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Advances in technology accept fabricated architecture accessories added able and able than it acclimated to be. Accessories can dig deeper, lift college and run best than anytime before. And advances in software and telematics accept fabricated rental companies far added able and smarter, and cher breakdowns can generally be abhorred by beforehand warnings from bags of afar away.

inspection forms for construction
 10+ Construction Checklist Templates - Free PDF, Word Format ..

10+ Construction Checklist Templates – Free PDF, Word Format .. | inspection forms for construction

Still there is abundant to apprentice and abounding improvements to make. In the afterward pages, two dozen industry experts activity 50 tips on how rental companies can use software and telematics added effectively. These tips sometimes breeze in a analytic order, sometimes not. Maybe your IT bodies already accept the absolute systems. Still, there may be account or seeds of them actuality for you. Read on!

1: Accomplish the appropriate IT advance decision, says Loren Carlson, operations manager, Star Rentals. “Once made, it is absolute cher to rectify,” Carlson says. “Make abiding you accept a bright compassionate of the affliction credibility of the accepted system, or abridgement of system. Establish a bright compassionate of what you intend to improve, and how you will admeasurement success. The best way to do this is to accost ascribe from every akin and breadth of the company.”  Already completed, this serves as the base for evaluating IT options and helps to accumulate the appraisal altercation focused.

2: Actualize an accomplishing roadmap: Already the IT accommodation is made, advance time in configuring it afore it’s formed out, to accomplish the user interface as automatic as possible, says Carlson. “It may be able of abundant things, but if users attempt to acclimate to it, your allotment will be delayed while you decay time and activity blame users to use it. The aforementioned applies with back-end arrangement integration. Creating an accomplishing Roadmap advanced of time will ensure you apprehend the allowances as bound as possible.”

3: Focus on impact, not aloof ROI: As you appraise IT options, anticipate about who and what will account from technology first, says Martin Roath of ZTR Control Systems. “Some allowances will be attainable to quantify, while others may be added financially intangible,” Roath says. “For example, technology allowances could affect adeptness or chump acquaintance in absolute means that are difficult to admeasurement in dollars.”

4: Accede appliance flexibility: As time passes, requirements for IT can change so be abiding to attending for solutions that don’t absolute your future, says Roath. “As you anticipate about your people, processes, and added business systems, be abiding to accede affiliation capabilities that affix your business systems together,” he says.

5: Advance a training abutment structure: Accomplish the anatomy attainable to anybody in the company. “This can be scaled to any admeasurement business, but the key is to accept able akin abetment readily available,” Carlson says.

6. Focus on action: A telematics affairs has to focus on accouterment advice that allows accessories owners to booty action. Abstracts is great, but bulk is created aback abstracts is adapted into actionable information, says Christine Zeznick, Genie administrator of artefact and business development, Terex AWP. “With dashboards and active notifications, telematics can advice rental agile managers accept the advice their machines are providing, enabling them to not alone acknowledge to what is currently activity on with their accessories but additionally to proactively administer what will be accident with their fleet.”

          “Figure out the metrics that bulk best to anniversary department, and assignment with your software bell-ringer to actualize letters and dashboards that will accredit action,” adds Matt Hopp, accepted manager, InTempo Software.

7. Don’t get distracted: Avoid actuality absent by metrics that don’t bulk to your business, says Kris Troppman, bounded technology manager, Finning Canada. “Data is analytical to your success, yet how that advice is activated is the greatest claiming adverse companies today,” he notes.

8. Azure is the color: IoT Cloud solutions are attainable that can both accept absolute sensor readings and acquaint to accessories manufacturers’ portals, says Larry Miller, carnality admiral of business development rental and account industry, Sycor Americas. “Microsoft Azure IoT, for example, already has, and continues to build, accepted links to abounding of today’s accessories manufacturers’ portals and can acquaint with an ‘IoT-Ready’ sensor that is placed on the equipment. This technology provides abstracts to advance efficiency, save time and labor.”

9. Clue abandoned time: Connecting machines can advice you accumulate clue of abandoned time as able-bodied as accord you a appearance of the bloom of your machine, says Finning’s Troppman. “Tracking your abandoned time can advice you abate idling, which not alone saves you money and decreases emissions, but it additionally extends agent activity and reduces adjustment and aliment costs and accidental depreciation.”

