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Report Card 7 Oct 7 The Reason Why Everyone Love Report Card 7 Oct 7

PHOENIX — On the aboriginal Tuesday of every month, ABC15 takes activity to allotment restaurant address cards from about the Valley. In October, 18 restaurants or aliment establishments bootless to accept a “C” or bigger on their bloom inspections.

report card 7 oct 2019
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See analysis capacity from the Maricopa County Public Bloom Department below (violations taken accurately from reports).


Chevron4352 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix AZ 85008Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Spatula and baking bedding for accolade actuality stored as apple-pie independent boundless amounts of aliment residue. Dishware was appropriately bankrupt during inspection; Iced coffee apparatus had boundless accession of aliment bits on bill during inspection. Apparatus was acquaint as “Out in service” during analysis and will be appropriately bankrupt above-mentioned to re-use; Containers of open/used pesticides (Hot Shot) were begin on the shelf beyond from 3-compartment sink. Do not administrate pesticides at establishment; Boundless amounts of cesspool flies empiric in and about cabinets below soda bubbler and central pastry affectation case.

Los Taquitos3176 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix AZ 85016Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: A kitchen agent was empiric abrasion their easily for a absolute time of 4 seconds. PIC was brash to alternation all advisers to appropriately ablution their easily for a absolute time of 20 seconds; Agent was empiric charwoman afresh putting on gloves to assignment with aliment afterwards abrasion their hands. PIC was accomplished that easily allegation to be appropriately done amid switching tasks and amid cuff changes; Dicer was begin to be stored as apple-pie but aback inspected broiled aliment bits was begin in the elastic pieces of the dicer. Aback the dicer was disassembled there was amoebic amount begin amid the genitalia of the dicer. PIC was brash to acquaint charwoman agents to detach the genitalia afore every cleaning.

La Marquesa1915 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix AZ 85006Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: The enactment has Jericalla, a custard-like dessert. The PIC declared that the arid is not fabricated in the establishment, and is instead brought in by an unpermitted bell-ringer that makes the ambrosia in their clandestine residence; a carton of raw shelled eggs were stored anon on top of a cobweb bag of accessible to eat onions. All raw beastly proteins MUST be stored below accessible to eat aliment items to anticipate cantankerous contamination. The PIC confused the eggs to anticipate cantankerous contamination; Empiric several accoutrements of adapted dupe meat anachronous 9/23. A alembic of adapted vegetables (including carrots) and a alembic of adapted beans were anachronous 9/20. All decaying aliment items MUST be alone aural 7 canicule of actuality cooked/prepared, including the antecedent day of preparation. The foods were embargoed.

Giuseppe’s Italian Kitchen2824 E Indian School Rd., Phoenix AZ 85016Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations:Employees were empiric abrasion their easily at the basal bore and not the appointed handwashing sink. Advisers were brash that the alone abode to ablution their easily is the handwashing sink; A slicer was empiric to accept aliment bits on the blades at time of inspection. An agent declared that the apparatus was not acclimated that day. Advisers were accomplished that the slicer needs to be appropriately done afterwards every use and the slicer was disassembled and appropriately done at time of inspection; A alembic of adapted beef and onions was in the algid captivation assemblage but was anachronous 10/3, which was declared to be befuddled abroad on 10/9 – the day afore inspection. Advisers were accomplished on able date appearance procedures and to add 6 canicule to the day the aliment is cooked.

report card 7 oct 2019
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Chevron/4 Sons Aliment Store2905 S. 99th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85253Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations:Violation accurate due to no certified aliment account administrator acceptance available, antecedence violations accurate on this address and actuality in allegation clumsy to authenticate applicative aliment assurance ability at time of inspection; No cardboard towels at pizza breadth handsink, provided at inspection. Second afterwards violation; Three accessible containers of hot dogs do not accept any date marking. As per agent on aftermost appointment they usually advertise a bag of hot dogs in 2-3 canicule from opening. Actuality in allegation borderline aback hot dogs were opened as per antecedent agent they advertise anniversary bag already opened aural 2-3 canicule they sell.

Sunrise Catering (mobile aliment unit)Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric raw shelled eggs stored aloft RTE aliment such as cafeteria meats and cheese. Additionally empiric raw pork chorizo stored aloft hot dogs and pre-cooked chicken; Empiric the abject of the faucet at the three alcove bore breakable and in allegation of replacement. Ensure that the faucet is replaced so that abject is appropriately closed above-mentioned to abutting accepted inspection; Adaptable Aliment Type III is not operating as classified. Empiric assorted TCS items that were to be agitated over from the canicule assignment to tomorrow per PIC. TCS aliment included: craven patties, pork chorizo, ham, pastrami, raw chicken, raw beef, buzz beef, and eggs. Aliment was embargoed at the time of inspection. Ensure that TCS items are disposed of at the end of operation.

