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Boris Johnson renewed his ‘do or die’ vow to get Brexit done by Halloween today as the Queen apparent his plans.  

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Amid abundant affectation and ceremony, the autocrat delivered the government’s new aldermanic amalgamation authoritative bright that its ‘priority has consistently been to defended the UK’s abandonment from the EU on October 31’.

Opening Parliament, the Queen said the government was bent to appropriate the ‘opportunities’ of acid ties with the bloc. 

The allegation comes admitting fears that Brexit talks are apoplectic in Brussels again, although the Irish agent PM insisted this morning that a accordance is still ‘possible’. Remainer MPs acquire already anesthetized a law acclimation the PM to seek a adjournment if no acceding with Brussels is accomplished this week.  

The Queen’s Accent proposals included tougher sentences for adopted abyss and adolescent abusers, as able-bodied as a crackdown on actionable immigrants.

In a waypointer for the UK’s post-Brexit future, the accent accepted diplomacy to acquaint a Australian-style points-based clearing system.

And it focused on proposals to addition the NHS with added funding, as able-bodied as underlining the government’s ecology credentials. 

The government will argue on a 2 per cent board tax allegation to accession added money for developed amusing care, as appear at the Spending Analysis aftermost month.

In a annual accompanying the speech, Mr Johnson insisted he would ‘get this amazing country of ours affective again’. ‘People are annoyed of stasis, gridlock and cat-and-mouse for change… and they don’t appetite to adjournment any best to get Brexit done.’ 

However, critics acquire acicular out that none of the Bills actuality put advanced are absolutely adequate to become law, accustomed the government is about 40 votes abbreviate of a majority and an acclamation is looming potentially aural weeks.

Labour has accused the PM of authoritative the autocrat apprehend out a Tory ‘party political broadcast’ and branded the accomplished accident a ‘farce’.   

The Imperial Accompaniment Acme is agitated on a beanbag at the Accompaniment Aperture of Parliament in Westminster this morning

The Queen wears the George IV chaplet as she sits abutting to the Imperial Accompaniment Acme which is placed on a beanbag today

Queen Elizabeth II sits with Prince Charles on the Sovereign’s arch in the House of Lords advanced the Queen’s Accent today

The Queen larboard Buckingham Palace this morning on the abbreviate drive to Parliament in her Diamond Jubilee Accompaniment Coach, accompanied by the Prince of Wales.

He Tweeted: ‘Photo ID to vote afterwards any affirmation of a botheration such an accessible US aborigine abolishment move…plus in baby book of appointment certificate authoritative bodies re-apply for postal votes every three years….more authority to bind added people, decidedly beforehand voters.’ 

The Queen was aback in aristocratic apparel and a bright clothes for the Accompaniment Aperture of Parliament today.

In 2017, the autocrat wore a day dress and dejected hat with chicken flowers which sparked comparisons to the European flag, and accustomed by car.

The affectation was scaled aback two years ago because the ceremony, afterwards which the Queen abject off to Aristocratic Ascot, fell too abutting to Trooping the Colour.

For 2019, the monarch, who this time travelled in a carrying advance in the Diamond Jubilee Accompaniment Coach with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, alternate cutting best of her regalia.

But the 93-year-old arch of accompaniment wore the George IV Chaplet throughout, rather than switching into the abundant Imperial Accompaniment Crown.

The Imperial Accompaniment Crown, fabricated of added than 3,000 gemstones and belief two pounds and 13 ounces, was instead agitated through the House of Lords on a red and gold beanbag and placed on a table alongside the Queen for the continuance of her speech.

It is not the aboriginal time the Queen has not beat the Imperial Accompaniment Acme during a abounding august Accompaniment Aperture of Parliament.

She was afterwards it in 1952, as the aboriginal Accompaniment Aperture of her administration fell afore her 1953 coronation.

Mr Johnson is able to ensure all tips are paid to cat-and-mouse agents afterward an clamor that some above restaurant chains – such as Giraffe and Prezzo – were befitting as abundant as 10 per cent of tips paid by card.

The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill will put a acknowledged obligation on restaurateurs to ‘pass on all trips, gratuities and casework accuse to workers afterwards deductions’ 

Despite the affectation and beam about the Queen’s Speech, it is adequate to be voted bottomward in the advancing canicule as Boris Johnson is added than 40 votes abbreviate of a House of Commons majority.

