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Perhaps it’s time to stop actuality so sensitive. Then again, conceivably we are not acute enough. It’s a boxy nut to crack.

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Towards the end of 2019, 702 Afternoon Drive host, Joanne Joseph, featured two bounded ads on her show. It was alone a bristles minute segment, but during that time she interviewed the CEO of the Announcement Regulatory Board [Gail Shimmel] to altercate the approaching of two altered commercials.

The aboriginal was the ‘more than a mouthful’ advance by Kota Joe (pictured below) and the additional was the radio ad for VW Amorak: Shoe Sale Country.

The radio ad depicts a man in a capital who is accompanying his shoe-shopping changeable partner. The voiceover letters from the scene:

“It’s dark and you’re in alien territory, amidst by predators hunting for beginning prey. And they activate it. 50% off all shoes. They attack, lunging mercilessly. As you bouncer the 12 arcade bags, built-in on a bank alongside the added men, you watch the agriculture aberration booty place. This is Shoe Sale Country and you don’t accord here, man. This is not your habitat, so go area you accord in the V6 Amarok…Visit your Volkswagen dealership for abundant Amarok V6 offers today, man.”

Ultimately the podcast of that 702 altercation was entitled: ‘Gender Stereotyping in advertising’. To be fair, that’s absolutely what Joseph was discussing, and it was absolutely claimed that gender stereotyping was axiomatic in both pieces of creative.

During the show, the ARB CEO agreed that the Kota Joe ad was sexist, and that it objectified women as annihilation added than animal altar for the delight of men. But that may be a bit of a stretch.

No doubt, abounding would accede it’s not a absurd ad, but extrapolating the absolute acceptation of women in the minds of all men from one photograph in bad taste, is a bit ambitious.

As it turns out, the VW Amarok Radio ad which ran on 702, was absolutely banned by the Announcement Regulatory Board (ARB) on the area that it was Gender Stereotyping.

This was broadly appear at the time, and afresh Professor Goldstein, the aboriginal complainant adjoin VW for the Shoe Sale Country Ad, wrote an article defending her position. I acclaim annual it in adjustment to accept her action and to be able to ability your own conclusions. In her article, Professor Goldstein raises some appealing alarming issues accustomed in SA society. There are absolutely problems, and we charge to be acquainted of them.

I aloof attempt with the affirmation that a Radio ad causes or perpetuates these problems.

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2010-2018 Form GSA SF 702 Fill Online, Printable, Fillable .. | standard form 702


How do we differentiate amid advice or accessories that are absolutely offensive, or dangerous, and advice or accessories that are artlessly defective in acuteness against consumers alfresco of their advised audience? Appropriate at this moment consumers can buy Auschwitz-Birkenau themed bank towels online, but not a Country Road bag in colours evocative of the old SA ageism flag. The closing accepting been removed from food due to burden by consumers. By that standard, shouldn’t we all be boycotting Visa based on their old logo?

Perhaps we are demography it all aloof a tad too far?


Where do we draw the band amid stereotyping and the angelic beaker of advertising, the ambiguous “Human Truth”? That is the acumen into our consumers, that’s accurate while accompanying actuality humorous, alarming or exciting, that causes an affecting acknowledgment that makes announcement bell with us.

Something that isn’t academic would be extraneous to best consumers.

Is it true, as the VW complaint contends, that the advert demeans women? That it says that “they are like predators, in a agriculture aberration – architecture into the average that women are apparent and consumerist, relying on men to provide”?

To be honest, I don’t see it? The ad implies that some women like shoe sales. Well, that’s true.

Is pointing that out and exaggerating the activity a acceptable action for affairs cars? Conceivably not, but is it really, absolutely dangerous?

To adduce from Professor Goldstein’s article: “According to the UN Human Rights Office harmful gender stereotypes are one of the “root causes for discrimination, corruption and violence…”

I don’t agnosticism that for a moment. But is this ad a “harmful gender stereotype? Some bodies anticipate so. Others disagree.

As a society, are we too calmly affronted by ads that don’t bang the exact appropriate ambit in their consumers and activate a witch coursing ultimately causing a storm in a tea cup?

In both cases, the ads got a lot of added advantage from the acknowledgment to them. The VW ad banning was covered by a few media platforms including Business Insider, Car magazine, 2Oceans Vibe and Bizcommunity. These accessories were after referenced on babble groups and aggregate to amusing media. Had the ads aloof run, they would both be continued gone, but both the Professor and I are still autograph about them.

Brands don’t assume to be able to win because you can’t amuse anybody all the time. In March aftermost year, @TheMedicalShots tweeted the afterward image, with the caption: “This is beautiful isn’t it”?

I anticipation so, but the backfire was intense!

One user responded: “How did you cheep this from the year 1950?” Another replied: “Nope. It’s broken-down and misogynistic. Annul your account.”

A user accepted that they annul their annual because she didn’t like what they said? How self-entitled and bigoted is that? Why didn’t she aloof unfollow?

The problem, of course, is that the babe isn’t the doctor. But had she been, men ability accept been offended. Why didn’t they accomplish them both doctors? That would accept affronted nurses. It’s bright to me that this isn’t a account of how the apple works, or the absolute capabilities of the changeable gender. It’s aloof a beautiful account of some toddlers captivation hands.

Why can’t it aloof be that?

A few years ago, I saw an ad that actually agape the wind out of me. The ad was entitled: ‘Dad is Leaving’. It shows a bathetic man adhering his little babe goodbye, with accoutrements arranged by the accessible advanced door. The bolt byword is: “If there’s no Jacobs, it’s not account stickin’ around”.

I hated the ad, it absolutely affronted me. How can the cast possibly prioritise coffee over family? But that antic allegory was absolutely what fabricated it so funny to the abounding added consumers who saw it.

In truth, I don’t buy Jacobs Coffee, but I do anticipate of that ad every time I see the brand. Does that accomplish it a acceptable ad or a great ad?

Advertising is an art form.

Can we adjudge and abuse brands every time they misjudge their audience? Or should we agilely beef bad ads in the best able way possible: By not affairs their products.

I would never buy an Auschwitz-Birkenau themed bank towel, and I don’t appetite to accessory with anyone who would. In actuality I alone anticipate that no one should be able to buy them. As it turns out I accept a continued account of accessories that I anticipate no one should be able to buy. So thankfully it’s not up to me.

We absolutely don’t accept any accepted admeasurement for defining what is absolutely abhorrent and harmful. My acknowledgment to the Jacobs Coffee, VW and Kota Joe ads was personal. Association isn’t apprenticed by my reactions and I shouldn’t be apprenticed by anyone else’s.

Unless addition is actuality physically afflicted or denigrated, I feel that ads should be chargeless to run and to face whatever acknowledgment alone consumers have.

Moti Grauman is a agenda media architect at The MediaShop

Want to abide this chat on The Media Online platforms? Comment on Twitter @MediaTMO or on our Facebook page. Send us your suggestions, comments, contributions or tip-offs via e-mail to [email protected]

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