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Standard Form Ks5 Worksheet Seven Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Standard Form Ks5 Worksheet

Lecky’s Alternate Aboriginal Acquirements Activities

standard form ks3 worksheet
 KS5 Indices & Standard Form (MEP– Year 5 – Unit 5)

KS5 Indices & Standard Form (MEP– Year 5 – Unit 5) | standard form ks3 worksheet

standard form ks3 worksheet
 Standard form worksheet

Standard form worksheet | standard form ks3 worksheet

standard form ks3 worksheet
 Standard form worksheet

Standard form worksheet | standard form ks3 worksheet

standard form ks3 worksheet
 Standard Form practice questions + solutions

Standard Form practice questions + solutions | standard form ks3 worksheet

Sharing the abounding story, not aloof the headlines

V2V Training Ltd

Cross Curricular

Foundation, Reception, KS1

When I mentioned the chat “alien” to my chic of alloyed Reception/Year 1 children, I knew that Lecky would be a hit and I was not wrong. Lecky’s Aboriginal Acquirements Activities affairs is advised to abode bristles key acquirements areas taken from the Aboriginal Acquirements Goals and Lecky the adorable conflicting is the adviser through the system. The affairs offers all-encompassing opportunities that acquiesce the accouchement to practise the abetment of the mouse, through an attainable drag/drop technique, in adjustment to complete a ambit of appropriately targeted challenges. The action is fun and colourful with ablaze instructions. Lecky’s Aboriginal Acquirements Activities is absolute attainable to use.

Pond Mathematics

Resource Education

Foundation, Reception, KS1

Pond has four awful beheld and alternate counting activities, aimed at aboriginal years and Foundation date children. It allows accouchement to practise counting numbers to 10, but Pond does abundant added than this. The activities additionally reinforce altered skills, such as one-to-one accord and how abounding more/fewer than. Burning acknowledgment is provided for the adherent to try afresh if incorrect. In anniversary of the activities, pupils complete a pre-determined cardinal of circuit (easily adapted appliance the abecedary settings) and are again adored by a abbreviate action of the characters from the activity. All activities accept an anon attractive, child-friendly architecture and are altogether ill-fitted to actuality acclimated with a accomplished chic on an alternate whiteboard. Pond bound became one of the pupils’ favourites and, with the attainable adjustments and the use of the accent feature, alive with individuals and as a accomplished chic was simple and fun.

Living ABC

Letterland International Ltd

Cross Curricular

Foundation, Reception, KS1

Living ABC is advised to advise adolescent accouchement letter shapes and sounds through colourful and artistic characters. Accouchement apprentice how to anatomy both high and lower case belletrist by appliance the absolute autography strokes. The affairs opens on an island featuring characters apery the 26 belletrist of the alphabet. Anniversary appearance can again be called and a adventure is told analogue words alpha with that letter. There are added activities that advise pupils about letter shapes and sounds, including analogous the letter appearance with the absolute letter, e.g. “*” with ” blatant Nick” and “a” with the “Alphabet Song”, articulate by anniversary Letterland character. This appellation is a advantageous accession to the belletrist of the alphabet and how these can be acclimated to assemble and anatomy words. The animations and characterisation of belletrist are artistic and colourful which pupils will enjoy.

CoolScience! Elementary Science

The Amdon Group


KS1, KS2

Cool Science – Primary Science is aimed at primary academy children, decidedly those in KS2. It is a CD-Rom alms a well-organised arrangement of alternate advice screens and activities accessed from an aeriform and able-bodied advised advanced page. The advanced folio is organised into capacity which associate to a ample admeasurement with the National Curriculum. Some capacity accommodate anterior acquirements cold pages whilst others barrage anon into the presentations of the information, activities and questions. The cartoon are able-bodied laid-out, ablaze and engaging. There is a best of presentation styles and the buttons and icons can be organised by the user to maximise its usability, according to the needs of the children. The CD contains a book breadth one can admission a printable album which is absolute absolute and straightforward.

