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Sexual and gender boyhood accouchement and boyish adults in Vietnam face stigma and bigotry at home and at school. While in contempo years the Vietnamese government has fabricated cogent pledges to admit the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, absolute advance has lagged abaft the promises, and these activity gaps are acquainted acutely by boyish people.

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In 2016, while confined on the United Nations Animal Rights Council, Vietnam voted in favor of a resolution on aegis adjoin abandon and bigotry on the base of animal acclimatization and gender actualization (SOGI). The appointment fabricated a annual of their abutment afore the vote, saying: “The acumen for Vietnam’s yes vote lay in changes both in calm as able-bodied as all-embracing activity with annual to LGBT rights.”

Perhaps the best impactful accustomed changes accommodate updates in 2014 to the Alliance and Ancestors law, and in 2015 to the Civilian Code. In 2014, the Civic Assembly removed same-sex unions from a annual of banned relationships; however, the alter did not acquiesce for accustomed accepting of same-sex relationships. In 2015, the Civic Assembly adapted the Civilian Code to abolish the prohibition in law that prevented transgender bodies from alteration their accustomed gender; however, it did not accommodate for a cellophane and accessible activity for alteration one’s accustomed gender.

And while such statements and changes advance a able approaching for LGBT bodies in Vietnam, cogent challenges persist. The government is both well-positioned and answerable to abode these issues.

Inaccurate admonition about animal acclimatization and gender actualization is accustomed in Vietnam. Some of that is abiding in schools. Vietnam’s sex apprenticeship behavior and practices abatement abbreviate of all-embracing standards and do not accommodate binding altercation of animal acclimatization and gender identity. The axial chic for schools is additionally bashful on LGBT issues. While some agents and schools booty it aloft themselves to accommodate such lessons, the abridgement of national-level admittance leaves the majority of accepting in Vietnam afterwards the basal facts about animal acclimatization and gender identity.

That blank is proving to be harmful. As this abode documents, boyhood are acutely acquainted of the accustomed accepting that same-sex allure is a diagnosable brainy bloom condition. The aborticide of the Vietnamese government to adverse this apocryphal admonition has let it abide unabated. This boundless accepting had cogent appulse on the lives of boyish LGBT bodies Animal Rights Watch interviewed, alignment from confined as the base of aggravation and discrimination, to parents bringing their anomalous accouchement to brainy bloom professionals in chase of a cure. Alike boyhood who would eventually analyze themselves as anomalous accustomed that they grew up on stereotypes and misinformation about themselves and others. In some cases, these misunderstandings fueled abhorrence and alike abandon adjoin LGBT people.

Facing a alone in official sources of information, Vietnamese boyhood seek acknowledging and authentic admonition about animal acclimatization and gender actualization elsewhere. Some accepting anecdotal how they searched for admonition from breezy sources—in particular, by analytic and browsing the internet. But while the analysis of acknowledging admonition in this way can be encouraging, it is not acceptable and not alike accessible to abounding Vietnamese youth.

Verbal aggravation of LGBT accepting is accustomed in Vietnamese schools. Accepting in altered types of schools—rural and urban, accessible and private—told us abounding accepting and agents use aspersing words to accredit to LGBT people, sometimes targeted at them and accompanying with threats of violence. Added studies, including analysis by United Nations agencies and Vietnamese groups, admission accustomed this finding.

While it appears to activity beneath commonly, some LGBT boyhood abode accurate abandon as well. For example, one interviewee said: “[The bullying] was mostly exact but there was one time aback I was exhausted up by bristles or six guys in eighth grade—just because they didn’t like how I looked.” What is agnate amid the cases of exact and accurate corruption is the abridgement of constant acknowledgment from academy staff, and the abridgement of aplomb amid accepting that there are mechanisms in abode to abode cases of abandon and discrimination.

The majority of the LGBT boyhood Animal Rights Watch interviewed who had accomplished blowing at academy said they did not feel able advertisement it to academy staff. This was sometimes because of overt, biased behavior by the staff; in added cases, accepting operated on the accepting that it was alarming to about-face to the adults about them for help.

And alike in cases area accepting did not face exact or accurate abuse, abounding appear that their families, peers, and agents about and absolutely accomplish heterosexual and cisgender amusing norms. This occurs in classrooms area agents accredit to annihilation added than a animal heterosexual accord as “unnatural” as able-bodied as aback parents corruption their accouchement with violence, expulsion, or medical analysis if they about-face out to be gay or lesbian.

LGBT boyhood who face blowing and exclusion at academy ache a ambit of abrogating impacts. As authentic in this report, they feel fatigued due to the blowing and aggravation they experience, and the accent affects their adeptness to study. Some accepting said the blowing they faced due to their animal acclimatization or gender actualization led them to skip or breach home from school.

In contrast, LGBT boyhood who appear accepting affirming, authentic admonition about animal acclimatization and gender actualization in school, or abutment from their aeon or teachers, said the acquaintance was edifying. It encouraged them to appear academy added consistently and avert themselves in instances of misinformation or harassment. And accepting who acquainted added abreast additionally appear that animate the accuracy about animal acclimatization and gender identity—namely, that neither was a “mental disorder”—strengthened their adeptness to anticipate bigotry and abandon adjoin themselves.

LGBT boyhood are not alone in acquainted and accusation aback adjoin their ill-treatment. Parents of some LGBT boyhood admission amorphous to booty up the crimson of assortment and admittance activism as well, acclimation exhausted seminars beyond the country, and volunteering to admonition boyish parents who were aloft in an apprenticeship arrangement that accomplished them homosexuality was an illness.

During an aesthetic accident as allotment of Hanoi Pride 2019, a accumulation of activists and artists presented an exhibition exploring anomalous history in Vietnam through assorted aspersing words that admission been reclaimed by the association over the years. The organizers hoped that “society will admission a bigger insight, so that aback we use those words, we admission them.” The exhibition accent a simple and important mission: to breach bottomward some axiological misunderstandings that accentuate animal rights violations adjoin LGBT people—and boyhood in particular—in Vietnam today.

The Vietnamese government has several laws that prohibit bigotry and apostle the adapted to apprenticeship for all children. The government’s declared alignment with a all-around about-face adjoin apropos the rights of LGBT bodies signals some political will to accomplish the all-important changes to absolutely accommodate everyone, behindhand of animal acclimatization or gender identity, in apprenticeship institutions and the blow of society. The aboriginal accomplish will accommodate acclimation the assiduous boundless angle that homosexuality is an affliction and needs a cure.

Human Rights Watch agents and a adviser conducted the analysis for this abode amid May 2018 and Advance 2019 in Vietnam.

Researchers conducted 59 interviews, including 12 with accouchement beneath age 18 articular as animal or gender minorities; 40 with animal and gender minorities ages 18-23 about their adventures as children; and 7 with teachers, added academy staff, and parents.

Under Vietnamese law bodies are brash adults at age 16. However, for the purposes of this report, Animal Rights Watch considers anyone beneath the age of 18 a child, in band with the analogue of “child” in the United Nations Assemblage on the Rights of the Child. The Board on the Rights of the Child, the UN ascendancy that monitors states’ acquiescence with the convention, has alleged on Vietnam to alter its legislation in band with all-embracing standards.

No advantage was paid to interviewees. Animal Rights Watch reimbursed accessible busline fares for interviewees who catholic to accommodated advisers in safe, alert locations. Some interviews were conducted in Vietnamese with accompanying English interpretation; others were conducted in English; others were conducted by a Vietnamese apostle and afresh the transcripts were translated into English. All interviews with bodies who accomplished blowing in academy were conducted privately, with participants interviewed one at a time.

Human Rights Watch advisers acquired articulate abreast accord from all annual participants, and provided accounting explanations in Vietnamese and English about the objectives of the analysis and how interviewees’ accounts would be acclimated in this abode and added accompanying materials. Interviewees were abreast that they could stop the annual at any time or abatement to acknowledgment any questions they did not feel able answering.

In this report, pseudonyms are acclimated for all interviewees. Added anecdotic admonition such as the area area interviewees lived or abounding school, or the name of the school, has been advisedly afar to assure the aloofness of those we interviewed. Interviewees abounding a mix of accessible and clandestine schools, and some switched amid the two systems. While the majority of boyhood interviewees had developed up and abounding academy in the burghal centers of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Hai Phong, or Da Nang, 16 of the boyhood interviewed for this abode abounding at atomic allotment of accessory or aerial academy in other, rural provinces. These included Bac Giang, Hai Duong, Dong Nai, Ha Giang, Vung Tau, Thanh Hoa, Lao Cai, Nam Dinh, Quang Ninh, Hung Yen, Quang Ngai, Kien Giang, and Thai Binh.

I didn’t feel safe at my school. Afore I came out, my classmates didn’t apperceive because I’m acceptable at hiding. And I knew I would get best on a lot aback I appear out, but I absitively to do it anyhow because it was so afflictive not actuality myself and not active with my authentic gender.

Children and boyish adults Animal Rights Watch interviewed for this abode told us about their boyhood attempts to authentic themselves, breach safe, and admission admonition aback they began activity altered and acquirements about their animal acclimatization and gender identity.

Nearly anybody interviewed said they began to catechism and analyze either their own gender or their adventurous allure to bodies of the aforementioned gender aback they were children; some said that they knew they were not cisgender or heterosexual aback they were as boyish as 4 years old. For most, the primary struggle, they explained, was not advancing to agreement with actuality altered as such, but rather analytic for admonition about gender and changeable adjoin a abiding advance of stereotypes, misinformation, and anti-LGBT rhetoric.

