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In a antecedent post, we declared an April 2019 Citizen Address filed by Braeburn Pharmaceuticals allurement the Food and Biologic Administering (FDA) to abjure drop biologic appellation and debris to admission drop biologic exclusivity to Indivior’s extended-release buprenorphine bang (Sublocade). If this exclusivity aeon had been granted, no new buprenorphine articles could accept been marketed for opioid use ataxia until December 2024.

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On November 7, 2019, the FDA disqualified in favor of the petition, thereby authoritative Sublocade disqualified for exclusivity. For now, this cardinal bureau that aggressive buprenorphine articles can admission the bazaar starting December 2020. However, the FDA’s cardinal could be chaotic if Indivior decides to sue.

In this post, we call the artifice in drop biologic action that accustomed Sublocade’s drop approval, the attack to anticipate drop biologic exclusivity for Sublocade, and the FDA’s anniversary for cardinal in favor of the Citizen Petition. Finally, we explain why we abutment HR 4712 – the Fairness in Drop Biologic Exclusivity Act, and its accompaniment bill in the Senate. These bills would abutting the action artifice and block the achievability of exclusivity for Sublocade alike if the FDA’s cardinal is chaotic in court. Consequently, they would beforehand efforts to apathetic the opioid catching by announcement competition, innovation, and accommodating best in the bazaar for buprenorphine.

In 1994, Reckitt-Benckiser, the ancestor aggregation of Indivior, acquired drop biologic appellation for buprenorphine sublingual tablets (Subutex) and buprenorphine/naloxone sublingual tablets (Suboxone) for the assay of opioid use disorder. The aggregation did not admission these designations by bold that this action was attenuate (pursuant to the “patient citizenry prong” of the Drop Biologic Act). Rather, the aggregation acquired the designations by arguing (pursuant to the “cost-recovery prong” of the Act) that US sales in the aboriginal years afterwards approval would not be acceptable to compensate development and business costs in the absence of exclusivity.

As discussed below, key assumptions acclimated in Reckitt-Benckiser’s cost-recovery assay were unreasonable. Moreover, amid 2002 and 2011, Subutex had $285 actor in sales. Admitting both of these facts, the FDA automatically grandfathered Subutex’s 23-year-old drop biologic appellation to Sublocade aback the closing was accustomed in November 2017—without acute Indivior to abide accession cost-recovery assay bold that Sublocade would be barren and accordingly still met the belief for designation. As a aftereffect of this grandfathering, Sublocade was advantaged to drop biologic exclusivity beneath the Drop Biologic Act.

The Citizen Address that Braeburn Pharmaceuticals filed to anticipate drop biologic exclusivity for Sublocade garnered abundant abutment from assorted stakeholders, including patients with opioid use disorder, addiction specialists, and advancement groups. Of the 51 comments on the FDA’s website apropos the petition, alone two are in opposition, and both were accounting by the law abutting apery Indivior. The above carnality admiral for accessible action of the Civic Organization for Attenuate Disorders, an advancement accumulation for patients with attenuate diseases that acerb supports the Drop Biologic Act, wrote an beat arguing that acceding exclusivity to Sublocade would aggregate an corruption of drop biologic action with acute after-effects for accessible health.

block letter r template
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Policy makers on both abandon of the alley additionally accurate action to acceding drop biologic exclusivity for Sublocade. Above governor of New Jersey Chris Christie acquaint a animadversion on the FDA’s website acknowledging the Citizen Petition. Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire wrote a letter to Acting FDA Commissioner Norman Sharpless that bidding apropos about the implications of acceding drop biologic exclusivity to Sublocade and requested description on the FDA’s adjustment of tracking sales of drop drugs accustomed beneath cost-recovery bender designations.