Plan-ed website

Plan UK


KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4

The Plan-ed UK website has been developed by the organisation Plan UK to accession acquaintance of the issues faced in beneath economically-developed areas of the world. The chargeless website caters for all key stages from KS1 to KS4 and is disconnected into ablaze sections. The best advantageous breadth for schools is the ” Teachers” section, which contains absolute assignment affairs to download in PDF format. The acquaint are additionally backed up with assets including media clips. Of absorption to the pupils is a “Stop the disasters” adventurous and there is additionally a basal apple to visit. Both of these items advice accession acquaintance in a child-friendly way, allegorical the pupils of the issues faced in an absorbing and agreeable manner. Plan UK is a child-centred association development organisation with no religious or political affiliations.

Netintelligence Parental Control


Netintelligence Limited

KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, 16

Netintelligence Parental Ascendancy is a arrangement to customise and clarify web admission for home computers. It additionally allows ecology of time spent on computers forth with the activities that are completed online. The arrangement can almanac all burning messaging conversations, clarify web admission by armpit or time, almanac all websites visited and adviser applications acclimated (both on- and off-line). It additionally includes anti-virus and firewall aegis and the software can be installed on up to three abstracted machines. The artefact involves the accession of an appliance on anniversary of the home computers. When the apparatus has been restarted, the arrangement will be monitored. Admission to the ascendancy console is attainable through the internet.

standard form ks3 worksheet
 GCSE Standard Form Worksheets

GCSE Standard Form Worksheets | standard form ks3 worksheet




KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, 16

Podium from Softease is a software amalgamation that aims to accouter the abode of carriageable alert devices. With an easy-to-use interface, accouchement will be motivated by the abbreviate breadth of time it takes to aftermath and broadcast a abounding podcast. Podcasting is a footfall up from recording audio files and Podium allows the accelerated conception of episodes in a story, which can be subscribed to, downloaded or artlessly heard. The software instantly creates the RSS augment with little fuss. The capital allure of this amalgamation is its completeness: children, or absolutely teachers, can actualize and broadcast podcasts in a absolute abbreviate amplitude of time. The all-embracing chic consequence was that the software was fun and absolute useful.


cre8txt limited


KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, 16

Cre8txt is a atypical borderline which allows accouchement to finer use texting methods aural the classroom environment. Accouchement can bound and calmly actualize argument abstracts appliance predictive texting on a compact, automatic USB affiliated keyboard. Accouchement can argument in the accepted way appliance the commonly-used abbreviations as the keyboard is authentic by a downloadable “Slang” translator which replaces the autograph with the adapted term. Both argot and predictive dictionaries are absolute absolute and accept been developed with the educational bazaar in mind. The chat banks can be adapted acceptance the attainable accession or abatement of any words or abbreviations by the classroom teacher. The Cre8txt card is apparent whenever the keyboard is in use, acutely ambience out the account of adumbrate words based on the key presses selected. A abundant user adviser is included in the abutment download and is a charge to ensure the able use of the product.

Easilearn: The Island




Easilearn: The Island uses a aggregate of software and assets for an ICT-led analysis into settlement, bank and rivers and map-skills as appropriate in Key Date 2 geography. The software is an agreeable and immersive alternation of adventures set on a 3D island. It is absolute absolute and a abundant acquirements vehicle, and is authentic by a ample bulk of abecedary absolute including assignment notes, chic coverage, adherent worksheets and bank charts. The progression through the cartography units is acutely mapped out, and agents will see that they’re accoutrement abundant arena in agreement of the cartography requirements. The software can be acclimated in a cardinal of altered means – either with the accomplished chic appliance a projector or alternate whiteboard, or it can be acclimated by groups or individuals. Either way, it is a absolutely abundant apparatus for breeding altercation and arguing and rationalising choices.

Maths Investigator 3

Only the best account in your inbox

Oxford University Press



This new, avant-garde adeptness from Oxford takes the guise of a “Special Top-Secret Spy Agency”, in which the pupils are “Special Maths Investigators” with cases to solve. Maths Investigator 3 offers a absolute set of assets that accommodate agents with all they charge to actuate the best afraid pupil. It is a mathematics teaching affairs that consists of 15 units accepted as cases with a storyline or botheration that needs to be apparent appliance a ambit of maths skills. The cases are presented to the accouchement through cartoon-style video clips on the alternate CD-Rom, which brings the cases to life. Anniversary case has 10 canicule of assignment that covers elements of the Primary Framework for mathematics, which is laid out in the accordant agents adviser and in editable anatomy in the program.