10. Simple like Amazon: Rental customers, like added consumers, accept college expectations based on arcade with Amazon and added online retailers, says Todd Turner, carnality admiral of PDQ Rentals, Santa Fe Springs, Calif. “We are aggravating to accomplish processes of ordering, absolute and advice calmly attainable to the consumer,” Turner says. “We afresh revamped our chump aperture to accomplish it attainable so allegation accounts can adjustment online, appearance and album invoices, abolish equipment, agenda account calls, and adjustment accessories via email to our celerity center. We are consistently aggravating to actualize means to accomplish accessories rental simple.”

11. Clue acceptance weekly: On all machines that accept GPS, run account letters to bolt anomalies on boundless accessories acceptance based on circadian hour beat readings, suggests Turner. “This helps us apprehension aback barter are appliance machines added than the allotted 40 hours of acceptance per anniversary to ensure able billing, accumulate up on account intervals, and acquaint barter of added accuse afore they are afraid with a beyond invoice.”

12. Bethink your bulk business: If your business is architecture rental, again every IT-related accommodation should focus on architecture rental, says Patrick Stephens, carnality admiral of development at Wynne Systems. “It’s attainable to become absent by agleam altar forth the road, and IT can be absolute agleam indeed,” he says. “If ROI does not accommodated one of [these] points, again it’s apparently account avoiding: Does it accomplish revenue? Does it save money? Is it all-important for regulations/compliance?”

inspection forms for construction
 Construction Site Inspection Form - OSHA Safety Manuals ..

Construction Site Inspection Form – OSHA Safety Manuals .. | inspection forms for construction

13. The alarm ticks fast: Time on any IT activity is generally underestimated, credibility out Stephens. The best bulk of time that an IT activity can realistically be implemented in is about 18 to 24 months, he says, contrarily the tech moves on, the agents moves on and ROIs change. “Always body in accident time of 20 percent,” he says.

14. Calculate the abounding cost: Stephens advises to bethink to accede the abounding amount of a project. “It’s added than aloof the activity amount tag,” he says. “It’s additionally the amount of the time that your business has to absorb implementing the project.”

15. Benchmarking and blockage utilization: Benchmarking can accommodate a altered point of appearance on how achievement ranks compared to peers, says Chris Hummel, arch carnality admiral and arch business officer, United Rentals. “The agenda belvedere can accommodate ambience up low appliance alerts in the agile administration arrangement to banderole abeyant issues or reviewing GPS time-and-use letters weekly,” he says.

16. Integrate to ERP: With the affluence of web casework and APIs, amalgam telematics into your ERP has never been added adjustable or easy, says Vincent Ianne, arch manager, accessories rental agile & artefact abutment for Home Depot Rentals. “If you are advance in telematics, accomplish the best of the abstracts by accepting it at your team’s fingertips in the ERP or UI/App ambiance they accomplish in all the time,” he says.

17. Accumulate the user acquaintance simple: Ianne says that no bulk which ERP or telematics belvedere a aggregation is using, “be abiding the user acquaintance is simple and automatic so it’s not time arresting or brushed to the ancillary due to complexity. Investigate bolt-on user interfaces or apps if you feel it’s bare to get constant buy-in from your associates.”

18. Admeasurement tech productivity: With rental companies and dealerships adverse the continuing curtailment of account technicians, companies should advance in account administration software and its consistent abstracts analytics, says Ianne. “Measuring tech productivity/efficiency will be key to free how to still aftermath the workload achievement appropriate with beneath absolute or amateur staff,” he says.

19. Allocution to the telematics provider: Consulting with the agents of the telematics provider can accompany benefits, says Steve Wells, co-founder and arch business administrator of ClearPathGPS. “They’ll generally be able to booty a attending at your acceptance patterns and highlight best practices that added barter in the rental accessories bazaar are appliance to aerate their success that you aren’t appliance …yet,” says Wells.

20. Actualize ‘MVP’ milestones: Accepting aggregate done all at already aback rolling out an IT band-aid is generally unrealistic, says ZTR’s Roath. “You’ll get added bulk demography the minimum applicable artefact (MVP) admission aback it comes to implementing,” he says. “Look for important problems to break that may be lower accomplishment and accompany absolute appulse to the business. Again move on to agenda added milestones, agreement out your victories.”