The FDA’s November 2019 cardinal revoked the 1994 drop biologic appellation for Subutex, appropriately preventing this appellation from actuality grandfathered to Sublocade. The FDA’s cardinal was based on its assurance that Reckitt-Benckiser’s cost-recovery assay for Subutex’s 1994 appliance for drop biologic appellation was based on two absurd assumptions. First, the aggregation affected that the bazaar admeasurement for Subutex would abide connected during the aboriginal seven years afterwards approval. In 1994, buprenorphine could be assigned alone at methadone outpatient assay programs, and the aggregation acclimated civic abstracts on the cardinal of patients at such centers to appraisement the abeyant cardinal of patients who ability booty Subutex. However, in 2019, the FDA argued that bold a connected bazaar admeasurement was absurd due to the aerial likelihood of aldermanic changes that would acquiesce buprenorphine to be assigned alfresco of methadone assay centers due to its favorable assurance profile. The FDA argued that Reckitt-Benckiser itself accustomed this likelihood, citation an commodity authored by the company’s carnality admiral that categorical a plan to aggrandize bazaar admeasurement by gluttonous legislation to alleviate restrictions on buprenorphine. The FDA additionally acclaimed that in its antecedent assay of Reckitt-Benckiser’s 1994 cost-recovery analysis, it had conducted nine simulations of amount accretion beneath altered assumptions. In four of these simulations, including a simulation in which bazaar admeasurement added modestly, Subutex would become profitable. The accent in the cardinal implies that the FDA now believes that the four simulations should accept been accustomed added weight in its appraisement of the 1994 cost-recovery analysis.

Second, the FDA argued that it was absurd for the cost-recovery assay to anniversary alone for sales of Subutex. The FDA acclaimed that alike in 1994, abstracts appropriate that Reckitt-Benckiser could advance added formulations of buprenorphine. The FDA argued that by declining to anniversary for these added formulations, the cost-recovery assay may accept underestimated abeyant buprenorphine sales.

By abandoning drop biologic appellation for Subutex, and, by extension, for Sublocade, the FDA removed one barrier to admission for competitors. The added barrier was the three-year analytic assay exclusivity accepted to Sublocade because it was a new conception of a ahead accustomed drug. Braeburn Inc. accustomed to annul this exclusivity in federal court; the federal adjudicator adjourned the accommodation aback to the FDA, but the FDA ultimately upheld this exclusivity. Consequently, aggressive buprenorphine products, including Braeburn’s extended-release buprenorphine bang (Brixadi), cannot admission the bazaar until December 2020.

Despite this delay, the FDA’s accommodation is a achievement for patients with opioid use ataxia because it could admission antagonism in the bazaar for buprenorphine, thereby announcement accommodating best and blurred artefact prices. Blurred prices ability be abnormally important to admission uptake of extended-release buprenorphine products, which are underused admitting the actuality that they can admission adherence to addiction treatment. Evidence suggests that the aerial prices of these articles has beat some insurers from accoutrement them. In addition, aerial artefact prices can advance to abundant accommodating amount sharing, which ability impede both admission of and adherence to therapy. To allegorize the consequence of amount administering for extended-release products, we acclimated 2018 civic bartering claims abstracts to account absolute and abroad spending for altered buprenorphine articles amid 18,335 abreast insured patients with opioid use disorder. This assay begin that absolute spending per affirmation and abroad spending per affirmation were abundant college for the two extended-release articles (Sublocade and Probuphine, a buprenorphine implant) compared with non-extended absolution articles (see display 1). Moreover, use of extended-release articles was actual low—just 0.20 percent of buprenorphine claims were for Sublocade, while 0.01 percent were for Probuphine. Approaching studies should appraise whether added antagonism in the bazaar for extended-release articles reduces accommodating abroad accountability and increases use. 

Source: Authors’ assay of the 2018 IBM MarketScan Bartering Database, a civic sample of claims from 27 actor non-elderly Americans with employer-sponsored advantage from medium-to-large firms. Notes: The sample included 18,335 patients ages ≥12 years who were continuously enrolled in employer-sponsored bloom affairs during 2018, had ≥1 affirmation with a analysis cipher for opioid use ataxia in 2018, and had ≥1 buprenorphine decree or biologic administering affirmation in 2018. These patients had a absolute of 204,991 buprenorphine claims. We included alone formulations of buprenorphine that are accustomed for opioid use disorder; we afar those that are accustomed alone for affliction (for example, Butrans). The black rows represent the two extended-release (long-acting) buprenorphine formulations.

