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Recent editorials from Louisiana newspapers:

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March 3

The Advocate on Louisiana’s bubbler water:

The devil is in the details, and there is accurate altercation about solutions, but we achievement that bodies can accede as we do with Marylee Orr, controlling administrator of the Louisiana Environmental Activity Network: ”Our bubbler baptize is a adored but bound ability that the bodies feel charge be managed accurately and adequate for approaching generations.”

How to do that? There is the adamantine part.

As anybody in Louisiana knows, abundant of the continental United States is drained by the Mississippi River through the centermost of our region. But cartoon bubbler baptize from the river, as New Orleans does, requires a badly big-ticket analysis plant.

In Baton Rouge, bubbler baptize comes from the Southern Hills Aquifer, which is adversity from some akin of abyssal advance that has been accustomed as aggressive to bubbler baptize wells. Some experts anticipate that the advance can be chock-full with almost bargain “scavenger” wells.

Others, including the accompaniment Office of Conservation in a new report, say that potentially far added cher responses are needed.

Orr’s accumulation wants action. What does that entail? If the Conservation abode is accepted, abbreviation use — that would beggarly abundantly by above industries — is “the best able way to remediate baptize akin declines and abyssal advance in bounded aquifers.”

That’s not absolutely auspicious for awful aggressive manufacturers of petrochemical articles that are awash in both civic and all-embracing markets. Every added amount counts.

However, there are differing angle from scientists.

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Two hydrologists from the Louisiana Geological Analysis appear aftermost year that Southern Hills is acceptable for 250 years, so continued as the advance botheration is dealt with in the abutting dozen years or so.

The Conservation report, notably, chock-full abbreviate of adage it ability arbitrate through emergency orders on the activity advised for years by the Capital Area Groundwater Conservation Commission.

We don’t apperceive if the agency is too favorable to industry, as some acquire argued. But we acknowledge that the agency has asked the Baptize Institute of the Gulf, based on the river south of the Interstate 10 bridge, to advance a abiding plan for groundwater management. That ability be a archetypal for the blow of the state.

Our region’s abiding growth, absolutely existence, depends on bubbler water. And that’s as accurate for bread-and-butter competitiveness in agreement of baptize acclimated abundantly by industries.

If you acquire any doubts about the accent of groundwater management, ask association in water-starved regions like California and Arizona. Louisiana is alive on the abiding issues, for we anticipate there is a acceptance of the accepted faculty in Marylee Orr’s statement.

Water is a abundant asset for us. We should be accommodating to advance in its administration and protection.



March 2

The Houma Courier on 23rd Judicial District Adjudicator Jessie LeBlanc:

The aspersion involving above 23rd Judicial District Adjudicator Jessie LeBlanc has elicited a acknowledgment from her that should never acquire been acceptable in her courtroom.

LeBlanc accommodated Thursday over argument letters she beatific to her ex-paramour, then-Assumption Sheriff’s Chief Agent Bruce Prejean, in which she acclimated the N-word to accredit to a atramentous cloister agent and a atramentous deputy.

Both LeBlanc and Prejean were affiliated to added bodies during their affair. LeBlanc said the texts arose out of acrimony over the end of the affair.

Rather than artlessly acquire albatross for her actions, accurate the adapted attrition and accord with the after-effects to herself and her family, LeBlanc absitively to comedy the victim.

In her abandonment letter, she referred to “irresponsible and abandoned attacks” and wrote, “We do not charge addition Adjudicator actuality endlessly attacked and vilified at the amount of the candor of our arrangement of justice.”

By itself, this aggressive acknowledgment is abundant to authenticate that she was unfit for the job. Her self-styled affliction pales in allegory to the furnishings of her accomplishments on the absolute victims.

Not alone do two families acquire to accord with adultery and accessible disgrace, but her own absurdity has acquired absolute abuse to the candor of the amends arrangement itself.

It is not adamantine to apprehend the second-guessing of ample numbers of cases that she absitively with atramentous defendants or those involving Prejean in some capacity. All of them are now alleged into question.

A adjudicator who displays 18-carat and acerbic ancestral bias, as able-bodied as carries on a abiding activity with addition with approved business in her courtroom, should not be whining about how she is advised back these accomplishments are uncovered.

One can hardly brainstorm how any acknowledgment to her transgressions, no amount how “irresponsible and vicious,” could be worse than the acts they describe.

At best, her acknowledgment shows a tone-deaf misreading of the attributes of her transgressions. At worst, it shows that the judge’s faculty of appropriate and amiss is woefully bare for the job.



Feb. 29

The (Lake Charles) American Press on vaping marijuana:

The Civic Institute on Biologic Abuse afresh appear that its 2019 survey, Monitoring the Future, begin vaping of marijuana is on the acceleration amid teenagers.

The MTV analysis was the 45th anniversary sample of eighth-, 10th- and 12th-graders in hundreds of U.S. schools.

“We are heartened to see the continuing abatement in the use of abounding drugs, decidedly non-medical use of decree opioids; however, adolescence are acutely admiring to vaping products, which are generally concentrated amounts of drugs bearded as cyberbanking gadgets,” said NIDA Administrator Dr. Nora Volkow. “Their growing acceptance threatens to disengage years of advance attention the bloom of adolescents in the U.S.”

According to the survey, vaping of marijuana has added than angled in the accomplished two years. It was appear at 20.8 percent amid 12th-graders, with 10th-graders not far abaft at 10.4 percent and eighth graders at 7.0 percent.

The analysis additionally addendum that for the aboriginal time, the analysis abstinent circadian marijuana vaping, which was appear at 3.5 percent amid 12th-graders, 3.0 percent amid 10th-graders, and 8 percent amid eighth-graders.

NIDA additionally addendum that marijuana continues to be the best frequently acclimated adulterous biologic by adolescents. After actual abiding for abounding years, circadian use of marijuana went up decidedly back 2018 amid eighth- and 10th-graders — now at 1.3 percent and 4.8 percent respectively.

In addtion, overall, NIDA begin this accomplished year marijuana use ante remained abiding amid adolescence — 35.7 percent amid 12th-graders; 28.8 percent amid 10th-graders; and 11.8 percent amid eighth-graders.

In 2019, questions were added on circadian vaping to abode accessible bloom apropos about e-cigarettes and vaping devices. The Food and Biologic Administration and the Centers for Disease Control acquire warned the accessible about lung illnesses and deaths accompanying to vaping, with some patients as adolescent as 13.

Parents, educators, bloom affliction professionals, assembly and the accessible at ample all charge to accumulate abreast about the growing problems accompanying to vaping and marijuana. For added details, go to NIDA’s web page:


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