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“When Johnny comes cossack home again
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We’ll accord him a affable acceptable then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will acclamation and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all changeabout out
And we’ll all feel gay
When Johnny comes cossack home.”

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One hundred eleven years ago, a handsome 19-year-old sailor alleged Homer Baker with boilerplate amber beard and dejected eyes, aloof below 5’10” and belief 158 and a bisected pounds, sailed into San Francisco anchorage aboard the U.S.S. New Jersey breadth he’d been a messenger.

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The New Jersey was allotment of an fleet including 16 battleships and 14,000 sailors that fabricated up President Teddy Roosevelt’s Abundant White Fleet, on a 14-month, 43,000 abyssal mile boating about the angel to authenticate American aggressive might.

Their accession in every anchorage was an blow of aberrant accommodation and excitement, abnormally for San Francisco still convalescent from the 1906 earthquake. The charcoal that remained everywhere were briefly brightened by a bonfire of red, white, and dejected pennants proclaiming, WELCOME OUR FLEET; endless kinds of souvenirs awash briskly, and a huge affectionate array of accoutrements of sailors and Marines, bounded and civic dignitaries, and assumption bands anesthetized below a backwoods of behemothic American flags alternating Market Street to Van Ness Avenue to Washington Street and aback again.

“The old abbey alarm will bang with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To acceptable home our angel boy,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The angel lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we’ll all feel gay
When Johnny comes cossack home.”

But for Baker and addition sailor, 24-year-old Thomas Keene, the affair was anon over. They were answerable with and begin accusable of sodomy and angry over to bounded police. Baker was bedevilled to six years and Keene to ten years in California’s abominable San Quentin prison. The Navy had no best aegis ability on the west bank and paid a fee to the accompaniment for apartment any felons for them.


“Get accessible for the Jubilee,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We’ll accord the hero three times three,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The account band is accessible now
To abode aloft his loyal brow
And we’ll all feel gay
When Johnny comes cossack home.”

The attending in Baker’s 19-year-old eyes in his booking photo reflects all of the shock, the sadness, the anguish that one can brainstorm every one of the tens of accoutrements of added sailors acquainted over the decades aback they, too, were bent in the Navy’s net of homophobia which was added abandoned and cruel than any of the added branches.

“Let adulation and accord on that day,
Hurrah, hurrah!
Their choicest pleasures afresh display,
Hurrah, hurrah!
And let anniversary one accomplish some part,
To ample with joy the warrior’s heart,
And we’ll all feel gay
When Johnny comes cossack home”

How would he tell, what would he acquaint his ancestor and mother, Ellis and Clara Baker, and his little brother Dorr aback in New York about why they wouldn’t be accepting any added postcards from him from about the angel while his assembly sailed on as America’s newest heroes?

The additional photo, taken at San Quentin afterwards his arch had been baldheaded and his sailor clothing surrendered for bastille stripes, seems to reflect an attack to adumbrate the abhorrence he allegation accept acquainted about what his activity would be like abaft those confined alike if the added inmates didn’t acquisition out why he was there.

Baker became a accurate artisan in the bastille architecture administration breadth Keene formed as a carpenter. Accepting some grace, both served beneath time than their sentences; Baker four years and Keene six years, bristles months.

Deepest acknowledgment to San Francisco historian Bill Lipsky for administration his arresting analysis and photos.

1916. “Recommended, ‘That the commandants and advantageous admiral of the argosy training stations be instructed to account lectures or talks to be accord to apprentices below training, ambience alternating the attributes of such offenses [sodomy, animal perversion, etc.], the accountability of all parties concerned, and the actuality that the administration insists aloft astringent abuse actuality meted out in all cases.” – Adjudicator Apostle General of the Navy.

1919. As accurate by Lawrence Murphy in Perverts by Official Order: The Attack Adjoin Homosexuals by the United States Navy, 1988, the Navy’s aboriginal of several abominable witch-hunts began at the Newport, Rhode Island, Argosy Training Station, acceptance started absolutely on his own action by pathologically anti-gay Machinist’s Mate Ervin Arnold.

Having transferred from San Francisco, he’d been told to ahead an alive sailor-civilian gay underground in Newport. Aural a ages of accession he had already begin it with his allowance for accepting gay sailors (and civilians) to allotment the best affectionate capacity with him about their own and others’ sex lives (which he afterwards wrote bottomward for approaching reference).

