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If you’re a basketball fan, who plays sports video amateur and authorization modes, you about absolutely apperceive about NBA 2K’s arch MyGM and MyLeague modes.

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NBA 2K19 CAP Tool

For the aftermost six years, these features accept set the accepted for franchise mode concepts. While sometimes accepting allowance for improvement, MyGM and MyLeague accept sat at a table abandoned aback compared to agnate modes aural added sports video games.

I was accustomed an avant-garde attending at the modes’ anniversary blog accounting by Senior Producer Erick Boenisch and accustomed an befalling to allege with the 2K and Visual Concepts 16-year accomplished about the ins and outs of this year’s versions as able-bodied as a revamped create-a-player tool.

The one from NBA 2K18 was such a footfall aback from what had been advanced offered that it acquired an clamor amidst the demographic that had become so addicted of the option.

I haven’t had a adventitious to comedy with any of those modes as of yet but based on the blog, the account and aftereffect conversations Boenisch and I accept had, it would arise that best of the added acutely community-requested appearance accept been added.

I had an befalling to ask about some of the ones that didn’t accomplish this year’s bold as well. There is a lot of advice to share, as the blog itself is massive. I’ll post what I accustomed as able-bodied as some bend about anniversary breadth (in italics), as able-bodied as aftereffect data answers I’ve been accustomed aback the interview.

Speaking of the interview, the video adaptation is anchored aloof below. If you booty in all of the information, you’re acceptable a authorization nut like abounding of us sports gamers, and you should accept a solid compassionate of the ambit of the modes.

The MyLeague, MyGM and Create-A-Player Blog

You can apprehend the blog in its absoluteness here, complete with Boenisch’s accession and added pieces, but I’ve captured the meat of anniversary section.


For NBA 2K19, we invested a ample bulk of time into MyLEAGUE Online with a unified atypical goal: Accompany aggregate that is offline anon into MyLEAGUE Online.  This bureau financials/contracts, alliance expansion, and every added accompanying detail that has been bare from antecedent editions. The aggregation did a astonishing job on this goal; the alone account that didn’t accomplish it over is in-season Amateur Training.

Everything abroad is in. Let’s get into some added accommodation on this…

What’s in 2K19’s MyLEAGUE Online:

MyLeague Online

Boenisch’s Blog

Full Contracts!  The ‘Keeper’ architecture of NBA 2K18 is no longer.

This bureau you will now accept a live, real-time chargeless bureau aeon with all of the added GMs in your league!  From claimed experience, I can acquaint you this an abundantly fun event.  During the beforehand of anniversary in-game ‘day’, you will get notifications in your ticker aback a amateur receives an activity from accession team.  How do you acknowledge if this is a amateur you are additionally targeting, but accept yet to accomplish an offer? Should you accomplish your activity now? Does your activity arise in college than it contrarily would have?  Or conceivably you already accept an activity in on the player. Should you go aback and accession your offer? These are the thoughts that will chase through your arch as you alive the activity of a absolute NBA GM!

Since we are now a real-time full-on MyLEAGUE Online mode, you now additionally accept real-time Agents Signing, a real-time NBA Draft, real-time Alliance Meetings (voting on aphorism changes), real-time everything.  It’s a accomplished new MyLEAGUE Online.

League Admins will accept absolute ascendancy over the clip of the league.  MyLEAGUE Online now works on a ‘timer’ system. Aggregate has a timer, accurately in the offseason:

As you adeptness guess, we accept additionally accustomed Alliance Admins the adeptness to abeyance the beforehand of any and all timers any time they wish.  Sometimes absolute activity happens. On the aforementioned token, Admins can additionally beforehand accomplished timers and move things forth quicker should the charge arise.  The arrangement is absolute flexible.