Carniceria Mi Ranchito5053 W. Southern Avenue, Laveen AZ 85339Grade: D; see analysis report, actuality (meat market) and actuality (restaurant).

Violations: Chef went to ablution easily and artlessly rinsed easily with water. Had PIC explain able duke abrasion to employees. Please ensure advisers are ablution easily with soap for at atomic 15 abnormal afore rinsing; Chef was charwoman acid boards with a sanitizer rag and afresh afflicted gloves and began alive with aliment afterwards assuming a duke ablution in between. Explained to PIC that a duke ablution should action every time a assignment change occurs. PIC explained this to employees; Two alive cockroaches were empiric in the kitchen. PIC was able to accommodate affirmation of annoyance ascendancy and the affidavit approved that the aggregation had sprayed that morning. A re-inspection will action in ten canicule to ensure the affair has been taken affliction of.

Carniceria Agave3525 W. Southern Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85041Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: A chef in the kitchen was administration labels and money, afflicted gloves and afflicted assignment afterwards a duke ablution in between. Spoke with PIC and explained that a duke ablution should action every time a change of assignment occurs. Another agent did the aforementioned and wiped her easily on her apron, and afresh put new gloves on afore alive with food; Two ample tubs of salsa in the applicant were able-bodied out of date. Salsa rojas had been fabricated 10/19 and salsa habanero was fabricated 10/17. Had PIC abandon these at time of inspection. Explained able disposition timeframe to PIC.


Kyoto Bowl3101 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe AZ 85282Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

report card 7 oct 2019
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Violations: Heads of bill and box of blooming peppers were molded. Aliment was embargoed; Walk in acknowledgment was captivation adapted chicken, cut cabbage, tofu, egg rolls, chrism cheese, adapted crab, candied egg, activity fry noodles (labeled as accumulate refrigerated), salmon, and sushi cycle at 47F-48F. Aliment was embargoed; Aback accumulator breadth and coolers that are not in use are abounding of chairs and added types of equipment. Remove.

Port of Subs1435 E. Warner Road, Gilbert AZ 85296Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric advisers ablution easily for alone 5-7 seconds. Had agent ablution easily correctly. Discussed able handwashing action with actuality in charge; Empiric agent run the annals and handle money, afresh proceeded to don gloves to assignment with accessible foods. Discussed “when to wash” with actuality in allegation at time of inspection. The easily may become attenuated aback the aliment agent engages in specific activities; Empiric agent use the basal bore to ablution hands. abandon this practice. It is important that handwashing be done alone at a appropriately able handwashing ability in adjustment to advice ensure that aliment advisers finer apple-pie their hands.

Filiberto’s Fresh Mexican Food1993 W. Elliot Road, Chandler AZ 85224Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric disconnected cheese (47 *F) and disconnected bill (47 *F) central applicant cooler. Cheese had been able the night afore and was empiric packed, central 6 inch artificial alembic with a lid. Bill was able at 8 am in the morning per agent and had been arranged in abysmal artificial buckets with lids. Actuality in allegation alone at the time of inspection; Empiric rice captivation amid 126-137 *F central hot captivation unit. Alembic was not absolutely abysmal in water. Rice was reheated in bake afresh placed aback in assemblage in a abate alembic so absolute alembic was in acquaintance with hot water.

Ahipoki Bowl3051 S. Bazaar Street, Gilbert AZ 85295Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric cut abounding greens at basal table with centralized temps o 57F. Abounding greens were alone at time of inspection. Discussed able algid captivation temps with actuality in charge; Empiric adapted rice actuality captivated as time afterwards any time stamps. Actuality in allegation had timed formed the rice at time of inspection. Discussed accent of time backyard potentially chancy foods; Empiric baneful chemicals stored abreast handwashing bore by registered stored on a arbor aloft napkins for customers. Chemicals were relocated at time of inspection.

America Marketplace6802 E. Thomas Road, Scottsdale AZ 85251Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric an accessible can of soda in the kitchen. The alcohol was removed from the kitchen. Discussed with the actuality in allegation about how all drinks in the kitchen allegation accept a lid and straw; Empiric an agent dry their easily off with their accessory and abide to put new gloves on. The actuality in allegation had the agent ablution their easily afresh and dry them with the cardboard towels at the duke sink; off their gloves and put new gloves on and abide to assignment on the band afterwards the account of abrasion their hands. The actuality in allegation had them ablution their easily and put new gloves on; Empiric a ample accession of grease and dust congenital up in the filters to the aperture awning arrangement in the kitchen. Increase the charwoman abundance all-important to avert any body up.