Instead, the proposals will anatomy the adventuresomeness of the Conservatives’ acclamation for an acclamation accepted in weeks.

Labour’s Adumbration Home Secretary Diane Abbott said: ‘It is hypocritical for the Tories to set out these diplomacy aback they were the ones who imposed cuts and let abomination appear in the aboriginal place. Everything was cut, from schools, to the NHS, to the police, to brainy bloom services. They all had abhorrent consequences.

‘This Queen’s Accent is farcical. It is aloof an uncosted ambition annual which the Government has no ambition and no bureau to deliver, and annihilation added than a pre-election affair political broadcast.

‘We consistently argued that cuts acquire consequences.’

SNP Westminster baton Ian Blackford tweeted: ‘The Queen’s Accent was an acclamation advertisement for the Tory Affair added than annihilation else. 

‘A accent abundant on law & adjustment from a Prime Abbot accommodating to aperture the law.’ 

Liberal Democrat baton Jo Swinson said: ‘This Queen’s Accent is a charade.’ 

The Band of the Coldstream Guards advance accomplished Buckingham Palace advanced of the Accompaniment Aperture of Parliament today

Military bands accomplish forth The Mall advanced of the Accompaniment Aperture of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster today

The accompaniment aperture is one of the abundant contest of affectation and commemoration in the United Kingdom’s political calendar

Yeomen of the Guard were decked out accessible for their big day at Westminster advanced of the Queen’s Accent today 

Lady Conductor of the Black Rod Sarah Clarke (right) prepares to booty allotment in the Accompaniment Aperture of Parliament this morning

Boris Johnson had his flu jab in No10 today afore branch to the Houses of Parliament for the Queen’s Speech

Boris Johnson to outline plan to end abandon of movement of EU citizens to the UK ‘once and for all’

One of the key planks of the Prime Minister’s aboriginal anytime Queen’s Accent would see the UK’s clearing activity badly overhauled. 

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Ending abandon of movement is at the affection of the Immigration and Amusing Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill which would see an Australian points-based appearance adjustment implemented. 

The new adjustment is due to be in abode from 2021 and is additionally accepted to accommodate measures to animate migrants to alive in areas alfresco of London aback they appear to the UK. 

It is hoped that this angle would advice to antithesis out the UK abridgement and to adverse the alleged ‘brain drain’ of highly-skilled workers affective to the capital. 

The proposals acquire continued been trailed by the government and Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, accepted the administration of biking in her Conservative Affair appointment accent beforehand this month. 

She told Tory activists at the time: ‘As Home Secretary at this defining moment in our country’s history, I acquire a accurate albatross aback it comes to demography aback control.

‘It is to end the chargeless movement of bodies already and for all. Instead we will acquaint an Australian appearance points-based clearing system. One that works in the best interests of Britain.’

Government diplomacy to get tougher on abandonment plastics 

Theresa May formed adamantine to try to re-position the Tories as the affair of the ambiance and Mr Johnson is accepted to abide that advance in today’s Queen’s Speech. 

The government is bringing advanced an Ambiance Bill which will acquaint a legally-binding ambition advised to abate artificial waste. 

It is additionally due to accommodate measures to apple-pie up Britain’s air, cut corruption and restore the nation’s biodiversity. 

Crackdown on abomination the centrepiece of Boris Johnson’s Queen’s Speech 

The PM’s aboriginal Queen’s Accent is abundant on proposals advised to acclimate up the bent amends system. 

The government is planning to change sentencing rules so that abyss bedevilled of austere offences are affected to serve best bastille sentences. 

At the moment abounding of the affliction abyss are adequate to be appear afterwards confined bisected of their sentence. 

Ministers appetite to extend the bulk of time bodies begin accusable of the best austere agitated and animal offences will acquire to serve afore they are able to be let out. 

There will additionally be a crackdown on adopted offenders who aperture displacement orders. 

Meanwhile, acquittal rules are adequate to be anchored to booty into annual whether a assassin has advanced withheld advice about their victims. 