In the attenuate cases aback agents or added academy agents were admiring of LGBT students, such admiring behaviors relied on the activity of alone agents associates rather than behavior or protocols. In the majority of cases Animal Rights Watch documented, academy agents either appeared to abstain discussions of animal acclimatization and gender identity, or broadcast incorrect and stigmatizing information, such as by adage that homosexuality is a “mental illness.”

iSEE, a Vietnamese nongovernmental alignment (NGO) that works on LGBT rights, activate in a 2015 analysis of added than 2,300 LGBT bodies that of those who abounding school, two-thirds had witnessed anti-LGBT comments from their peers, and one-third had witnessed the aforementioned behavior from academy staff. A 2012 abstraction by CCIHP, accession Vietnamese NGO, activate that over 40 percent of LGBT boyhood respondents—with an boilerplate age of 12 years—experienced abandon and bigotry in school.

Historically, animal acclimatization and gender actualization admission accustomed little official absorption in Vietnamese laws and policies. Civilian association advancement over the accomplished decade has resulted in cogent assets in agreement of afterimage and achievements in agreement of LGBT rights.

In contempo years, the Vietnamese government has taken cogent strides to admit the rights of LGBT people. Perhaps the best impactful accustomed changes accommodate updates in 2014 to the Alliance and Ancestors law, and in 2015 to the Civilian Code.

Prior to the backward 1990s, Vietnam’s law had mentioned “husband and wife” but did not accurately aphorism out the actuality of same-sex couples. Following two well-publicized same-sex bells ceremonies in 1997 and 1998, Vietnam’s Civic Assembly adapted the Alliance and Ancestors Law in 2000 to accurately outlaw same-sex bells ceremonies.

Largely acknowledgment to a civilian society-led LGBT rights movement, accessible appraisal has acquired gradually as well. In 2010, an 18-year-old wrote a accessible letter acquaint on the state-run Tuoi Tre website discussing his affliction at actuality alone by his parents aback they activate out he was gay. The bi-weekly responded to the admission of abutment by active a question-and-answer allotment with the arch of the Administration of Attitude at Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy, Dr. Huynh Van Son. “Think of homosexuality as a accustomed matter,” Dr. Son told readers. In 2012, activists organized the aboriginal LGBT pride march. Aback then, pop adeptness has opened up as well, including in television programs such as “Listen To Rainbow Talk,” “Come Out,” and “LoveWins.”

In 2013, the Vietnamese government antipodal advance and removed same-sex unions from the annual of banned relationships; however, the alter did not go so far as to acquiesce for accustomed accepting of same-sex relationships. In 2015, the Civic Assembly adapted the Civilian Code to accomplish it no best actionable for transgender bodies to change their aboriginal name and accustomed gender; however, the revisions did not go so far as to apparatus a accustomed gender accepting procedure.

In 2016, while confined on the UN Animal Rights Council, Vietnam voted in favor of a resolution on aegis adjoin abandon and bigotry on the base of animal acclimatization and gender actualization (SOGI). The appointment fabricated a annual of their abutment afore the vote, saying: “The acumen for Vietnam’s yes vote lay in changes both in calm as able-bodied as all-embracing activity with annual to LGBT rights” and “Vietnam welcomes the activity and efforts of associates of all-embracing association to anticipate and activity abandon and bigotry based on animal acclimatization and gender identity.” The resolution appointed the aboriginal anytime UN Absolute Able on SOGI, Assistant Vitit Muntarbhorn from Thailand.

Other government admiral admission fabricated accessible statements in abutment of basal rights for LGBT people. This includes aback Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, in August 2015, said: “Same-sex alliance is not alone a amusing affair in Vietnam, but is additionally of all-around concern, so it should be discussed appropriately and carefully.” Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong and Minister of Bloom Nguyen Thi Kim Tien about authentic the angle to admit relationships of same-sex couples.

However, while there has been some absolute progress, the abridgement of protections and proactive programming for LGBT bodies in Vietnam, as authentic in this report, is acquainted decidedly acutely by youth. In a 2017 abode allegory the accustomed ambience for LGBT bodies in Vietnam, iSEE acclaimed that government accustomed aid and counseling casework are lacking, abrogation LGBT bodies in Vietnam to seek actionable admonition from NGOs. What is more, iSEE notes, alone one-third of LGBT adults abode they alike apperceive area to seek admonition and redress aback their rights admission been violated.

Social accepting has additionally enjoyed a accession in contempo years. In 2013-14, a amusing media attack alleged “Toi Dong Y” (“I Do”) featured added than 53,000 individuals announcement photos of themselves in abutment of same-sex marriage. When, during an adventure of Vietnam’s adjustment of The Bachelor in 2018, two women larboard the actualization as a brace instead of with the arch man, audiences were abundantly unfazed.

During Hanoi Pride 2019, a accumulation of activists and artists presented “From Fag to Fab,” an exhibition exploring the change of Vietnam’s LGBT association through language. “Our association has appear so far, we thrived through all the abhorrence and bigotry acicular at us,” organizers wrote in the album accompanying the exhibit. The cold was to ameliorate the assorted agreement that admission been acclimated as accusation and additionally reclaimed by anomalous communities over the years. The organizers hoped that “society will admission a bigger insight, so that aback we use those words, we admission them.” It is a simple mission but an important one. As authentic in this report, absolute misunderstandings and abrogating stereotypes are allowance to ammunition accustomed animal rights abuses adjoin LGBT bodies in Vietnam today.

I went online. I additionally fabricated accompany in the LGBT association and asked questions that were on my mind. I was aflame to apperceive new admonition and I gradually accomplished that it was not a disease.

The accepting that same-sex allure is a diagnosable, treatable, and curable brainy bloom activity is accustomed in Vietnam. This apocryphal accepting is abiding in the aborticide of the government and medical able associations to finer acquaint the truth: that same-sex allure is a accustomed abnormality of animal experience.

Researchers admission explained how Vietnam never clearly adopted the position of the Apple Bloom Alignment (WHO), which alien a analysis for homosexuality in 1969, and accordingly the government has never clearly removed the diagnosis, as abounding about the apple did aback the WHO declassified it in 1990. However, while such a analysis appears to admission never clearly been on the books in Vietnam, the government’s analysis of homosexuality as aberrant behavior, accumulated with accessible abstracts in anesthetic assiduity the dissection construal, has resulted in the accepting actuality boundless and potent. Anthropologist Natalie Newton, who brash anomalous adeptness and adapted movements in Vietnam, explained:

Newton explains how a alternation of accustomed regimes alpha in the 1950s casting homosexuality as a “social evil,” and that accustomed Vietnamese media about use the abstraction “mitigate amusing norms by proxy.” According to Newton, “‘Social evils’ is a ample appellation that the Accompaniment and bounded authorities admission historically molded and shaped into accoutrement for amusing adorning beyond sectors, including homosexuality.” She writes:

Newton’s analysis abstracts how accessible abstracts alignment from poets to psychologists bolster the angle that homosexuality is a pathology. The actuality that Vietnamese bloom able associations and the admiral of bloom abide bashful on this amount allows the abode of ache to dominate. It leaves parents and agents apprenticed and ill-equipped, and boyhood with questions about animal acclimatization and gender actualization alone and adverse cogent barriers to accessing authentic information.

When LGBT accepting face abhorrence in their homes and accessory groups, admission to acknowledging admonition and assets is awfully important. Few of the LGBT accepting we interviewed, however, acquainted that their schools provided able admission to admonition and assets about animal orientation, gender identity, and actuality LGBT.

In adjustment to admission their own changeable and to accomplish amenable choices, LGBT students, as able-bodied as added students, allegation admission to admonition about changeable that is non-judgmental and takes into annual the abounding ambit of animal sexuality. This is decidedly important in changeable apprenticeship courses. In contempo years, abounding countries admission abashed adjoin accouterment absolute changeable education. According to the UNESCO All-embracing Abstruse Admonition on Changeable Education, absolute changeable apprenticeship is a “curriculum-based activity of teaching and acquirements about the cognitive, emotional, accurate and amusing aspects of sexuality. It aims to accouter accouchement and boyish bodies with knowledge, skills, attitudes and ethics that will empower them to: apprehend their health, abundance and dignity; advance admiring amusing and animal relationships; accede how their choices affect their own abundance and that of others; and, admission and ensure the aegis of their rights throughout their lives”. As allotment of absolute changeable education, all students, behindhand of their animal acclimatization or gender identity, should admission admission to accordant absolute about their development, relationships, and safer sex.

Vietnam’s Apprenticeship Development Cardinal Plan (2009 – 2020) calls for a afterlight of the chic to accommodate apparatus on “civic education, activity skills, animal health, gender, and HIV & AIDS education.” However, inaccurate admonition about animal acclimatization and gender actualization is accustomed in Vietnam. In a 2014 abode on LGBT rights in Vietnam, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) noted:

Four United Nations agencies —UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, and UNICEF— authentic the Admiral of Apprenticeship and Training in the development of abstruse admonition for accumulation absolute changeable apprenticeship (CSE) into pre-primary, primary and accessory apprenticeship programs. The abstruse admonition was accomplished in November 2019. Animal acclimatization and gender actualization admission been congenital in the guidance, which the Admiral of Apprenticeship and Training is answerable with implementing. Animal Rights Watch wrote to the admiral (see addendum 2) gluttonous admonition on affairs for the new chic and accepting that it would accommodate LGBT content, but had not accustomed a acknowledgment at time of writing.

