Standard Form Algebra The 15 Secrets You Will Never Know About Standard Form Algebra

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 15, 2019 – Aeriform Point University accustomed 38 new adroitness associates to the David R. Hayworth Academy of Arts and Sciences, Academy of Art and Design, Wanek Academy of Natural Sciences, Congdon Academy of Bloom Sciences, Fred Wilson Academy of Pharmacy, Earl N. Philips Academy of Business, Nido R. Qubein Academy of Advice and Webb Academy of Engineering. 

standard form algebra
 Algebra 15 - Determining x-intercepts & y-intercepts in Standard Form Task  Cards - standard form algebra

Algebra 15 – Determining x-intercepts & y-intercepts in Standard Form Task Cards – standard form algebra | standard form algebra

David R. Hayworth Academy of Arts and Sciences

Mr. Ken Elston, Accessory Ambassador of the David R. Hayworth Academy of Arts and Sciences, Abettor of Theatre and Administrator of Performing Arts

As accessory dean, Mr. Ken Elston will abode the investments that HPU is authoritative in the arts and will accommodate his acquaintance to accomplish those investments succeed. He will additionally be teaching a apprentice advance titled, “That’s My Jam: Entertainment and the Greater Good.” Elston has accounting abbreviate works for museums and celebrated sites including the Museum of the United States Marine Corps. He has additionally accounting plays, including pieces for Disney, bounded companies, and contributed to veterans in the arts initiatives. For the accomplished 18 years, Elston accomplished and served as an ambassador at George Mason University. First, he was called armchair of the Administering of Amphitheater and again as the administrator of the Academy of Theater, which was called best amphitheater affairs in Virginia for the aftermost bristles years. He went to Mason afterwards four years as allotment of the alum adroitness at Western Illinois University. Above-mentioned to that he formed as an actor, administrator and ambassador in New York City, with stints in Seattle, Washington, Kansas City, Missouri, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and London. Elston becoming his Adept of Accomplished Arts in acting and administering from Ohio Accompaniment University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in amphitheater and political science from Temple University, and becoming ceremoniousness from Nanjing University.

“When you adulation what you do, that activity is credible and, generally, contagious,” says Elston. “As an artist-mentor, it has been my acquaintance that acceptance get best aflame during the conception of their own assignment and altered aesthetic voice. I accept that creating an ambiance for that development and affable that advance both ceremoniousness the student’s adventure and sends the bulletin that I am attainable to assignment with my colleagues to actualize the affectionate of appulse we ambition for our students.”


Dr. Amanda Allen, Adviser of History

Dr. Amanda Allen teaches a array of history courses including Western Civilization, British History and the history chief seminar. She specializes in British history medieval through modern, but her accurate focus is primarily the English Reformation. She appear her aboriginal book in abatement 2018 titled, “The Eucharistic Agitation in Tudor England: Thomas Cranmer, Stephen Gardiner and the English Reformation.” It covers the Eucharistic apostolic changes ushered in during Edward VI’s administering (1547-1553) through the lens of a religious and claimed agitation amid advocate Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer and traditionalist Stephen Gardiner. Her abutting activity will focus on the agency in which English Protestant advertising abnormally portrayed Catholic women as a socio-political annotation adjoin women in power. She accustomed her Bachelor of Arts amount in religious studies from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, her Adept of Apostolic Studies from Vanderbilt University and her Ph.D. in British history from Louisiana Accompaniment University. Afore advancing to HPU, she formed as an abettor abettor of history at Brewton-Parker College. She additionally serves as an Executive Councilor for the Southern Conference on British Studies.

“I try to appoint my acceptance by actuality aflame myself,” says Allen. “I adulation annihilation British, so my adulation and action transfers to my classroom instruction. I additionally try to facilitate altercation so the acceptance can allocution about their own access to what we are acquirements and advice anniversary added apprentice more. I additionally accretion out-of-the-box capacity or activities, such as accepting acceptance use our primary sources to charm important cloister trials in class, or creating fun, avant-garde Facebook pages about actual figures. Bringing it to activity absolutely helps get acceptance engaged.” 


Dr. Elizabeth Bennett, Abettor Abettor of Psychology

Dr. Elizabeth Bennett teaches aberrant attitude and accession to psychology. She is additionally acceptable in the internship affairs for attitude majors. Her primary assay focus includes character and embodied agony in abundance and aboriginal motherhood, and feminist-informed mentoring as a modality for accretion empowerment and facilitating amusing change. In accession to these focal areas, she is broadly absorbed in abstruse questions involving feminism, agony and alignment issues, as able-bodied as the appliance of feminist attempt to the teaching of psychology. She becoming her Ph.D. in analytic attitude from Duquesne University and completed her doctoral internship at Western Carolina University.

“I get aflame to advise acceptance in the classroom because I again ask them, ‘How is our accountable actual important for your affirmation with the larger world? How do you plan to facilitate and affect absolute amusing change with what you are acquirements in psychology?’ says Bennett. “I booty a collaborative and empowerment archetypal to my teaching, which I achievement is both aeriform appulse and additionally gets acceptance acquainted with my angle on what’s important in attitude and in education.”


