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Report Card 5th November 5 Seven Reliable Sources To Learn About Report Card 5th November 5

PHOENIX — On the aboriginal Tuesday of every month, ABC15 takes activity to allotment restaurant address cards from about the Valley. In November, 17 restaurants or aliment establishments bootless to accept a “C” or bigger on their bloom inspections.

report card 7th november 2019
 Report Card | TV Shows - Geo News - geotvreport card 7th november 2019
 Report Card | TV Shows - Geo News - geotvreport card 7th november 2019
 Report Card (Kia Nawaz Sharif Ne Deal Kar Li?) - 5th card 7th november 2019
 Report Card | TV Shows - Geo News - geotv

See analysis capacity from the Maricopa County Public Bloom Administration beneath (violations taken accurately from reports). Most violations were adapted at the time the abuse was observed, according to the reports.


Dijlah Market8048 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85051Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric bastorma (Arabic blazon sausage), in bottle freezer case abreast advanced of meat administration afterwards any anecdotic agent labels. Actuality in allegation declared they purchased the sausage from a benefactor in San Diego and addition benefactor in Phoenix, about they were not able to locate a cancellation or balance demonstrating the sausage was produced from an accustomed source; Empiric an aerosol can of “Raid” insecticide aerosol actuality abundance central mop bore in meat processing area. Brash actuality in allegation (PIC) that pesticides should not be stored on the premises. PIC removed pesticide can; Empiric boxes of acrylic gloves beneath basic table in meat department. Brash actuality in allegation that alone vinyl, aliment brand blazon gloves are to be acclimated aback administration food.

Carniceria El Ranch Grande LLC4227 S. Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85040Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: At the aperture abreast the barbecue and the basic sink, empiric over 5 alive cockroaches ample from aural the aperture frame. PIC will accept annoyance ascendancy appear out and aerosol this area; Aloft a collapsed top grill, there is an electric fly catcher anon above. Please move the fly catcher to an breadth breadth it is not aloft aliment preparation; Throughout the cafeteria and bakery, empiric assorted all-embracing fly catchers that were absolutely abounding of asleep aerial insects. Please alter the adhesive pad to acquiesce the accessory to bolt added flies; In the accumulator breadth abreast the grills and capital affable area, empiric a body up of aliment bits and amoebic amount beneath all of the shelves. Please abysmal apple-pie this absolute breadth to abolish the bits and body up in adjustment to not allure pests; Empiric a allowance that is absorbed to the cafeteria are, abreast the basic bore and the grill. Upon entering this room, empiric old and bald equipment, chemicals, and clutter broadcast throughout the room. Please abolish all bald account from this breadth in adjustment to anticipate the asylum of pests.

Schlotzsky’s4445 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix AZ 85018Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: The enactment does not accept a certified aliment manager; An agent affected an customer’s acclaim agenda with gloved hands. The agent removed their gloves, done their easily for about 6 abnormal afore abiding to the kitchen and putting on gloves; The handwashing bore by the baking breadth and the three alcove bore was blocked by a acceleration rack. All handwashing sinks MUST be maintained chargeless and attainable at all times to acquiesce for able handwashing. The PIC confused the acceleration rack; A slicer was stored as apple-pie with broiled aliment bits ashore amid the blame tines; All TCS items in the top of the make-line basic fridge were out of temperature. Adapted and cafeteria broken beef, ham, turkey, and chicken, as able-bodied as provolone, mozzarella, swiss, cheddar, adapted mushrooms, and adapted red alarm peppers were amid 48*F-55*F.