Although the FDA’s accommodation to abjure drop biologic appellation for Subutex and Sublocade is encouraging, a aldermanic band-aid is bare to assuredly abutting the action artifice that accustomed Sublocade to be accustomed as an drop drug. To that end, on October 10, 2019, Representative Madeline Dean (D-PA) alien HR 4712 – the Fairness in Drop Biologic Exclusivity Act. On February 11, 2020, Senators Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) alien the Senate accompaniment bill.

Both bills would alter the Drop Biologic Act in two ways. First, sponsors of a new biologic that administer for drop approval beneath a ahead accepted cost-recovery bender appellation would accept to prove there is no reasonable apprehension at the time of approval that the lifetime sales of the new biologic would be acceptable to balance development and assembly costs. Beneath accepted policy, Indivior apparently could advance a new conception of buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone) and automatically admission drop approval beneath Suboxone’s 1994 cost-recovery bender designation, aloof as it did for Sublocade beneath Subutex’s cost-recovery bender designation. If the bills were enacted, Indivior would accept to altercate that the new conception of Suboxone was absurd to be profitable, but this would be arduous because Suboxone is a blockbuster biologic with billions of sales to date.

Second, aural 60 canicule of the legislation’s enactment, sponsors of drop drugs accustomed beneath a above-mentioned cost-recovery bender appellation would be appropriate to abide cost-recovery analyses proving that there was no reasonable apprehension at the time of approval that lifetime sales of the biologic would be acceptable to balance development and assembly costs. Beneath accepted policy, if Indivior auspiciously sues the FDA for abandoning Subutex’s drop biologic designation, Sublocade would afresh be advantaged to drop biologic exclusivity. If the bills were enacted, Indivior would not accept exclusivity for Sublocade unless the aggregation could altercate that the biologic was absurd to be assisting based on abstracts accessible at the time of approval in November 2017. Such an altercation would be difficult to make, as Indivior projected in February 2018, that Sublocade’s aiguille anniversary sales would beat $1 billion.

HR 4712, but not the Senate accompaniment bill, additionally would crave sponsors of drop drugs accustomed beneath a cost-recovery bender appellation to abide anniversary cost-recovery analyses demonstrating that there is no reasonable apprehension of amount accretion during any of the seven years of drop biologic exclusivity. HR 4712 authorizes the FDA to abjure exclusivity if the biologic becomes assisting in any of these years.

HR 4712 and the Senate accompaniment bill are bound in scope. They would not affect any drop approvals beneath designations accepted via prevalence belief beneath the accommodating citizenry prong. They would alone affect drop approvals accepted beneath approaching cost-recovery bender designations and drop approvals beneath ahead accepted cost-recovery bender designations, of which there accept alone been three back 1983: Subutex, Suboxone, and Eli Lilly’s raloxifene (Evista). The accoutrement of HR 4712 affecting above-mentioned cost-recovery designations were advised to abash lawsuits aimed at abating drop biologic appellation for Subutex and for Suboxone if its accepted appellation is revoked by the FDA.

Both the House and Senate bills could be bigger in a few ways. For example, they could crave FDA economists to participate in the appraisal of cost-recovery analyses. Moreover, to abatement the FDA’s workload, the bills could admission the bureau the appropriate to appeal cost-recovery analyses at any time during the aeon of exclusivity instead of acute them annually.

Even as currently written, however, the bills would assuredly anticipate Sublocade from accepting drop biologic exclusivity that would impede patients’ admission to new buprenorphine products. The bills additionally would anticipate companies from base the aforementioned artifice that accustomed Sublocade to accretion drop approval. As one of us afresh testified in a audition afore the House Energy and Commerce Committee, these are astute accomplish that will be acceptable for drop biologic policy, acceptable for accessible health, and acceptable for the millions of Americans with opioid use disorder.

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