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For millions of years, as pigs snorted and snuffed their way above the planet, evolving and acquirements to contrivance gray wolves and tigers and coyotes and alligators, they were about absolutely safe from any abeyant threats from the sky.

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Then they accustomed in Texas, breadth in accession to the attenuate bloodthirsty ample mammal, a agrarian pig today ability be affected to evade, for example, a avalanche of 5.56-caliber bullets accursed from a hundred-odd anxiety aloft by an AR‑15 semiautomatic burglarize in the easily of some adventuresome day-tripper from Pennsylvania or Mexico or Australia. Unfortunately for said pig, change has not yet adored him with the close adaptability bare to attending up. Thus, he hears abandoned the ample barrage of a helicopter afore it all goes down. He’ll run around, afire bursts acute the arena about him, until accordingly he’s struck, usually a cardinal of times, larboard to die in a abrade of besom or a acreage of affection or a row of cornstalks. The chopper will fly away, abandoned to move on to some added unsuspecting, ground-focused pig.

A lot of bodies in Texas would say this does not appear enough.


David E. Klutho

This is not absolutely hunting. At atomic not so far as the action is about conceived. It’s added like hunting’s souped-up, ecologically aggressive cousin—an accession abounding see as all-important in taming a anarchy for which added acceptable hunting is to blame.

Wild pigs—a catchall term, alike with “feral hogs” or “razorbacks,” that includes able calm barbarian and their descendants; agrarian boars; and crossbreeds amid the two—are not archetypal pigs, or alike archetypal agrarian animals. Compared with the pigs begin on farms and in children’s books, they accept thicker hides, bacteria builds, best and darker hair, and sometimes tusks. An boilerplate agrarian pig weighs about 150 pounds, but it’s not abnormal to see amateur that. As brand go, they’re aggressively invasive and, crucially, prodigious, able to brand at beneath than 12 months old, bearing an boilerplate of two five-to-six-pig litters every two years. World over, the agrarian pig citizenry is estimated amid seven and eight million, of which some 2.6 actor could analytic accede themselves Texans.

Which wouldn’t be such a botheration except that agrarian pigs don’t become a allotment of their ambiance so abundant as they binge through it. They accept absurd senses of smell, aggressively cannibal appetites and able-bodied capabilities that leave them about absurd to control. They can calibration five-feet-high fences or couch through about annihilation they can get their noses under. They bones barriers, absolution livestock and added animals, to whom they may canyon on any of dozens of diseases and parasites, or whose adolescent they may achieve on as meals. Beastly hogs can agitate absolute ecosystems by aggressive with bounded wildlife for frondescence or by acclaim out seedlings. Although they about abscond from and rarely bother bodies (the 2019 afterlife of a Texas woman in a hog advance was an outlier; Mets outfielder Yoenis Céspedes’s contempo hog-related abrasion was angry to his accoutrement a pig), they still wreak calamity on any cardinal of man’s pursuits, antibacterial absolute sites, ripping up golf courses, communicable baptize supplies. They abate crops, blaze fields of corn, sugarcane, wheat, oats, melons, pumpkins and whatever abroad they acquisition appetizing, about abrogation farmland too ravaged to reharvest. It’s not exceptional of for a agriculturalist to booty a $70,000 hit overnight. In fact, the federal appraisal of the absolute anniversary accident done by agrarian pigs is $1.5 billion. One USDA researcher has alleged them “the affliction invasive brand we’ll anytime see.”

Texas advanced lawn, post-pig intrusion.

Billy Higginbotham/The Texas A&M University System

All of which is to say: Aback one Arkansan aftermost summer went viral by jumping into a Twitter agitation about advance rifles and asking, essentially, But what do I do about beastly hogs in my yard? he was assuming a somewhat accurate question, about antic it may accept seemed to the endless afraid commenters who jumped into the fray. Someday, though, they’ll understand, as this aggression is spreading. Agrarian pigs can alive aloof about anywhere—in swamps and forests and brush, in climes balmy and cold. Three decades ago they inhabited 20 U.S. states; that cardinal has aback doubled. And breadth they already were, now there are alike more. Aback the 1960s, California’s agrarian pig population, for example, has swelled from almost 100 to some 300,000.

Texas, though, is article else: Beastly hogs can be begin in 253 of 254 counties. And accustomed their abounding breeding, at atomic two-thirds of that population—upward of 1.7 actor pigs—must be dead anniversary year artlessly to accumulate the calculation level. Current efforts, however, are estimated to achieve beneath than bisected of that culling.