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Soon he was recruiting sailor “operatives” to spy on added sailors and doubtable noncombatant gays at the Army/Navy YMCA, clandestine residences, and bounded canoeing spots, acceptable some to accept sex with them if they believed it all-important to allure them. He acclimated at atomic 41 evidently beeline sailors (though all weren’t), some as adolescent as 16, for the months-long “investigation.”

Apparently it was a statute larboard over from Angel War I that enabled the Navy to go afterwards civilians for homosexual acts such as the witch-hunt’s closing primary noncombatant target, Episcopal priest Samuel Neal Kent, acutely accepted for his assignment as a clergyman at the abject hospital during the huge 1918 affliction epidemic.

It banned anyone aural ten afar of a aggressive accession of accepting addition “for the purpose of lewdness, affair or corruption into any vehicle, conveyance, place, anatomy or building.” They chased Kent beyond added than one state, but he was begin innocent at two trials afterwards angrily abstinent sometimes inconsistent accusations by added than one sailor that he had affected sex aloft them in his house, car, and on a boat.

Needing money to abutment his attack and some affectionate of official imprimatur with which to recruit added “operatives,” Arnold went to a abject doctor who, as an officer, was able to absorb added and added college ups, arch to the captivation of Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt.

The aftereffect was not abandoned the ruining of several lives and bastille sentences for some but a United States Senate analysis that accursed all involved, including Roosevelt for causing “innocent” adolescent sailors to appoint in corruption to allure others. Note the Senate was not arresting the absolute “perverts.” Roosevelt connected to assert that he had had no ability that such approach were used, and, as I’ve ahead written, I accept him.

He absolutely wasn’t afterwards some accusation for not allurement for absolute capacity of their “investigation” methods, but the daybed was already engulfed in bonfire aback he sat bottomward on it, and he wasn’t to apprentice until it was too backward aloof how hot the blaze was.

The blaze wasn’t put out until Kent’s allies both in the abbey and the columnist about blew advanced accessible the witch-hunt.

Like all the branches, the Navy decidedly airy its ban on gays during WWII in acclimation to aerate the troop backbone required. But one still bare to be careful. Sarah Davis from tiny Independence, Iowa, whose appellation was “Sammi,” abutting in the Navy WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) in 1943 for “the adventure, the excitement. I was activity to save the angel for democracy. I admired the aggressive life. I admired the discipline. I admired the order. I admired the marching, and the tunes.”

Though WAVES could not serve aboard action ships or aircraft, they accurate them; Davis was an Aviation Machinist Mate Aboriginal Chic at the Argosy Air Station in Vero Beach, Florida, and wrote account belief for the Argosy Flight Exhibition Team in Jacksonville.

Before serving, she remembered she hadn’t heard “anything about actuality queer. Didn’t alike apperceive that chat existed aback I went into the Navy. We acclimated to go to the confined accessible to lesbians, and hug and kiss and so on, but we had to accumulate things below control. And we absolutely couldn’t accede advantageous admiral who ability be lesbian, because you could get into big trouble. You had to anatomy relationships actual carefully and privately.”

After the war, she was interrogated during a witch-hunt, a allotment of the changeabout the aggressive did already they no best bare so abounding troops afterwards mostly “looking the added way” for four years. She survived by breaking up with her lover, and abstinent she knew added gay women, and was ultimately accustomed an atonement discharge. But she told documentary filmmaker Arthur Dong that, “[I]t fabricated me very, actual attentive for years and years. It took abroad what ability that I anticipation I had. It bankrupt my spirit, really, a lot. And that’s been adamantine to recover, actual hard.”

The Navy had become the best adamant annex already again; and the affectionate of lectures the Navy Adjudicator Apostle General had answer in 1916 became added formalized.

During this time the Office of Argosy Intelligence and Argosy Investigative Account (NIS) became abominable for their decidedly acute homophobia.

They acclimated the aforementioned tactic all the branches did. Pressure one doubtable gay actuality to name others; able added acceptance treatment, maybe alike retention, if they do, and added astringent abuse and abasement such as contacting their parents if they don’t.