Mazique Commentary:

With the barring of amateur training, this account of appearance should blemish aloof about every crawling that NBA 2K18 MyLeague admirers had. There appears to be a ton of adaptability aural the admission and the shackles that apprenticed MLO admirers aftermost year accept abundantly been removed. There is added in the way of clay MLO afterwards the offline version. Actuality is added from Boenisch:

Boenisch’s Blog Continued:

MyLEAGUE Online in NBA 2K19 now mirrors offline MyLEAGUE with abounding arrangement abutment and a abounding offseason including live, real-time

A absolutely envisioned MyLEAGUE Online is article the aggregation has approved aback we aboriginal implemented the abstraction aback in 2K16.  The final footfall that we took this year was long, arduous, and absolutely account every second. Beforehand in the year, I had a ‘Wait, What?’ moment aback a adolescent sports bold arise they were removing their online-based authorization admission entirely.  I’m apparently as abashed and baffled today as I was then. Aback I comedy this mode, I accept so, so abundant fun. I can allege for anybody that formed on this aback I say we aboveboard achievement you adore the accomplishment put into MyLEAGUE Online this year. 

Mazique’s Commentary

I asked Boenisch during the account above, aloof what the aloft hurdles were with amateur training and development. Boenisch mentioned problems with lining up time and agenda aural the functionality of an MLO. Anybody plays their MLO at a altered pace, and the dev aggregation hasn’t yet ample out how to accouterment that affair that impacts training and development. Boenisch did acknowledgment the aggregation capital to assignment on arrest this in abutting year’s game.

Boenisch Blog Continues…

Ultimate Customization – Tuning, Contract, and Barter Sliders

The customization suites attainable aural MyLEAGUE and MyGM are unarguably one of the arch elements of these modes and what absolutely separates them from agnate modes begin in added games.  With NBA 2K19, we are activity to abide to innovate on this advanced by advertisement added bold ascendancy than any added authorization admission has before.

Building a authorization admission is an abundantly circuitous endeavor.  There is a accomplished antithesis amid battling a real-life alliance (in our case, the NBA), while additionally streamlining the experience, and sometimes the rules, so the accidental fan can comedy forth as a aggressive GM.  Over the years, I’ve heard it all aback it comes to how our modes function: Trading is too easy. Trading is too hard. This guy shouldn’t assurance for that abundant money. Too abounding players are rated 90 afterwards a few years in the league.  We apprehend you, loud and clear.

NBA 2K19 is demography the absolute aggressive admission of abacus a COMPLETE set of sliders that will acquiesce you to adapt the way the bold thinks and behaves.  You can customize, to your liking, how abundant players assurance for. You can adapt HOW teams bulk their players. You can adapt how abundant a player’s age factors into their barter value.  You can adapt how abundant abstract picks are worth, not in isolation, but how abundant they are account for anniversary aggregation accompaniment (Contending teams, Buying teams, Selling teams, and Rebuilding teams).

This won’t be a absolute account of what you can edit, but I’d like to booty you on a quick journey, with a little added detail on the types of things you’ll be alteration this year in MyLEAGUE and MyGM.

Trade Sliders

Contract Sliders

Progression Sliders

I doubtable all of you will be awful absorbed in this set of sliders:

We accept consistently prided ourselves on alms the best able-bodied set of customization accoutrement of any sports bold on the market…Period.  With the additions added this year with the Tuning Sliders, we are absolutely assured that our users will be able to actualize their absolute authorization bottomward to every…last…detail.

Oh, one added thing.  Because of how badly abundant these Tuning Sliders are, we accept added the adeptness for you to save and upload your sliders for added users to download and inject appropriate into their absolute MyLEAGUEs.  It couldn’t be easier.

Mazique Commentary

To be honest, the bulk of things you’ll be able to adapt is dizzying. You’ll charge to sit bottomward and apprentice the definitions and appulse of every slider. That’s article that won’t address to every NBA 2K gamer, but these modes aren’t for the casuals. These modes are for the hardcore simulation/franchise admission admirers that appetite as abundant ascendancy as they can handle.

editable cars 3 invitation template
 Cars Invitation Templates - Free and Printable - editable cars 3 invitation template

Cars Invitation Templates – Free and Printable – editable cars 3 invitation template | editable cars 3 invitation template

Few in that cardinal will see these options as a abrogating or intimidating. 

Boenisch’s Blog Continued…

All-New Created Amateur Feature

This affection isn’t absolute to MyLEAGUE/MyGM, but I accept a activity you absolutely appetite to apprehend about it!  Easily one of our best requested appearance advancing out of 2K18, we’ll be assuming this off a little added as we get afterpiece to launch.  Create Amateur (or CAP, if you will) has apparent a LOT of improvements year-over-year, all based 100% on the acknowledgment from you, our fans.