Dr. Ashley Dreff, Abettor Abettor of Adoration and Administrator of Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Ashley Dreff teaches identity, gender and amusing justice, as able-bodied as bent minds and bodies: narratives of gender, abomination and deviance. The majority of her courses awning adoration and gender from an interdisciplinary perspective. Dreff’s breadth of adeptness is the history of female and gender in America and how American Christian denominations accept responded to the assorted changes in female and gender above the 20th century. In 2018, Dreff appear a book titled, “Entangled: A History of American Methodism, Backroom and Sexuality,” which accustomed the Saddlebag Accolade from the Actual Association of the United Methodist Church. She is autograph her additional book tentatively entitled, “Do Everything: Methodist Women and Politics,” which surveys how Methodist women accept affianced in backroom as an announcement of their lived theology. Dreff becoming her Ph.D. in American religious history with concentrations in Methodist history, Wesleyan studies and Women/Gender studies from Drew Apostolic School. She accustomed her Adept of Arts from University of Chicago Divinity Academy and her Bachelor of Arts from University of Arkansas. She has a affidavit in online teaching from the Association of Apostolic Schools.

“I achievement to advice acceptance apprehend not alone the accent of women’s history and women’s voices, but additionally the histories and choir of all genders, abnormally those who assay as non-binary and trans,” says Dreff. “I absolutely accept and actively advise that a arch activity ability for our students’ futures is the adeptness to accept assorted identities, to advance aural accretion diversity, and to advice those who accept been marginalized throughout history to advance in a added candid future.”


Dr. Michael Flatt, Abettor Abettor of English

Dr. Michael Flatt teaches abstruse and creative, able and abstruse autograph courses forth with publishing and alteration courses. Flatt is the architect of the arcane teaching columnist Threadsuns, through which acceptance advice broadcast books of fiction, balladry and works in translation. His areas of abstraction accommodate abreast balladry and new media. Flatt has appear two collections of balladry and runs the micro-press Low Frequency. Flatt becoming his Bachelor of Arts and Ph.D. in English from the University at Buffalo and a Adept of Accomplished Arts in artistic autograph from the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

“I do my best to appoint acceptance by affair them at their credibility of interest,” says Flatt. “I anticipate agenda adeptness is alluring to all of us, and so that plays a key role in all my teaching.”


Dr. Brett Geiger, Abettor Abettor of Mathematics

Dr. Brett Geiger teaches beeline algebra and two sections of HPU’s anew adapted activated algebraic models for business. Geiger will be focused on bringing new interdisciplinary assay to HPU. His capital areas of assay and adeptness are in activated anticipation and algebraic neuroscience. In particular, he is absorbed in applying probabilistic techniques to models in assay and all sciences to abstruse advice on attenuate contest of interest. One archetype of a attenuate accident in assay is a mutation, which could be benign or adverse to a accurate cell. On the algebraic neuroscience side, he is absorbed in clay how the academician integrates self-motion cues and battleground advice in adjustment to amend an animal’s adroitness of position in an environment. Geiger has three years of teaching acquaintance at the aeriform academy level. He additionally completed a two-year Visiting Abettor Professorship at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Geiger becoming his Ph.D. from the University of Houston and Adept of Science in association and abstruse academy mathematics from Nicholls Accompaniment University.

“I am aflame to advise my classes because my assay areas heavily use elements from beeline algebra and calculus,” says Geiger. “Thus, my assay artlessly becomes examples in which I can appearance absolutely how these concepts can be acclimated to access abysmal algebraic and biological advice from a accurate model.”


Dr. Dandrielle Lewis, Armchair of the Administering of Algebraic Sciences and Accessory Abettor of Mathematics

Dr. Dandrielle Lewis teaches a calculus for business advance and chairs HPU’s Administering of Algebraic Sciences. Her areas of adeptness and assay are in Finite Accumulation Theory, and the foundations of her assay are accomplished in beeline algebra and abstruse algebra. Lewis additionally has K-12 algebraic assay interests and interdisciplinary interests. She is acutely amorous about creating opportunities to access the representation of assorted groups and women in STEM. She has a bachelor’s amount from Winston-Salem Accompaniment University, a master’s amount from the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. from Binghamton University, SUNY. She ahead formed as administrator of Advanced Studies and accessory abettor of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

“I achievement to appulse acceptance by advertisement them to agitative algebraic opportunities during their undergraduate career,” says Lewis. “I achievement to actualize an atmosphere breadth they can advance in their courses, in the algebraic association locally and nationally, participate in faculty/student collaborative research, and actualize a algebraic safe amplitude breadth they can accept fun acquirements and accomplishing mathematics. My ambition is to get them aflame by accouterment hands-on acquirements and assay experiences, beat opportunities, internship possibilities and acknowledgment — assuming them that algebraic is agitative and fun.”



Dr. Jacob Perry, Visiting Abettor Abettor of Mathematics

Dr. Jacob Perry teaches activated algebraic models for business and calculus. Perry studies algebraic analysis, accurately fractional and accustomed cogwheel equations aggressive by algebraic physics. Perry accustomed his Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Adept of Arts in apprenticeship from Wake Forest University. He accustomed his Ph.D. in mathematics from UNC-Chapel Hill.

“I achievement to accent to acceptance how algebraic acumen and botheration analytic is about developing analytic accoutrement to advice breach down, assay and amalgamate solutions to real-world problems,” says Perry.



Carmen Obregón Salama, Adviser of Spanish

Originally from Venezuela, Carmen accelerating with a law amount from Universidad Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Venezuela, in 2001 and a master’s amount in activity law in 2003. The aforementioned year she confused to Greensboro, North Carolina, to appear Greensboro College, breadth she completed her teaching acceptance in Spanish. In 2016, she accelerating with a Adept of Arts in affair languages and literatures with a absorption in Spanish at UNC-Greensboro.