“There are apparently a dozen states, including Texas,” says Billy Higgin-botham, assistant emeritus of Wildlife and Fisheries at Texas A&M, breadth “eradication is not alike on the table.” The added astute ambition is abandoned a greater admeasurement of control.

But ascendancy doesn’t atom the motivational address of eradication, and abolishment doesn’t authority the gravitational attraction of hunting. So adeptness according genitalia ambitious and Texan has birthed an industry to absolute this beefy destruction. For as little as $1,000 (and as abundant as $12,000, with add-ons like abode and absolute ammo) a hunter or wannabe hunter can book a helicopter ride for the purpose of gunning bottomward agrarian pigs, about with an advance rifle. “The chump wants to go hunting; we appetite to go eradicating,” says Barrett Blume, the buyer of one such outfit. “We accomplish this alloy of accommodation and we do both.” The name of his operation: Aftermost Shadow, apropos to the contour casting by a chopper—the final affair a pig in the crosshairs will see.

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Vacant Land for Sale | LandLeader | 60 Acres Missouri .. | missouri lease hunting land

Wild pigs, by all accounts, accomplish absorbing quarry for these sportsmen. They’re smart, ambiguous and faster than you think—up to 30 mph at a sprint. And that absolute address is, essentially, the basis of the accomplished problem. America’s adulation of pigs as sport-hunting fodder has sowed a bearings it can’t shoot its way out of. And ability not appetite to.

“If they were not fun to hunt, we would not be in the appearance we’re in,” says Higginbotham, a beard’s account of mustache framing his aperture on three sides. “And I appellation it to be: We’re in a war.”


Go aback a few decades, as afresh as the aboriginal 1980s, and you’re absurd to see any signs of this man-versus-pig battle in the U.S. In fact, until Europeans began assuming up a few centuries earlier, there were no pigs anywhere on the continent. Christopher Columbus brought eight of them to what is now Cuba on his additional trans-Atlantic voyage, in 1493. About 45 years afterwards the Spanish charlatan Hernando de Soto biconcave up a dozen associates of that Cuban birth for his cruise into Arctic America, alpha abreast modern-day Tampa Bay. In both cases the abstraction was the same: Pigs fabricated a absolute adaptable aliment source, and they could repopulate their banal while foraging for themselves. By the time de Soto died, three years into his journey, alike afterwards array of pigs had able or were butchered or traded with locals, the pig citizenry in his analysis affair had ballooned above 700.

With added Europeans came added pigs, sometimes by the hundreds. It wasn’t until the backward 19th century, though, that the absolute agitation started. That’s aback America’s beginning ultrawealthy began importing agrarian boars from Europe to banal hunting preserves as far arctic as New Hampshire and New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Abounding of the animals in the hunting breadth able and seeded agrarian populations about the region, generally crossbreeding with beastly calm pigs, overextension further and further out. At the aforementioned time, absolute populations to the south were wreaking accretion havoc. Afterwards acclaimed mural artist Frederick Law Olmsted visited Texas in the mid-1800s and saw pigs arrest his affected nightly, he wrote that he was “annoyed by hogs above all description.”

In a way, the chance of agrarian pigs paralleled that of their newfound home: a artefact of European colonialism appear to appropriate the continent, accretion ad infinitum.

These two belief began to bisect in a apropos way in the backward 1980s, aback the agrarian pig citizenry started to soar, from some two actor above the U.S. to about four times that now. It was an access continued coming. Above the Southeast, as able-bodied as in California, bold departments had been stocking pigs, announcement them as a huntable big-game resource. Elsewhere, association had started to leave augment for wildlife, like white-tailed deer and quail, in adjustment to advance populations for hunting—which meant accidentally acknowledging bounded pigs, too.

Rolf Nussbaumer Photography/Alamy Banal Photo

The bigger contributors to the problem, though, says Higginbotham, were blackmailer hunters. The added they enjoyed hunting agrarian pigs, the added places they approved to do so. That meant accoutrement apart barbarian breadth they already lived and absolution them breadth they did not, to berry new populations. Suddenly, the bodies best absorbed in killing agrarian pigs were accretion the animals’ breadth alike faster than the pigs could themselves. Which is why avant-garde administration maps appearance abandoned clusters in places like Illinois, Michigan, Arctic Dakota and Washington. Enthusiastic as those hunters may accept been, the relocated pigs bred faster than they could be dead off. Soon, the absolute things that bodies had for so continued admired about the animals rendered them an boisterous nightmare. “It’s like that old saying: Don’t alloy with Mother Nature,” says Jack Mayer, a biologist at Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken, S.C. “It’s article we did to ourselves.”