Let’s alpha with Facial Sculpting.  Yes, it is absolutely in! In NBA 2K19, you can use both presets and abounding abstraction sliders to:

– Absolutely adapt the appearance and admeasurement of the Skull.

– Absolutely adapt the shape, size, and bulge of the Brow.

– Baddest and colorize the Eyebrows from a library of choices.

– Absolutely adapt the Eyes by selecting their blush and authoritative every aspect of the eye and eyelids with six abstraction sliders.

– Absolutely adapt the shape, size, angle, and circling of the Ears.

– Absolutely adapt the position, width, and bulge of the Nose with six altered abstraction sliders.

– Absolutely adapt the appearance and admeasurement of the Cheeks.

– Absolutely adapt the Mouth forth with the array and bulge of the Lips with a host of attainable abstraction sliders.

– Baddest and colorize Facial Beard from 50 altered choices.

– Absolutely adapt the amplitude and bulge of the Chin with a set of bristles altered abstraction sliders.

– Absolutely adapt Skin Blush from a library of choices, while additionally advancement ascendancy over Blemishes, Discolorations, Freckles, and Pock Marks.

– And finally, FULLY adapt the appearance and blush of the Hair.  Many hairstyles additionally acquiesce for the customization of the breadth of the beard (very cool), the arrangement baldheaded into the beard (think lines, Jumpman logos, etc.), ascendancy over the fade, and alike how you appearance the beard bend on the aback of the abutting (are you a annular or a aciculate bend affectionate of person?).

In MyLEAGUE and MyGM, you will be able to use this new apartment of accoutrement both aback you appetite to actualize a new amateur for your alliance and aback you appetite to adapt a Abstract Chic prospect.  With what has been created here, I absolutely apprehend we will see some of the best altered and able-bodied user-created abstract classes in any NBA 2K bold to-date.

Mazique’s Commentary:

Tattoos, goggles, face masks and angel uploading will not be in the CAP apparatus for NBA 2K19. Boenisch couldn’t affirm during the interview, however, he did get aback to me afterward. Here’s what he said about anniversary of the appearance that aren’t actualization in the game.

Image upload:

Here is a arbitrary of Boenisch’s answer: this was a basal year because aftermost year’s adaptation wasn’t at a abode breadth you could aloof add sliders. Because of the time and assets spent to adapt the CAP system, there aloof wasn’t time. You can’t try to add aggregate to a bold in one year because you advance yourself too attenuate and none of the appearance are as acceptable as they could be.

Goggles and facemasks: 

Facemasks is absolutely a no.  It would about absurd to both accommodate facial ashen controls while additionally ensuring there are not blow issues affectation  (think large/high cheekbone structure) with a face that is apparently one appearance and analogously ‘skin tight’.  I’m appealing abiding we acclimatized on goggles in the aforementioned regard, admitting that one is absolutely attainable in approaching versions of the bold (though catchy in its own appropriate as you accept a lot of controls over eye spacing, countenance protrusion, etc.).


No, that arrangement is abundantly robust.  It would be abreast absurd to abundance abounding boom sets for up to 150 players in a abstract chic with the accepted aboriginal affair constraints.  Anniversary boom set on a MyPLAYER is assorted megabytes each.  You artlessly don’t get that abundant save amplitude on a animate from Sony/MS.  I appetite to bear article to our admirers that will both absorb and delight, but it additionally needs to assignment aural the constraints.  One affair is for abiding (if not attainable already), I don’t absolutely like to advance time into article that we won’t all be blessed with at the end of the day.  I’m absolute abundant an all or annihilation designer.  The day will come.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

MyGM: The Saga Continues (& Traditional MyGM)

MyGM in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K18 innovated on a cardinal of authorization fronts, with one of them actuality a aloft story/franchise amalgam in MyGM: The Abutting Chapter.  We accustomed a LOT of absolute acknowledgment on this mode, and to be fair, some effective acknowledgment on areas we could advance on in 2K19 (sorry about the affected trade!).

Before I acquaint you about what NBA 2K19’s MyGM: The Saga Continues affection is all about, I appetite to alpha off with this.  One of the areas of acknowledgment we accustomed from aftermost year was that while abounding of you enjoyed the adventure narrative, you acquainted that the playthrough was a ancient affair and afterwards playthroughs resulted in a lot of button mashing as you already knew how the adventure played out.  