Her teaching acquaintance includes Distance Acquirements Spanish instruction, Spanish as a Additional Accent (all levels including adults), forth with teaching grades nine through 12 and alpha and average levels at the university level. In addition, she has accompanied several groups away (Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain) from both aeriform academy and college. During her teaching career, she has been actively circuitous in abstraction away programs, curricular actual analysis committees, acquirements account projects and research. Moreover, the foundation of her teaching aesthetics stems from a student-centered approach: teaching above the curriculum, authoritative use of technology, implementing candid approaches and adapting her classes to assorted acquirements styles. As a result, she has been circuitous in committees to analysis chic abstracts that are accordant for assorted apprentice populations, including cross-curricular agreeable and the affiliation of technology accumbent to the commune and accompaniment standards.

“As an educator, I consistently accessory for opportunities to claiming my acceptance by implementing in the classroom what I accept abstruse in able development workshops, alum courses and research,” says Carmen. “In addition, I accretion it important to abide my apprenticeship by accessory conferences and workshops, nationally and internationally, that administer on additional accent acquisition. During my 16 years of acquaintance as an educator, I accept begin that avant-garde approaches, forth with rigor, accept a absolute appulse on the way acceptance appearance acquirements whether it be a additional accent or a arcane text. Not alone do they advance their oral, accounting and cerebration skills, but acquirements becomes a absolute acquaintance that will accommodate them with the all-important accoutrement to excel as professionals and leaders. Likewise, I ensure a judgment-free classroom and authorize a amplitude breadth acceptance are not abashed to agreement with a new language.”

Her publications accommodate “From Concrete to Moral Shackles: Divided Identities in Nineteenth-Century Cuban Antislavery Literature,” “Labor Arbitration: Law and Equity as a Mechanism for Battle Resolution” and “Procedural Delay in Activity Cases. Labour Act of 1997.”


standard form algebra
 Holt Algebra 15

Holt Algebra 15 | standard form algebra

Ms. Vandy Scoates, Visiting Abettor Abettor of Theatre

Ms. Vandy Scoates teaches affected architectonics and production. She additionally helps with designing for administering productions and advisers apprentice designers. Scoates is a scenographer and is in allegation of designing costumes, sets and lighting for affected productions. Her breadth of assay focuses on sustainability in the arts, accurately on ecology and bread-and-butter sustainability for theater.

“I adulation what I do, and I get aflame about casual my adeptness and affection on to my students,” says Scoates. “I strive to be consistently energetic, collaborative and avant-garde in both my architectonics and teaching in adjustment to activate my acceptance about the multi-faceted acreage of theater.”

Scoates has been a able costume, set and lighting designer, breathtaking artist, clothier and carpenter for the accomplished 19 years above the country. Most recently, she was teaching at Limestone Academy in South Carolina as an abettor abettor and armchair of the architectonics affairs in the Theatre Department. She becoming her Bachelor of Arts from California Accompaniment University Fullerton, a Adept of Arts from Villanova University and a Adept of Accomplished Arts from UNC Greensboro.


Mr. Andrew Tzavaras, Adviser of History

Mr. Andrew Tzavaras teaches courses in European history from age-old times until Apple War II. His assay centers on the backward medieval and aboriginal avant-garde Mediterranean. He focuses on the building, deployment and technology of Italian argosy aural the ambience of economics, address and cross-cultural and religious battle that characterizes Mediterranean warfare of the period. His antecedent assay has focused on the Republic of Venice, and his accepted assay involves the Medici in Tuscany. 

Tzavaras has ahead served as a added instructor, babysitter and accessory adviser for HPU’s Administering of History, a alum teaching abettor at the University of Oxford, and editor of “The Account of the Ordnance Society,” “New Collection” and “History and Uniforms.” He advised advice with amateur in aesthetics and history as an undergraduate apprentice at HPU, accustomed his master’s amount in history from HPU and is currently advancing his Ph.D. at New College, University of Oxford.

“I’m acquisitive that through chic discussion, activities and multi-media projects, acceptance won’t see history in its bookish ‘names and dates’ format, but rather characters and contest that anatomy the anecdotal of our cultural heritage,” says Tzavaras.


Dr. Lauren Brooks, Visiting Abettor Abettor of German

Dr. Lauren Brooks currently teaches German accent classes at HPU. Brooks’ breadth of adeptness includes Franz Kafka, 20th aeon German literature, the German Novella, project-based appraisal in the adopted accent classroom and adopted accent pedagogy.

“I am amorous about German, and my activity is infectious,” says Brooks. “Students acquire the allowances of acquirements a accent as it opens their minds to new possibilities and adventures. In my courses, acceptance apprentice not alone about the language, but additionally the adeptness by cartoon comparisons to their own traditions and customs.”

She has accomplished all levels of German language, agreeable and adeptness classes for the accomplished 10 years at California Accompaniment University Long Beach and at Penn Accompaniment University. Afore that, she lived in Bremen, Germany, for about seven years breadth she accomplished English to clandestine and business professionals. Brooks additionally accomplished German at a average academy for three years in Pennsylvania while alive on a additional master’s amount and finishing her dissertation. Brooks has a Bachelor of Arts and Adept of Arts in German, a Ph.D. in German Abstruse and Adeptness and a Adept of Apprenticeship in Chic and Apprenticeship with a PK-12 Teaching Affidavit in German.


Ms. Jessica Higgins, Adviser of English

Ms. Jessica Higgins teaches first-year writing, Caribbean abstruse and surveys in literature. She brings 19 years of academy apprenticeship teaching to HPU including alive as an accessory abettor of English at Broward College. She is a generalist in English agreement and abstruse and has accomplished a advanced array of courses. Higgins becoming a bachelor’s and master’s amount in English, both from Bemidji Accompaniment University.

“The best allotment of my assignment is the conversations I get to adore with my students,” says Higgins. “I adore agreeable them in the classroom with a array of alive acquirements strategies and technologies.”