The affirmation presented in this abode aligns with UNDP’s 2014 abode apropos the accustomed accompaniment of CSE in Vietnam and underscores the coercion of the reforms underway. For boyhood who admission questions about gender and sexuality—including questions about important animal bloom issues—this can beggarly they are larboard analytic the internet on their own rather than relying on vetted, scientifically reliable resources.

For example, Đức, a 22-year-old gay man in Hanoi, told Animal Rights Watch how he aboriginal heard about homosexuality in school: “One time in analysis chic in 9th grade, we were accepting gender and the abecedary mentioned homosexuality, adage that it was aberrant and that we should be abashed of it—using aspersing words.” A few weeks afore that lesson, Đức said, he had credible a blur that featured a gay character, bidding him to analysis homosexuality online. This activity helped him activate to admission his own animosity and inoculated him adjoin the teacher’s comments. “I had already done analysis on LGBT and knew it was a accustomed orientation, not a disease. So aback my abecedary said that, I aloof let it go—I anticipation it was aloof her abridgement of information, or her accepting the amiss information,” he said.[27]

Đức’s agents doubtable he was gay, he believes, due to his behavior and mannerisms. But alike aback accession abecedary approved to allege in Đức’s defense, her statements showed a abridgement of acquaintance and announced a potentially adverse message: “When the arch abecedary amenable for my chic was talking to us at the end of the week, she told the accepting not to badinage me,” he said. The abecedary explained to the accumulation that they should leave Đức alone, “because based on what was accomplished in analysis chic they apperceive that there are bodies like that [homosexuals] and they can change one day.”

Resource Constraints and Abecedary Training Deficits

One obstacle to convalescent altitude for LGBT accepting in Vietnamese schools lies in the abridgement of agents and attorneys with the training all-important to accommodate adapted abutment to LGBT students, in allotment a absorption of broader academy adeptness constraints. In its 2012 review, the UN Board on the Rights of the Boyish acclaimed with affair “low abecedary capacity” in Vietnamese schools.

In a 2016 abode on education, UNICEF and the Vietnamese Admiral of Labor, Invalids, and Amusing Welfare acclaimed that while student/teacher ratios had alone beyond best of the country, best teachers—in authentic in rural areas—remained afflicted and undertrained for the assorted tasks they were answerable with. The abode said:

One decidedly astute gap is that of academy counselors. In contempo years, surveys admission credible a abridgement of aplomb amid accepting in academy counseling casework area they do exist. Added studies admission accent the curtailment in accomplished academy counselors—in authentic aback it comes to ambidextrous with boyhood accepting and boyhood with brainy bloom conditions. A 2017 annular from the Admiral of Apprenticeship and Training acclaimed that academy counselor/adviser positions are staffed by part-time agents who are by and ample overwhelmed; in a academy anniversary absolute 28 chic periods, the alone is allotted three or four chic periods to serve as counselor. UNICEF and the activity admiral accent the government’s albatross to accredit and empower teachers: “[R]esources allegation to be assigned to abetment the development of academy based amusing workers and/or counsellors’ networks, and abutment for agents in boyish aegis and affliction to abbreviate abandon adjoin accouchement in schools.”

I’ve never been accomplished about LGBT…. There are absolute few bodies who anticipate that this is normal.

Đức’s experience, categorical in the antecedent chapter, is not unique. Of the 52 accouchement and boyish adults Animal Rights Watch interviewed, 40 appear that they heard abrogating animadversion about LGBT bodies from their teachers. The best accustomed comments centered about construing homosexuality as a “mental illness.” And, like in Đức’s case, alike aback academy agents were attempting to be compassionate or supportive, they about did so on the base of same-sex allure actuality a treatable activity or an abnormality rather than a accustomed variation.

For example, Tuyết, an 18-year-old bisexual woman, said: “My aerial academy agents said bad things about LGBT people. During a chic to brainwash us about ancestors and marriage, the abecedary said, ‘Homosexuality is an affliction and it’s absolute bad.’” Quân, an 18-year-old gay man, told Animal Rights Watch that his aerial academy analysis abecedary told the chic that “being LGBT is a disease” and “LGBT bodies allegation to go to the doctor and get changeable hormone injection.” Quân said the abecedary told a claimed adventure about it: “He would acknowledgment this affair over and over, because he had two kids at home, and abreast his abode there was this boy who admired bathrobe in babe clothes.” He said the abecedary told the adventure in a way that adapted his accouchement bare to be adequate from such people.

Others told Animal Rights Watch variations of the aforementioned story. Best often, it was the analysis abecedary cogent accepting that homosexuality was aberrant or a disease. “One time in analysis chic in 9th grade, we were accepting gender and the abecedary mentioned homosexuality, adage that it was aberrant and that we should be abashed of it, application aspersing words,” said Giang, 22. Sinh, 23, said, “My analysis abecedary said that adulation can alone appear amid men and women. Alone men and women can actualize a acceptable ancestors because they can reproduce.”

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But such comments were not bound to the analysis classroom. One apprentice appear that his folklore abecedary said, “There are homosexuals and they chase a trend of actuality gay.” Phuong, a 17-year-old student, explained:

As in Đức’s experience, altruism from academy agents was about accompanying with absolute misconceptions about the attributes of same-sex attraction. Tui, 17, told Animal Rights Watch: “[The teachers] say acquisition a way to cure it, to get rid of it. But the argent lining is if you try adamantine abundant and it still stays, it’s ok—but be ashamed.”

While this abode focuses on the adventures of accepting in Vietnamese schools and Animal Rights Watch did not endeavor to certificate the perspectives of teachers, one teacher, Hoa, a 20-year adept aerial academy analysis teacher, was interviewed on the topic. He accustomed for Animal Rights Watch that LGBT issues are not included in the chic at his school. He explained:

Hoa additionally said that aback he talks with boyish teachers, “some of them still accede LGBT as a ache or an aberrant thing” which “leads to them not animate how to amusement LGBT students.” Afterwards training agents about LGBT identities and issues, stereotypes and misinformation advance unchecked.

Same-sex allure is buried in silence, as interviews with accepting confirmed. For example, Tham, a 17-year-old apprentice who told Animal Rights Watch none of his agents anytime mentioned animal acclimatization or gender identity, recounted:

It took me added than one hour to explain to [the advisor at my school] about LGBT. If these [counselors] already knew about LGBT, it would be abundant bigger and they would be able to admonition abounding added people.

Children admission a adapted to admission information, including admonition about gender and sexuality. UN accord bodies admission afresh discussed the accent of authentic and across-the-board sex apprenticeship and admonition as a agency of ensuring the adapted to bloom because it contributes to abbreviation ante of affectionate mortality, abortion, boyish pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Placing restrictions on health-related information, including admonition apropos to animal acclimatization and gender identity, can breach axiological rights affirmed by all-embracing law. These violations accommodate the adapted to seek, receive, and admit admonition and account of all kinds, and the adapted to the accomplished accessible accustomed of health.

In its 2014 report, UNDP wrote:

Students Animal Rights Watch interviewed were acutely anxious about the abridgement of admonition about animal acclimatization and gender actualization in their textbooks. “Back in accessory and aerial school, I never heard about SOGI from the teachers,” said Hang, 22.

“There was no animal education. In analysis chic we aloof abstruse what was in the book. The agents never mentioned LGBT.”

Minh, 23, explained:

In a 2014 accessible bloom abstraction that surveyed over 1,600 Vietnamese aerial academy accepting about their sources of animal knowledge, advisers activate that “although abounding participants believed that they were abreast about sex, alone a baby cardinal of them absolutely bedevilled authentic animal knowledge.” iSEE has authentic cases in which agents pressured accepting to abolish authentic admonition about changeable from classroom presentations because, as one abecedary said, “this would animate her accepting to be homosexuals.”

Vietnam’s sex apprenticeship behavior and practices abatement abbreviate of the admission recommended by the UN adapted rapporteur on education, the accord bodies, and UNICEF, decidedly aback it comes to including admonition about animal acclimatization and gender identity.

There’s a lot of burden on kids to be straight. It’s consistently referenced that actuality admiring to accession of the aforementioned sex is commodity that can and should be afflicted and fixed.

Just months afore Animal Rights Watch interviewed Lanh, an 18-year-old bisexual aerial academy senior, academy agents had confiscated her phone. “The abecedary arrive my parents to meet. She talked about my academy work, and additionally mentioned that I admired girls too,” Lanh said. “She told my parents to booty me to the doctor to get my gender checked.” Lanh was not in the allowance aback her abecedary said this to her parents, but, she told Animal Rights Watch, “After that, my parents told me at home: ‘Your abecedary told us you are an o moi. Now you will admission to go to the doctor.’”

Other interviewees declared the pervasiveness of the accepting that same-sex allure is a diagnosable brainy bloom condition. This boundless accepting had cogent appulse on the lives of boyish LGBT bodies Animal Rights Watch interviewed, alignment from confined as the base of aggravation and discrimination, to, as in the case of Lanh, parents bringing their anomalous accouchement to brainy bloom professionals in chase of a cure. A academy advisor who works for a arrangement of clandestine K-12 schools in Hanoi told Animal Rights Watch: “Sometimes agents appear to me and say: ‘OK I admission a gay student—what can I do? The parents aren’t happy—is there a way we can fix the kid?’”

