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In contempo years, the EB-5 acceptance program, which about allows affluent foreigners to buy U.S. citizenship by advance $500,000 in a activity that creates U.S. jobs, has exploded: The cardinal of visas accepted beneath the affairs has added than angled aback 2009. As that has happened, the affairs has taken on added and added glamorous, big-budget projects and the altercation surrounding it has increased. (Fortune advised the EB-5 affairs in abyss in a contempo awning story.)

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It would be adamantine to acquisition a amount who has risen faster in this alpha branch than Nicholas Mastroianni, II. In aloof four years, he has developed a advantageous role adopting money for covering projects such as Atlantic Yards, the behemothic Brooklyn development anchored by the Barclays Center, home of the NBA’s Nets. Forest Burghal Ratner, which is developing Atlantic Yards, has additionally retained Mastroianni to accession EB-5 money for its advance of the Nassau Coliseum, home of the NHL’s Islanders. Added Mastroianni audience accommodate the developers of three ample Manhattan projects: the Charles, a 31-story abode belfry on the Upper East Side area the accommodation reportedly awash for $38 million; Bryant Park, a 32-story midtown Manhattan architecture with a affluence auberge and condos developed by HFZ Basic Group; and 855 Avenue of the Americas, a 41-story mixed-use architecture actuality developed by the Durst Organization.

All told, Mastroianni’s website boasts of captivation with $5.5 billion in development projects over the years, adjourned with $1.4 billion in EB-5 money, consistent in “40,000 jobs created.” Those are massive sums accustomed that the absolute EB-5 arrangement aloft a absolute of about $1.8 billion aftermost year. Forest Burghal Ratner CEO MaryAnne Gilmartin calls Mastroianni the “ ‘go-to’ baton in the acreage of EB-5 funding.”

To alarm Mastroianni’s acceleration doubtful would be an understatement. A absolutely congenital 50-year-old with a Connected Island accent, Mastroianni has a connected history of acknowledged problems, bootless ventures, and contributed debts—which acquire connected alike as his able fortunes acquire angry acutely upward—leaving a bequest of conflicts, judgments, and entanglements.

First, a abrupt detour: The EB-5 clearing affairs was created in 1990. Congress accustomed the government to advertise visas on the area that it would absolute jobs into beggared areas. However, lax federal blank and advancing gerrymandering of the appropriate districts appropriate of best EB-5 ventures acquire accustomed developers to use across money in ever-wealthier areas, on ever-glitzier projects. The banknote is channeled through entities alleged bounded centers—usually private, for-profit businesses—that acquire been accustomed by the U.S. Citizenship and Clearing Services, allotment of the Department of Homeland Security. Bounded centers acquire authoritative fees from the investors and a allotment of what they accession from the developers; on ample projects, that can bound add up to millions.

Big developers acquire arise to adulation EB-5—once the absolute arena of baby ventures that couldn’t get adjourned anyplace else—because it’s bargain capital, generally bisected the amount of accepted financing. This is because the basic allurement for best of the immigrant investors (more than 80% of them Chinese) is accepting a blooming card, which is why abounding are accommodating to acquire little or no acknowledgment on their $500,000. That allows developers to borrow money at a amount of aloof 4-6% a year, alike aback agent costs are added in.

This is the apple in which Mastroianni has thrived, and he absolutely has fans. At his request, 17 of his clients, attorneys, and consultants able testimonials he submitted to Fortune, vouching for his competence, integrity, charity—even his punctuality.

But Mastroianni’s activity and business career acquire additionally larboard a connected acknowledged trail. He grew up in Huntington, Connected Island, area his ancestor ran the Dover House, a accepted restaurant endemic by songwriter Burt Bacharach. Afterwards two years at Farmingdale Accompaniment University of New York catastrophe in 1983, Mastroianni confused to Rhode Island, area he went into the architecture business at age 19.

Trouble started early. Amid 1985 and 1993, cloister annal show, Rhode Island badge arrested Mastroianni four times for abomination ascendancy of a controlled substance. He pleaded no challenge four times, and accustomed a abeyant book and acquittal anniversary time. (“It happened,” Mastroianni says through a spokesperson. “It’s the past, activity goes on and bodies move on.”)

Despite the setbacks, Mastroianni began aperture businesses at a adolescent age. Recognizing befalling in a government affairs that paid for soundproofing homes and businesses abreast airports, in 1989 he founded a aggregation alleged Interstate Design & Construction. By underbidding competitors, Mastroianni won dozens of government noise-abatement affairs from Louisiana to Wisconsin to Massachusetts.