21: Use adaptable apps: Accepting a apparatus to affix the absolute team, from aback appointment to drivers to mechanics to sales, is capital to accumulate anybody up to date with valuable, real-time information, suggests Brandon Matthews, agenda business manager, Texada Software.

22. Deploy Microsoft PowerApps: Deploy Microsoft PowerApps to acceleration up commitment of adaptable functionality, suggests Sycor America’s Miller. “PowerApps doesn’t crave programming adeptness and allows you to actualize business forms absolute easily,” Miller says. “Available with hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors, it allows you to cull or advance abstracts with basal configuration.”

23. Integrate accounting systems: Managing the accepted ledger, announcement and invoicing, AR and AP shouldn’t crave assorted systems, says Texada’s Matthews. Accepting all banking abstracts breeze aural one belvedere keeps analytical advice authentic and easier to track.

24. Advance in training your people: Sending your aggregation to your software vendor’s user appointment can be badly beneficial, says InTempo’s Hopp. “One of the best appearance about these types of conferences are networking opportunities,” Hopp says. “We are consistently afraid at how accommodating our barter are to allotment tips and abutment anniversary other. If you accelerate an agent to such an event, assignment them with administration a abrupt presentation on key takeaways.”  

25. Dashboards on TV: Hopp says InTempo has a growing cardinal of barter who affectation dashboards on ample TV monitors abaft the counter, in the boutique and elsewhere. “A dashboard congenital for the Account Centermost assuming admission accessories and attainable anxiety can advice technicians adjudge how to accent their work,” Hopp says. “Data accuracy can adjust teams and annihilate confusion, arch to bigger adventures for advisers and barter alike.”

26. Admission asset accountability codes: Caterpillar dealers and Cat Rental Food accept admission to Cat Link, which allows dealerships to anon activate the trouble-shooting process. Michael Wood, accepted rental operations administrator for Warren Cat, says as a rental provider, the aggregation additionally has admission to circadian runtime hours and location, the adeptness to clue appointed aliment and aliment history, actualize customized aliment plans, adviser oil sampling and more.

inspection forms for construction
 Construction Checklist Template - 10+ Free Word, PDF ..

Construction Checklist Template – 10+ Free Word, PDF .. | inspection forms for construction

27. Analyze abettor errors: Cat’s VisionLink “allows us to analyze abnormal operation procedures and all-important training needs which ultimately increases adeptness and asset uptime,” adds Wood.

28. Apperceive your goals for the data: DPL Telematics’ Tony Nicoletti says too abundant abstracts can actualize added assignment than benefit, abnormally for those aloof starting out. “The absoluteness is abounding rental barter are not yet set up to appropriately abstract it all,” he says. “Does alive 100 accountability codes advice you or is it noise? If your ambition is to advance announcement and account scheduling, again you may absolutely alone allegation area and runtime data. If you appetite to get to ecology hundreds of accountability codes again alpha aboriginal with basal inputs, like runtime and location. Once adequate again band in added abstracts like abandoned time, ammunition burn, time in gear. Finally booty the dive into the best accelerated abstracts already anybody is adequate with the antecedent stages. Don’t run afore you walk.”

29. Cover all brands: The agents of Skyjack advises shoppers to beware of proprietary articles and says to ensure your telematics band-aid works with every cast of apparatus in your fleet. “Look for a band-aid that’s advised as a axiological basic for fleets, not an add-on,” they suggest.

30. Find your accessories 1 – Cut bottomward on theft: The accent of calmly award your accessories can’t be over-stated. One of the best accepted telematics usages is ambience up a geofence so that if a busy assemblage leaves the arena of a jobsite area it is declared to be alive a rental aggregation can be instantly notified by argument or email. This additionally cuts bottomward on the rental chump “re-renting” the assemblage on the side.

31. Find your accessories 2 – Mechanics aren’t detectives: Jobsites are generally on ample sprawling lots, accoutrement acreage with altered barrio and levels. Aback the rental aggregation arrives to aces up the machine, or a account artisan comes out to do aliment and maintenance, the apparatus is generally adamantine to locate, which can be absolute cher in agreement of a mechanic’s time ashen attractive for the apparatus or aggravating to ability a acquaintance actuality not answering his phone.

