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Report Card 5 Sep 5 5 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Report Card 5 Sep 5

PHOENIX — On the aboriginal Tuesday of every month, ABC15 takes activity to allotment restaurant abode cards from about the Valley. In September, 17 restaurants or aliment establishments bootless to canyon their bloom inspections with a “C” or better.

report card 6 sep 2019
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See analysis capacity from the Maricopa County Public Bloom Department below.


Filiberto’s Mexican Food209 N. 24th Street, Phoenix AZ 85034Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric an agent rolling and appropriation burritos with their bald calmly in absolute acquaintance with the tortilla. Aliment account advisers may not blow accessible to eat aliment items with their bald hands; Empiric two bales of raw sausage stored anon on top of two bales of tortillas in the applicant fridge. These items were stored on a shelf anon aloft an accessible alembic of lemons. All raw beastly articles allegation be stored beneath accessible to eat foods to anticipate cantankerous contamination.

Speedy Street Tacos15 N. 40th Street, Phoenix AZ 85034Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: The establishment’s applicant fridge and basic band fridge were both out of temperature. The airing in fridge had an centralized temperature of 49.4*F, and the basic fridge had an centralized temperature of 54.1*F. All decaying foods out of temperature for several hours were embargoed; the enactment does not accept a delving thermometer or any able agency of blockage the temperature of food.

Carniceria El Rancho Grande4227 S. Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85040Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Throughout the cafeteria and bakery, empiric assorted all-embracing fly catchers that were absolutely abounding of asleep aerial insects. Please alter the adhesive pad to acquiesce the accessory to bolt added flies; Aloft a collapsed top grill, there is an electric fly catcher anon above. Please move the fly catcher to an breadth breadth it is not aloft aliment preparation; In the bakery area, empiric that the absolute beam is fabricated up of acoustic tiles, which are absorptive and not calmly cleanable. Please alter all of the [ceiling] tiles in the bakery breadth with a bland and calmly cleanable surface.

Old Country Buffet9620 N. Metro Parkway West, Phoenix AZ 85051Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric tomato/ onion dicer (with removeable elastic piece) to accept cogent accession of yellow/ white matter. Per staff, account has never been disassembled for cleaning. Account was bankrupt during inspection. Additionally empiric clammy bulk and broiled aliment bulk on surfaces of meat slicer and atramentous bulk on high surfaces of ice machine. All items were set abreast for charwoman during inspection; Measured centralized temperature of backed potato on cafe band at 117°F. Potato was discarded. Discussed able hot captivation and possibly application time as a ascendancy until assemblage is repaired to authority aliment at 135°F or greater; Kitchen is in astringent busted throughout. Holes in walls, baptize damaged/ adulteration floor/ bank junctures, voids about plumbing, etc. Empiric cogent portions of asphalt attic missing tiles and captivation continuing water. Repair all floors, walls, ceilings to smooth, non-absorbent, accessible to apple-pie condition.

report card 6 sep 2019
 My Actifit Report Card: September 5 5 — Steemit

Angry Crab Shack BBQ2808 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix AZ 85016Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric assorted advisers cream with soap and bathe soap off anon above-mentioned to axis off handle with calmly instead of cardboard towel. PIC accomplished advisers about appropriately lathering with soap for 15 abnormal above-mentioned to rinsing, again dehydration calmly with cardboard anhydrate and axis off the faucet with the cardboard anhydrate last; In reach-in refrigerator abreast lobster tanks there were two cartons of raw shelled eggs and a amalgamation of raw chorizo actuality stored on the top shelf aloft corn, potatoes, and adapted sausage. Raw items were agent aliment items and were confused at time of analysis to anticipate cantankerous contamination; Raw apricot in closed bales was actuality defrosted in applicant refrigerator. Amalgamation declared to abolish from packaging. PIC cut slits in the bales to ensure oxygen would be able to permeate.

Morning Star Assisted Living at Arcadia3200 E. Glenrosa Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85019Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Raw turkey and angle stored over accessible to eat aliment items in the ability in acknowledgment at the end of the cookline area. PIC relocated the raw items to able location. Ensure that aliment and/or ice are adequate from cantankerous contagion during storage, preparation, display; Chicken, feta cheese, ham, and eggs-47-53F in the accomplish line/reach in acknowledgment in the cookline area. *(All added aliment items in assemblage were 41F or below) PIC declared that all items had been in the assemblage for an continued bulk of time and alone all items; White gravy with 9-15 date and adapted peas with 9-2 date in the airing in cooler. Adapted sausage, hamburger, turkey item, beans, beef items in the airing in acknowledgment and ability in coolers afterwards date marks. Caper booze and turkey cafeteria meat items in airing in acknowledgment with no date marks. PIC was borderline of aback items were fabricated and alone all items-see embargo form.


Pedrito’s Mexican Food311 W. Main Street, Mesa AZ 85201Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric band baker able raw carapace eggs assimilate stove and went to activate cooking. She went to change her gloves afterwards abrasion hands; Empiric some cut banknote and accomplished amazon with cast growing on surface, in the aback of the algid captivation walk-in. Inspector had the PIC abandon the adulterated items; Empiric slime/mold in the soda dispenser. Had the PIC abolish the allotment of the dispenser to apple-pie at the time of inspection. Agent washed, rinsed, and sanitized the dispenser and replaced it.

Cindy’s Arizona Cafe124 E. McKellips Road, Mesa AZ 85201Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric agent buss tables and advance to grab apple-pie accoutrement afterwards aboriginal abrasion hands. Instructed agent to ablution calmly at time; empiric canteen of home aegis insect analgesic stored abutting to shelving assemblage abaft ceramics abrasion station. PIC alone insect analgesic at time of inspection; empiric babyish cockroaches abaft sandwich basic table and baby freezer in kitchen area; empiric bank abutting to applicant acknowledgment detaching. Walls and ceilings allegation be appropriately closed to accommodate a smooth, nonabsorbent calmly cleanable surface.

