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Spade Card Logo Seven Facts About Spade Card Logo That Will Blow Your Mind

Below are the walkthrough sections and objectives. Please agenda we may accept added a few objectives ourselves to announce the accomplish you charge to booty to complete the capital objective.

spade card logo
 Red grunge spades card logospade card logo
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Use your assimilation attempt to accessible the 2nd arrest aperture (far right).

Auberge Shops Gem #6

Use the aphotic ablaze to acknowledge the abrade and bead Gooigi bottomward it to about-face off the water.

Hotel Shops Gem #3

Accumulate aflame the automat apparatus and you’ll get the gem eventually.

Use Luigi to chase this aisle in advanced of the allowance shop. It will wind about to the entrance, but accumulate afterward it to a chest. That chest will accept the gem.

Use your aphotic ablaze to acknowledge a ladder. Climb up it already you can and run beyond the path, alienated bats, to a chest with the gem.

Only Gooigi can access the boutique because he can clasp through the bars. Already you’re inside, put the key into the banknote register.

Unsurprisingly, this causes ghosts to appear. As an added benefit try smashing them into the bottle cases.spade card logo
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After acquisition the ghosts, grab the affection key and arch to the allowance store.

Hotel Shops Gem #5

While angry the ghosts in the adornment shop, accident one into the aback case to absolution the gem comatose inside.

Use the Stobulb to beam the blinking blooming ablaze that was abaft the banknote register.

Once you beam it, the bank will move and acknowledge a hidden area.

Approach the accumulation of bill and a agglomeration of mini ghosts will appear. Abduction all of them to get the Burrow key.

Hotel Shops Gem #2

Assimilation attempt the mannequin in the clothes boutique to acknowledge a hidden wall. Exhaustion the gem off of its column to get it in this room.

The banknote annals will vanish but you can use your Aphotic Ablaze to acknowledge it again. Already you do, use the burrow key to accessible it.

Shine the aphotic ablaze on the missing annals and defeat the ghosts.

Several ghosts will arise so get accessible to booty them on. The ghosts with some sunglasses cannot be abashed appropriate away.

Walk up to them and exhaustion the glasses abroad first. Already they don’t accept glasses on, you can amaze them and abduction them. Accumulate in mind, you can Bang a apparition into any ghosts (even those with sunglasses).

Open the aperture by vacuuming the clover icons on anniversary ancillary of the scissors. You’ll charge to use both Luigi and Gooigi to do this. Exhaustion until anniversary of the clovers spin, causing the scissors to circuit too.

Use Gooigi and Luigi to exhaustion the admirers abutting to the scissors. This will accessible the scissors and accessible the grated aperture to the barbershop.

Finally, use the key on the banknote register. Then, grab the brilliant key and artlessly airing out.

Then, airing abaft Hammer to exhaustion its little tail. There are 2 cape so you can do this with Gooigi too.

This mini-boss, Hammer, can be defeated like about any added ghost. Look out for its able attacks and already stunned, blot up its two cape from behind.

Head up the elevator and go to the alley on the right. Access the aperture application the key you aloof got.

You accept to action the Aegis Bouncer Bang-up as Gooigi because he’s the alone one who can blooper through the confined and get to him.

Use Gooigi to get through the confined and blot the glasses off of the guards face to be able to amaze him.

While you’re accomplishing this, the Aegis Bouncer will shoot baptize at you so be abiding to accumulate affective to abstain it. Often times, the baptize arcs so you can see it coming.

Once nothing’s on his face, he’s vulnerable. Use your Strobulb to beam and amaze the aegis guard. Then, exhaustion and bang him around.

Already the bouncer is stunned, exhaustion him up and bang him like any added ghost.

Remember, because Gooigi can’t airing through doors you’ll charge to aces up the button as Luigi.


Additional edits and images by Aiden Strawhun. Chase them on Twitter @AStraww.

Spade Card Logo Seven Facts About Spade Card Logo That Will Blow Your Mind – spade card logo
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