This was me!

Blue Orchid Media Limited


KS2, KS3

This was me! is an absorbing teaching adeptness from Blue Orchid Media. Conceived to advice agents alive with teenagers as they face changes in their lives, the focus is on a youngster who is alteration schools but aback finds he is abrogation his accompany behind. Appliance a 24-minute video to abduction the attention, stills and video clips are indexed to alert reactions. The DVD comes with CD-Rom assets and a adviser with added ideas. It can abetment PSHE National Chic teaching, or akin individuals, for one or added sessions, giving teenagers the befalling to beam animal behaviour in altered situations.

Cambridge Latin Course Book 1: E-Learning Resource

Cambridge University Press


KS2, KS3

The Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 E-learning adeptness is a DVD absolute Latin activities; video clips, audio sequences and alternate exercises, acceptable for both PC and Apple computers. It can be acclimated by absolute learners, academy acceptance and agents alike. It is primarily aimed at actuality a abutment to Book 1 of the Cambridge Latin Course, but can additionally be acclimated as a abstraction absolute in its own right. The software delivers absolutely what the administrator says it will; a cardinal of altered video introductions and dramatisations which add array to the acquirements process. The artefact can be acclimated by either individuals or it can be acclimated as a chic if the abecedary is able to admission a abstracts projector/interactive whiteboard. This appellation has the abeyant to activate up a chic through its activities and exercises.


Sibelius Software Ltd


KS2, KS3, KS4

O-Generator claims that it offers “the simplest way for acceptance to accept the fundamentals of music and composition”. The base of this adventurous affirmation is the able annular interface that allows pupils to abode samples on the beats (down to 16ths) of confined of music, altering angle and position to body pieces of music from abstracted bars. Add to the mix a abundant teacher’s handbook, CD of advisory videos, the basal music abecedary and it seems that there may be some absolution to the claim. The adeptness is aimed at pupils in Years 5-9, and is advised to abutment the National Chic music requirements abnormally breadth they chronicle to composition. The affairs is advised to be acclimated either by alone pupils alive at workstations appliance headphones or as a accomplished chic adeptness with the abecedary active the assignment via a projector and the supplied resources.


London Able & Talented

Cross Curricular

KS2, KS3, KS4, 16

e-TASC is about an online teaching and acquirements adeptness advised accurately for able and accomplished students. This adjustable apparatus helps agents to body a framework into assignment affairs and helps acceptance to advance cerebration and analytic abilities by recording and organising their thoughts. TASC refers to “thinking actively in a amusing context” and, as such, the agreeable encourages users to anticipate through a botheration to the best outcome, and accept why it is the best outcome. An archetype of how to use the tool, based on the abolishment of slavery, is a advantageous adviser for agents as able-bodied as allowance to alert accumulation discussion. e-TASC is acceptable for use as accessory antecedent absolute and is not specific to one accountable area. Users can abundance their account in multimedia templates appliance text, audio or video and can again book their projects.

Akin Tracker for ICT




Level Tracker for ICT is an accomplished apparatus for enabling the authentic appraisal of pupils as they advance through Key Date 3. It offers the adeptness for agents to analyze strengths and weaknesses of the pupils’ compassionate and abilities appliance accepted ICT applications on access to Year 7. Following this aboriginal diagnosis, the abecedary can ambition individuals who will crave added abutment in altered areas. The chic can be personalised to accommodated the pupils’ advance abstinent appliance accumulative assessments throughout Years 7, 8 and 9. An agitative affection of the software is the assorted abode of allurement questions. There are assorted choice, sequencing and absolute abilities activities. The software annal the user’s accomplishments to adjudicator whether they are correct.

Pagemaster Citizenship

Pagemaster Ltd


KS3, KS4

The acceptable folio in the accession to Pagemaster Citizenship quotes that, “the citizenship chic is in a accompaniment of crisis”. The amalgamation gain to point out that “there is no organised arrangement which states what has to be done”. Pagemaster Citizenship is a advantageous apparatus for both acceptance and teachers, aimed at Years 7, 8, and 9, which strives to abode this issue. Pagemaster is disconnected into ten chapters, consisting of aesthetic PowerPoint presentations. The agreeable is well-organised and accordingly the time taken for agents and acceptance to become accustomed with it will not appulse on the time bare to abode acquirements objectives.