Dr. Laura Nagy, Abettor Abettor of Psychology

Dr. Laura Nagy teaches accession to psychology, as able-bodied as courses accompanying to analytic attitude including aberrant psychology, counseling and psychotherapy, and cerebral testing. Nagy’s assay focuses on ambiguous personality ataxia and accompanying phenomena such as self-criticism, brainwork and non-suicidal self-injury. She additionally studies how amenity and accompanying constructs like self-compassion can serve as careful factors adjoin and as treatments for brainy bloom issues.

“I adore cartoon on accomplished analytic adventures to accompany capacity discussed in chic to life,” says Nagy. “I am additionally aflame to advance a assay affairs at HPU that involves undergraduate researchers.”

She has ahead accomplished a ambit of courses at the University of Kentucky and at Eastern Kentucky University. She’s additionally formed as a therapist in several altered analytic settings, including a association brainy bloom clinic, a state-run inpatient psychiatric hospital, a university counseling center, a rehabilitation hospital, a calm abandon apartment and a affliction clinic. Nagy becoming her Bachelor of Science in attitude from the University of Georgia, a Adept of Science in analytic attitude from the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. in analytic attitude from the University of Kentucky.


Dr. Timothy O’Keefe, Visiting Abettor Abettor of English

Dr. Timothy O’Keefe teaches Added Americas and Analytical Interpretations abstruse courses at HPU. His breadth of adeptness includes artistic writing, balladry and artistic nonfiction, abreast poetry, prosody and poetics, and the lyric essay. Afore abutting HPU, he accomplished for seven years at Piedmont Academy and directed its artistic autograph program. He becoming a Bachelor of Arts from Middlebury College, a Adept of Accomplished Arts in artistic autograph from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah.

“As a professor, I’ve consistently set a basal aphorism for myself: advise what you’re amorous about,” says O’Keefe. “Not alone does this accomplish me added activated and clear about the agreeable of my courses, but it gives acceptance a archetypal for how to assay with one’s work. It additionally provides them a glimpse of who I am alfresco the classroom, which I anticipate is awfully important.”



Dr. Matthew Slifko, Abettor Abettor of Statistics

Dr. Matthew Slifko teaches anterior statistics courses and courses in the new abstracts analytics and statistics program. He will additionally advice abound and advance the abstracts analytics and statistics above and minor. He is a computational statistician with interests in appliance circuitous abstracts to break real-world problems. His assay focuses on abstracts visualization, clustering, anticipation and aberration detection.

“Fortunately, I am teaching in a acreage that has a abundant career outlook,” says Slifko. “The accuracy is that about anybody is accession data, but few apperceive how to finer use circuitous abstracts to acknowledgment questions. My ambition is to advance a skillset in our acceptance so that they accept both the abstruse adeptness to accommodate data-driven solutions and the adeptness to finer acquaint these account to others. This aggregate will accomplish them awful marketable.”

He accustomed a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, a Adept of Science in mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in statistics from Virginia Tech. He ahead accomplished algebraic and statistics for apprentice and sophomore-level classes for seven years afore entering his Ph.D. program.


School of Art and Design

Mr. Cory Gurley, Adviser of Clear Architectonics in the Academy of Art and Design

Mr. Cory Gurley teaches classes in clear architectonics and art fundamentals, including Fundamentals of Design, Agenda Art and Design, and Clear Architectonics Studio. He specializes in clear design, agenda analogy and Adobe Artistic software. Gurley has formed as a clear artisan for 10 years, including a position as an centralized artisan for a ample accumulated law firm. He began teaching in Japan, breadth he formed for a year teaching English as a additional accent at a Japanese average school. He holds an associate’s amount in clear design, a bachelor’s in both English and all-embracing studies, and is currently alive on his master’s in clear design. Gurley grew up in Kernersville, North Carolina, and has lived in Aeriform Point the aftermost 18 years.

“I appetite to appearance acceptance the all-inclusive ambit of possibilities attainable to designers,” says Gurley. “I appetite to advice them see that architectonics isn’t aloof about art and cartoon – it’s about analytic real-world problems in agency that grab absorption and actuate people.”



Ms. Kathleen L. Robinson, Adviser of Art in the Academy of Art and Design

standard form algebra
 Graphing Linear Equations in Standard Form - standard form algebra

Graphing Linear Equations in Standard Form – standard form algebra | standard form algebra

Ms. Kathleen L. Robinson teaches foundations in flat art courses, including Fundamentals of Design, Three-Dimensional Architectonics and Drawing. She specializes in sculptural installation. Through that work, she searches to affix added acutely with her environment, adroitness of abode and what it agency to affliction for it. She constructs teetering, abeyant structures that investigate the complex, sometimes airy links amid all things. Robinson accomplished at UNC Greensboro while alive against her master’s in accomplished arts, with a specialization in flat art. She served added than three years as an accessory abettor for a array of art classes. Robinson is a built-in of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“I aim to body a classroom ambiance breadth analysis is commutual with abstruse ability sets,” says Robinson. “This leads to relevant, agitative class-work the acceptance can booty buying over, while developing the abilities of analytical analysis and communication.  In my flat practice, I’m aggressive by moments of odd adeptness that appear back the archetypal band-aid break down. I advertence ecosystems and the affectionate relationships that anatomy webs amid the genitalia of a whole. Alive this way leaves the pieces attainable to anniversary added and alien forces. If one allotment fails, so do abounding others.”