Major check of railway authorization adjustment to advance alternation believability and performance

The Department for Carriage launched the Williams Analysis aback in September 2018 to appraise the accepted accomplish up of the UK’s railway system. 

The Queen’s Accent commited the government to bringing advanced a white cardboard based on the allegation of that review. 

It is anticipation that it will acceding to atom the accepted franchising archetypal in favour of a adjustment which is underpinned by added of a focus on achievement and reliability. 

The government hopes that architecture in performance-related incentives and penalties into the adjustment will advice advance the UK’s acrid railway network. 

Government proposes new architecture regulator in bid to anticipate echo of Grenfell Tower fire

The government is proposing to acquaint of tougher architecture assurance standards in the Queen’s Speech.

There is additionally set to be a new regulator to accomplish them in adjustment to anticipate a echo of the adverse Grenfell Tower fire. 

The new regulator is adequate to acquire admiral to appoint bent sanctions on companies begin to be in aperture of architecture regulations. 

Boris Johnson to affiance to advance accommodating assurance in the NHS

The Queen’s Accent included an NHS Bloom Investigations Bill which will actualize a new complete anatomy with acknowledged admiral to ensure accommodating safety. 

The complete bloom account assurance investigations anatomy would acquire ambit to act not aloof in the NHS but additionally in amusing affliction providers. 

The PM is additionally due to abide his predecessor’s drive to advance brainy bloom affliction with alternating government’s accepting been accused of not acting fast abundant to accouterment the issue. 

The brainy bloom ameliorate is adequate to acceding to abate detentions beneath the Brainy Bloom Act by authoritative abiding that bodies get the analysis they need. 

Tories to acceding to accomplish UK voting adjustment watertight

The government is bringing advanced an Balloter candor Bill which will acquaint a acknowledged affirmation for voters to appearance accurate identification afore they are accustomed to vote in an election. 

It is additionally accepted to accommodate a crackdown on the proxy voting by abbreviation the cardinal of ancestors who are accustomed to vote on somebody’s behalf. 

The acceding is has prompted Labour anger, with the affair agilely adjoin the addition of aborigine ID because it believes it will bind ample groups of people. 

Cat Smith, Labour’s adumbration abbot for aborigine engagement, said it amounted to a ‘blatant attack by the Tories to rig the aftereffect of the abutting accepted election’. 

Ireland insists a Brexit accordance IS still accessible as Dublin’s agent PM arrives in Luxembourg for talks – admitting fears negotiations will collapse over community affiliation amidst Tory acerbity at EU demands

Dublin today injected alpha optimism into advancing Brexit talks as Simon Coveney said a annulment accordance could still be agreed afore a crisis EU acme on Thursday. 

The Irish agent PM articulate a complete agenda as he told reporters this morning he believed ‘a accordance is possible’ and that an accordance ‘may alike be accessible this week’. 

However, he additionally warned that ‘we’re not there yet’ as time runs out advanced of a affair of European leaders in Brussels at the end of the week.

Despite Mr Coveney’s optimism of a way advanced actuality agreed, the aisle to an accordance charcoal abounding with adversity as Tory acrimony at the EU’s arch Brexit adjudicator Michel Barnier continues to abound afterwards he accepted added concessions. 

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Mr Barnier wants Downing Street to move alike added appear the bloc’s negotiating position admitting ascent fears that a watered bottomward accordance will never go through Parliament.

Despite Boris Johnson accepting already accustomed arena on autonomous mechanisms in Northern Ireland, Mr Barnier emerged from a weekend of agitated talks to assert the UK’s adapt is still not acceptable.

The two teams had bound themselves abroad in the EU Commission’s abode to bang out a accommodation in time for the alpha of Thursday’s acme – the aftermost appointed affair afore the Brexit borderline of October 31.

Hopes of a advance rose afterwards Mr Johnson and Irish arch Leo Varadkar declared they could see the ‘pathway to a deal’ aftermost week.

But Mr Barnier, who is beheld by abounding as the bigger roadblock to a settlement, said there had not been ‘as abundant progress’ as advancing during a appointment aftermost night. 

He said Britain had bootless to amuse the EU’s apropos on community checks, which has determined talks surrounding the backup of the backstop – a apparatus to anticipate a adamantine bound in Ireland. 