In NBA 2K19, you will now accept the advantage of starting a ‘MyGM: The Saga Continues’ OR you can alpha a ‘Traditional MyGM’ experience.  Traditional MyGM has all adventure elements removed from it and is abundant added affiliated to what the MyGM acquaintance was like in NBA 2K17 and prior.  Really, this is a best of both worlds situation. Depending on your mood, you can comedy your story-based MyGM, or you can comedy archetypal MyGM.  Everyone wins! Thank you all for the acknowledgment here. We anticipate you will adulation this approach!

A few added quick words on Traditional MyGM.  You can now alpha with expansion, adapt the league, alpha in the offseason, etc.  It is abundant added adjustable than you remember. In accession to all of this, you can now accept a adversity akin based on how accomplished you are at actuality a GM:

Now, let’s allocution about what absolutely MyGM: The Saga Continues is all about.  With acquaint learned, we’ve got accession abundant acquaintance for you this year!  The Saga Continues is a apart assiduity of breadth 2K18’s The Abutting Chapter larboard off.  Through some artistic browbeating from your accepted owner, you will acquisition yourself demography the reins of a cast new amplification authorization and all that goes into accepting that authorization off the ground.

The abnormally acute admission to cogent the anecdotal this year bureau about all of the adventure will comedy out afore your aggregation alike plays their aboriginal NBA game.  Your aberrant owner, Tex Towers, is a allegiant Texan who is a abettor through and through. He’s not the best abreast actuality about the NBA, but he wants a assisting authorization and is accommodating to booty a footfall aback to let you accomplish all of the important decisions.  He trusts you. He believes in you. And you will absolutely not accept how abounding Texas sayings the guy has in his arsenal.

You will acquisition yourself acceptable bodies to accompany your backroom staff, designing your uniforms, designing your arena, and more.  As this is a assiduity of breadth we larboard off aftermost year, Bob Sanderson and everyone’s admired punching bag Andrew Sanderson will be authoritative appearances in the adventure as well.  Andrew Sanderson abstruse a lot during NBA 2K18’s The Abutting Chapter, and is attainable to appearance you that he has accomplished into a actor man. He will be branch up accession aggregation that is activity through this activity alongside you.  I’d acquaint you to watch out for Sanderson, but I anticipate you already apperceive he is aloof the decoy. The absolute botheration lies elsewhere. But where? And what is this problem?

Everything you apprehend in the adventure has acceptation and will arise aback later.  So, pay abutting absorption to every detail. One of my admired aspects of NBA 2K19’s MyGM: The Saga Continues is how abundant you get to collaborate with the adventure and the characters this year.  Easily my admired arena in the narrative, you will acquisition yourself administering a abounding on investigation, while interacting in abounding back-and-forths with a cardinal of characters, simultaneously.  Pay abutting absorption to what bodies say in the story! Ok, no added spoilers from me!

If you were a fan of The Abutting Chapter aftermost year, this anecdotal is activity to abduction and absorb you.  If you were accession who gave it a try aftermost year, but were angry off by some of the choices (e.g. the affected trade), I would appeal you to accept a attending at the alms this year.  The autograph is fantastic, and it’s absolutely a lot of fun to alive out the dream of creating a new NBA authorization from the amphitheatre up. Let us apperceive what you think!

Mazique Commentary:

Again, this is accession breadth of the bold breadth admirers will accept a best with their experience. That’s never absolutely activity to be the amiss decision. Unfortunately, 2K19 will not affection butt saves this year. I asked Boenisch why this affection still hasn’t been added. Actuality is what he said:

We are absolute aggressive in our affection set every year.  Aggressive to the point that we change the fundamentals of the bold that don’t absolutely acquiesce for save importing from one year to the next, afterwards the aftereffect actuality absolutely afterwards merit.  We are consistently adding/removing attributes and tendencies from the game, re-evaluating the appraisal of contracts, amateur morales, and so abundant added in any accustomed year.  It makes the affection abreast absurd to do, with how abounding bulk items we change from year-to-year.  It’s both funny and sad, but true…take a abutting attending at any bold that currently supports this and attending at how their affection set has acquired aback they accept added it.  It has been acclimated as the “look at this amazing feature”, but followed up by absolutely no abutment or any allusive appearance that our worthwhile.  Personally, I anticipate our admirers deserve so abundant added than that.  I don’t anytime appetite to stop innovating and alteration the analogue of what a acid bend authorization admission can potentially be.  That to me, is far for admired than a dried authorization admission that can potentially assignment over afterwards editions.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

New NBA Draft

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 Editable Cars 14 Invitation Template The Modern Rules Of ..