Wanek Academy of Natural Sciences

Ms. Khalida Hendricks, Abettor Abettor of Physics in the Wanek Academy of Natural Sciences

Ms. Khalida Hendricks teaches Avant-garde Physics and Accepted Physics II in the cast new Wanek Academy of Natural Sciences. She is an able in abstruse atom physics, with a appropriate absorption in aeriform activity collider physics, phenomenology, Higgs boson physics and Above Accepted Archetypal physics. She acquired a doctorate in abstruse atom physics from Ohio Accompaniment University, in accession to a master’s in physics, bachelor’s degrees in activated mathematics and physics, and associate’s degrees in intelligence operations and avant-garde accepted Arabic. She is a Los Alamos, New Mexico, built-in and has lived in Aeriform Point back 2013. Hendricks is amorous about accretion assortment and admittance in STEM.

“I achievement to appearance the acceptance how physics shows up in their circadian lives and how they can accouter physics concepts to assay and break problems,” says Hendricks. “Students become physics majors because they appetite to accept how the apple works. Realizing that the centermost attempt abstraction our cosmos are absolutely adverse to our accustomed intuition tends to be actual agitative and challenging.”

Apart from her acquaintance in academy education, Hendricks ahead served as a baker above in the United States Army Reserves and has a cardinal of aggressive certifications, including the Army Adviser Appropriate Qualification Identifier, Aggressive Freefall and Parachutist (“Airborne Wings”). She was a affiliate of the U.S. Army Parachute Aggregation and competed at the Apple Championships of Parachute Accuracy. Hendricks was additionally an Arabic linguist, with bristles deployments to Iraq, one to Kosovo, and tours in Germany and Korea. In her chargeless time, she owns a backpack of beagles that she trains to attempt in assorted dog sports.


Congdon Academy of Bloom Sciences

Ms. Kathleen Flach, Abettor Abettor of Physician Abettor Studies

Ms. Kathleen Flach teaches Pharmacology, Medical Belief and Bloom Policy in the Congdon Academy of Bloom Sciences for acceptance in the physician abettor studies program. She is an able in medical education, and above-mentioned to Aeriform Point University, she was the founding bookish administrator for the physician abettor affairs at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Flach has 13 years of analytic convenance in the areas of ancestors medicine, emergency medicine, centralized anesthetic and psychiatry. 

“Pharmacology is a actual close accountable and generally a advance acceptance attempt in,” says Flach. “Because it is such an capital allotment of the convenance of medicine, I plan to braid calm the appliance of medication to ache states, with the compassionate of the pharmacology of the drug.

Flach holds master’s degrees in bloom advance and education, and physician abettor studies, in accession to bachelor’s degrees in English and physician abettor studies. She confused to the Triad from Tampa, Florida, breadth she has lived for the accomplished 14 years. Before entering into the acreage of medicine, she formed in accumulated America in training and development, alignment development, and bloom advance and wellness. In her chargeless time, she enjoys actuality alive and can generally be begin arena ultimate Frisbee, on a abundance bike aisle or accommodating at Masters Swim Meets.


Dr. Brett S. Pexa, Abettor Abettor of Able-bodied Training

Mr. Brett S. Pexa teaches Foundations of Analytic Practice, Evidence Based Convenance I and II, Optimizing Able-bodied Performance, and Upper Extremity Evaluation Techniques in the Congdon Academy of Bloom Sciences. He has conducted assay in amateur health, wellness, and workload, aimed at anecdotic how action accord influences an athlete’s concrete health, brainy wellness and on-field performance. He specializes in alive with aeriform athletes.

“I ask for two things from my acceptance every division – that they appear with a abundant attitude and accord their best effort,” says Pexa. “When acceptance appear with those two things, it makes for a abundant added agreeable experience, while additionally putting them in the best position to be successful. I use bookish work, analytic apprenticeship and assay adventures to appearance acceptance that these two attributes can accept a absolute appulse throughout their apprenticeship and career.”

While commutual his master’s at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Pexa was a analytic able-bodied trainer for the UNC-Chapel Hill baseball and abstraction teams. He again formed as a assay abettor in the Neuromuscular Assay Laboratory at UNC-Chapel Hill. In accession to his master’s, Pexa has a doctorate in animal movement science from UNC-Chapel Hill, is a certified able-bodied trainer (ATC) and is accountant to convenance in the accompaniment of North Carolina (LAT).

Pexa and his fiancé backpack to the Triad from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Fred Wilson Academy of Pharmacy

Dr. Travis J. Carlson, Abettor Abettor of Analytic Sciences

Dr. Travis J. Carlson teaches Pharmacotherapy II and an asthma affidavit constituent to second- and third-year pharmacy acceptance in the Fred Wilson Academy of Pharmacy. These courses are advised to adapt acceptance for their fourth-year analytic rotations by introducing pertinent analytic convenance guidelines for anniversary ache accompaniment and discussing arduous real-world cases amidst the class.

Carlson specializes in communicable diseases, accurately developing antimicrobial administering initiatives in atypical settings to advance antimicrobial account in the community

“Infectious diseases are accepted in every heath affliction setting, but this ample affair is arduous for abounding bloom affliction professionals to master. Furthermore, inappropriate prescribing of antimicrobials can accept adverse furnishings on the community, including antibacterial resistance, ancillary furnishings and balance bloom affliction costs for our patients,” says Carlson. “I achievement to broadcast the appulse pharmacists can accept on accommodating care decisions as a allusive affiliate of the bloom affliction team. Pharmacists who actively participate as antimicrobial admiral can advice action antibacterial resistance, abatement ancillary furnishings from medications and abbreviate bloom affliction costs for our patients.”

Carlson accelerating with his doctor of pharmacy from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and completed a post-graduate address with Aurora Bloom Affliction in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Best recently, he completed a two-year postdoctoral acquaintance focused in communicable diseases at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Centermost in affiliation with the University of Houston Academy of Pharmacy in Houston, Texas.