Anthropologist Natalie Newton explained in a 2015 commodity that, “Vietnamese accustomed press, sex apprenticeship material, and…medical textbooks accede homosexuality a disease.”[53] According to Newton’s research:

“Sometimes the account broadcasters allocution about LGBT issues. My parents would watch and altercate about it absolute negatively,” said Tuyen. “They don’t absolutely apperceive what it is, but they are abiding that this is a disease.” Seventeen-year-old Nguyên said his ancestor told him in the 7th brand that “only 2 percent of homosexuals are absolutely mentally ill—the blow are aloof aggravating to be trendy.” His mother afresh warned him that if she anytime activate out he was gay, she would put him in a psychiatric hospital. “So I absitively afresh that I could never acquaint anyone,” he said.

Sinh, 23

In 10th grade, Sinh developed a drove on accession boy. He was abashed and anticipation there allegation be commodity amiss with him. Aback his mother activate out, she was acutely upset. She cried and took him to a psychologist. His mother told him he had “an illness, a disease.” Sinh told her he was bisexual, and she asked him why he was not normal. At school, Sinh’s analysis abecedary accomplished the chic that adulation can alone appear amid men and women, and that alone men and women can actualize acceptable families because they can reproduce.

Sinh explained how his mother was acutely agitated aback she activate out aback he was in aerial academy that he was in a accord with a boy. “She cried. She anticipation I had an illness, a disease,” he said. “She banned me from seeing boys and brought me to a analyst [thinking] maybe I’d change. I told her I was bisexual and my mom asked why I wasn’t normal.”

A agents affiliate at an all-embracing alignment that has run LGBT-inclusive abecedary training sessions beyond Vietnam told Animal Rights Watch: “We apprehend acknowledgment from some agents that they don’t apperceive why they are actuality afflicted to apprentice about LGBT because it’s a affection and should be dealt with by doctors.”

With schools not accouterment any such information, Vietnamese boyhood seek acknowledging and authentic admonition about animal acclimatization and gender actualization elsewhere.

Some activate affirmation and abutment from their peers. An, a 16-year-old bisexual girl, told Animal Rights Watch about how her analysis abecedary consistently said homosexuality was “unnatural.” Her classmates reacted in disbelief, but alone out of aural of the teacher. “The accomplished chic reacted [to the analysis teacher’s account that LGBT was unnatural] but not anon to her, because it would be boorish to do so,” An said. “But aback she left, anybody was like, she absolutely doesn’t apperceive annihilation about LGBT.”

But while accepting like An at atomic believed they had the tacit abutment of their classmates, others who were abashed by boyish accepting because of their behavior or actualization said that acquaintance led them to admission there was commodity fundamentally amiss with them.

Hung, 21, said he never heard annihilation about LGBT bodies from his teachers, but that he had been abashed aback elementary school. “Classmates fabricated gay jokes in an advancing way—towards me specifically,” he said, explaining:

Some accepting anecdotal how they searched for admonition from breezy sources—in particular, by analytic and browsing the internet.

Against the advance of anti-LGBT statements, alike distinct instances of acknowledging admonition were a relief. “When I was 18, I searched for admonition online. I anticipation I was sick,” explained Thuong, 23. “I googled ‘why does a babe like accession girl?’ I activate a website that said boys can adulation boys and girls can adulation girls. It fabricated me relieved.”

Thuong, 23

When Thuong was a teenager, she wondered why she acquainted admiring to added girls. She searched for admonition online, allurement “why does a babe like accession girl?” and activate a website that said it was accessible for boys to adulation boys and girls to adulation girls. She was relieved. Afresh in college, she told accession babe for the aboriginal time that she admired her. The babe told their classmates what Thuong had said, and they started cogent Thuong she was “sick.”

Nguyet, a 19-year-old lesbian, said award acknowledging admonition on the internet aback she was adolescent was acutely helpful. “I aloof activate acceptance online about girls who like girls. It wasn’t positive, absolute cogent me that this was OK, but it helped because it showed me this wasn’t commodity alone I could anticipate of,” she said. But the stories, while affirmative, were not as advisory as an across-the-board chic would admission been. “It didn’t accommodate abundant absolute knowledge,” Nguyet said. “And so I had abounding misunderstandings about gender and changeable for a connected time.”

Even boyhood who would eventually analyze themselves as anomalous said they came of age amidst acute stereotypes and misinformation about themselves and others. For example, 16-year-old Chinh said he blurred his boyish anomalous accepting until he activate bigger admonition and came out himself. “I had a lot of stereotypes in my arch and I abutting my classmates in abusive the gay guy,” he said.

[After I came out], some accustomed it, some didn’t and anticipation LGBT is some disease, so they started to annoyer and abstract me. At aboriginal aback I told my best friend, she was aloof surprised. But afterwards she already told me “Why are you begrimed gay kinds alike alive?”

Verbal aggravation black the academy lives of abounding of the LGBT accepting Animal Rights Watch interviewed. In best cases, classmates singled out anomalous accepting whose announcement alone gender norms—in particular, boys whose behavior was perceived as “too effeminate.”

For example, Phuc, a 20-year-old gay man, said his aerial academy classmates abashed him. “My classmates would consistently antic about about bede,” he said. “They would alarm me those names directly. I was absolutely alienated and had a feminine side. And my macho accompany would say I don’t comedy sports, I don’t act like a boy, so I’m a fag.” Nguyên, 17, declared how the blowing he accomplished was accurately affiliated to his chichi behavior. “I was abashed in grades 2-5 because my name was ‘weird.’ Afresh in brand six the blowing abashed because bodies anticipation I was chichi and because I played with girls a lot.”

Phuc declared how bullies would point out his gender non-conforming behavior, acquaint him to change it, and afresh use anti-gay slurs. He said:

Chinh, a 16-year-old bisexual boy, said he had never accomplished any aggravation himself alike admitting he has appear his animal acclimatization to several classmates. However, he recounted: “One of my classmates is gay and he was afresh alleged a accusation acceptation prostitute because his articulation is a little bit feminine.” Khanh, a 22-year-old auto man, told Animal Rights Watch: “I did see a lot of bodies in added classes get best on all the time. They are usually boys that are a bit like girls, so it’s absolute accessible for bodies to badinage them.”

For others, the acquaintance of exact aggravation was a accustomed allotment of their lives. “At that time I anticipation as connected as there was no accurate violence, it wasn’t account advertisement to the teacher,” said Quy, a 23-year-old bisexual man. “Looking back, it was absolutely absolutely bad. I aloof didn’t apperceive that at the time—because it was allotment of my circadian life.”

[The bullying] was mostly exact but there was one time aback I was exhausted up by bristles or six guys in eighth grade—just because they didn’t like how I looked.

Lieu, a 19-year-old bisexual woman, told Animal Rights Watch about her acquaintance in aerial academy in Ho Chi Minh City. In 10th grade, Lieu told her abutting acquaintance that she was bisexual, the appellation she articular with at the time. Her acquaintance reacted ailing at first, afresh apologized. “Then she told the accomplished academy about me,” Lieu said.

That acknowledgment of Lieu’s animal acclimatization put her in cogent danger. “In class, added bodies chock-full blind out with me,” she said. Her classroom was on the additional floor, but aback she absolved in the courtyard below, classmates would bandy baptize on her from above. “They hid my backpacks or sandals,” she said. “I played basketball, and there were times aback guys advisedly threw the brawl at my anatomy or my head.” Others cut her books into pieces, and in one case her academy compatible as well. Then, in 11th grade, classmates pushed Lieu from the second-floor terrace and she fell, breaking her arm and able-bodied badly. “When my parents saw the bruises and alike aback my accoutrements broke, I said to them that was because of me arena basketball,” Lieu said. Lieu’s ancestor did not admission her, however, and visited the academy beneath the guise of watching her comedy basketball, area he witnessed some bullying.

Lieu, 19

Lieu told her parents in brand 10 that she was bisexual. Her ancestor was supportive, but quiet, and her mother was vocally adjoin her daughter’s sexuality. She additionally came out to her best acquaintance at school, who afresh told the absolute class. Afterwards that, classmates began to annoyer and abstract Lieu. Some threw baptize on her from a balcony, others cut her books and compatible with scissors. In 11th grade, classmates pushed Lieu from the second-floor terrace and she fell, breaking her arm. Lieu told her parents the injuries occurred while she was arena basketball, but her ancestor did not admission her. He alike followed her to academy one day so he could attestant the blowing himself. Aback he told the abecedary what he had seen, she told the absolute chic to not amusement Lieu that way, but never brash what had happened.

While accurate abandon appears to be rarer than exact harassment, added interviewees appear to Animal Rights Watch that they witnessed accurate abandon adjoin classmates who were accustomed or accounted to be queer.[71]

Unlike in Lieu’s case, area her parents were anxious about the abandon she was experiencing at school, added interviewees appear their families were the perpetrators of abandon themselves.

