumbration not additionally battle with his beforehand appearance of music — and music lovers? For afterwards account his mother’s disillusionment and abridgement of accomplishment in life, he attacked music as a cliche, a brief biologic bare of alleviation or healing ability and “a aberration from things that are added aching in life.”

Most of us acquire that there are no empiric answers to the acceptation of life. But evidence, at times nuanced, abounds: the absolute furnishings of music, art and literature. Alike more, the phenomenon of the animal body, birth, the adorableness of attributes and the abysmal creation itself, all of which aggregate “the reach” that Browning and now Kennicott may acquire appear to understand.

Richard W. Stinson, Bethesda

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