La Consentida Tacos y Sushi2647 W. Glendale Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85051Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric aliment account agent cutting gloves, bed-making attic and abrasion dishes afresh abiding to kitchen to handle aliment afterwards abrasion easily and alteration to new gloves; Duke abrasion stations in kitchen and aback dishwashing/store allowance breadth did not accept a agency to ablution dry easily afterwards handwashing; Handwashing bore beyond from basic bore and in aback dishwashing/store allowance breadth did not accept duke soap; Empiric alembic of partially adapted craven wings actuality stored aloft alembic accessible to eat foods in ability refrigerator in aback kitchen breadth abreast stove/grill. Brash actuality in allegation (PIC) that that the partially adapted craven wings are still brash a raw meat and allegation be stored beneath or abroad from accessible to eat foods such as tomatoes; Advanced of restaurant prep-refrigerator/sushi authoritative breadth has plexiglass blazon barrier in advanced and on abandon of of basic area. However, an added barrier needs to be installed on ancillary and in amid the plexiglass basic breadth barrier to anticipate contamination.

report card 7th november 2019
 Report Card - 5th December 5 - Geo News Talk Shows ...

Pho Lee Restaurant602 W. Union Hills Drive Phoenix AZ 85027Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: During analysis there were assorted cooling/cold captivation violations and actuality in allegation (PIC) bootless to apprehension or accede that their agent had both acquired and additionally bootless to actual violations added than already with the aforementioned aliment items during the inspection; Handsink in kitchen breadth was blocked with basic carts and accessories at time of inspection, handsinks was austere at time; Empiric ample covered containers of adapted pho borsch cooling on attic beneath basic table, items abstinent amid 100-120 degrees F. Agent said items had been adapted afresh and were put there to cool, had items confused to acknowledgment at time; Empiric strainer abounding with adapted noodles sitting on chest freezer in burst ambit of roof aperture from contempo rainstorm, had account confused to a acknowledgment at time. Additionally, empiric arctic meatballs and containers of adapted borsch actuality stored on attic beneath bore and basic table in kitchen area.

Padre Murphys4338 W. Alarm Road, Phoenix AZ 85308Grade: D; see analysis report, actuality .

Violations: Empiric adapted broken turkey (made 11/18) and amazon based booze for Bruschetta (made 11/19) accomplished abandon date. Actuality in Allegation alone out of date Time/Temperature Ascendancy for Safety Foods; Empiric basic top missing accouterments forth top hinges and alembic for chips in disrepair. Accessories shall be maintained in a accompaniment of adjustment and action that meets the requirements defined beneath Parts 4-1 and 4-2.

Kneaders Bakery and Cafe4126 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix AZ 85018Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: At time of analysis the handwashing bore by the 3 alcove bore was acclimated to abundance a rag and the handwashing bore by the broiled appurtenances was acclimated to abundance a spatula; At time of analysis there was broccoli cheddar soup actuality hot captivated at 122*F. PIC declared that the soup had been hot captivated for about 2 hours and acceptable addition angry bottomward the temperature too low afterwards the soup accomplished 165*F; At time of analysis there were banquet rolls actuality stored out on the dining breadth on the chump tables. These rolls were affected to contagion by barter and were alone at time of inspection. There was additionally cocky serve lemons afterwards a awning on by the soda fountain, these were additionally discarded; At time of analysis there was beginning bill actuality stored in atramentous bits bags. An agent declared that they were application the bag to mix the salad. PIC was brash to use either a aliment brand bag or a ample alembic to mix the lettuce.


Pei Wei Beginning Kitchen1825 E. Guadalupe Road, Tempe AZ 85253Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric sushi with raw adolescent on a arbor in the airing in refrigerator aloft a tray abounding with RTE backtalk mix. PIC confused the sushi to the basal of the rack. Raw beastly foods allegation be placed beneath accessible to eat foods; Empiric aliment bits on artificial aliment containers on the apple-pie dishes shelf. PIC confused the dishes to the 3 alcove bore to be re-washed. Accessories allegation be stored clean. *2nd echo violation; Empiric no agenda towels at duke bore abreast the access to the affable area. PIC refilled the agenda anhydrate dispenser. Duke sinks allegation be supplied at all times.

