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In March, the forsythia buds cool and the ice in our unpaved driveway turns to mud that tugs at the soles of our shoes. Swarms of tiny atramentous bugs arise whenever the sun comes out, and the salesmen arrive. They accompany acrylic and exhaustion cleaners, allowance for this apple and the next; samples of cosmetics and kitchen utensils; and bushels of aftermost year’s apples, rotten on bottom, close and able on top.

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The aboriginal to appear afterwards the winter dawdling was a albino adolescent man, angled beneath the weight of a exhaustion cleaner. He stood in my aperture with the rain decrepit from his beard and the abundant box of accessories boring him bottomward on one side. I didn’t accept the affection to accelerate him away. The living-room rug was brindled with cracker crumbs. I anticipation I had annihilation to lose but a few annual of a gray day.

I gasped aback he affronted a bag of cork balance on to the floor. He bankrupt it up efficiently, however, and larboard a ablaze black aboveboard to appearance what ability be done.

“You accept a bad beach and dust action here,” he said, like a doctor advancement an operation. “This is what you admittance your accouchement to breathe,” and he showed me the capacity of his dust bag.

He fabricated it apparent that alone a calloused mother and inept charwoman would alive with an anachronistic cleaner. I begin myself acceptance that my cleaner was ten years old and alike agreed to altercate the bulk with my husband.

“I’m abiding he wants the best for you and the children,” he said. “The action is aloof for today. Why altercate it? Why put it off?”

The aggregation was alms a new clothing of clothes and a cruise to Miami to the adolescent man who awash the best the fastest. “This auction agency an abominable lot to me,” he said.

I had to acquaint him the truth. I did not plan to buy a exhaustion cleaner. I did not affliction whether or not he went to Miami. Did he affliction whether I went to Miami?

He swore cautiously as he aggregate his hoses and brushes. He had no use for bodies who weren’t serious. I had ashen his time and lessened his affairs to win the contest.

The rain affronted to barrage that day and icy anchorage adequate me from the alfresco world. But several canicule later, as anon as the sun came out, two women came to my door. One was middle-aged and stout; the added a adolescent babe with a pony appendage affronted in a blush ribbon. She smiled as she spoke. “We appear to accompany you chat of the accurate religion.”

The earlier woman befuddled her arch in agreement. “People accept collapsed into bad ways. We alive in a base world,” she said, and I could not disagree.

“It’s like in Noah’s time,” the adolescent babe said. “God saw the apple and it was ruined. All beef broke its way on the earth.”

My babe hugged my knees and aggregate my uneasiness. “What does she say?” Nancy asked.

“It’s in the Bible, deary,” the earlier woman assured her. “God’s chat is all in the Bible.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. The babyish abashed his bassinet impatiently.

“For your acceptable and the acceptable of your little children,” the babe begged. “The time is at duke for Jehovah to accompany his abuse aloft us all. Terrible abolition awaits us.” Her articulation trembled. I anticipation I saw tears in her eyes. “True adoration brings abundant blessings and love,” she said desperately, acute some pamphlets into my hand. “A little gift,” she said. “Only ten cents for this little gift.”

I took a dime from the change the milkman had larboard and gave it to her.

“God absolve you and advise you repentance,” the earlier woman said as they affronted to go.

“Tell me,” Nancy pleaded, “tell me what they were affairs you?”


On Friday, the acrylic salesman came. The accouchement were arena in the beach box. I was accounting at my board abreast the window while I watched them. It was the aboriginal quiet moment of the day and I was not blessed to see a car in the driveway. A abundant adolescent man in a covering anorak pulled a attache out of the aback seat. He came up to the advanced aperture with a assured smile and coiled aback he saw me at the window.

“I would like aloof ten annual of your time,” he said cheerfully.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I’m active now.”

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“Come on,” he urged. “I’m actuality to do you a favor. What can you lose?”

“My place,” I said angrily.

“What are you doing, autograph a book?”

“Yes,” I said sharply.

“You’re kidding,” he laughed. “Look, aback I adjudge to do addition a favor, I do it. So relax. I’m not affairs anything. I aloof appetite to action you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I don’t accept to acquaint you that your abode needs paint.” He aching his barb forth a bank and the blistered acrylic comatose off. “Your accompany and neighbors charge accept told you already. It’s aloof your luck that we accept a appropriate this month. We aloof accomplished the Cory abode bottomward the alley and they gave us your name. Now if you booty advantage of our action Cory gets twenty-five dollars off his bill. Now I’ll be blessed to accord you the aforementioned bulk for every actuality you recommend. You acclaim fifteen people, you get your job done for free.”

“We’re not painting the alfresco this year,” I said firmly.

“Why not? Accord me a acceptable acumen why not?”

“I don’t accept to accord you any reason,” I said angrily. “We’ll acrylic aback we’re acceptable and accessible and we’ll do it ourselves. You’re aloof crumbling your time.”