For his battleground study, Conduct Unbecoming, Randy Shilts begin that amid 1986 and 1990, 3663 investigations resulted in 5951 discharges.

1957. US Argosy Academy graduate, WWII adept of argosy battles, and retired Rear Admiral Selden Hooper’s medals included a Silver Star and two Bronze Stars.

But years afterwards his retirement, his name was accustomed during such an interrogation, and afterwards utilizing at atomic “four agents of the Office of Argosy Intelligence, two of them commissioned officers, [who] accustomed a stakeout on the roof of a adjoining house, beginning they could observe, with the aid of binoculars, the goings on in the Admiral’s bedroom,” he was court-martialed for and begin accusable of sodomy, conduct of a attributes to accompany discredit aloft the Armed Forces, and conduct awkward an administrator and a gentleman.

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He was about ashamed and, acceptance six years of accustomed appeals, was bare of his rank, pension, and added retirement benefits.

The aforementioned year the Navy went afterwards Hooper, they commissioned a abstraction alleged The Crittenden Report. While not advising an end to the ban, it did acclaim a beneath acrid action afterwards absolute that, adverse to the anti-Communist agitation during the Red and Lavender Scares, gay account associates didn’t affectation a greater aegis blow than heterosexual personnel, that abounding had served advantageously afterwards actuality detected, and that “the abstraction of homosexuality as a analytic article has been discarded.”

Yet it was kept abstruse by the Navy for about 20 years until appear in the adventures of Copy Berg.

After spying on the outstanding Annapolis alum and Navy blazonry for months the antecedent year and coercing at atomic one sailor to falsely affirm that he had performed sex on him adjoin his will, the Navy kicked Berg out in 1976 with a beneath than atonement discharge. On his aftermost day, he’s ordered by Lieutenant Administrator C. W. Albaugh to rip the abject admission sticker off of his car’s bonanza in cloudburst rain.

“The affliction delivered the adapted humiliation. By the time he had alternate the coarse charcoal of a parking sticker to Albaugh and was accessible to leave the abject for the aftermost time, Copy was soaked, his dress white compatible splattered with mud.” – Conduct Unbecoming.

As added women were actuality accustomed into the aggressive and into jobs ahead bound to men, sexism affiliated with homophobia to accomplish their lives added difficult than ever. Amid 1980 and 1990, women fabricated up 11% of the alive Navy force but were 22% of those absolved for actuality gay; and Black women were disproportionately added kicked out than white women or men and Black men.

In 1980, months afterwards 61 women were the aboriginal to be accustomed to serve on the USS Norton Sound, 23 were actuality accused of actuality lesbians in a about adamant and barnyard investigation, including eight of the nine African-American women. Eventually bargain to eight below an aberrant spotlight from boilerplate media, the two that were kicked out afore the witch-hunt was aback chock-full were Black.

1981. Proof that authentic applesauce plays a role in bigotry was approved during Mel Dahl’s attack to action his discharge, one of at atomic 1976 sailors kicked out that year – some 800 added than all account associates absolved during the worse year of DADT. As accompanying in Conduct Unbecoming:

Dahl told a bi-weekly anchorman that there were abounding gays confined at the base, which spurred the Navy to barrage a abolition of what they accepted to be a massive arrangement of homosexuals at Abundant Lakes. In the advance of their investigation, NIS agents fabricated a amazing analysis – that homosexuals sometimes referred to themselves as “friends of Dorothy.” This cipher appellation had originated in the 1940s and 1950s and referred to Judy Garland’s appearance in the blur The Wizard of Oz. Anytime since, gay men had articular themselves as “friends of Dorothy.”

The NIS, however, didn’t apperceive the phrase’s history and so believed that a woman alleged Dorothy was the hub of an astronomic arena of aggressive homosexuals in the Chicago area. The NIS able to coursing Dorothy bottomward and argue her to accord them the names of homosexuals. In gay confined accepted to allure aggressive personnel, Dahl abstruse that NIS agents were allurement acicular questions about addition alleged Dorothy. Aback one adverse sailor accustomed he was gay in acclimation to get out of the Navy, NIS agents sat him bottomward and told him that they knew all about Dorothy. What they capital to apperceive from him was how to acquisition her. The sailor, who was too adolescent to apperceive the code, was baffled.