Seventeen-year-old Nguyên told Animal Rights Watch he was acquisitive to amount out what his animal attractions to added men meant, so he frequently approved chicanery on the internet. “I was absolutely absorbed in it, but I didn’t apperceive how to annul my browser. So my parents activate it,” he said. “My ancestor exhausted me until I was bruised. He hit me with a metal besom until it broke. I forgot about it until I saw myself in the mirror a few canicule afterwards and noticed the bruises.” Later, aback he approved to acquaint his parents that he was gay, Nguyên’s mother shouted at him. “She threw things at me—a stereo apostle to my head, a all-around bean adornment too,” he said, abacus that outbursts of shouting and abandon occurred for several months. “I started accepting nightmares about my mother agreeable at me—that she alone had my ancestor and my brother in her life.”

Our accompany and agents say advancing things about LGBT characters on TV, that’s why I don’t feel safe [in school]. They say things like [the LGBT characters] are not human, they’re strange, they’re abnormal. They beggarly that actuality gay is disgusting.

As discussed beforehand in this report, Vietnam has fabricated ample strides in acquainted the rights of LGBT bodies in contempo years. Nonetheless, for abounding LGBT people, ascendant amusing norms abide to circumscribe chargeless announcement of their animal acclimatization and gender actualization and undergird acts of abandon and discrimination. In an commodity on ancestors backroom and LGBT identities in Vietnam, anthropologists Paul Horton and Helle Rydstrom explain the credible paradox:

Horton and Rydstrom altercate that there is acute burden to accommodate to “heteronormative expectations about advancement the family.” They additionally accent that pressures to accommodate to benevolent ancestors structures are circuitous and not borne alone by the anomalous individual. They certificate a case in which a 25-year-old lesbian alleged Bui explained how her mother had doubtable she was a lesbian based on her actualization choices and, afore she anytime appear her animal orientation, her mother threatened to accomplish suicide if she anytime came out about as gay. They wrote, “she told Bui she could cope with Bui’s animal alternative but not with how added bodies would allocution about her.” The advisers explained:

In added accessories based on ethnographic fieldwork, Horton abstracts how boundless perceptions of gender non-conformity admission students’ adventures of bullying, in authentic how gay men reflect on the agency in which they buried their non-conforming behaviors during their boyhood so as to abstain analysis and harassment.

Lan Anh Thi Do, a assistant at Vietnam Civic University, authentic in a 2017 cardboard a case in which parents declared how they articular and scrutinized “gay” behaviors in boys. She quoted a mother who said: “For boyish boys who are too anemic and gentle, we will accusation him as ‘bede’ [gay/girly/less developed boys]… boyish boys should be able so that they will not be attacked/persuaded by gay men…”

In a abstraction of added than 2,600 animal boyhood women and transgender men conducted by advisers at iSEE, ICS (a Vietnamese LGBT group), Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard University, the advisers concluded: “Overall, abrogating ancestors analysis predicted poorer brainy abundance and added suicidality and smoker and drinking.” The cardboard recommended interventions both to advance ancestors accepting and admonition auto men and lesbian and bisexual women cope with ancestors disapproval.

Having a safe academy ambiance is decidedly important for LGBT boyhood who face bounce or aggravation at home. Some accepting declared to Animal Rights Watch the strategies they acclimated to breach safe at school. Those acceptance allegorize animation and creativity, but they additionally authenticate area schools allegation to booty action. It is the school’s obligation to accomplish the adeptness and its activities safe. Or, as iSEE put it in their 2016 report:

When Ngoc, now 22, was in aerial school, he had amorphous transitioning and his actualization did not accommodate to the amusing norms of the changeable sex he had been assigned at birth. One day in 11th grade, his analysis abecedary alleged him up to her desk:

Ngoc told Animal Rights Watch he accustomed the teacher’s alert approach, as adjoin to calling him out in advanced of his classmates. “She accomplished this was a astute topic, and that she capital to admonition me somehow,” he said. The acute amusing pressures he was already experiencing at academy and at home due to his appearance, however, fabricated him abide fearful. “At the moment she asked [me to aces boy or girl], I was abashed about how to answer, because I was abashed that if I told the ‘wrong’ answer, she would acquaint my parents,” he said.

A 17-year-old bisexual babe explained: “I anticipate old, acceptable gender roles allegation to change—like how a babe should consistently admission a husband—and additionally bifold standards placed on men. But aback I authentic my opinion, bodies acquaint me I am cocky.”

Some interviewees explained how academy admiral absolutely activated gender norms. For example, in Nguyên’s case, his accessory abecedary empiric that he alone played with girls, afresh appear this behavior to his parents and instituted corruption at academy as well. He said:

Nguyên, 17

Throughout accessory school, Nguyên did not analyze with the appellation gay yet, but alone played with his changeable classmates. His abecedary appear this to his parents, who were upset. The abecedary assigned him to apple-pie the classroom afterwards academy for three months as corruption and he backward every day afterwards academy alone until 8 p.m. to clean. One day aback he was at a dispensary for a check-up, Nguyên saw a gay brace caring for anniversary other. Seeing them acknowledging anniversary added fabricated him happy and hopeful.

Cuc, an 18-year-old lesbian academy student, explained that while some of her aerial academy agents had been admiring aback she came out, alike those who were apparently absolute exhorted her to not be queer. “One of my admired agents who additionally brand me because I’m acceptable at her accountable (chemistry), talked to me one time [about my animal orientation],” she said. “She told me ‘hey, you’re beautiful but is it authentic that you’re like that, that you like girls?’ She said it like it was somehow antic [that I admired girls]…She was aggravating to alter me, adage ‘real [straight] women are better,’” Cuc explained, abacus that the abecedary emphasized that her parents were acceptable to be black she was not straight.

Many of the LGBT accepting we batten with acquainted apparent pressures to accommodate to amusing norms. For some, this meant never absolute their animal acclimatization or gender actualization to peers. Discretion purchased a atom of safety. Twenty-one-year-old Diep said, “If a accumulation of accompany were chatting and accession mentioned LGBT people, others would stop that actuality and say, ‘Don’t allocution about that, it’s disgusting.’ That’s why bodies never came out.”

Hang, a 22-year-old bisexual woman, declared how she adequate herself, abandoning her time in accessory and aerial school: “If I aloof act commonly there would be no trouble. If I presented myself too much, I would be warned by added bodies in my school, but aback I mostly kept to myself, it didn’t happen.” A academy advisor explained: “I’ve had agents acquaint me, ‘Well, bigotry happens for a reason—kids who are aberrant are activity to get brash strangely.’”

I don’t feel safe at school, because the actualization and mindset of added bodies on LGBT. I didn’t get aching physically, but I did ache mentally. You admission to be aching aback bodies acquaint you admission a ache that frequently.

LGBT boyhood who face blowing and exclusion at academy ache a ambit of abrogating impacts. Interviewees told Animal Rights Watch they acquainted fatigued due to the blowing and aggravation they experienced, and that the accent impacted their adeptness to study. Some accepting said the blowing they faced due to their animal acclimatization or gender actualization led them to skip or breach home from school. “This blowing afflicted me absolute much, abnormally my brainy health,” said Trung, an 18-year-old auto man. “I didn’t appetite to go to academy and was so abashed of dispatch central the academy gate.”

Studies about the apple consistently actualization that LGBT boyhood are at an animated accident of adverse brainy bloom outcomes, including depression, anxiety, actuality abuse, and suicidality. For example, government abstracts in the United States from 2016, which has alone afresh recorded the specific adventures of LGBT boyhood nationwide, activate that 8 percent of accepting who articular as lesbian, gay, or bisexual nationally accomplished college ante of abasement and suicidality than their heterosexual peers. Abstracts showed that an alarming 42.8 percent of lesbian, gay, and bisexual boyhood respondents had actively brash suicide in the antecedent year, and 29.4 percent had attempted suicide, compared with 14.8 percent of heterosexual boyhood who had actively brash suicide in the antecedent year and 6.4 percent of heterosexual boyhood who had attempted suicide. An bookish abstraction in the United States showed a asymmetric 40 percent of boyhood experiencing homelessness analyze as LGBT, due in ample allotment to families abnegation their animal acclimatization or gender identity.

These analyses from abroad accord with analysis allegation in Vietnam. For example, a 2015 abode by Save The Accouchement and the Convention of Amusing and Medical Studies on alone LGBT boyhood in Vietnam activate that “discrimination, neglect, and corruption from their families were the capital determinants to leave home and admired to acquisition a added accepting association to be allotment of.”

Some accepting told Animal Rights Watch they skipped academy to abstain bullying. For example, Due said: “One time a guy in my class—who already didn’t like me—told me, ‘If you appear to academy you’ll get exhausted up,’ so the abutting day I didn’t go to school.” Trung, 18, batten about about his fear: “I didn’t feel safe activity to school, because of all the blowing and pushing.”

For others, like 17-year-old Hien, assiduous blowing at academy triggered a arrangement of missing out on education. He said:

For best of the accepting Animal Rights Watch interviewed, a admiration to accommodated their parents’ expectations that they appear academy eclipsed their abhorrence of attendance. Phuc, a 20-year-old gay man, explained: “People fabricated fun of me a lot. I acquainted annoyed of it and didn’t appetite them to do it anymore. But I consistently went to academy in the end because I didn’t appetite to abort my parents.”

Schools allegation to change– that is urgent. The acumen my bearing is adjoin LGBT or abashed by LGBT is because we were never accomplished annihilation different. It won’t aloof admonition LGBT people– it will admonition all of us to be a bigger society.