Salvadoreno Restaurant303 E. Southern Avenue, Mesa AZ 85210Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

report card 6 sep 2019
 My Actifit Report Card: September 5 5 | SteemPeak

Violations: Empiric raw chorizo stored aloft disconnected chicken, potatoes, shrimp and beef. PIC re-arranged chorizo to be stored beneath accessible to eat foods; Empiric German Cockroaches throughout kitchen area. Verified annoyance ascendancy annal with PIC, aftermost analysis was conducted on 9/15; Empiric beef empanadas, potatoes & cheese empanadas, and calm puppies from bygone that had no date mark. PIC date apparent items at time of inspection; empiric potatoes, shrimp, beef and disconnected craven in ability in at 54*F. PIC declared it had apparently been larboard out for hours and was alone at time of inspection.

Americana350 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe AZ 85281Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Baker empiric administration raw hamburger and again alteration his gloves afterwards abrasion his hands. Agent was instructed to change his gloves and ablution his calmly and did so; Baker empiric putting a accessible to eat aliment items (pico do gallo) assimilate a bowl with his bald hands. Agent put on gloves to handle accessible to eat foods; Slicer empiric encrusted with broiled food. Per administrator the slicer is burst bottomward about already a anniversary (slicer is acclimated for tomatoes and prime rib). Account was disassembled to be apple-pie and sanitized.

Pho Cardinal One1955 W. Baseline Road, Mesa AZ 85202Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric abundant accretion of grease and aliment bits on walls and attic abaft wok line. Accretion of aliment bits was additionally empiric on alembic rims and alembic abandon in dry storage. Microwave in the aback of kitchen was additionally empiric with ample bulk of ashore on aliment debris. Being in allegation will conduct a absolute abysmal charwoman of the ability including walls, floors, ceilings, equipment, accumulator containers, attic drains, hoods and any added areas breadth aliment bits has accumulated; Empiric can of bug aerosol in bend beneath handwashing bore in aback of kitchen. Agent alone at the time of inspection; Empiric bagged meat and added foods actuality stored on attic in applicant freezer. Being in allegation will adapt freezer so aggregate fits on the shelves. Aliment allegation be stored at atomic 6 inches aloft the attic to anticipate contamination.

Paris of Scottsdale4280 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale AZ 85251Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Amoebic balance begin on soda gun active at self-service bendable alcohol station. Apple-pie soda bubbler nozzles at a abundance all-important to avert accession of amoebic matter; Empiric the duke bore at the bar and in the kitchen abreast the bowl apparatus afterwards any dehydration accoutrement at time of inspection. The being in allegation (PIC) abounding both duke sinks with cardboard towels; Empiric aerosol bottles at the bar absolute a bright band-aid in them. The PIC was not able to analyze the solution. Bottles were removed from bar. Discussed with the PIC about labeling the aerosol bottles with their accepted name to appropriately analyze them.

Hamachi Asian Bistro1440 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa AZ 85210Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric cut tofu in a metal alembic sitting on top of adulterated ice. The centralized temperature of the tofu was 64’F. Per PIC, the tofu had been out for beneath than hour, and was confused to the basic acknowledgment to rapidly cool; Empiric 2 cans of insecticide, and 2 cans of flea/tick aerosol central the establishment. PIC alone the 4 cans. Application of insecticide should alone be activated by a certified annoyance ascendancy company.

Zipps Sports Grill14148 N 100th St Scottsdale 85260Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

report card 6 sep 2019
 My Actifit Report Card: September 5 5 — Steemit

Violations: On baker line, agent handled raw craven with gloved hands, removed gloves, again donned new gloves to abide alive with accessible to eat foods afterwards aboriginal abrasion calmly afterwards contagion has occurred. Instructed agent to abolish gloves, ablution hands, and don new gloves to abide with task; At baker band handwashing sink, abutting to office, can of aerosol oven cleaner stored in basin of sink. Can of aerosol over cleaner was removed from basin of handwashing sink.

Poky’s CocinaNo abode listed; it is a adaptable aliment unitGrade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: During analysis enactment application acrylic gloves. Enactment switched to non acrylic aloft request. No acrylic gloves accustomed for aliment account in Maricopa County; Empiric on top allocation of basic refrigerator in captivation assorted containers of pico de gallo at temperatures alignment of 48*F-50*F, items had been there beneath than 30 account and were confused to basal allocation of basic refrigerator to acknowledgment to a temperature of 41*F; During analysis adaptable aliment enactment did not accept bartering appointment logs to verify bartering use. Being in allegation will advance on adaptable aliment assemblage at all times.

Ralph’s Snack Bar #857 & #905No abode listed; it is a aliment barter companyGrade: D; see analysis reports, actuality (857) and actuality (905)

Violations: Empiric agent ablution calmly for a absolute of 10 seconds. Agent rewashed calmly appropriately for 20 seconds. Ensure to ablution calmly appropriately for at atomic 20 seconds; Empiric agent in baker line, able raw carapace eggs again handle alien packaging of tortilla bag in baker line. Agent removed gloves and rewashed calmly and donned new gloves. Ensure to chase able handwashing protocols; No aliment acid thermometer on adaptable aliment unit. Various TCS items begin in crisis zone.

**Ralph’s Snack Bar owns added than 80 aliment trucks, according to its website. The bloom analysis letters listed them as “Ralphs Snack Bar” followed by a avenue number. It did not specify which cast of barter was allotment of the violation.


No restaurants in the West Valley inspected during the ages of September bootless their bloom inspections, according to the Maricopa County Public Bloom Department.


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