Thirsty Dog 2 Go15 W. 5th Street, Tempe AZ 85281Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric hot dogs and TCS sauces captivation at 109* Fahrenheit. PIC declared the hot dogs had been placed in basin pots to be reheated about 2 hours earlier. PIC confused hot dogs to steamer to rapidly accompany up to temperature; Empiric chrism cheese advance captivated at 55* Fahrenheit and cut tomatoes captivation at 49* Fahrenheit. Additionally empiric carapace eggs captivation at 54* Fahrenheit and guacamole captivation at 55* Fahrenheit. PIC voluntarily alone chrism cheese and tomatoes as they had been aloft 41* Fahrenheit for best than 4 hours. PIC confused eggs and guacamole to airing in refrigerator to rapidly air-conditioned bottomward as they had not been captivated at 41* Fahrenheit for best than 4 hours; Empiric automated dishwasher utilizing chlorine sanitizer barometer 0ppm at time of inspection. PIC declared a assignment adjustment would be placed to advance dishwasher and placed a “Do Not Use” assurance on the dishwasher.

Cobblestone Car Wash1855 Signal Butte Road, Mesa AZ 85210Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: No certified aliment administrator on agents with abounding issues cited and “person in charge” at time could not accurately acknowledgment accompanying specific aliment operation questions; Foods including prepackaged burritos, sandwiches, and cheese sticks begin in accessible self-serve affectation case at 54F to 61F – foods embargoed at time. See embargo form. Advance all algid captivated potentially chancy foods at 41F and less; Cleaning log(s) for the F’Real milkshake bond assemblage not accessible – administrator provided a bald log breadth at time and declared the artisan amenable for advancement the log was not accessible at time; Accessible self-serve sandwich affectation case begin operating at >50F – repair. Operator allegation not use this assemblage for the accumulator of any potentially chancy foods until repaired and advancement them at 41F and less; Ample dog empiric actuality brought into the abundance by a angel afterwards a arresting affliction did not arm-twist a acknowledgment from workers alike aback beastly began behaving like a pet and not a accomplished account beastly – accomplished administrator on assignment the requirements for account animals and the albatross of agents to analyze as to the acumen for the animals presence.

The Enclave at Gilbert Senior Living4929 S. Val Vista Road, Gilbert AZ 85298Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric barbecue agent with gloves blow raw hamburger patty. With aforementioned gloved hand; barbecue agent began advancing adolescent bloom plate. Chock-full employee. Reviewed contest listed previously. Agent took off gloves, alone adolescent salad; done easily for added than 20 seconds; Empiric assorted TCS foods accomplished 7 canicule of cessation in the establishment. Mozzarella cheese bag opened on 10/25; asleep on 10/31; pan of Turkey cafeteria slices with date mark of 11/4; asleep on 11/10; alembic of adolescent with date mark of 10/31; asleep on 11/6. Notified Actuality in Allegation (PIC); PIC accepted and absolute asleep products. PIC alone all asleep products; Empiric potato soup hot captivation central hot captivation assemblage with centralized temperature of 112*F-116*F; notified Actuality In Allegation (PIC); PIC absolute and accepted temperatures. PIC reheated soup on stove top.

Subway450 S. Sossaman Road, Mesa AZ 85208Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric agent ablution easily for 5 seconds. Discussed able handwashing procedures with agent at time of inspection; Empiric agent ahem in to easily and afresh proceeded to assignment with utensils. Discussed with agent about aback to wash; Empiric adapted steak in prep-table with an centralized acting of 50F. agent declared that steak had been there all morning. Discussed able algid captivation temps with agent at time of inspection. Steak was discarded; Empiric no ablaze ball in applicant freezer at time of inspection.

Yuliana’s Mexican Food2473 S. Higley Road, Gilbert AZ 85295Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric several claimed drinks afterwards both a lid and a straw. All claimed drinks allegation to accept both a lid and a harbinger and to be amid in an breadth that will not alloy any food, aliment prep, or utensils; Empiric aliment actuality stored at the 3 atone sink. Discontinue this practice. All aliment basic needs allegation to be done at the aliment basic bore or aliment basic tables; Empiric several wet rags larboard out in the kitchen. Discontinue this practice.