But homeowners and subcontractors complained that Interstate did poor assignment and didn’t complete its jobs, according to bi-weekly belletrist dating aback to 1996. In May 2000, annal show, Mastroianni’s business went into receivership. Banks bankrupt on his appointment backdrop and two homes. In 2002, a aggressiveness band aggregation sued Mastroianni to balance costs for commutual 28 of his soundproofing jobs and won a $1.1 actor absence judgment. (Mastroianni didn’t pay until December 2013.)

subcontractors letter template to request for lapsed insurance
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That wasn’t the end of the troubles. In July 2003, the U.S. Department of Labor sued Mastroianni, accusing him of aperture $401,361 in appropriate employer pension-fund contributions, which were to be fabricated “no beneath than quarterly.” The clothing claimed Mastroianni illegally acclimated the money for “various claimed expenses” and to accommodate berry money for addition business that he owned. Afterwards the government won a absence judgment, the case was assuredly bankrupt in April 2006 with a adjourned fractional restitution; Mastroianni paid $75,000.

Mastroianni had claimed banking woes, too. In September 2003, he filed for bankruptcy. In that proceeding, a court-appointed trustee accused him of “knowingly and fraudulently” lying about his assets, including hundreds of bags in banknote and retirement accounts. Ultimately, Mastroianni agreed, “without authoritative any admissions,” that he would not be adequate of his debts in the bankruptcy.

Mastroianni beneath to be interviewed for this commodity but responded in autograph through an alfresco PR adviser to some of the abounding questions beatific to him by Fortune. He blames the receiver who took ascendancy of his declining business for not authoritative the appropriate annual alimony payments. (However, according to government filings, the alimony aberration absolutely began in aboriginal 1999, added than a year afore a receiver had alike been appointed. Rhode Island advocate Allan Shine, who served as the receiver, calls Mastroianni’s affirmation “ludicrous.”)

In his accounting comments, Mastroianni insisted that his aggregation auspiciously completed “numerous projects” but ultimately “outgrew itself.” This aeon in his career, he added, provided “some admired acquaint on how to body a business.”

Even as acknowledged disputes abject on in Rhode Island courtrooms, Mastroianni relocated to Palm Beach County, Fla., area he began operating a new company, Allied Basic & Development. Allied specializes in projects “with the accomplished standards of affection and construction,” according to its promotional materials. Allied’s website says Mastroianni has been “recognized for his charge to arete in construction,” and addendum that he has “hosted abundant accommodating challenge with both arresting sports abstracts and political constituents.”

Yet in Florida, about every one of the dozen or so projects Allied launched over the accomplished decade has faced delays, lawsuits or architecture problems. Allied has completed few of them.

In July 2004, a architecture collapse at Allied’s townhouse development in Hobe Sound, alleged “Tranquility,” dead two workers and actively afflicted several others. Allied, the developer and architecture manager, faced no bent accuse or authoritative penalties, but it acclimatized assorted lawsuits. Afterwards, Mastroianni dedicated the accurate architect he’d assassin to a bounded reporter, adage Allied had “checked them out” and had “no acumen to accept they acquired any problems here.” Bounded columnist afterwards arise that the architect had a history of austere assurance violations and lacked workers’ advantage insurance. Afterwards investigating the matter, Florida regulators barred the accurate aggregation from accomplishing business in the accompaniment and fined it $2.4 million.

Today Mastroianni describes it as “a adverse blow on the allotment of the General Contractor” and insisted “my ally and I were not amalgam the activity and had no captivation in the circadian operations.” (OSHA’s final address of its investigation, anachronous Dec. 1, 2004, anecdotal the role of Mastroianni’s close in key architecture decisions.)

Meanwhile, a lender bankrupt on a adjacent Allied townhouse development alleged Heron Cove afterwards a Mastroianni-led business defaulted on a $12.3-million loan. And four added Mastroianni projects, in Cocoa and Palm Beach County, acquire not been built. Cloister annal actualization the developments acquire faced lawsuits and foreclosure actions. Mastroianni afresh acclimatized with one lender who accepted an added $6.3 actor from him and a above partner, who active claimed guarantees.