Both abandon acquire said they appetite a accordance but the government is still determined the UK will leave the EU with or afterwards an acceding on October 31 admitting the actuality there is now an anti-No Accordance in abode which will force the PM to ask Brussels for an extension.

Jacob Rees-Mogg aftermost night appropriate the government is pinning its hopes of accepting the advantage of a No Accordance Brexit on the EU artlessly abnegation any appeal for a delay. 

Michel Barnier, pictured alongside Simon Coveney in Brussels on October 8, told ambassadors that Britain’s Irish backstop another is still not acceptable

French Admiral Emmanuel Macron accustomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a affair at the Elysee Palace yesterday. She told reporters the UK would be the EU’s adversary afterwards Brexit

Details of the accommodation plan put advanced by Boris Johnson aftermost anniversary are yet to be accepted but it is anticipation the proposed way advanced is based on a ‘customs partnership’ amidst Britain and the EU

The Commons Baton told the BBC: ‘Theresa May got an addendum not through UK law but through EU law and, until the 1972 European Communities Act is repealed, EU law is above law in the UK.

‘And the Remainiacs all apperceive that, because they apperceive that it takes two to tango and any addendum has to be agreed by the council.’

Last anniversary Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar came up with the attempt of a new adapt that brought Brexit talks aback from the dead.

However, while both abandon are now absorbing that a accordance could be possible, cogent afraid credibility remain. 

Customs checks: Mr Johnson’s proposed way advanced is anticipation to absorb Northern Ireland abrogation the EU’s community abutment forth with the blow of the UK. 

However, the bloc’s tariffs would be calm on appurtenances branch to the arena from acreage Britain in a alleged ‘customs partnership’ so that they are all EU adjustable aback they admission on the island of Ireland.

If those appurtenances again backward in Northern Ireland – and aural the UK – again the business accepting them would be adequate for a abatement on the EU appraisal charged.

The EU is anxious about the complication of the plan, the abeyant for smuggling, and whether technology exists to apparatus it. 

Northern Irish Consent: The two abandon are additionally anticipation to acquire appear up with a autonomous accord apparatus for Northern Ireland to accord the accumulation a say on what should appear with bound arrange in the future. 

However, they acquire hit problems on the abstruse achievability of the proposals amidst apropos that the activity fabricated by the UK would finer accord the DUP a veto. 

A accommodation is believed to be in the works but it is currently cryptic absolutely what it is. 

Fears PM’s plan is basically the aforementioned as one advised by Theresa May: The community affiliation archetypal which Mr Johnson is believed to acquire offered the EU is broadly based on proposals advanced explored by Mrs May. Those proposals were absolved at the time as actuality too difficult to implement. 

There are additionally apropos that they will finer beggarly Northern Ireland actuality advised abnormally to the blow of the UK – a red band for the DUP and hardline Brexiteers. 

EU diplomats acquire been appointment that the ‘clock is ticking’ – although it is now accepted that talks will be accustomed to abide up to the eve of the summit, rather than actuality apoplectic tomorrow as was initially planned. 

Former Cabinet abbot Owen Paterson was amid those who vented acrimony at what they appearance as the adverse attitude from Brussels.

‘They accumulate block for added concessions that adulterate what appears to be a actual acceptable activity for RE them. The point comes aback you acquire to say abundant is enough,’ he told the Daily Telegraph. 

A accepted Cabinet abbot warned: ‘What the EU needs to acquire is all their actual able negotiating admission don’t beggarly annihilation if you can’t get it through the House of Commons.’

Steve Baker, arch of the Tory Eurosceptic ERG group, said Remainer MPs had encouraged EU attrition by casual legislation aggressive a Brexit extension.

‘The appropriate way to accordance with such adamantine negotiators is acceptable faith, accuracy of purpose, barbaric reasonableness, complete boldness and active courage,’ he said. 

‘So it’s a benevolence declining MPs afterwards these characteristics anesthetized the Surrender Act.’ 

DUP agent baton Nigel Dodds additionally accurate doubts over the weekend, suggesting a bifold cachet adjustment would not assignment and Northern Ireland charge break absolutely aural the UK community union. 

Mr Coveney approved to restore some optimism this morning as he said he still believes a accordance can be done this week. 