1987. Joe Steffan is kicked out artlessly for acceptance he was gay aloof weeks afore Annapolis graduation. Acceptance in Top 10 of his class, accepting alert represented the Navy singing “The Civic Anthem” afore televised Army-Navy Games, and actuality a Battalion Administrator over one-sixth of the Academy’s 4500 midshipmen, one above needlessly attempted to abase him by acclimation him to actually rip his Administrator stripes from his compatible account afore one of his hearings and afterwards accepted he acknowledgment his chic ring.

Both pre & post-Don’t Ask, Don’t Acquaint courts abandoned the abuse and rationalized his discharge, including one adjudicator who referred to him as a “homo.”

These few examples abort to alike draft the apparent of the Navy’s decades of ignominy. In the 15 years amid 1950 and 1965, the Navy abandoned kicked out at atomic 17,392 – about 400 added than all the added branches accumulated did during the absolute 17 years that Don’t Ask, Don’t Acquaint was law.

1989. Congressman Gerry Studds and Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder absolution to the accessible the PERSEREC studies that the Navy had denied existed because the advisers begin that “studies of homosexual veterans accomplish bright that accepting a same-gender or an opposite-gender acclimatization is different to job achievement in the aforementioned way as is actuality left- or right-handed” and assured that gays affectation “preservice suitability-related acclimation that is as acceptable or bigger than the boilerplate heterosexual.”

My final two belief allegorize the base ultimate autumn of the Navy’s decades of baneful homophobia afore the abolition of the ban in 2011 took the ability abroad from the idiots and the pathologically bigoted.

In 1989, afterwards a 16-inch gun turret on the U.S.S. Iowa exploded killing 47 crewmen, NIS leaked to the columnist that they believed the access had been accompanying to a adulation triangle amid two sailors, Clayton Hartwig, dead in the blast, and Kendall Truitt and Truitt’s wife. Hartwig’s activity allowance action alleged Truitt as his beneficiary. In abstracted interviews with Truitt and his wife, the NIS kept aggravating to get them to accept that the two men had been lovers and asked Truitt’s wife if she’d anytime had a three-way with them, if she and her bedmate had asperous sex, and if she’d been to bed with any of the added crewmembers?

The Washington Post reported, “The NIS delving is advancing at atomic two angles: that Truitt may accept triggered the access to affirmation the allowance money, and that Hartwig, blue over a breach in their relationship, acquired the bang in an attack to annihilate himself and/or Truitt….The NIS is investigating the achievability that Truitt may accept tampered with one of the crumb accoutrements beatific to the gun abode breadth Hartwig commonly worked.”

Later NIS absitively that Hartwig abandoned was amenable as a suicidal, mentally deranged homosexual, and his parents were sometimes about accosted by strangers, one saying, “Your son
is the gay guy who blew himself up on the ship.”

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After connected hours of claiming by NIS, a aggregation affiliate said Hartwig and sexually propositioned him, apparent him an atomic device, and had threatened to draft up Turret Two. Three canicule afterwards he recanted but NIS kept aperture his aboriginal claims to the media afterwards cogent them he’d recanted.

The CBS-TV affairs 60 Account apparent the bent approach by the NIS and the Navy’s affirmation acceptance affirmation to the adverse that the access was an act of demolition by a gay man. For his connected accessible aegis of Hartwig’s innocence, Truitt was denied permission to reenlist and larboard the Navy.

Congress captivated hearings criticizing both the NIS and the Navy. The cessation was that such an adventitious access was accessible and that the Navy’s denials and demonization of Hartwig were apprenticed by a abhorrence that the address would be retired which assuredly happened. Shilts: “Navy Secretary Lawrence Garrett III abeyant all alive firings from the big accoutrements on all of the battleships. As a Navy administrator had said six months earlier, the fate of the battleships rose and fell on the Hartwig adventure and now it had fallen. The battleship accoutrements would be bashful forever.”

Seventeen months and millions of dollars in analysis costs afterwards it began the Navy had absolved Hartwig and apologized to his family.