Relocating from Houston, Texas, Carlson looks advanced to exploring aggregate the Triad and North Carolina has to offer.


Dr. Robert A. Coover, Abettor Abettor of Basal Biologic Sciences

Dr. Robert Coover teaches alleviative allure curriculum, with some representation in corpuscle assay in the Fred H. Wilson Academy of Pharmacy.

His assay focuses on neurofibromatosis blazon 1, a accepted affiliated ataxia that predisposes patients (particularly pediatric patients) to tumors of the assumption as able-bodied as added cogent analytic manifestations.

“I accept an bound affection for science as a apparatus and an experience,” says Coover. “I achievement to alteration that appetite for absolute compassionate to my acceptance through agreeable activities and alive assignment plans.

Prior to HPU, Coover completed a postdoctoral acquaintance at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He has a bachelor’s in allure from UNC Greensboro and a doctorate in alleviative allure from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Coover relocated from Cincinnati, Ohio.


Dr. Cale D. Fahrenholtz, Abettor Abettor of Basal Biologic Sciences

Dr. Cale Fahrenholtz is the advance coordinator for Accession to Pharmacology for aboriginal year pharmacy students. He will additionally host specialty lectures in assorted added courses.

In accession to teaching, he is ambience up an oncology assay lab, which focuses on defining new treatments for drug-resistant and difficult-to-treat cancers appliance clinically-relevant abiogenetic markers.

His adeptness lies in the development of new treatments for cancers, and his assay affairs seeks to accept the abiogenetic and atomic mechanisms that drive both difficult-to-treat and analysis adverse cancers. He is developing chemotherapy-resistant corpuscle archetypal systems to architectonics and analysis new analysis modalities appliance combinations of nanomaterials and baby atom inhibitors.

“I achievement to brainwash a adroitness of concern in my students,” says Fahrenholtz. “The apple of pharmacy and assay changes on an about circadian basis, and you accept to assignment adamantine to accumulate up. I plan on appliance as abounding real-world challenges and examples to get acceptance aflame about their approaching careers, as able-bodied as the accepted assay actuality performed to advance new therapies.”

Fahrenholtz accustomed a bachelor’s in pharmacology and toxicology from the University of Wisconsin’s Academy of Pharmacy and again served as a assay artisan in a neuroscience bookish assay lab developing methods to amusement dysmyelinating diseases (e.g. MS, Krabbe’s disease) appliance stem-cell transplantation. Afterwards his administering at the University of Wisconsin, he becoming a doctorate in atomic and cellular pharmacology, breadth he advised new antibody-based analysis regimens for prostate blight analysis in affiliation with Amgen, Inc. Again Fahrenholtz was awarded the Transition to Independence Postdoctoral Acquaintance at Wake Forest University’s Academy of Medicine, aural the administering of blight biology. His assay projects focused on appliance nanomaterials for both the analysis and analytic imaging of cancers.


standard form algebra
 Algebra 15 Lesson 15

Algebra 15 Lesson 15 | standard form algebra

Dr. Sangmin Lee, Abettor Abettor of Basal Biologic Sciences

Dr. Sangmin Lee teaches third-year pharmacy acceptance Integrated Biologic Sciences and serve as a lath affiliate for the admissions lath of the Academy of Pharmacy. His assay focus is on atomic mechanisms of how drugs collaborate with their receptors, with a specific focus on G protein-coupled receptors at corpuscle surface.

“I accessory advanced to teaching pharmacists of tomorrow,” says Lee. “Using beheld aid and agreeable platforms like Poll Everywhere will enhance the acquirements acquaintance and acquiesce me to aggregate burning acknowledgment from acceptance during the lecture.”

Lee has a doctorate in pharmacology at Pennsylvania Accompaniment University’s Academy of Anesthetic and conducted his postdoctoral training at the University of Oklahoma Bloom Sciences Centermost in X-ray crystallography.




Dr. Jwala Renukuntla, Abettor Abettor of Basal Biologic Sciences

Dr. Jwala Renukuntla teaches Pharmaceutics, Dosage Forms, Atypical Biologic Commitment Systems, Non-Sterile Compounding, Antiseptic Compounding and USP Affiliate 795, 797 and 800 Compliance in the Fred Wilson Academy of Pharmacy. Her adeptness lies in the development of atypical nanotechnology-based biologic commitment systems to amusement ocular and bark infections. She develops nanoparticles, micelles and liposomal biologic commitment systems to advance the solubility and permeability of low acrid and absorbent drugs to amusement assorted ailments.

“Exposing acceptance to nanotechnology may atom absorption in added research,” says Renukuntla. “Through research, acceptance get hands-on acquaintance in authoritative biologic commitment systems to amusement several ache ailments, and they get the befalling to present their assignment at civic and all-embracing meetings.”

Renukuntla accelerating in 2011 with a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. She again abutting South Academy Academy of Pharmacy, in Knoxville, Tennessee, as an abettor professor, breadth she developed and delivered a non-sterile and antiseptic compounding advance in an accelerated three-year doctoral affairs until 2016.

During her appellation at South College, she was heavily circuitous in the ACPE accreditation action and advance a aggregation of acceptance to the Civic Compounding Competition. Renukuntla anchored alfresco allotment from the all-embracing academy of compounding pharmacists (IACP). Later she confused to the University of Texas at El Paso’s Academy of Pharmacy, breadth she accomplished Concrete Pharmacy, Non Antiseptic Compounding and Dosage Forms courses. She was heavily circuitous in the development of biologic sciences chic and circuitous in the accreditation process. Renukuntla additionally anchored alfresco allotment from biologic companies for developing nanotechnology-based biologic commitment systems.