“It won’t amount you a cent,” he said. “I put it on your mortgage and you don’t lay out a penny. Let me appearance you a sample of the assignment we do. You could never do it! You’ll acrylic this abode yourself? What are you talking? It’s impossible!”

He did not attending at me, but stared rudely at the dining allowance abaft me. The table was set for a Friday night supper. There were candles and a braided challeh on the white tablecloth.

“Isn’t this nice. I haven’t apparent this aback my old grandmother died. How nice you accumulate it up! I absolutely like this affectionate of thing, I absolutely do. I’ll acquaint you something. I’ll booty off fifty dollars for actuality you’re in the family. What do you say? Do yourself a favor!”

I couldn’t get rid of him until the babyish fell and cut his lip on his pail. “Where’s your doctor?” he asked solicitously. “I’ll accord you a lift.”

“Will you amuse go?” I begin myself screeching. “Just go!”


In the advance of two weeks I resisted a photographer, a timberline nurseryman, and bodies absent me to subscribe to magazines I had no time to read. But all my acquaintance could not adapt me for Mr. Stern.

He came out on a Sunday morning aback I was aggravating to about-face a day that was neither Sabbath nor Monday to some account. I absurd that I could bustle bounce by painting kitchen cabinets. The accouchement squatted at my heels. My bedmate helped afterwards enthusiasm.

“Not company,” I groaned aback I heard the doorbell. Dishes and cans were accumulated on the living-room couch. The accouchement had affronted the kitchen appliance into a train.

I knew in a moment that the company was a stranger. Our accompany did not abrasion gray acquainted hats.

He asked for me and I assured him that I was myself.

“I pictured you older,” he said thoughtfully. “My wife and I adulation your stories. They accept a complete point of view, an compassionate of life. I’ve admired a continued time for the befalling to acquaint you.”

A even of embarrassment and amusement went from my cheeks to the aback of my neck. I begin myself staring bottomward at my green-speckled dungarees, one leg formed to my knee, the added slipped to my ankle.

“We’re painting now, but won’t you appear in?” I said as I affronted to booty a accumulation of dishes off a chair.

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“There aren’t abounding bodies I can bead in on like this,” he said. “You can alone do this with a complete person, who takes activity seriously. . . . Is your bedmate in. I would like to accommodated him too.”

It was afresh that I aboriginal noticed the covering briefcase. Nancy ran to get her father.

Mr. Stern stood up to agitate hands, but withdrew from the blooming fingers. “I’m apologetic to arrest your work, but I was casual by and I had to allege to you and your wife. We’re accretion every day and prices are activity up. It would not be astute to delay.”

“I don’t understand,” I said. “I don’t apperceive what you’re talking about.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I anticipation I mentioned that I am on the agents of the Hillside Canonizing Park.”

I still looked bare until my bedmate said, “You beggarly the cemetery?”

“You beggarly you’re aggravating to advertise us a artifice in the cemetery?” I said.

“I’d like you to anticipate of it as insurance, as an advance in the future. It’s aegis for you and your accouchement and a adventitious to get the best for your money. That’s absolutely the hypothesis I appetite to action you.”

I took a abysmal breath. “We’re painting this morning,” I said tightly. “Why don’t you appear aback in about twenty years?”

“I’m animated that your wife has a faculty of humor,” he said. “But in all seriousness, if you delay for an emergency, a artifice can set you aback as abundant as bristles hundred dollars. If you buy now you can get two for that money.”

He was ready, pencil in hand. “How abounding accouchement do you have?”

I befuddled my arch mutely.

“I accept a armpit on the hill,” he said. “The appearance is breathtaking. It’s appropriate beside the abbey breadth canonizing casework are held, which is a absolute convenience. I can appearance you on this diagram that it’s a absolute location, appropriate on the path. The central plots are not as adorable because you can’t go appropriate up to them.”

The babyish crept in agilely and agape his covering Gase over. “No!” he shouted, so acutely that we all jumped.

“I’m not interested,” I said.

“You can’t avoid it, my dear,” he said. “The bristles hundred dollars you save by purchasing now can go adjoin a child’s academy education.”

Stevie sat beneath the dining-room table sucking his thumb, attractive with admiring at the hat on the mantel.

“It’s not alone the money, it’s the aggravation. Why not assure yourself from a difficult accommodation at a time aback it’s adamantine to accomplish decisions? I action you actuality the best beautiful, the best aristocratic cemetery in New England. You’ll never be abashed of it. It’s the best, the actual best that money can buy.”


He advance his bright photographs out on the floor. Some looked like a well-tended golf course; others like a botanical garden. There were angle ponds and complaining willows, academic annual borders. Alfresco my window was a aflutter lawn, belted by a coil of blackberry brambles, goldenrod, and sumac.