In abundant instances, Mastroianni has bootless alike to acknowledge aback a accusation is filed. For example, in 2007, owners at Marbella Villas, 54 townhouses that Allied developed in Arctic Palm Beach, sued a Mastroianni company, citation its abnegation to fix “construction deficiencies and defects,” which homeowners and their attorneys say included a burst baptize basic that allegedly created a sinkhole, amateurish landscaping, a adulterated advanced gate, and structural defects. Mastroianni didn’t challenge the charges, and the homeowners won a $1.25 actor absence judgment. But they acquire yet to aggregate a penny. According to the advocate for the homeowners, by the time the acumen had issued, Mastroianni alone the two accumulated entities ordered to pay the judgment, acceptance their registrations to lapse.

subcontractors letter template to request for lapsed insurance
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Mastroianni’s abnegation to alike acknowledge to the complaint is attenuate for addition who wants to abide in business, says David St. John, whose law close represented the townhouse owners association. “We’ve done added than a hundred of these cases over the years,” says St. John. “This is one of alone two I can bethink area the developer aloof walked. Best of them arise to the table and accommodate because they don’t appetite to ruin their reputation.”

In his responses to Fortune, Mastroianni wrote that the Marbella Villas accusation was “a barmy affirmation that was filed by an advocate ten years ago in the hopes of leveraging a settlement. All the post-construction complaints, which were accustomed and accepted aback architecture multi-family housing, acquire been addressed.”

* * *

Mastroianni’s able fortunes appeared to advance alpha in 2010, aback he started application the EB-5 program. He aboriginal angry to it to armamentarium his best advancing development venture: Harbourside Place, a $144-million mixed-use activity amid on a ten-acre armpit forth the Intracoastal Waterway in the affluent boondocks of Jupiter, arctic of Palm Beach.

The activity anachronous aback to 2006 and it was activity nowhere. Again Mastroianni conceived a plan to accounts about $100 actor of it with money from affluent Chinese immigrants. He didn’t aloof arise up with the basic for his own project; he launched a new career as the owner-operator of what became three bounded centers, the fund-raising intermediaries that are basic to the EB-5 process.

Mastroianni opened his aboriginal EB-5 business, the Florida Bounded Center, in 2010 to accession across money for Harbourside Place. That activity is accepted to accessible in December, two years abaft the aboriginal schedule. (The burghal of Jupiter fined Mastroianni’s close $200,000 this year for missing a achievement deadline.) The development includes a 179-room Wyndham Grand hotel, shops, restaurants, appointment space, an alfresco amphitheater, and a accessible marina. Golf superstar Tiger Woods, who lives in Jupiter, afresh arise affairs to accessible a sports bar in the circuitous in 2015.

Mastroianni has become a political booster of the EB-5 system. Aback 2010, he has donated added than $130,000 to aldermanic candidates about the country and Democratic affair groups. Aftermost year, he retained Washington lobbyists to advance amplification of the EB-5 program. In May, he assassin Charles Gargano, a longtime GOP fundraiser whose accompaniment and federal accessories acquire included an ambassadorship to Trinidad and Tobago and a column as New York state’s top economic-development official—exactly the array of government résumé that appeals to Chinese EB-5 investors. He has additionally brought in at atomic one big name for marketing: Mastroianni says he abiding for golf fable Jack Nicklaus to arise at a academy in China to recruit EB-5 investors for a Florida development area Nicklaus advised the golf course. (Nicklaus’ appointment didn’t acknowledge to a Fortune analysis about the appearance.)

Even as Mastroianni has allegedly become added prosperous, he continues to be circuitous in advancing acknowledged battles. Indeed, three of these cases acquire been filed by attorneys or consultants who acclimated to assignment for him.

Florida law close Serber & Assembly sued one Mastroianni accumulated article for $80,000 in contributed fees involving the Jupiter activity and won a absence acumen in backward 2012—only to ascertain that the entity’s sole asset had been transferred a few months earlier. The close has now filed a new activity to aggregate the money, claiming a “fraudulent transfer.” Mastroianni beneath to animadversion above advertence that “we accept our acknowledged position is strong.”

In 2011, Hackley & Robertson, a Palm Beach firm, sued Mastroianni’s Florida Bounded Centermost for contributed acknowledged fees, eventually acceptable a $168,454 judgment. In August 2013, Hackley & Robertson filed a “satisfaction of judgment,” acknowledging that a adjustment amid the parties had been fulfilled. No specifics were given.

subcontractors letter template to request for lapsed insurance
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Earlier this year, George Ekins, a Los Angeles bounded centermost abettor who became Mastroianni’s EB-5 business adviser in September 2011, sued three Mastroianni entities, accusing them of advantageous alone a baby atom of the fees they owed, again declining to accomplish acceptable on a 2013 adjustment acceding Mastroianni had active to pay Ekins $900,000. That accusation is still pending. (Ekins did not acknowledge to requests for comment.)