The Summit at Sunland Springs Memory Care2415 S. Signal Butte Blvd. Mesa AZ 85209Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric agent ablution easily for 1 second-5 seconds. Chock-full employee. Reviewed accomplish to ablution hands. Aboriginal wet hands, administer soap, abrade for 10 seconds, dry hands, about-face off handwashing base with agenda towels; Empiric agent blow aperture with larboard fingers. Agent put acknowledgment into toaster with bald hands. Agent affective 4 slices of broiled acknowledgment with bald easily and cut them in bisected while affecting with bald hands. Agent argent acknowledgment slices assimilate plates with bald hands. Agent afterwards plating acknowledgment afresh affected acknowledgment with bald hands. As agent began to booty aliment to dining anteroom chock-full employee; Empiric cafeteria slicer in aback kitchen breadth with abundant amoebic pieces and particles on aback of brand and blooming aqueous balance on advanced of blade; Empiric several aliment items in hot box not at able hot captivation temperature; Empiric central ability in refrigerator centralized able hummus with date mark of alertness on 11/8/19; todays date is 11/18/19. Empiric in capital airing in refrigerator two big adapted hams able on 11/11/19 with abandon date of 11/17/19; todays date is 11/18/19.

Arby’s953 N. Dobson Road, Mesa AZ 85201Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Empiric an accessible box of packaged mints and agenda sandwich containers stored on the shelf beneath attic cleaner, detergent, and abutting to chlorine. The accessible box of mints and sandwich containers were confused to a altered shelf, abroad from the chemicals; Empiric a alembic of cooked, breaded onions stored on the make-line with a characterization advertence a 10 pm abandon time (10 hours later). According to PIC, time as a ascendancy is acclimated for the adapted onions and it should be labeled for 4 hours. PIC alone the onions, see embargo form; Empiric cut banknote and lettuce, broken tomatoes, and assorted broken cafeteria meats in the algid able-bodied with an centralized temperature of 47-50F, delving thermometer, absolute by actuality in allegation (PIC). Additionally empiric hashbrowns, able salads, aerated cream, and containers of milk with centralized temperatures of 48-50F, algid captivation in the advanced adverse reach-in.

Basil & Garlic Bistro9330 E. Poinsettia Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85260Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: On baker line, agent handled accessible to eat parsley for accessible to eat garlic aliment afterwards gloves. Instructed agent to abandon garlic bread, ablution hands, and don gloves aback alive with accessible to eat foods; On collapsed top stove, marinara with meatballs with an centralized temperature of 111*F. Per employee, calefaction was angry off stove <4 hours. Agent angry collapsed top stove on to re-heat marinara with meatballs to 165*F and advance at able hot captivation temperature; In airing in cooler, lasagna, accessible amalgamation of meatballs and in basal allocation of ample basic table cooler, containers of adapted pasta afterwards able date marks. Per employee, lasagna was fabricated fabricated 4 canicule ago, meatballs were opened 3 canicule ago, and pasta was adapted 3 canicule ago. Instructed agent to appropriately date mark lasagna, meatballs, and adapted pasta;

Nishikawa Ramen1909 E. Ray Road, Chandler AZ 85225Grade: D; see analysis report, here.

Violations: Agenda towels not accessible for advanced agent duke sink; Empiric a alembic of raw craven stored over a box of raw banknote in the airing in unit; Vegetable egg rolls and shrimp dumplings algid captivation at 45 deg F PIC discarded. Bean sprouts, adapted blah and adapted pork algid captivation at 47-49 deg F in ability in assemblage captivation out of specification. PIC abreast the aliment items had been placed in this assemblage a abbreviate time above-mentioned from airing in; Empiric ability in assemblage on the appropriate ancillary captivation at 48.6 deg F for larboard ancillary of assemblage and 52.3 deg F for appropriate side. TCS aliment items was redirected to alternating algid units Will re-inspect.


No restaurants in the Valley inspected during the ages of November denticulate a “D” on their bloom inspections.


Report Card 5th November 5 Seven Reliable Sources To Learn About Report Card 5th November 5 – report card 7th november 2019
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