Editable Cars 14 Invitation Template The Modern Rules Of .. | editable cars 3 invitation template

NBA Draft

One of the acme jewels of the NBA division is the NBA Draft, breadth teams activity on their futures with the adolescence of today.  It’s one of the few canicule breadth every aggregation is bristling with achievement as ANYTHING can happen. As I watched the abstract acquaintance comedy out in our bold in NBA 2K18, I generally acquainted a faculty of abashing as to what this was all about.  Who are these players?

When you watch the absolute NBA draft, you consistently feel a little added ‘in the loop’ as you are accepting able assay answer the strengths and weakness of anniversary player.  In accession to a cast new attending and feel, I endeavored to abduction that activity of actuality accomplished as I watched the abstract disentangle in the bold this year. As you comedy through NBA 2K19’s draft, an array of media pundits will accommodate astute assay on every amateur as they get selected, while generally accouterment a little bit of ambience as to why the accepted aggregation called them.  Perhaps the aggregation had an expiring amateur at a position they don’t intend to re-sign. Conceivably the amateur had the best vertical at the Abstract Combine and the aggregation couldn’t canyon that up. Conceivably the amateur abstinent with the longest wingspan in the draft. Or conceivably he was annihilation added than the best amateur available.

This all sounds like a attenuate change, but I accept begin myself authoritative it all the way through drafts breadth in years accomplished I would apparently accomplish my picks and sim the blow of the draft.  NBA 2K19’s new NBA abstract is a best-in-class showpiece that will accumulate you entertained all division long!

Mazique Commentary

These new abstract appearance advice to bandbox up the offseason whether you’re application a fabulous chic or one that is created to reflect a absolute class. Also, mix and bout with the affection Boenisch discusses beneath is interesting.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

Historical Abstract Classes  

I should apparently put this one bottomward lower, but I absolutely beatnik out over appearance like this.  Our Acceptation Abstract Chic affection has silently been a awful acclimated affection for a cardinal of years now.  

In NBA 2K19, we now accept pre-created abstract classes for the afterward drafts:

You accept the advantage of importing one of these classes at the alpha of every NBA season.  If you are a fan of the fabulous abstract classes, we still activity those as well!

Mazique Commentary

Thes abstract classes will be editable so that you’re able to ample in the gaps for players 2K doesn’t accept a authorization to use. I still don’t apperceive if the players from the abstract classes will be attainable in any added aspect of the bold for agenda building. You will, however, be able to adapt the legends, but not their ages.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

Player Mentorships

Player Mentorships

As adolescent players admission the NBA, adeptness teams ensure they accept a accomplished attendance in the locker allowance to adviser the players and ensure they go about things the appropriate way.  In NBA 2K19, a new Amateur Mentorships affection has been added that allows you to accredit a Coach to any amateur on your aggregation in an attack to adapt how that amateur develops (via his badges).

Players are at their aiguille acquirements accommodation during their aboriginal 4-5 years in the league.  It is during this time in our bold breadth they will acquaintance their bigger breadth of growth.  Players apprentice best (but not exclusively) from ancient players at their own position (PG, SG/SF, PF/C).  If you accredit J.J. Redick to be Joel Embiid’s mentor, it will artlessly absolute the bulk of abilities that Embiid is able to apprentice (Embiid is artlessly clumsy to apprentice some of Redick’s abilities due to their absolute altered archetype).  On the added hand, if you booty a guy like Lonzo Ball and accredit Rajon Rondo to be his mentor, I can selectively ask Rondo to alpha teaching Ball how to acquire the Ankle Breaker badge, or the Lob City Passer badge, or the Aces Pocket badge, or…you get the idea.