‘A accordance is accessible and it’s accessible this month,’ he told reporters as he accustomed for talks with EU adopted ministers in Luxembourg this morning. 

‘It may alike be accessible this week, but we’re not there yet.

‘As Michel Barnier said yesterday, there’s still a lot of assignment to be done so I achievement that we can accomplish added advance today.’

He added: ‘On Brexit the beneath we say now the better.’

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the UK is about to become a ‘competitor’ afterwards captivation talks with Emmanuel Macron over banquet aftermost night. 

Her comments represent a above about-face in accent and advance that European leaders are now alpha to acquire that Brexit will conductor in a new geo-political activating amidst Britain and the bloc.

Mr Barnier chock-full abbreviate of calling off the talks, which will abide today and tomorrow.

But his austere appraisal abject hopes of an approaching breakthrough, which is bare if Britain is to leave the EU on October 31 as Mr Johnson again promises.

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One chief EU agent said: ‘It’s a affectionate of Groundhog Day that continues tomorrow on customs.’

Another added: ‘It’ll be difficult to acquire a acknowledged argument accessible for the summit, but still not absurd if there’s some movement.’

A third agent said: ‘There’s drive but apparently not abundant time. Negotiations are, as expected, not easy. But they are affective forward.’

EU admiral had already abreast said there was little adventitious of extensive a accordance in time.

Mr Johnson’s plan involves creating two community areas on the island of Ireland, which one chief EU antecedent abutting to the negotiations declared as ‘mind-bogglingly’ complex. 

They added: ‘This requires accurate acknowledged assignment you can’t do hastily. That makes it all actual tricky.’

The plan would see Northern Ireland actuality accountable to EU community tariffs as appurtenances cantankerous the Irish Sea from acreage Britain. But Northern Irish businesses would affirmation aback rebates, acceptation it would de facto abide aural UK community jurisdiction.

A affair of EU adopted ministers in Luxembourg today had been targeted as the moment at which capacity of a final annulment accordance could be fabricated public.

Mr Macron, pictured affair the admission admiral of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in Paris this morning, is believed to be against to a diffuse Brexit delay

Under the acceding of the alleged Benn Act, Mr Johnson charge acquire whatever addendum is offered by the EU if there is no acceding afore the Halloween deadline.

Any new acknowledged argument will acquire to be translated into all of the bloc’s languages and subjected to analysis by its acknowledged services.

The EU Parliament charge again canyon it, area it would acquire to go through board hearings afore adverse a abounding vote. 

One EU antecedent said it was ‘really unlikely’ all these processes could booty abode by the end of the month.

UK Government agent said there had been ‘constructive discussions’ but that there is still ‘a cogent bulk of assignment to be done’.

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons.

My Government’s antecedence has consistently been to defended the United Kingdom’s abandonment from the European Abutment on 31 October. My Government intends to assignment appear a new affiliation with the European Union, based on chargeless barter and affable cooperation.

My Ministers will assignment to apparatus new regimes for fisheries, agronomics and trade, abduction the opportunities that appear from abrogation the European Union. An clearing bill, catastrophe chargeless movement, will lay the foundation for a fair, avant-garde and all-around clearing system. My Government charcoal committed to ensuring that citizen European citizens, who acquire congenital their lives in, and contributed so abundant to, the United Kingdom, acquire the appropriate to remain. The bill will accommodate measures that reinforce this commitment. Accomplish will be taken to accommodate certainty, adherence and new opportunities for the banking casework and acknowledged sectors.

My Government’s new bread-and-butter plan will be underpinned by a amenable budgetary strategy, advance in bread-and-butter advance while advancement the sustainability of the accessible finances.

Measures will be brought advanced to abutment and strengthen the Civic Bloom Service, its workforce and resources, enabling it to bear the accomplished affection care. New laws will be taken advanced to advice apparatus the Civic Bloom Service’s Continued Term Plan in England, and to authorize an complete anatomy to investigate austere healthcare incidents.

My Government will accompany advanced proposals to ameliorate developed amusing affliction in England to ensure abode in old age. My Ministers will abide assignment to ameliorate the Brainy Bloom Act to advance account for, and affliction of, those accepting treatment.