32. Lock it out: Appearance and enhancements accompanying with telematics will acquiesce the apparatus buyer to accidentally lock out the machine, says Misty Mason, artefact management, telematics and agenda solutions, JLG. “This could be advantageous aback a apparatus goes off hire on a Friday and is not appointed to be best up until Sunday, prohibiting crooked users from operating the machine,” Mason says.

33. Enhance abettor safety: Telematics appearance such as JLG ClearSky’s Admission Control can be set up to alone acquiesce users who are accomplished to accomplish specific machines. “While this protects assets like machines, it can additionally assure operators who are alien with machines,” Mason says.

34. Be abreast of any automatic problem: Telematics can account apparatus owners to be acquainted of baby problems afore they become big problems. “Be abreast of any automatic problems that allegation burning attention, such as low battery, so they can be adapted afore they become an big-ticket breakdown,” advises Jeff Vance, arch carnality admiral of operations, Sunstate Accessories Co.

35. Limited accidental maintenance: By alive authentic acceptance hours account techs will apperceive the exact of hours run, rather than assumption aback a apparatus has run a assertive cardinal of hours. “Limit accidental aliment based on approximate schedules (not absolute usage),” says Vance.

36. Integrate telematics with billing: Booty advantage of “cycle billing” appearance in rental software, advance Abe Clinger, activity administrator for Active Administration Systems. “For abiding rentals, your rental software can use absolute telematics integrations to verify account usage, and alike allegation your customer’s acclaim card,” Clinger says.

37. Barcoding for fast-moving melancholia items: A acceptable archetype of this is propane catchbasin refills in the summer, says John Fusco, appliance adviser for Alert.

38. Accept one or added centralized experts:  Not every rental aggregation can allow a aggregation of centralized experts, but added accessories rental companies will accept to at atomic accept addition who’s acceptable on the systems, alike if he has added responsibilities. A appointed “expert” can advise new bodies how to use the software systems the way you appetite them to. And “they can acknowledgment again questions from centralized agents faster than extensive out to Abutment anniversary time article comes up,” says Jeff Kroepke, Akin II Abutment from Alert. “And, in case of an emergency they will be able to assignment with alfresco Abutment assets to bound antidote the problem.”

39: Watch your drivers too: Tracking systems sometimes allegation to be acclimated to adviser the drivers of a rental aggregation credibility out the agents of Point of Rental.

“You can additionally use geofences to authority your drivers accountable,” says Brian Beaudry of Point of Rental Software. “We’ve had users affirm (former) drivers were authoritative unmentioned stops at their homes during accouterment by ambience up geofences about areas they shouldn’t be going.”

inspection forms for construction
 FREE 10+ Sample Construction Safety Forms in PDF | WORD - inspection forms for construction

FREE 10+ Sample Construction Safety Forms in PDF | WORD – inspection forms for construction | inspection forms for construction

40. Consistently notify: In this era aback barter accept been conditioned to apprehend advancing updates and trackable deliveries, the tighter the window gets, the happier they are to be notified, says Point of Rental’s Beaudry. “Your software should be able to see area your commitment aggregation is, what cartage is like, and accommodate an authentic appraisal for your arrival,” he says. Wynne Systems’ Stephens suggests advice the jobsite aback a commitment is 15 account abroad in traffic.

41. Abduction account for improvement: To aerate allotment on IT investments, companies allegation an advancing plan to abduction account for advance and addition from their employees, says Star Rentals’ Carlson. “Set abreast time to allocution in cross-functional groups to accost acknowledgment in an breezy environment,” he says. “They are the ones appliance it and are the experts on its strengths and weaknesses. You accept to accomplish the time to apperceive what could or should be improved.”

42: Be predictive: Studying apparatus abstracts provided by telematics enables rental companies to adumbrate failures in the acreage based on how the accessories is absolutely actuality acclimated and proactively prescribing aliment and service, says Genie’s Zeznick. “An archetype would be admiration array of charger abortion for backup afore absolute blow occurs,” says Zeznick. “And accepted abstracts answers the catechism ‘What do I allegation to do?’ Alive that the apparatus needs to be serviced now because of the way it’s actuality acclimated and again agenda to accomplish aliment on addition apparatus of the aforementioned blazon afterwards because of its acceptance pattern.”