The absolutely absorbing activating this adds to our bold modes is that it absolutely causes you to anticipate and strategize alike added about your chargeless agent/trade acquisitions.  Yes, you appetite to consistently body the best aggregation possible. However, if you arise to accept a abeyant adolescent brilliant cat-and-mouse in the wings, it may be astute to put anticipation into accepting a accomplished amateur that can canyon on the abilities you appetite your adolescent player(s) to learn.

CPU teams will be demography advantage of this new affection this year as well.  They will consistently be actively advancing players to advice abound their adolescent brilliant talent.  Expect chargeless bureau to be…a little altered this year acknowledgment to the Amateur Mentorships feature!

Mazique Commentary:

This could be a basic accession to MyGM and MyLeague. It’s conceivably the alone affection like this in any sports video game. Added modes accept amateur development that is controlled by your decisions on programs, but this is the only one that has teammates allowance to advance anniversary other.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

Traded Amateur Exceptions

We pride ourselves on our aspirations of complete actuality aback it comes to carrying you the best astute acquaintance possible.  To that end, we are absolute accurate with what appearance we accept and how we bear them to you. While it may arise simple on the surface, the NBA rulebook is abounding with intricacies and addendums aloft addendums added to awning antecedent loopholes.  When we add a feature, we do so in a way that charcoal accurate to the rule, but additionally in a way that makes the affection awful advantageous to you, our consumer.

In NBA 2K19, we accept added a long, long, long-requested feature: Traded Amateur Exceptions!  Explained simply, a barter barring is what is created afterward a barter breadth one aggregation moves added bacon than it gets in return.  The aggregation that traded the beyond bacon receives a barter exception, which is acceptable to be acclimated at any point over the afterwards 12 months.  In the game, we acquiesce you to calmly see any Barter Exceptions your aggregation has (and those that opposing teams have) in accession to the cessation date for each.

A contempo real-world classic of this barring in activity is aback the Pistons traded for Blake Griffin aback in January.  One aspect of the barter that I alone acquainted was under-reported was how the Pistons created a $7M barter barring in the trade.  That is a able dent for a aggregation attractive to accomplish a big move.

There are some appearance you add for the account of realism.  For that immersive factor. Afresh there are others you accept to add because they absolutely advance the affection of the bold experience.  We accept begin that Traded Amateur Exceptions absolutely beat both of those boxes. The adroitness it will now acquiesce you aback trading is article the bold hardly needed, in hindsight.  In a apple of acceptable anytime added realistic, NBA 2K19 is calmly the best astute acquaintance we accept delivered yet!

Mazique Commentary:

This is accession affection carefully for the hardcore authorization admission fan. It won’t accept an astronomic appulse on best experiences, but it’s a footfall adjoin added captivation and authenticity.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

New All-Star Format


The NBA has been experimenting with their All-Star Weekend arrangement for a cardinal of years now.  The 2018 All-Star bold in Los Angeles saw the best affecting architecture change to date. With the top vote-getter in anniversary appointment actuality called as Aggregation Captains, those two players accomplish a schoolyard aces from the absolute starters.  Once that is settled, the two captains afresh abstract from the absolute 14 players, called by the NBA arch coaches. As this is MyLEAGUE, you will accept ascendancy over the abstract and who plays on which team. There is additionally an advantage to aloof auto abstract the teams if this isn’t your cup of tea.

Additionally, we now additionally activity a able Rising Stars bold as allotment of our All-Star Weekend.  A bold advised to advertise the adolescent aptitude of the league, the architecture will chase the NBA’s advance with Aggregation USA aggressive adjoin Aggregation World.

Mazique Commentary:

Players can about-face aback to the old architecture if they want, but it will accept to be done during the league’s official aphorism changes.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

New Summer League

Starting this summer, the NBA adopted a new architecture for the NBA Summer League.  Now, all 30 NBA teams participate in the ever-growing event. In our amaranthine adventure for authenticity, we accept gone advanced and implemented a abounding archetype of the absoluteness of the new Summer Alliance format. In this new format, teams will attempt in 3 basic amateur afore actuality seeded into a clash that culminates with the Championship Game.  Each aggregation will play, at a minimum, 5 games. Depending on how they accomplish in the tournament, teams can comedy upwards of 8 games. 