In October 1992, 22-year-old sailor Allen Schindler was viciously, atrociously baffled to afterlife by two shipmates for actuality gay. As The New York Times reported:

“I am assuredly activity to a appropriate place,” radioman Allen Schindler wrote on the aboriginal folio of a anemic blooming anthology he bought two years afterwards entering the Navy. The appropriate abode was the aircraft carrier Midway – “the mighty, boss Midway,” he alleged it – and the anthology was to be a almanac of his beatitude on board.

Evidently he accepted an constant happiness, for he numbered the cheers of the pages from 1 to 192. But in 1991 he was transferred to the Belleau Wood, a abate address with a acceptability for mayhem. As his progressively beneath clear entries attest, Allen was miserable.

At Christmas [his mother] Dorothy saw he had removed stitches from the logo on his cap, axis the B in Belleau into an H. What she didn’t apperceive was that the hell he was adversity was the hell of a gay man in abhorrence for his life. Allen Schindler admired the Navy and died of barren love; it alien him back, an bearding pulp, bugged alike to his mother, except for the badge tattooed on his appropriate arm – of the U.S.S. Midway.

Thanks to Box Turtle Bulletin’s Jim Burroway for his accomplished summary:

By the time his adolescent sailors got done with him, the abandoned identifiable affection larboard complete was a boom on his arm. While on bank leave in Sasebo, Japan, two bashed shipmates followed Schindler into a accessible bathroom in a park. Airman Charles Vins watched – and occasionally abutting in – as Airman Apprentice Terry Helvey kneed Schindler in the arm, punched him afresh on the floor, and stomped on him with the heel of his boot.

The pathologist declared Schindler’s anatomy as the affliction case he had anytime seen, and compared the blow to that of a “high-speed auto blow or a low-speed aircraft accident.” He additionally said that it was worse than addition case he had seen, that of a man who had been trampled to afterlife by a horse. The pathologist’s address actual a account of lacerations, contusions and abrasions of the forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin, neck, Adam’s apple, trachea, lungs, alarmist (which was “like a smushed tomato”) and, tellingly, penis. All but two ribs were broken, and both his lungs and academician had hemorrhaged.

The Navy balked the investigation. The annihilation occurred aloof as the pre-DADT agitation was accepting started over acceptance gays to serve in the military. The Navy banned to affirm how Schindler died or whether a weapon was involved. At one point, a Navy chief administrator leaked the adventure that Schindler’s annihilation was the aftereffect of a affair with Helvey gone bad.

Meanwhile, Schindler’s mother, Dorothy Hajdys, was kept in the aphotic by Navy admiral about what happened to her son or about the investigation. They alike approved Vins afterwards her ability and bedevilled him to four months in the brig. All the advice Dorothy accustomed about her son’s case came from the press. “If one added anchorman calls me with advice afore you do,” she told the Navy administrator in allegation of the case, “you haven’t alike heard me scream!” Two months afterwards the murder, Navy admiral assuredly accepted that Schindler had been dead in a gay bashing.

The Navy denied that they had accustomed any complaints of harassment. But as the analysis continued, it was boring appear that Schindler’s ship, the amphibian advance address Belleau Wood, was a active daydream for him. His locker had been alert attempt and he was the burden of common comments, like, “There’s a faggot on this address and he should die.” Schindler requested a break from the Navy, but his superiors insisted he abide aboard address until the action was finished.

During Helvey’s trial, it was appear that Helvey told one investigator that he had no anguish for the killing. “I don’t affliction it. I’d do it again. … He adapted it.” Helvey abhorred the afterlife amends by argumentation accusable to “inflicting abundant actual harm,” and was bedevilled to activity in prison. The ship’s captain who had approved to accumulate the abomination quiet was demoted and transferred to Florida. And Dorothy, around overnight, became an abrupt apostle for abhorrence abomination protections and for gays actuality accustomed to serve in the military.

Despite accepting accepted to the NIS that he had kicked Schindler in the arch and side, in barter for his affidavit adjoin Helvey – which they didn’t charge because of Helvey’s avaricious acknowledgment – Charles Vins served abandoned 78 canicule afore actuality discharged.

Each year, abutting by his mother, the Chicago Chapter of American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) conducts a canonizing at Schindler’s grave abreast the city.

“The old abbey alarm will bang with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To acceptable home our angel boy,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The angel lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we’ll all feel gay
When Johnny comes cossack home.”

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