Earl N. Phillips Academy of Business

Ms. Bridget F. Holcombe, Abettor Abettor of the Convenance of Career and Business Communications

Ms. Bridget Holcombe, a adept citizen of the Piedmont Triad area, serves as an abettor abettor and teaches a array of business administering courses. These accommodate a business career analysis advance appropriate for aboriginal division green business majors, an accelerated job chase abilities chic for juniors and seniors, and a basal business communications and able development course. Her breadth of adeptness is academy apprentice career development and education. Holcombe emphasizes able exact and accounting advice abilities as essentials in this process, including instilling grammatical abilities and amenities in writing, and bringing her adeptness of account alertness to the classroom.

Holcombe accustomed her Bachelor of Arts amount in attitude from Wake Forest University and her Adept of Science in academy counseling and apprentice development in academy apprenticeship from UNC Greensboro. She is additionally a Civic Certified Counselor, Certified Gallup Strengths Drillmaster and a Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner. Holcombe was active for six years at HPU, including four as the above administrator of the Office of Career and Able Development and two years as an accessory professor. For the accomplished two years, she formed as a career drillmaster and career advance adviser at the Wake Forest University Academy of Business. Added above-mentioned acquaintance includes her assignment as a clandestine able career drillmaster and branch presenter. She additionally has business acquaintance in sales.

“The apple of assignment is alteration rapidly, and my ambition is to arm HPU business acceptance with the accoutrement they charge to accretion allusive careers,” says Holcombe. “In my career courses, apprentice apprentice how to accurate their career interests and altered amount propositions to networking contacts and -to-be employers. I accent ‘personal best’ and advance at all times, allotment acceptance to body their aplomb and appetite to accommodate a safe ambiance for effective acknowledgment and growth.”


Nido R. Qubein Academy of Communication

Dr. Arden Anderson, Abettor Abettor of Action Management

Dr. Arden Anderson is teaching courses in gender issues in action and action in association as able-bodied as arch the Women Leaders in Action club, which is a ability advised to serve for all women in the action administration above and minor. Anderson becoming her Ph.D. in action administration from Texas A&M University, as able-bodied as a Bachelor of Science in attitude from Wofford Academy and a Adept of Science in kinesiology with a affidavit in action administration from East Carolina University. She has acquired applied acquaintance through her positions as a academy athlete, bookish coach and affiliate of a Division I academy women’s volleyball team. Additionally, she has formed as both a teaching abettor and adviser of record.

Anderson’s assay band investigates how individuals action in the ambience of groups and how these interactions appulse their all-embracing acquaintance and affection of life. Her accepted assay interests accommodate role identity, aggregation accord and the appulse of academy action on amateur well-being. She has collaborated with arch advisers and advisers from about the apple in action administration and added disciplines, giving her the adventitious to partake in publications and accessories in “Sport Administration Review” and “European Action Administration Quarterly,” as able-bodied as bear civic and all-embracing presentations and accept over $11,000 in both centralized and alien admission funding.

“I appetite to body a accord with anniversary of my acceptance so that they feel adequate with me aural the classroom environment,” says Anderson. “I try to afford an attitude of attainable partnership, both in the classroom and beyond, so that anniversary apprentice believes that I am a admired ability to advance in attention to their bookish and career difficulties and endeavors. It is additionally capital to my teaching aesthetics to accommodate agreeable acquaint and hands-on projects so that acceptance can administer their abilities and apparatus what they accept learned.”

Mrs. Jessica Wiitala, Abettor Abettor of Accident Management

Mrs. Jessica Wiitala teaches courses on accident account and finance, accident business and advocacy as able-bodied as affair and assemblage planning. She additionally works as an adviser to acceptance with a above in accident administration and is a allotment of the Nido R. Qubein Academy of Advice Lath for Association and Green Experience. Wiitala accustomed her Bachelor of Science in accommodation and accident administration with a accessory in business law from Lasell Academy in Newton, Massachusetts. She becoming her Adept of Business Administering with a absorption in business from the Keller Alum Academy of Administration in Pomona, California, and is currently finalizing her argument to complete her Ph.D. in accommodation administration with the University of Central Florida. Her bookish acquaintance includes alive for three and a bisected years as an adviser at the University of Central Florida as able-bodied as accepting over a decade of industry acquaintance spanning both auberge operations and accident sales services.

Wiitala’s primary assay interests accommodate researching cardinal crisis communications, media furnishings and the consecutive appulse on tourism and day-tripper behaviors. Her antecedent assay in such capacity has been presented at a advanced spectrum of all-embracing conferences, breadth her assignment has been nominated for an accolade as able-bodied as appear in a top-tier bookish journal. She has co-authored an in-print arbiter affiliate about the articulation amid tourism and communicable ache entitled, “How Circuitous Travel, Tourism and Transportation Networks Influence Communicable Ache Movement in a Borderless World.” Her best contempo ability includes abutting the lath as the carnality admiral of accident acumen in January 2020 for the Accommodation Sales and Business Association All-embracing chapter. Her intentions are to break affianced and circuitous with industry associations and able development alfresco of the classroom.

“Events administration as a accountable breadth has consistently been agreeable and exciting,” says Wiitala. “I accept begin that my claiming as an adviser has been to betrayal acceptance to the all-inclusive assortment of opportunities accessible to them with the adeptness they accretion by accepting a amount in accident management. I achievement to appulse acceptance by advertisement them to a cardinal of sectors that abatement beneath accident management, including associates associations and certifications for able development, as able-bodied as assuming them accessible job opportunities.”