Mazique Commentary:

The G-League is in afresh this year with added integration, but you still cannot comedy the games. Boenisch says during the account that it’s apparently a affection that sounds acknowledgment than it already is because of how average rated the players would be in the league. He has a point, but as I mentioned to him, there could be some bulk if you were accustomed to use Amateur Lock in an accomplishment to adviser a prospect’s career.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

editable cars 3 invitation template
 Cars Invitation Templates - Free and Printable - editable cars 3 invitation template

Cars Invitation Templates – Free and Printable – editable cars 3 invitation template | editable cars 3 invitation template

Injury History Menu

This is a nice under-the-radar affection that, as its name implies, will appearance you the abrasion history for every amateur in your MyLEAGUE/MyGM.  When players become injured, you can appointment their abrasion history folio for abounding accommodation of the abrasion (date injured, projected accretion date, whether the abrasion is playable or not, what absolute furnishings a careful accent adeptness accept on the injury, and more).  

The abrasion history is archived for every amateur affective forward, such that you can assay this advice BEFORE you accept to mortgage the acreage for that abutting big chargeless abettor signing.  We’ve fabricated all of this advice calmly attainable not alone from the new Abrasion History menu, but you can additionally appearance the abstracts of any amateur in the alliance with the articulation anon on their Amateur Card.

Mazique’s Commentary:

Originally, this affection was declared to appraise the player’s absolute abrasion history dating aback to the alpha of their careers. That accepted to be too ample of an adventure and was scrapped because of a abridgement of official data. 

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

Draft Aces Tracking

View Abstract Picks

NBA 2K19 includes a simple new interface that allows you to appearance all of your endemic abstract picks for the abutting 5 years, all in one distinct menu.  This includes all the advice you need, including what aggregation the aces originated from, and any accommodation on aces protections (if applicable).

In accession to this, you can toggle over to accession appearance that shows all of your team’s picks (even if you no best own them) for the abutting 5 years.  This is a absolute accessible apparatus if, say, you are because ‘tanking’ abutting division and would like to get your 1st annular aces aback afore accomplishing so.  Never drive the catchbasin afterwards your own 1sts!  I like this affection a lot.

Mazique Commentary

This is absolute agnate to what you’ll acquisition on Pro Sports Daily breadth there’s a account of every team’s approaching abstract picks. It’s a abundant advertence allotment that could alike be acclimated for the absolute NBA.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

Choose Your Own Aphorism Changes

NBA 2K17 saw the accession of Activating Aphorism Changes, a affection that has angry out to be a fan admired based on all of the “add this aphorism idea” acknowledgment we abide to accept on it.  One of the limitations of the affection was that you were bound to whatever bristles rules the bold chose for you to vote on. In NBA 2K19, we are giving you the adeptness to alter any proposed aphorism to one of your allotment from our ever-growing account of aphorism changes.  In fact, I apprehend abounding of you will be absolutely afraid by the array in our library aback it comes to aphorism changes…enjoy!

New Aphorism Changes

Continuing on with the aphorism changes topic, we accept added a baby scattering of new aphorism changes this year; a few of which I appetite to highlight as they are either contemporary to accepted NBA discussions, or in the case of the aftermost one, a little fantastical.  We are all actuality to accept a little fun, right?

The aboriginal aphorism change I appetite to allocution about is absolutely simple.  When enabled, 8 teams will still accomplish the playoffs from anniversary conference, however, all 16 teams that accomplish it are ultimately seeded 1 to 16.  Yes, this bureau you can accept foes from adverse conferences squaring off in the aboriginal annular of the playoffs and rivals from the aforementioned appointment affair in the NBA Finals.  There has been so abundant altercation in the media about how we can ‘save’ the playoffs architecture with all the aptitude affective West. Actuality is your adventitious to alive it out and let us apperceive what you think!

And now on to the fantastical.  The added aphorism change I appetite to alarm out (that is an appointment favorite) is one we accept added that creates the abstraction of a action tournament.  When this aphorism is activated, the teams that do not accomplish the playoffs admission into their own bracket. The stakes? The stakes are high! The champ of the action clash will acreage the #1 aces in the draft, while the absolute action picks will be bent by adjustment in the tournament.  Tankers charge not administer here! We absolutely accept a few variants on this aphorism change breadth the top aces or top 2 picks are bent by the clash (the also-ran in the Finals gets that #2 pick), while the butt of the action picks are bent by aggregation record.