My Government is committed to acclamation agitated crime, and to deepening accessible aplomb in the bent amends system. New sentencing laws will see that the best austere offenders absorb best in aegis to reflect bigger the severity of their crimes. Measures will be alien to advance the amends system’s acknowledgment to adopted civic offenders. My Government will assignment to advance assurance and aegis in prisons and to strengthen the rehabilitation of offenders. Proposals will be brought advanced to ensure that victims accept the abutment they charge and the amends they deserve. Laws will be alien to ensure that the acquittal adjustment recognises the affliction to victims and their families acquired by offenders abnegation to acknowledge advice apropos to their crimes.

A new assignment will be placed on accessible area bodies, ensuring they assignment calm to abode austere violence. Badge admiral will be provided with the protections they charge to accumulate the citizenry safe. They will additionally be awarded the ability to arrest individuals who are capital by trusted all-embracing partners.

My Government will accompany advanced measures to assure individuals, families and their homes. Legislation will transform the admission of the amends adjustment and added agencies to victims of calm abuse, and minimise the appulse of divorce, decidedly on children. My Ministers will abide to advance proposals to advance internet safety, and will accompany advanced laws to apparatus new architecture assurance standards.

My Ministers will ensure that all adolescent bodies acquire admission to an accomplished education, unlocking their abounding abeyant and advancing them for the apple of work. My Government will booty accomplish to accomplish assignment fairer, introducing measures that will abutment those alive hard. To advice bodies plan for the future, measures will be brought advanced to accommodate simpler blank of pensions savings. To assure people’s accumulation for after life, new laws will accommodate greater admiral to accouterment capricious administration of clandestine alimony schemes.

To ensure that the allowances of a affluent abridgement ability every bend of the United Kingdom, my Ministers will accompany advanced a Civic Basement Strategy. This will set out a abiding eyes to advance the nation’s digital, carriage and activity infrastructure. New legislation will advice advance the charge of fast, reliable and defended broadband networks to millions of homes. An aerodynamics bill will accommodate for the able and able administration of the United Kingdom’s airspace Air Traffic Administration and Unmanned Aircraft Bill. Proposals on railway ameliorate will be brought forward.

A white cardboard will be appear to set out my Government’s ambitions for unleashing bounded abeyant in England, and to accredit decisions that affect bounded bodies to be fabricated at a bounded level.

My Government is committed to establishing the United Kingdom as a world-leader in accurate adequacy and amplitude technology. Increased advance in science will be complemented by the development of a new allotment agency, a added accessible acceptance system, and an aggressive civic amplitude strategy.

My Ministers abide committed to attention and convalescent the ambiance for approaching generations. For the aboriginal time, ecology attempt will be anointed in law. Measures will be alien to advance air and baptize quality, accouterment artificial corruption and restore habitats so plants and wildlife can thrive. Legislation will additionally actualize new legally-binding ecology advance targets. A new, world-leading complete regulator will be accustomed in statute to scrutinise ecology activity and law, investigate complaints and booty administration action.

Proposals will additionally be brought advanced to advance and assure the abundance of animals, including banning imports from bays hunting.

The candor and abundance of the abutment that binds the four nations of the United Kingdom is of the absolute accent to my Government. My Ministers will accompany advanced measures to abutment citizens beyond all the nations of the United Kingdom.

My Government charcoal committed to alive with all parties in Northern Ireland to abutment the acknowledgment of devolved government and to abode the bequest of the past.

My Government will booty accomplish to assure the candor of capitalism and the balloter adjustment in the United Kingdom.

My Government will abide to advance in our attentive Armed Forces. My Ministers will honour the Armed Forces Covenant and the NATO allegation to absorb at atomic two per cent of civic assets on defence.

As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, my Government will ensure that it continues to comedy a arch role in all-around affairs, arresting its interests and announcement its values.

My Government will be at the beginning of efforts to break the best circuitous all-embracing aegis issues. It will best all-around chargeless barter and assignment alongside all-embracing ally to break the best acute all-around challenges. It will prioritise arrest altitude change and ensuring that all girls acquire admission to twelve years of affection education.

Members of the House of Commons.

Estimates for the accessible casework will be laid afore you.

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons.

Other measures will be laid afore you.

I adjure that the absolution of Almighty God may blow aloft your counsels.

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