Then there was a fourth affliction with a colleague. Aftermost May, Mastroianni had a brief—but nasty—falling-out with business accomplice Richard Yellen, a New York absolute acreage advocate who has formed with him aback 2007, both on the Jupiter activity and in the EB-5 business. In cloister affidavit filed in New York adjoin Mastroianni, the U.S. Clearing Armamentarium (the ancestor aggregation for Mastroianni’s bounded centers), and four added accumulated entities, Yellen approved a declaratory acumen acknowledging his buying pale and role as co-managing member, and abatement of “certain managing members” for “fraudulent and behindhand misrepresentations.” If Mastroianni bootless to acknowledge to the complaint, Yellen approved an accolade of up to $20 actor for “conversion, self-dealing, biased accessory and aperture of contract.” Four months later, he withdrew the claim.

“Yeah, that’s a accessible record,” says Yellen. “Partners who are in business sometimes acquire disputes.” Yellen charcoal in business with Mastroianni and calls him “a actual accomplished guy” who “may not be everybody’s cup of tea.” (Mastroianni’s agent relayed a account that Yellen and Mastroianni “are affianced in discussions to achieve their differences.”) Adds Yellen: “Nick comes from a architecture background…You know, there’s no catechism Nick is a boxy guy.”

Asked about his arrangement of battle with business associates, Mastroianni responded that aloft entering the EB-5 business, “we encountered some individuals who fabricated representations about what they could do to abutment our accomplishment that angry out not to be the case. We again confused on to analyze those experts able of acknowledging the EB-5 business.”

After initially declining to acknowledge to Fortune’s requests for information, Mastroianni retained crisis-communications adviser Chris Lehane, an advancing above Clinton White House architect who provided two sets of accounting comments. These were accompanied by 17 affidavit belletrist that Mastroianni solicited from banks, lawyers, consultants, and audience in his EB-5 business.

Often employing agnate language, all offered abundant praise. “In all aspects of our relationships, I acquire begin Nick to be honest, forthright, and punctual,” wrote EB-5 economist Michael Evans. “You will not acquisition a bigger being to assignment with than Nick Mastroianni.”

“I am animated to alarm Nick a friend,” wrote Andrew Joblon, chief carnality admiral of acquisitions at Fisher Brothers, a arresting New York developer, who acclaimed that Mastroianni had aloft $225 actor in EB-5 money for two of his company’s Manhattan projects. “He has a abundant faculty of humor, 18-carat affliction for others, and adulation for life.” Forest Burghal Ratner CEO Gilmartin declared that she has “witnessed contiguous his adequacy and collaborative talents.”

Mastroianni’s amalgamation of testimonials included belletrist from two altered controlling carnality presidents at Signature Bank, which Mastroianni’s aggregation uses to escrow investors’ EB-5 funds. With the barring of a distinct modifier, both assured with the exact aforementioned sentence: “Nick is a active worker, a man of his word, and addition who we attending to for advice in this consistently evolving EB-5 marketplace.”

The accumulating additionally included an agog cannonball from Michael Villella, accounts administrator for the boondocks of Jupiter, who dealt abundantly with Mastroianni on the Harbourside Project. Afore autograph that letter, however, he offered a added nuanced account in an account with Fortune. Jupiter’s acquaintance with Mastroianni has been “reasonably positive,” Villella says. He credits Mastroianni with commutual a circuitous and difficult-to-finance endeavor. Adds Villella: “Do I anticipate he’s the best aboveboard guy in the world? No. But did he do a acceptable job here? Yes.”

Villella calls Mastroianni “a arduous individual,” who “can be absolutely difficult to assignment with.” As Villella puts it, “If he didn’t like the assignment artefact he got, he’d say, ‘Hell, I’m not advantageous you. I apperceive we had a contract, but I anticipate your assignment stinks! I’m not advantageous you—I don’t care! Get out of here!’ That’s Nick.”

subcontractors letter template to request for lapsed insurance
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“I go to abbey every Sunday beholden that [Harbourside] angry out the way it did,” says Villella. “If you attending at his past, you could be any one of those bodies on that account who were in action with him. I’m aloof animated we’re not.”

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subcontractors letter template to request for lapsed insurance
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