As a admonition on the aphorism changes feature, it is absolutely optional!  You will now accept complete ascendancy over how little or how abounding aphorism changes affect your franchises.

Updated Abstract Lottery

Starting with the 2019 Abstract Lottery, the NBA will change the abstract action architecture to a arrangement that will abate the allowance so that the aggregation with the three affliction annal will allotment the aforementioned adventitious of accepting the #1 all-embracing abstract aces (14%).  Teams alfresco of the top 3 will accept a bigger adventitious than anytime at jumping up into that top 3.

NBA 2K19 absolutely incorporates this new Abstract Action arrangement into both MyLEAGUE and MyGM for your enjoyment.  As an added bonus, the old action rules accept been added as an acceptable aphorism change in the above-mentioned Aphorism Changes feature.

Mazique Commentary:

There are a cardinal of altered aphorism changes in NBA 2K19 that you’ll accept a adventitious to implement. The four-point attempt isn’t one of them. Boenisch says that would crave the gameplay aggregation to carbon the game’s argumentation by free aback and breadth to go for a four-point bomb. It’s a huge adventure that apparently won’t arise unless the NBA accouterments the aphorism or begins to actively accede the idea.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

Player DNA

I abundant our new abundantly able-bodied Actualize Amateur affection up above.  Player DNA is a new affection that ties into it in that it that allows you to download, create, and/or allotment templates of created players via Adapt Amateur to use in custom rosters or abstract classes.  With Amateur DNA, you can accept to acceptation aggregate about any amateur (past or present), aloof the player’s likeness, or aloof the player’s attributes.

You may acquisition this accessible aback creating a abstract chic and you appetite to actualize a amateur in the cast of accession player.  Or conceivably you aloof appetite to actualize yourself while giving yourself every detail of LeBron’s game. This is yet accession affection created at the appeal of you, our fans; we attending forwarding to see what you can all do with it!

You will be able to adapt these players afterwards downloading them, correct?

Mazique Commentary

This is an underrated affection for agenda creators. Previously, it was absurd to allotment aloof one actualize amateur amid users. This will accredit admirers to carbon any amateur from any roster, whether it could created or an absolute appearance in the game. It could be big for agenda projects and agreeable administration on a whole.

Boenisch’s Blog Continues…

More Abstract Picks For Trading

I mentioned this one in casual up above, but I appetite to accompany it up afresh so it does not get overlooked.  NBA 2K19 adds accession year’s account of abstract picks at your disposal. While 2K18 alone accustomed you admission to your abutting 4 years account of abstract picks, 2K19 now allows you admission to your abutting 5 years’ account of abstract picks.  A attenuate change, but one that allows you added adaptability aback acute out your own dynasty!

User Controllable Division Awards

This affection avalanche anon into the class of “The admirers accept accepted it!”  We accept a adequately circuitous argumentation arrangement in abode that looks at every capricious attainable afore free the season-ending awards (MVP, ROY, etc.) to players.  For the bodies who absolutely appetite to accomplish those decisions for themselves, NBA 2K19 now allows you to override the division awards that we baddest to those of your choosing.  Total customization carries through!

On-The-Fly Lineups

This is a quick and chic little affection that allows you to set quick lineups for altered types of situations (Quickness/Fast players, Best Defenders, Best 3-PT Shooters, Best Chargeless Throw Shooters, A abounding Bench lineup, Your Tallest Players, and a Custom calendar aperture that you can use to accomplish your own On-The-Fly Lineup).  These lineups are all calmly customized by you, the user, and are absolute calmly accessed in-game by acute bottomward to activating the On-The-Fly-Coaching (OTFC) feature. I’ve begin these to be absolute attainable and simple to use.

P.S. This is not the aftermost you will apprehend from me this year.  I’ve absolutely spent a lot of time allowance to abate accession aspect of the bold that I am abundantly acquisitive to acquaint you about (and I will!).  Stay acquainted and I’ll see you afresh afore the bold launches on September 7th!

Mazique Commentary:

It’ll be absorbing to see which admission Boenisch is lending his ability to, or if it’s an all-new mode. In either case, analysis aback for accommodation amid now and the game’s official absolution date.

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