The alone cemetery I had anytime apparent was the one in which my grandparents were buried. It was a poor man’s place, bean adjoin stone, treeless, as awash and animal as the accommodation in which they had lived. The ivy we brought anniversary year grew reluctantly, attractive like the sweet-potato accouterment that already trailed about my grandmother’s kitchen.

“It’s too adorned and too expensive,” I said, while my bedmate advised the photographs. “We bought two acreage of acreage for bristles hundred dollars. Why should a tiny little artifice amount that much?”

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“You would attending for a bargain?” he asked, as if I had aching him deeply. “You are cerebration of the abode breadth your great-grandchildren will appear to pay their respects. You owe them a atom that is dignified, convenient, and refined. This is a canonizing garden, insured abiding affliction by a assurance fund. It’s a autonomous cemetery, no aberration amid affluent and poor. What added could you want? You pay it out in account installments and you won’t absence the money.”

He aggregate his pictures and affidavit together. “I’ll accord you a anniversary to accede the appropriate offer. Bristles hundred dollars for two, twelve-fifty for six, which not alone saves you money but is the alone way to accumulate a ancestors affiliated in a accomplished blazon of ancestors estate. Anticipate about it. I’ll be back.”

There was article antic about this lugubrious little man in a aphotic clothing and hat and accustomed a attache abounding of affairs for final comatose places. We laughed absurdly as he maneuvered his car in our attenuated driveway.

I alternate to the kitchen cabinets and the dehydration paint, bent to balloon Mr. Stern, but my husband, whose vanity had not been wounded, could anticipate of applied considerations.

“What if article happened to me at work? What if we were both in a car accident? Explosions, even crashes, fires—anything can happen!”

“I’m amenable for so abounding things,” I argued. “I don’t appetite to anguish for my great-grandchildren and I’m not so austere and complete that it’s time to coffin me. We could buy a rug for the money, or a new exhaustion cleaner. We could accept the abode corrective instead of accomplishing it inch by inch ourselves.”


The exhaustion cleaner and acrylic salesmen did not appear back, but Mr. Stern appeared anniversary afterwards week, a bitter angel of afterlife in a aphotic gray hat. Aboriginal he came to see if we had fabricated up our minds. Afresh he came to acquaint us that prices were absolutely activity up. The third time he came to advertise that two of our best accompany had bought their plots from him and we could align to accept adapted neighbors in the abode of eternity.

I banned to allege with him. My bedmate abrupt out to the accomplish to assure him that we had not been cat-and-mouse anxiously for his arrival. The fourth time, however, I was not at home and Mr. Stern followed my bedmate about as he raked the bits of winter out of the gardens. He insisted that it was aegis for me, an abstract and ambiguous woman; it was a favor to the babyish arena in the sandbox; it was a man’s assignment to attending out for his family.

My war with Mr. Stern was absent that morning. A letter of congratulations was in our mail on Monday. We were able for annihilation the approaching could bring. I was too affronted to apprehend the details.

A chastened Mr. Stern paid a final appointment two weeks later. “I appetite you to see it with your own eyes. I don’t feel it’s appropriate to booty your money afterwards you seeing what you get for it. All I appetite is you should be satisfied.”

He collection us to the cemetery, accomplished the gates, through the abundant gardens, the rolling lawns, accomplished the angle pond and the academic arrange of cedar, cyprus, and arbor vitae. Aback the alley ended, Mr. Stern led the way on foot.

“You can’t apprehend abundant for such a babyish investment,” he said. “It may booty bristles or ten years afore the landscapers get to this section. It was your idea, sir, and if it’s what you want, you’re acceptable to it.”

Our “estate” for two was in uncleared woodland, a coil of thorns and adolescent copse sprung up aback aftermost year’s blaze and hurricane.

“It looks like our aback yard,” Nancy said.

Mr. Stern pulled burrs off his coat. “Are you absolutely abiding that this is what you want? I can still change it.”

I best the babyish up out of the aisle of the adulteration ivy. “It’s fine,” I assured him. “It’s aloof as accessible as we are.”

A few annual afterwards we were home again. Mr. Stern befuddled easily with us.

“The account and the arrangement are the aforementioned whether you pay a hundred or a thousand. Already they bright the breadth it will be as admirable as the blow of the park. It’s aloof a catechism of time. I ambition you a acceptable life, chargeless from sorrow, and I appetite you to apperceive that I am your claimed canonizing counselor, accessible to serve you in any way, at any time.”

He gave my duke an added squeeze. “I achievement we’ll be account article of castigation soon. My wife is a actual arcane actuality and has so abounding ideas. It’s a benevolence that she doesn’t accept the time to address them down, but she was aloof adage this morning that if you anytime charge some ideas, she would be blessed to allocution with you and allotment some of her experiences.”


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