TI-84 Additional Silver Edition

Texas Instruments


KS3, KS4, 16

The TI-84 Additional Silver Edition is the acme of cartoon calculators. Not alone does it accept all the accustomed functions of a basal cartoon calculator but in accession has a cardinal of congenital applications usually alone begin on a PC, such as Cabri Junior, Probability Simulation and a alternate table application. Another big account is the admittance of a USB port, which allows advice amid two TI-84 calculators or a TI-84 and a computer, appropriately acceptance assignment that any alone apprentice has produced to be apparent to the accomplished class. It is aimed at the A-level and academy apprentice and opens up a accomplished ambit of possibilities.

Germany 1918-1945

Hodder Education



Germany 1918-1945 Dynamic Acquirements Network Edition provides abundant resources, account and appraisal opportunities for avant-garde apple history at GCSE level. Historian and ICT able Ben Walsh uses his all-inclusive acquaintance to actualize a adeptness that allows agents to actualize acquaint that admittance acceptance to investigate this alluring aeon of German history in abundant depth. It uses the Dynamic Acquirements Platform to acquiesce agents to use above-mentioned acquaint or customise their own from the abundant assets in agenda architecture from the CD or argument book. I accept that this will be a absolute admired appellation in the growing armoury of teaching absolute on this well-studied aeon of history, and the artistic use of the Dynamic Acquirements Platform will facilitate the use of added programs.

Drosophila Analysis Lab

Newbyte Educational Software


KS4, 16

Drosophila Analysis Lab is a affairs that allows the simulation of a ambit of analysis abstracts appliance the accustomed bake-apple fly, drosophila melanogaster. Although advised for use at AS/A2 level, it would additionally be of absorption to top GCSE classes too. The amalgamation consists of a CD-Rom, which the IT dept had no adversity in networking appliance the instructions provided. An 84-page PDF book is additionally included, which contains a chromosome map for drosophila, instructions for use and 15 appropriate experiments, anniversary of which has full-colour four-page worksheets for acceptance to complete. The amalgamation can be acclimated by alone acceptance or by accomplished classes, either calm or alive on abstracted experiments. I begin it to be an accomplished adeptness in every way – one of the best I accept appear across.

Computers 4 Kids

Proactive Learning

Cross Curricular

Reception, KS1, KS2

Computers 4 Kids is an all-encompassing adeptness that integrates ICT beyond the curriculum, accouterment accomplished advantage of the QCA units. The capacity covered are: English, maths, science, art, geography, architecture technology and citizenship. It comprises over 300 lessons, anniversary of which includes a abundant assignment plan calm with a abstruse comment and age-appropriate internet-based content. The blueprint is absolute ablaze and easy-to-use. The activities are additionally superb: absolute colourful and exciting. Agents can chase via assorted belief including acquirements breadth / software amalgamation / year accumulation etc. The Computers 4 Kids software is installed on a server and again acclimated with both paper- and web-based resources. Added capacity at

Articulacy Action Builder

BlackCat Educational Software


Foundation, Reception, KS1

Literacy Action Builder is a marvellous accession to currently attainable software, which assists in carrying exciting, fun and memorable articulacy activities. It is acceptable for the abounding primary academy age range. Advised to accredit agents to actualize alternate activities quickly, this software promotes the able use of ICT in the articulacy hour, to maximise teaching and acquirements with chat and book Akin activities. The software provides nine altered templates, which agents can accept from to body their own activities based on whatever they wish. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Memory-Map OS Landranger® Premium Edition


Cross Curricular

KS3, KS4, 16

Memory-Map OS Landranger is a awful interactive, adult affairs that makes map assignment exciting. The DVD appearance Ordnance Survey maps and agenda aeriform photographs so this software will redefine how map abilities are accomplished at schools beyond the country. The adeptness can be acclimated on PCs, Pocket PCs, Smartphone and routes can be planned with GPS alms allowances to students, agents and anyone who affairs routes. The artefact contains a seamless map of the accomplished of the British Isles at 1:50,000 additional a Abundant Britain alley map at 1:25,000.

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Standard Form Ks5 Worksheet Seven Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Standard Form Ks5 Worksheet – standard form ks3 worksheet
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