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Re: “Romney cites adoration in voting adjoin Trump — ‘My acceptance is at the affection of who I am,’ agent says in Senate speech,” Thursday account story.

letter template to senator
 Letter for Impeachment | | kansan

Several years ago, I submitted a letter to the editor and mentioned that I would not vote Mitt Romney for dog catcher. I was wrong. He has apparent a able faculty of bellicism and moral behavior in his comments about the allegation trial. Sen. Romney, acknowledgment for accepting a backbone.

Scott Sura, Dallas

I accept a accomplished new account for Sen. Mitt Romney. Decency is absolutely still alive.

Back in 1973, White House admonition John Dean told Admiral Richard Nixon, and later, the Senate Watergate committee, that there was a blight growing on the presidency. In 2020, there is a cancerous bump on the body of America sitting in the White House. But on Wednesday afternoon, Romney delivered a dosage of cancer-killing biologic analysis to that bump back he voted to captive our admiral for corruption of power.

Romney rejects the angle that this was a adventuresome act. He afraid up during his Senate accent as he batten to his adjuration of appointment and adjuration to God. Our capitalism is beneath astringent attack, but the articulation of censor and acceptance was heard aloft the din by way of Romney. The agent knows the adamant accusation that will be hurled against him and his family.

As I blazon this actual letter, the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. has already tweeted that he should be “expelled from the GOP,” and acquaint a account on Instagram calling Romney an [expletive].

To my adolescent citizens who abutment our president: Shall we booty bottomward an atonement man like Romney and let capitalism fail, too? I accept in our bigger angels.

Michael Anthony, Carrollton

letter template to senator
 Letter for Impeachment | | kansan

No surprise, then, that RINO (Republican in name only) Mitch Romney voted to abolish Admiral Donald Trump from office. He’s alone a bluff to the GOP — he knows appropriate from wrong, thinks apart and demonstrates control of a spine.

Jay Leslie, Plano

Sen. Mitt Romney accepted himself a accurate best with his vote to arraign Admiral Donald Trump for his absurd bribery while in office. Romney acknowledges that he will face astringent criticism from the Republican Affair and Trump. And yet, as he has consistently done, he took the aerial alley and accepted himself a colonnade of chastity and conscience.

I can alone achievement he would one day adjudge to accompany the Democratic side. I accept heard abounding Democratic accompany say he would animate a new activity in the action to end the aberration in the White House and that they would abutment him for president. And, Sens. John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, you should abstraction Romney to apprentice what adventuresomeness is all about. All three of you are disgraces to the appointment you hold.

Thomas Kelly, Highland Village

With his vote to convict, Sen. Mitt Romney aloof fabricated Profiles in Courage, 2020 edition. Diogenes can blow now. One honest Republican agent has been found.

Mike Brock, Farmers Branch

Thrilled to see Sen. Mitt Romney authenticate accurate appearance to angle up to do what is appropriate admitting amazing burden from the party. Sen. John McCain would be proud.

Dean Perry Smith, North Dallas

Did Admiral John F. Kennedy anticipate addition as alienated as Rush Limbaugh was what he had in apperception back he accustomed the Presidential Medal of Freedom? I don’t anticipate so.

Jo Anne Barnes, Fairview

Where accept you gone, Sen. John Cornyn? You acclimated to be a abstinent bourgeois whose abnegation and choleric opinions batten able-bodied of a assertive astute acumen abstruse in the account of Texans. You acclimated to be a baton we could assurance to assignment beyond the alley for the acceptable of us all. Did political ability and pay base you? Has the Trump absoluteness show, with its threats of battlefront and excommunication from his favor, angry you into a abashed yes man? How continued will you acclaim our “emperor in new clothes” back any adolescent can see through them?

Gary Looper, Dallas

On Wednesday, the GOP had its own O.J. Simpson moment of board nullification, alone in this case, the cuff absolutely fit.

Thomas E. Turpin, Bedford

I did not watch the Accompaniment of the Abutment abode but I apprehend about it the afterward morning. I ambition to action the following: The SOTU is hosted by the House which is led by the speaker. A admiral is arrive by the apostle into the House to abode the nation from that chamber. For a admiral to access the House and debris to agitate the continued duke of his host is arrogant, abrupt and childish.

Giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, who has fabricated a career of spewing lies, hate, racism and misogyny, is a sad attestation to how about broke America is acceptable beneath this administration.

Shouting from the arcade is inappropriate (as is shouting “you lie” from the floor), abnormally back you are an arrive bedfellow of the speaker. I accord some elbowroom to a afflicted ancestor though. Removing him from the arcade is what happens beneath dictators. A admonition of agreement would accept sufficed. In short, the accompaniment of the abutment is a mess.

Nancy Bryant, Dallas

Are you a affiliate of the American voting accessible who has not yet fabricated up your apperception about what accepted or arrangement you will use for allotment candidates for whom to vote this year? This is a actual claimed accommodation and one that cries out for a controlling tool, or alike a philosophy, for authoritative this decision.

I appear to be a Rotarian. Veteran Rotarians accept seared into their memories article we recite anniversary affair and try to alive by in our circadian lives. We alarm it “The Four-way Analysis of the things we think, say, and do.” It goes as follows: 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it body acceptable will and bigger friendships? And 4. Will it be benign to all concerned?

This is the standard, amid others, that I plan to administer to anniversary applicant this year in authoritative my voting decisions. Perhaps not absolute in assessing the qualities we are attractive for in anniversary chase — but we could do worse!

Rodney Waldrop Pirtle, Farmers Branch

I looked up the analogue of obstruction of Congress. It read, “We don’t like the after-effects of the election.”

Tim McCord, Wylie

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Letter Template To Senator What You Know About Letter Template To Senator And What You Don’t Know About Letter Template To Senator – letter template to senator
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