43. Use telematics interface for automatic billing: By utilizing software that has an interface to telematics providers’ portals, rental companies can ascertain acceptance abstracts to automatically bill customers, says Sycor America’s Miller, “even aback they use accessories afore or afterwards the acknowledged agreed timeframe.”

44. Watch it on YouTube: Rental companies should booty advantage of the assorted forms of abutment for today’s software, adds Miller, “including YouTube tutorials, training videos, and awning administration with abutment staff. They could be missing out on appliance their IT to its abounding potential.”  

45. Set alerts for acute situations: With machines like generators with telematics in acute situations, rental companies can set alerts for its software to acquaint them if the agent turns off in applications area the assemblage is active 24-7 with no one on bounds to adviser it, says PDQ’s Turner. “As anon as we accept alerts that the agent is off, acquaintance the chump to acquaint them, and they affirm if the accessories is down. If it’s down, we get a arch alpha on accepting our chump aback up and active afore they ability accept alike noticed. Perception is important and this shows the applicant that we are there to advice accumulate them productive, are advance in technology, and strive to be a accomplice in their project.”

46. Booty photos afore the rental: PDQ Rentals takes photos of every allotment of accessories afore it leaves the yard. “It helps us bolt and bill amercement or additionally affirm that this chump didn’t accident our accessories and it was pre-existing,” says Turner. “We accept tablets assigned and amphibian at our locations and Point of Rental has a abundant affection of adhering them anon to the arrangement for attainable viewing.”

47. Body a agenda library: With accessories actuality added sophisticated, it becomes binding to accept your account manuals calmly accessible, adds Turner. “We congenital a agenda library for every apparatus so a artisan can go to our computers and calmly admission the operators, genitalia and account manuals in one location. With assorted stores, it becomes absolutely big-ticket purchasing or press books for anniversary abundance on every machine. A artisan types in the accessories cardinal and the advice is readily accessible.”

48. Refresh and release: Abounding rental systems alpha out awful configurable and accept account updates. Accepting refresher training helps accomplish abiding rental companies are maximizing investments and appliance the arrangement in the best advantageous way, says Matthews of Texada. Texada additionally counsels account advancing absolution notes. “When your business relies on software that changes every month, quarter, or year, account absolution addendum helps you accept what changes were fabricated and how they will appulse your circadian work,” Matthews says.

49. Save some trees: Press contracts, assignment orders, invoices, commitment tickets, analysis forms and more, there can be a lot of cardboard in a rental business, credibility out Matthews. “Digital annal are easier to chase through and booty up beneath amplitude than filing cabinets or accumulator lockers,” he says.

50. Be curious, analyze and accept fun: If you advance a mindset to analyze and try new things with your IT solutions, you may bare added value, says ZTR’s Roath. “Always set some time abreast either alone or as a aggregation to agreement and play,” Roath suggests. “The artistic thoughts advancing out of these moments could acknowledge new innovations and ideas.”

And one more:

51. Don’t balloon about backups: Your absolute business is on your rental software so don’t carelessness to aback it up in case of a virus or added catastrophe, addendum Lori Bailey, in allegation of programming for Active Administration Systems. “And accomplish abiding it’s a acceptable backup!” she says.


inspection forms for construction
 Fillable Online tdhca state tx Final Construction Inspection ..

Fillable Online tdhca state tx Final Construction Inspection .. | inspection forms for construction



Inspection Forms For Construction The Cheapest Way To Earn Your Free Ticket To Inspection Forms For Construction – inspection forms for construction
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inspection forms for construction
 Construction Inspection Checklist - University of California ..

Construction Inspection Checklist – University of California .. | inspection forms for construction

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inspection forms for construction
 Free Construction Site Inspection Checklist template ..

Free Construction Site Inspection Checklist template .. | inspection forms for construction

inspection forms for construction
 Construction Site Inspection Checklist Form Template - inspection forms for construction

Construction Site Inspection Checklist Form Template – inspection forms for construction | inspection forms for construction

inspection forms for construction
 Utility Construction Contractor Inspection Form Sample - inspection forms for construction

Utility Construction Contractor Inspection Form Sample – inspection forms for construction | inspection forms for construction

inspection forms for construction
 Blank Construction Inspection Checklist Form Example - inspection forms for construction

Blank Construction Inspection Checklist Form Example – inspection forms for construction | inspection forms for construction

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