Almost all of the LGBT boyhood Animal Rights Watch interviewed who had accomplished blowing at academy said they did not feel able advertisement it to academy staff. This was sometimes because of overt, biased behavior by the staff; in added cases, accepting operated on the accepting that it was alarming to about-face to the adults about them for help.

This is decidedly cogent because, in accession to bookish curricula, schools about accommodate a array of assets to students: abutment from teachers, counselors, and added academy cadre is a admired asset, and should be accessible to adviser LGBT boyhood as able-bodied as their non-LGBT peers. According to UNESCO, “support from agents can admission a decidedly absolute appulse on LGBT and intersex students, convalescent their self-esteem and accidental to beneath absenteeism, greater animosity of assurance and acceptance and bigger bookish achievement.”

“I had never anticipation about talking to the agents about it,” said Tuyen, 20. “I knew how the accepting reacted, and I was abashed that it would be worse with the teachers. I acquainted like they would not admonition me.” Đức told us his 8th brand classmates exhausted him up, abrogation arresting scratches, but he did not abode it. He explained:

Khanh, a 22-year-old auto man, declared his acquaintance actuality abashed in aerial academy and how that had abreast what he acquainted he could apprehend from developed agents in the school:

Or as Ngoc, a auto man who accomplished blowing at school, explained:

Some accepting operated on the accepting that agents knew the blowing was demography abode but were abashed to intervene. “Teachers apparently knew it was accident but didn’t assume to do annihilation about,” said Giang, absorption a accustomed affect from abounding of the accepting Animal Rights Watch interviewed.[104] Others had absolute acquaintance of academy admiral apathy to respond. In the case of 19-year-old Lieu, whose classmates bankrupt her accoutrements amid added agitated accurate attacks, alike her father’s absolute activity with academy agents was met with alone blood-warm action. She explained:

I acquainted absolute safe in my aerial school. I additionally acquainted absolute lucky. While I was in school, I consistently anticipation that this was aloof a accustomed thing. But afterwards I accelerating and talking to added people, I accomplished my academy was a absolute safe place.

LGBT boyhood who appear accepting affirming, authentic admonition about animal acclimatization and gender actualization in school, or abutment from their aeon or teachers, said the acquaintance was edifying. It encouraged them to appear academy added consistently and avert themselves in instances of misinformation or harassment.

Chau, a 16-year-old bisexual girl, told Animal Rights Watch that her 9th brand sex apprenticeship acquaint featured discussions on LGBT topics. “The abecedary said two guys or two girls can admission accouchement together, you can admission accouchement behindhand of what affectionate of accord you are in, so you don’t allegation to be too abashed about who you love,” she said. Men, a 17-year-old bisexual girl, told Animal Rights Watch: “In accessory school, my analysis abecedary talked to us about the actuality that nowadays, gay brace ally and admission kids is absolute normal.”

Others were able to analyze LGBT issues in their absolute work. Tran, for example, said LGBT issues were frequently mentioned in classes aback accordant and he was able to abode a cardboard for his abstract chic about a same-sex couple. “Our Boyhood Union additionally had a abbreviate blur challenge absorption on LGBT rights, and the accepting were absolute absorbed and beatific in a lot of submissions,” he said.

Being able to admit their adventures and apprentice about animal acclimatization and gender actualization helped LGBT boyhood feel safe at school. As Ngoc explained:

A academy advisor in Hanoi emphasized to Animal Rights Watch that the LGBT boyhood who accomplish it into her appointment can advance with the adapted support. “I can accord them books and allocution to them about the facts about gender and sexuality, which helps adjoin all of the abrogating and apocryphal admonition and afresh they tend to do well,” she said. “But best kids, alike the ones who survive the self-doubt and self-hatred that keeps them from gluttonous counseling—they still attempt to admission information. Alike if they admission a anomalous actuality in their life—and that’s absolute amplified if they do—it doesn’t beggarly they’re accepting all the adapted information.”

“The alone way not to lose them is to use love.”

Hang became an activist because she was abashed of accident her son, Phong. Now in his 20s, aback Phong was in aerial academy his classmates abashed him about his “unmanly” behavior, causing him to become depressed. Aback Hang approved to allocution to academy admiral about this issue, they responded by cogent her that if her son chock-full behaving improperly, the blowing would stop too.

Today, she is amid a scattering of volunteers with PFLAG-Vietnam, an alignment whose name is an acronym acceptation “Parents and Accompany of Lesbians and Gays.”

The aboriginal affiliate of what is now PFLAG met in New York City in 1973 (the accumulation was not alleged PFLAG until the 1980s) afterwards an elementary academy teacher’s gay son had been baffled and she capital to apostle on his behalf. She organized added parents of anomalous accouchement to abutment them and anticipate abandon adjoin them. PFLAG affiliates—as able-bodied as organizations with a agnate constituency and mission—have been congenital in dozens of countries worldwide, including China, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, PFLAG charcoal an informal, unregistered effort, but advance parents admission already amorphous to see after-effects through their assurance with added parents of LGBT youth.

In Hang’s assignment as a advance over the accomplished bristles years, she has encountered parents of LGBT accouchement with a ambit of angle and beliefs. “Even a ancestor with a Ph.D. in attitude asked whether his [gay] son was absolutely a man or if he was bedmate or wife in his relationship,” she said. “They additionally about appetite to accusation themselves—they anticipate they adeptness admission done commodity amiss adopting the kid.”

The archetype can be daunting, Hang said: “They absolutely ask us for methods to change the kid—whereas what we admission to actualization them is how to change themselves.” PFLAG offers both clandestine affairs with accomplished volunteers and workshops area parents can accommodated in groups. Hang explained:

PFLAG volunteers beyond Vietnam about alpha by discussing basal analogue with new parents: agreement such as animal acclimatization and gender identity, for example. “This is credible as a absolute clandestine matter,” Hang emphasized, abacus that alike the actuality that an antecedent affair is demography abode should be credible as a assurance of progress. “If parents accede to accommodated with me, they admission in some way already started to admission their child.”

Tradition additionally actualization acutely in best discussions. “It’s a absolute basal angle in Vietnam that the capital ambition of the ancestors is to reproduce,” said Hang. “The affair of accepting a boyish is not aloof for the absolute couple, it’s credible as a assignment for the parents too. This creates astronomic burden for the ancestors and they administer all of that burden on the couple,” she said. A 2014 cardboard by the Convention of Development Studies noted:

“When parents are new to this, they anticipate their accouchement will be black afterwards the acceptable ancestors model,” said Hang. PFLAG tries to appoint this admiration of parents to see their accouchement be happy. “We try to argue them by highlighting how their adulation and abutment for their boyish can annul all of the bigotry and horribleness that their kid will face in society,” Hang said.

PFLAG additionally tries to conduct presentations in schools, to authenticate to agents and boyhood that the developed bearing accepts and understands LGBT people. However, they report, they are about angry away.

“Most of the time we get alone from the schools,” Hang said. “We authority agents in absolute aerial moral continuing in Vietnam. Agents acquaint us they’re mostly anxious that parents will allege agents of teaching bad ethics and authoritative the kids gay—so they don’t acquiesce PFLAG in.”

And it is that specific antecedent that needs to change urgently, Hang believes.

“Schools allegation to change—that is urgent,” she said. “The acumen my bearing is adjoin LGBT or abashed by LGBT is because we were never accomplished annihilation different.”

Thang, a PFLAG advance and ancestor of a gay man, told Animal Rights Watch he spent weeks arrant agilely afterwards his son came out to him in aerial school. “I knew I had to accumulate a able face because he had an important assay and I capital him to focus on that, but I was arrant a lot,” he said. He was acutely agitated by his son’s homosexuality, and capital to amount out a way to change him.

But for Thang, the best was clear: “In that moment I had a choice. I never accustomed that my son could become a victim of my own hatred. And I knew if I connected cerebration like that, I would lose my boy,” he said. “He’s a acceptable person. The alone way not to lose him was to use love.”

He aboriginal encountered parent-volunteers afore PFLAG had formed its network, and the acquaintance assertive him to become an activist himself.

“I’ll never balloon affair added parents for the aboriginal time,” he said. “It acquainted absurd not to feel alone any more. I can see the aforementioned in the added parents—that we all appetite assembly on this journey.”

Thang’s adventure was a archetypal shift—from actuality candidly homophobic to all-embracing his gay boyish to actively auspicious added parents to do the same.

“When my son aboriginal came out, I was abashed of the bigotry he would admission to face. At that time, aggregate that was hardly altered was alleged bede by everyone,” he said. “And I was the one application that chat as a slur, too. I was absolute homophobic and I knew how alone it could be.”

In Thang’s opinion, schools are acceptable added open, but admission a connected way to go. He has done presentations for PFLAG in contempo years in a scattering of ambit area agents admission abounding on their own volition, for example.

“Schools allegation to get bigger at this issue. We allegation added abutment for LGBT association groups so they can thrive,” he said.

In its 2014 Accepted Periodic Analysis (UPR) at the UN Animal Rights Council, the government of Vietnam accustomed its one advocacy accompanying to animal acclimatization and gender identity: “Enact a law to activity adjoin bigotry which guarantees the adequation of all citizens, behindhand of their animal acclimatization and gender identity.”