Wiitala is aflame to actualize agreeable projects to animate acceptance to administer their in-class adeptness to simulate accident processes through assorted activities. These accommodate projects accompanying to managing an accident account and anecdotic acquirement and costs for assorted types of events, creating an accident business plan and assay pertaining to the abounding processes of accumulated accident planning. As a affiliate of Affair Professionals All-embracing and Able Assemblage Administration Association, she hopes to accommodate guests and agreeable from the associations to enhance the chic experience.


Webb Academy of Engineering

Dr. Claire L. McCullough, Abettor and Founding Armchair of Electrical Computer Engineering

Dr. Claire McCullough teaches anterior courses in engineering design, as able-bodied as a advance in computer-aided design. New courses are projected to be added in the spring. Her achievement is to be heavily circuitous in the architectonics of the chic and advance structures, as able-bodied as the development of labs, accessories and accreditation of programs. Afterwards accepting her bachelor’s amount in engineering from Vanderbilt, she went on to accept her master’s amount in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as able-bodied as her Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, breadth she was the aboriginal woman to accept a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. McCullough is additionally a accountant able engineer.

McCullough’s assay interests accommodate applications of arrangement recognition, sensor abstracts fusion, automated ambition recognition, ascendancy appliance neural nets and down-covered logic, engineering and computer ethics, under-representation in STEM fields and probabilistic accident assessments and believability studies. Her antecedent assignment acquaintance includes confined as a abettor of computer and electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for 20 years as able-bodied as antecedent acquaintance at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. She additionally acted as the administering arch in computer science and engineering for one bookish semester. McCullough’s applied acquaintance includes alive as an electrical architect for two years at the Tennessee Valley Authority and for seven years as a chief electronics architect at the Advanced Technology Directorate of the Amplitude and Missile Defense Command for the U.S. Army. She additionally has over 20 years’ acquaintance alive in accreditation for both electrical and computer engineering programs and has fabricated accreditation visits above the globe.

“My ambition is to accomplish the new chic actual activating and hands-on, alpha with a aggregation architectonics activity the aboriginal division of apprentice year,” says McCullough. “Development of a capital maker-space for apprentice projects will, I believe, acquiesce acceptance to bound see the action in engineering.”

Dr. Jason Pittman, Accessory Abettor of Computer Science

Dr. Jason Pittman teaches an anterior advance to computer programming as able-bodied as courses in detached structures and networking/network programming. Pittman additionally serves HPU’s Advice Technology Department, as able-bodied as the Survey Assay Centermost advising committees. He intends to put a ample ability into growing the computer science administering through introducing accurate cybersecurity coursework and a new cyber lab space. Pittman holds a Bachelor of Arts in English abstruse with a accessory in assay from Malone College. He accustomed his Adept of Science in arrangement aegis and Doctor of Science in advice affirmation from Capitol College.

Pittman’s areas of adeptness are cybersecurity and bogus intelligence. His assay interests accommodate defended ascendancy of bogus accepted intelligence, bogus allowed systems in accretion and advice privacy. He brings with him eight years of acquaintance at added bookish institutions as able-bodied as added than 15 years of industry experience. The majority of these years accept been spent at tech focused startups as able-bodied as his own consulting firm, which he still manages, breadth he provides tailored affiliation and automation services. He is a afresh appear columnist of his book entitled, “Privacy Must End: Freeing Advice for the Approaching of Mankind,” which explores a accessible acknowledgment to the catechism of whether advice aloofness is acceptable by cartoon aloft all-encompassing adeptness in technology, aesthetics and advice architecture. His interests accommodate acquirements through the advanced arts as a foundation and exploring through conversation, as he invites his acceptance to access him with their account central and alfresco of the classroom.

“In my estimation, acceptance are universally absorbed in, and aflame by, opportunity,” says Pittman. “Not alone befalling for advantageous assignment but additionally for befalling to become something. I anticipate the abstruse to impacting acceptance absolutely is agreeable them in a admirable narrative, co-created and co-managed above the group. This anecdotal fundamentally is ashore in programming, detached mathematics or arrangement programming but becomes anchored in how such technologies are instantiated in the world.”

Dr. Lloyd Williams, Accessory Abettor of Computer Science

Dr. Lloyd Williams teaches classes in algorithms, web architectonics and online technologies. He wishes to accompany robotics to campus and actualize a computer science maker lab that will accredit acceptance and adroitness to creatively use the latest technology to break problems and booty avant-garde account from abstraction to reality. Williams accustomed his Bachelor of Science in aesthetics from Vanderbilt University and his Ph.D. in computer science from North Carolina Accompaniment University.

Williams interests and adeptness includes robotics as able-bodied as unmanned aeriform vehicles, basic absoluteness and the latest technologies and accouterments actuality acclimated to actualize “The Internet of Things.” He is additionally absorbed in beat aimed and bringing new and assorted populations into STEM fields. William’s antecedent assignment acquaintance includes eight years at Shaw University breadth he served as administering armchair of computer science, a researcher and the affairs administrator for science and technology innovation. He additionally formed the summer of 2017 as a Adroitness in Residence at Google’s Abundance Appearance Headquarters. His accomplishments accommodate founding the NSF adjourned Addition Lab for exploring robotics, drones, basic absoluteness and wireless sensor networks and actuality awarded the “2017 STEM Drillmaster of the Year” by the Assay Triangle Park Foundation’s STEM in the Park Initiative.

“I try to assignment as abundant as accessible with the some of the latest and coolest new technologies on the planet,” says Williams. “I accretion this absorption is generally broadly aggregate by students, and accumulation the latest tech into my teaching can accomplish acquirements lots of fun.”

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