Firerock Country Club16000 E. Firerock Country Club Dr., Bubbler Hills, AZ 85268Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

report card 7 oct 2019
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Violations: On baker line, agent handled raw craven with gloved hands, afresh connected handled affable accoutrement afterwards abrasion hands. Affable apparatus was confused to warewashing breadth and instructed agent to abolish gloves, ablution hands, and don new gloves to abide with task; At bar, agent acid accessible to eat bake-apple with bald hands. Per manager, bake-apple is for chump drinks. Cut bake-apple was discarded. Instructed agent to ablution hands, don gloves to abide with task. Discussed able cuff acceptance and handwashing with administrator and employees.

Fry’s Aliment Store14845 E. Shea Blvd., Bubbler Hills AZ 85268Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: In aback basal area, agent acid gloves, adapted pants and shirt and affected bedraggled apron, afresh connected with assignment of administration accessories afterwards aboriginal removing gloves and abrasion easily afterwards contagion had occurred. Instructed agent to abolish gloves, ablution hands, and don new gloves to abide with task; At advanced account deli, all slicers with accession of aliment bits on aliment and nonfood acquaintance surfaces. Per log book, slicers had not been taken afar and appropriately warewashed >5 hours. Instructed agent to annihilate slicers and appropriately warewash; At hot captivation advanced account case, absurd and broiled craven accomplished the 4 hour abandon time. Agent was told alert to abandon absurd and broiled chicken. Absurd and broiled craven were discarded. See embargo form.

Yogi’s Grill and Sushi6050 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler AZ 85226Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric a macho agents put new gloves on afterwards abrasion his hands, aback asked to ablution hands, agents aloof run his easily beneath baptize afresh broiled them off with cardboard towels. Requested agents to rewash easily chase the adviser acquaint on the bank at the duke abrasion sinks. He did; Central the band Refrigerator acclaimed with boundless old aliment debris, spillage of aliment but never got to apple-pie out so it is now broiled out and coated on the apparent of the central of this assemblage and on the shelf inside. Requested to accept this assemblage thoroughly apple-pie and acquit appropriately by re-inspection; On the stove, acclaimed 2 pots of baking water, the lids to these pots feel by blow as they were badly coated with grease and amoebic matter. These are aliment accompanying accessories and allegation be advance bankrupt and germ-free daily.


Stingers Sports Bar10040 N. 43rd Ave., Glendale AZ 85302Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Due to violations acclaimed on this address and advisers clumsy to acknowledgment basal aliment assurance questions, as able-bodied as no administrator affidavit present at restaurant, this abuse is actuality written. Obtain administrator acceptance and alternation all agent appropriately with attention to aliment assurance as it pertains to your operation; Duke bore at bar and in kitchen both lacked soap and cardboard towels. Items were supplied during inspection; Duke bore in kitchen is blocked by a mop brazier and is tucked in a boxy to get to bend by ice machine. Duke bore additionally has a assurance that states “do not use.” Spoke with buyer on buzz to accelerate repairs. Bore can be acclimated but leaks excessively; Empiric boundless aliment bits and old aliment crud accretion on surfaces of slicer acclimated to cut ham (only cafeteria meat present). Agent began charwoman during inspection. Additionally boundless aliment and bits accretion on, around, and beneath acid lath on accomplish table. Apple-pie items added frequently

PT Pho Express16955 N. 75th Avenue, Peoria AZ 85382Grade: D’ see analysis report, here.

Violations: Agents affecting RTE craven wings and alignment them on bowl with bald hands. Discussed no bare-hand acquaintance ambit with agents and manager. Instructed administrator to abandon aliment or re-cook food. Administrator will accept agents re-cook aliment at time of inspection; Leaf captivated rice with adapted meat captivated in artificial cord blanket central of freezer and applicant cooler. No amalgamation labeling on aliment item. Per manager, aliment is not able in enactment or at one of their added restaurants but is able in warehouse. Per manager, this aliment account is the alone aliment able in barn and delivered to establishment. Administrator is borderline if barn has a admittance for aliment processing. Administrator is clumsy to acquisition invoice. Spoke to added administrator on buzz and aliment account was purchased at bounded Asian marketplace; Centralized temperature of 2 containers of baptize with rice scoops stored central of alembic abstinent at 75 Deg. F. Instructed administrator that in-use accoutrement can be stored in baptize aloft 135 Deg. F. or in a clean, dry alembic if wash, bathe and sanitized every 4 hours.

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