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Danganronpa 6 Report Card 6 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Danganronpa 6 Report Card

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Bays List

danganronpa 2 report card
 danganronpa 6 report card lore : danganronpa

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Trophies

Hope’s Last Reward (Platinum):Earned every added bays in the game

Hope Springs Eternal (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Nagito’s Report Card

Overlord’s Vassal (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Gundham’s Report Card

Grease Monkeying Around (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Kazuichi’s Report Card

The Game Hungers for Seconds…and Thirds (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Byakuya’s Report Card

Cooking With Passion (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Teruteru’s Report Card

Caught in a Rad Bromance (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Nekomaru’s Report Card

Honor and Humanity (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Fuyuhiko’s Report Card

Starving for Affection (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Akane’s Report Card

Co-Op Partner (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Chiaki’s Report Card

A Royal Affair (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Sonia’s Report Card

danganronpa 2 report card
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It’s Lolita Complicated (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Hiyoko’s Report Card

Picture Perfect (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Mahiru’s Report Card

Helloooooooooooooooo Nurse! (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Mikan’s Report Card

Dynamic Duet (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Ibuki’s Report Card

Feudal Friendship (Bronze):Filled in every folio of Peko’s Report Card

Mr. Congeniality (Gold):Filled in every folio of every character’s Report Card

The 1 Percent (Bronze):Collected 999 Monocoins

Look at This Stuff, Isn’t it Neat? (Bronze):Collected 50 different presents

For the Hoard (Silver):Collected every accessible present

Be Beary, Beary Quiet… (Bronze):Found bisected of the Hidden Monokumas

I Should Start a Circus (Silver):Found every Hidden Monokuma

Can We Keep Him? (Bronze):Fully aloft one blazon of pet

danganronpa 2 report card
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Gotta Raise ‘Em All! (Silver):Fully aloft every blazon of pets

Halfway There! (Bronze):Hajime Hinata break through akin 50

Capped Out! (Silver):Hajime Hinata break through akin 99

Walking the Walk (Bronze):Break through 5000 absolute cardinal of steps

Nice Calves (Silver):Break through 10,000 absolute cardinal of steps

Hey, Big Vendor (Bronze):Challenged automat apparatus 100 times

A Fool and His Money… (Bronze):Obtained all types of items in automat machine

This Belongs in a Museum! (Silver):Unlocked all arcade items

Any Objections? (Silver):Cleared a chic balloon after demography any damage

Case Closed (Bronze):Cleared a chic balloon after accepting to retry once

Blowin’ Through My Screen (Bronze):Destroyed 100 white babble curve beyond all chic trials

The Airborne Static Event (Silver):Destroyed 500 white babble curve beyond all chic trials

danganronpa 2 report card
 Skill List - Danganronpa 6: Goodbye Despair Wiki Guide - IGN

I’m Sorry, What Were You Saying? (Bronze):Cleared a chic balloon after application your Concentration accomplishment once

Murderous Marooning (Bronze):Finished the prologue

Dead Man’s Party (Bronze):Finished Chapter 1

Death, Lies, and Video Games (Bronze):Finished Chapter 2

Is It Medicine or Social Skill? (Bronze):Finished Chapter 3

Bred for Destruction (Bronze):Finished Chapter 4

Abandon All Hope (Bronze):Finished Chapter 5

Goodbye Academy of Despair (Gold):Finished every chapter

I Wanna Soak Up Some Sun (Bronze):Cleared Island Mode once

Life’s a Real Beach (Silver):Saw every accessible Island Mode ending

A Magical Ending (Bronze):Cleared all stages of Magical Miracle Girl Monomi

Monomi Won’t Miss These, Right? (Gold):Collected every accessible account in Magical Miracle Girl Monomi

danganronpa 2 report card
 Free Time Events/Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu | Danganronpa Wiki | Fandom

Danganronpa 6 Report Card 6 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Danganronpa 6 Report Card – danganronpa 2 report card
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danganronpa 2 report card
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