In its 2019 UPR, Vietnam alone recommendations to accommodate animal acclimatization and gender actualization in the Activity Code and to approve same-sex marriage. However, the government accustomed recommendations to:

In September 2019, the Prime Minister’s appointment issued an adjustment allegorical how assorted government agencies should apparatus Vietnam’s UPR recommendations. The adjustment included:

The adapted to apprenticeship is affirmed beneath assorted Vietnamese laws. Directives on how to ensure that adapted is accomplished by, for example, abbreviation academy violence, are abundant in decrees from the Admiral of Apprenticeship and Training. Vietnam’s 2016 Children’s Law states:

In its basic abode to the UN Board on the Rights of the Boyish for its accessible review, the government of Vietnam emphasized:

Vietnam’s Law on Apprenticeship stipulates in commodity 10 that “Learning is the adapted and obligation of every citizen” and that “Every citizen, behindhand of aboriginal origins, religions, belief, gender, ancestors background, amusing cachet or bread-and-butter conditions, has according rights of admission to acquirements opportunities.” In a 2017 decree, the Vietnamese government issued a decree on measures to anticipate academy violence. It included mandating that schools admission “no gender stereotypes [or] discrimination” in classrooms and defined measures to abutment accepting who are at accident of violence, including:

In 2019, the Admiral of Apprenticeship and Training issued a abundant allegation apropos preventing academy violence. However, it did not acknowledgment the specific vulnerabilities of assorted groups of students, including LGBT students.

The adapted to apprenticeship is adequate in all-embracing law, conspicuously in the All-embracing Covenant on Economic, Amusing and Cultural Rights, and the Assemblage on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Vietnam in 1982 and 1990, respectively. The Assemblage on the Rights of the Boyish specifies that apprenticeship should be directed toward, amid added objectives, “[t]he development of the child’s personality, talents and brainy and accurate abilities to their fullest potential,” “[t]he development of annual for animal rights and axiological freedoms,” and “[t]he alertness of the boyish for amenable activity in a chargeless society, in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, adequation of sexes, and accord amid all peoples, ethnic, civic and religious groups and bodies of aboriginal origin.” In its 2012 analysis of Vietnam, the Board on the Rights of the Boyish apprenticed “the Accompaniment affair to ensure that all accouchement in the Accompaniment affair finer adore according rights beneath the Assemblage afterwards bigotry on any ground.” As discussed below, United Nations accord bodies admission declared that non-discrimination references to sex are accepted to accommodate animal orientation.

LGBT accepting are denied the adapted to apprenticeship aback bullying, exclusion, and abominable behavior anticipate them from accommodating in the classroom or accessory school. LGBT students’ adapted to apprenticeship is additionally concise aback agents and curricula do not accommodate admonition that is accordant to their development or are evidently abominable adjoin LGBT people.

To accomplish the adapted to apprenticeship meaningful, schools should ensure that academy curricula, interactions with academy personnel, and academy behavior are non-discriminatory and accommodate admonition to LGBT boyhood on the aforementioned agreement as their non-LGBT peers.

The adapted to apprenticeship includes the adapted to absolute animal education, which is defective for LGBT boyhood in Vietnam. As the UN Adapted Rapporteur on the Adapted to Apprenticeship has explained: “The adapted to apprenticeship includes the adapted to animal education, which is both a animal adapted in itself and an basal agency of acumen added animal rights, such as the adapted to health, the adapted to admonition and animal and changeable rights.” 

A chic that alone presents and gives accepting admonition on heterosexual sex central of alliance “normalizes, stereotypes, and promotes images that are abominable because they are based on heteronormativity; by abstinent the actuality of the lesbian, gay, transsexual, transgender and bisexual population, they betrayal these groups to chancy and abominable practices.”

To ensure the adapted to apprenticeship is respected, the Board on the Rights of the Boyish has said that changeable apprenticeship provided by schools:

This admonition should not be provided alone to heterosexual, cisgender students. Schools should additionally accommodate LGBT accepting with accordant agreeable to ensure they adore the adapted to apprenticeship afterwards discrimination. Absolute changeable apprenticeship “must be chargeless of prejudices and stereotypes that could be acclimated to absolve bigotry and abandon adjoin any group,” and “must pay adapted absorption to diversity, aback anybody has the adapted to accord with his or her own changeable afterwards actuality discriminated adjoin on area of animal acclimatization or gender identity.”

Under all-embracing animal rights law, accouchement are advantaged to aegis from all forms of violence. Accouchement who are abnormally acceptable to face violence, including bullying, should admission specific absorption and aegis from the state. As the Board on the Rights of the Child, the UN anatomy that monitors accomplishing of the Assemblage on the Rights of the Child, has noted, “[g]roups of accouchement which are acceptable to be apparent to abandon include, but are not bound to, accouchement … who are lesbian, gay, transgender or transsexual.” The board has afresh declared bullying, harassment, and abandon adjoin LGBT boyhood as violations of children’s rights, and emphasized that “[a] academy which allows blowing or added agitated and absolute practices to activity is not one which meets the requirements of commodity 29(1),” the convention’s accouterment allegorical the aims of education.

The Board on the Rights of the Boyish has articular accomplish that governments should booty to assure accouchement from bullying, harassment, and added forms of violence. These accommodate arduous abominable attitudes that acquiesce bent and abandon to flourish, establishing advertisement mechanisms, and accouterment admonition and training for agents and administrators to apperceive how to acknowledge aback they see or apprehend about incidents of violence. Aback demography these steps, the board has fatigued that accouchement themselves should be complex “in the development of blockage strategies in accustomed and in school, in authentic in the abolishment and blockage of bullying, and added forms of abandon in school.”

Bullying blockage behavior that accommodate absolute protections for LGBT accepting are all-important to accomplish animal rights obligations. Analysis additionally shows that LGBT-inclusive blowing blockage behavior advance students’ faculty of safety. For example, one abstraction in the United States that analyzed abstracts from added than 7,000 accepting activate that those LGBT boyhood who abounding academy in a commune with an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying activity acquainted safer at academy than LGBT boyhood who abounding academy in a commune with no blowing activity or with a blowing activity that bootless to acknowledgment animal acclimatization and gender identity. Long-term acquaintance abroad has appear the accent of enumeration. For example, GLSEN, an NGO in the United States that has conducted surveys of academy climates for LGBT accepting aback 1999, acerb recommends that anti-bullying behavior enumerate specific categories of accessible students, and accurately LGBT students.

In contempo years, governments about the apple admission been authoritative activity changes that assure LGBT boyhood at school. In 2015, 55 ministers of apprenticeship active UNESCO’s Alarm for Activity on homophobic and transphobic violence. The acknowledgment commits those governments to ecology the prevalence of homophobic and transphobic blowing in schools, accouterment accepting with admonition about adverse gender-based stereotypes, training academy personnel, and demography accomplish to accomplish schools safe for LGBT youth. Two countries that active the certificate as they developed LGBT-inclusive behavior are Japan and the Philippines.


In Advance 2017, the government of Japan adapted its Basal Activity for the Blockage of Blowing to authorization that schools should anticipate blowing of accepting based on their animal acclimatization or gender actualization by “promot[ing] able compassionate of agents on…sexual orientation/gender actualization as able-bodied as mak[ing] abiding to acquaint on the school’s all-important measures apropos this matter.” The activity followed a 2015 allegation from the Admiral of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) apropos transgender accepting and a 2016 MEXT guidebook for agents about LGBT students. The guidebook instructed agents on several topics, including:

·       Clarification of the definitions of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” and auspicious agents not to abash them.

·       Acknowledgment of amusing prejudices adjoin LGBT bodies in Japan and how they can aftereffect in abode discrimination. In addition, the Guidebook states: “it is important that agents stop accepting prejudices and accretion a bigger compassionate of this issue.”

·       Considering the achievability of animal acclimatization and gender actualization accommodation actuality included in lessons.

The Philippines

In contempo years, assembly and academy administrators in the Philippines admission accustomed that blowing of LGBT boyhood is a austere problem, and brash interventions to abode it. In 2012, the Administration of Apprenticeship (DepEd), which oversees primary and accessory schools, allowable a Boyish Aegis Activity brash to abode blowing and bigotry in schools, including on the base of animal acclimatization and gender identity.

In 2013, Congress anesthetized the Anti-Bullying Law, with implementing rules and regulations that enumerate animal acclimatization and gender actualization as banned area for blowing and harassment. The implementing rules and regulations for the law explain that the appellation “bullying” includes “gender-based bullying,” which “refers to any act that humiliates or excludes a actuality on the base of perceived or absolute animal acclimatization and gender actualization (SOGI).”


Beginning in 2020, Cambodian accepting from age 13 will admission acquaint across-the-board of animal acclimatization and gender identity. Yung Kunthearith, agent administrator of the apprenticeship ministry’s administration of bloom studies, antiseptic the change was “about equality.” He said: “We appetite our accouchement to be acquainted of these issues and apperceive that no one should be discriminated adjoin in academy or any allotment of life.” Civilian association groups began animate with the Admiral of Apprenticeship to alternation agents on LGBT issues in 2017.

LGBT boyhood activists in Vietnam are acquisitive to see the government convention agnate behavior and protocols, but adduce a history of actuality alone aback they admission tried. “We consistently get told ‘not now’ or ‘this is too astute adapted now,’” an activist in Hanoi told Animal Rights Watch. “Or at some meetings, alike with boyish boyhood leaders, LGBT will be on the calendar and afresh it aloof gets ignored.”

Bullying, exclusion, and bigotry accomplish accurate and brainy bloom risks that corruption the adapted to the accomplished accessible accustomed of bloom for LGBT youth. The Board on the Rights of the Boyish has bidding affair about the bloom after-effects of bullying, including suicide, and has apprenticed governments to “take the all-important accomplishments to anticipate and prohibit all forms of abandon and abuse, including animal abuse, anatomical corruption and added inhuman, aspersing or base analysis or corruption in school, by academy cadre as able-bodied as amid students.”

In 2018, Vietnam’s Admiral of Apprenticeship and Training issued a allegation instructing agents how to admonition students. The allegation instructs agents to:

a) Admission the call of counseling for students; admission the nature, content, form, assumption and activity of counselling jobs for students;

b) Administer accurately the activity and accustomed attempt to accustomed out counseling and accommodate admonition to accepting so they can break their own accurate problems; administer a cardinal of methods and techniques to apprentice and appraise cerebral difficulties of accepting and anatomy counseling affairs to admonition accepting to break their claimed problems;

c) Be accessible to admission and apprentice in adjustment to accommodate cold appraisal of students; admission adeptness to adviser and admonition accepting aback they appointment problems that allegation to be solved.

One of the binding practices for agents mentioned in the allegation is “counseling on gender and changeable health.” It is important that the government use this befalling to accomplish the accomplishing of the allegation across-the-board of LGBT students.

The UN adapted rapporteur on the adapted to apprenticeship acclaimed in 2010 that sexuality, health, and apprenticeship are “interdependent rights,” answer that “we allegation be able to attending afterwards our health, accord positively, responsibly, and respectfully with our sexuality, and allegation accordingly be acquainted of our needs and rights.” Specifically, the adapted rapporteur warned adjoin sex apprenticeship programs that are based alone on heterosexual relationships, because “by abstinent the actuality of the lesbian, gay, transsexual, transgender and bisexual population, they betrayal these groups to chancy and abominable practices.”

The All-embracing Covenant on Economic, Amusing and Cultural Rights recognizes “the adapted of anybody to the amusement of the accomplished accessible accustomed of accurate and brainy health.” The Assemblage on the Rights of the Boyish reinforces that accouchement adore this right, and states that, in following of that goal, governments will “ensure that all segments of society, in authentic parents and children, are abreast [and] admission admission to education,” and will “develop antitoxin bloom care, admonition for parents and ancestors planning apprenticeship and services.”

The Board on the Rights of the Boyish has said that “[i]n adjustment to absolutely apprehend the adapted to bloom for all children, States parties admission an obligation to ensure that children’s bloom is not debilitated as a aftereffect of discrimination, which is a cogent agency accidental to vulnerability,” including bigotry on the base of “sexual orientation, gender actualization and bloom status.”

The cogent shortcomings of changeable apprenticeship in Vietnam schools attenuate the adapted to bloom for all students, but decidedly LGBT students. The United Nations Acceptable Development Goals (SDGs) are a development calendar whose focus is to ensure that “no one is larboard behind,” including a affiance to ensure across-the-board and affection apprenticeship for all. As a UN affiliate state, the government of Vietnam has accustomed this alternation of all-around acceptable development commitments, including the allegation to ensure accepted admission to animal and changeable bloom affliction services. In its 2018 SDG review, the government of Vietnam accustomed that admitting investments in education, “The civic apprenticeship arrangement charcoal unsynchronized” and “school absolute and abstruse bases are both defective and out dated.”

The Board on the Rights of the Boyish has explained that boyhood are “vulnerable to HIV/AIDS because their aboriginal animal acquaintance may booty abode in an ambiance in which they admission no admission to able admonition and guidance.” Omitting admonition about same-sex activity and transgender actualization from changeable apprenticeship curricula undermines LGBT students’ adapted to health. To ensure their rights are respected, the board has said that governments allegation “refrain from censoring, withholding, or carefully misrepresenting health-related information, including animal apprenticeship and information, and… ensure accouchement admission the adeptness to admission the adeptness and abilities to assure themselves and others as they activate to authentic their sexuality.”

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), which sets all-around standards for brainy bloom affection in its Analytic and Statistical Manual (DSM), removed the analysis for homosexuality from the DSM in 1973. The Apple Bloom Alignment removed homosexuality from its All-embracing Classification of Diseases (ICD) in 1990.

In the deathwatch of DSM and ICD reforms, all-embracing brainy bloom bodies and a growing cardinal of civic brainy bloom able associations and bloom ministries about the apple admission developed non-discrimination behavior with attention to analysis for LGBT people. These accommodate civic brainy bloom organizations in Turkey, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, South Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, and Argentina. For example, the Apple Psychiatric Association (WPA) declared in 2016 that “it has been decades aback avant-garde anesthetic alone pathologizing same-sex acclimatization and behavior.”


The Indian Medical Association, in a acquiescence to the Supreme Court, declared that they were: “seriously anxious that homosexuality is looked aloft as a disorder” and affirmed that “psychiatrists additionally allegation to do our absolute job — alleviative affecting ache amid those who allegation it. These would accommodate allowance lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) groups in communicating with their families, architecture admiring networks, allowance in acknowledgment and administration abasement and all-overs aloof like they would in any added actuality who seeks help.”


In 2002, Thailand’s Admiral of Accessible Bloom declared that “persons admiring the aforementioned sex are not brash mentally aberrant or in any way ill.” In 2009, the Royal Academy of Psychiatrists of Thailand stated: “[Homosexuality]…is encountered in both sexes, that is, men who like men (gay) and women who like women (lesbianism), and individuals who like both sexes (bisexualism); this accompaniment is not a psychiatric illness.”

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Cerebral Association declared that, “Psychologists admission that homosexuality and bisexuality are not brainy illnesses.”

The Philippines

The Cerebral Association of the Philippines (PAP) declared: “decades of authentic analysis admission led brainy bloom able organizations accepted to achieve that lesbian, gay and bisexual orientations are accustomed variants of animal sexuality” and that “PAP aligns itself with the all-around initiatives to abolish the stigma of brainy affliction that has connected been associated with assorted sexualities and to advance the wellbeing of LGBT people.”

As authentic in this report, abounding of the animal rights violations LGBT boyhood face are undergirded by gender stereotypes. The government has an obligation to convention behavior that annihilate gender stereotypes in society.

Vietnam’s 2006 Gender Adequation Law carefully prohibits “gender bigotry in all forms.” The law contains a advertence to gender stereotypes, which it calls “gender preconceptions.” It states:

It is a abuse of the law to “disseminat[e] textbooks that contains gender preconception” and if one is activate to be “Impeding, annoying or banishment added bodies not to participate in the activities of bloom apprenticeship for gender assumption reasons.”

The UN Appointment of the Aerial Commissioner for Animal Rights defines gender stereotypes as:

Article 5 of the Assemblage on the Abolishment of All Forms of Bigotry adjoin Women (CEDAW) states that:

In its 2015 analysis of Vietnam, the CEDAW Board acclaimed with concern, “that abominable gender biases and stereotypes are perpetuated in apprenticeship materials” and recommended that the government “Adopt absolute cardinal measures to accouterment the base causes of gender asperity and adapt the acutely accepted abominable gender stereotypes.”

In a 2016 activity paper, the United Nations Citizenry Fund (UNFPA) apprenticed Vietnam to annihilate “any banal abstraction of the roles of men and women at all levels and in all forms of apprenticeship by…the afterlight of textbooks and academy programs and the adjustment of teaching methods.”

In a collective Accustomed Comment issued in 2014, the CEDAW Board and the Board on the Rights of the Boyish explained that:

As authentic in this report, gender stereotypes and expectations of what “normal” behavior in boys and girls should be can drive blowing and exclusion at schools, and undergird non-inclusive academy materials. While animal acclimatization and gender actualization are not abundant in Vietnam’s Gender Adequation Law, United Nations accord bodies admission declared that non-discrimination references to sex should be accepted to accommodate animal orientation. Furthermore, added governments admission credible that gender disinterestedness legislation can accommodate an befalling for behavior that accommodate LGBT people. For example, Thailand’s 2015 Gender Adequation Act was the aboriginal civic legislation in Southeast Asia to accurately assure adjoin bigotry on the area of gender expression. The law accurately prohibits any agency of bigotry if accession is “of a altered actualization from his/her own sex by birth”—a basic accustomed apparatus for attention transgender people.

Vietnam’s Gender Adequation Act lays the background for catastrophe gender stereotypes and including protections for animal acclimatization and gender actualization in that process. The government should booty absolute activity in that regard, both by implementing behavior that adapt the absolute law to assure adjoin animal acclimatization and gender identity-based discrimination, and by alteration the absolute law to accomplish specific advertence to animal acclimatization and gender identity.

A chief researcher in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Rights affairs at Animal Rights Watch, MJ Movahedi, coordinator in the LGBT Rights program, and a adviser conducted the analysis for this report.

The abode was brash by Graeme Reid, administrator of the LGBT Rights affairs at Animal Rights Watch; a Animal Rights Watch Asia researcher; Michael Bochenek, chief Children’s Rights counsel; and Joseph Saunders, agent Affairs director. Anjelica Jarrett, coordinator of the LGBT Rights affairs provided beat and assembly coordination. Additional assembly abetment was provided by Travis Carr, agenda associate, and Fitzroy Hepkins, chief authoritative manager.

Human Rights Watch acknowledgment the boyish bodies who aggregate their acceptance with us and the LGBT rights activists who brash us on this project.

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