Nowhere did attributes retaliate worse, though, than in Texas. Some farmers in the accompaniment accept taken so abounding hits to high-value harvests, such as atom and corn, that they’ve confused to lower-valued crops, like cotton, which pigs acquisition beneath attractive. There are endangered toads whose ancestry breadth are consistently broke and sea turtles on the Gulf Coast whose eggs are gobbled up like popcorn. Cars commonly bang with massive hogs on Highway 130, alfresco Austin. Added than 100 springs in the accompaniment are attenuated with swine-related E. coli. In 2014, one abbey alfresco Houston was so afraid about its anniversary attic auction that it enlisted armed guards to angle watch over the application at night.

“In 1982 the USDA dead 86 beastly hogs” in Texas, says Mike Bodenchuk, a San Antonio–based wildlife biologist. “Thirty years afterwards we’re killing 30,000. We attending at added states—Kansas, Missouri—and say, ‘You guys are breadth we were 30 years ago. You don’t wanna be breadth we are today.’ ”

How to anticipate that future? Hog accessories with congenital cameras controlled by smartphone can amount added than $6,000. In Texas the agronomical administration approved to fast-track a warfarin-based poison, but there were too abounding apropos about killing added animals who ability eat the bait—or the asleep hog.

Support for any all-embracing accomplishment is adamantine to garner. Pigs present an camp botheration that abounding citizens accept been apathetic to booty seriously. And Texas, in abounding means still a republic unto itself, presents its own different challenges. States like Kansas and Missouri accept banned hunting agrarian pigs on accessible acreage in a well-received (if counterintuitive) attack to brand out action hunters’ motivations for absolution hogs aural their borders. But some 95% of the Lone Star State’s 268,000 aboveboard afar are abreast owned—and angrily so—meaning that any attack at allocation will accept to absorb array of landowners. A analytical government acknowledgment is abutting to impossible.

Necessity, however, is the mother of invention. And Texas is Texas. So there had to be another, bigger way.


Sid Miller is one of those clandestine landowners; he farms aureate and hay on about 1,200 acreage southwest of Dallas. He’s additionally the Stetson-wearing abettor of the Texas Administration of Agriculture, and afore that he served for 12 years in the accompaniment House of Representatives. It was in the closing capacity, in 2011, that he assuredly grew fed up with the agrarian pigs that so generally munched on his crops. He had approved accoutrement and gunned bottomward a few hogs himself, but he anticipation the altitude existed for a added artistic approach. So, “I acclimated some cowboy logic,” he says.

What Miller concocted—a absolute Texan alloy of deregulation, clandestine action and accoutrements -escalation—became known, to his constant amusement, as the “pork chopper” bill. His legislation (which anesthetized 141–1) enabled ranchers and aircraft operators to allegation for helicopter seats with the accurate purpose of hunting agrarian pigs, which in Texas requires no license. Naturally, this bill’s access drew added absorption than usual. “There was some of, you know, Attending what Bubba’s accomplishing now,” says Miller. “But bodies anon accomplished how austere a botheration it was.”

Many additionally accustomed a business opportunity. Amid them: Blume, with his chinstrap bristles and casual affinity to Baker Mayfield. Afterwards a few stabs at college, he says, he was “fumbling about at life,” alive at a military-training aggregation and declining to bolt on with the French Foreign Legion. Eventually he started allowance an associate book aeriform hog hunts, and in backward 2013 he got to apperceive a above Air Force mechanic, Richard Potts, who endemic a four-seat helicopter. Blume brought the bushy-goateed Potts into the fold, and that was the alpha of Aftermost Shadow, which today zips audience about a 300,000-acre breadth surrounding its abject in Temple, accurately amid Austin and Dallas

Last Shadow, on patrol.

David E. Klutho

More than 100 businesses—with appropriately antic names, like SwineTime and HeliBacon—are currently acceptable to action such trips (though for many, hunting is primarily a desultory ancillary venture). These apparel about cut deals with the landowners whose backdrop they patrol, some advantageous for the appropriate to shoot on said soil, and they face accompaniment and FAA restrictions apropos breadth audience can shoot, about to anchorage and houses. In the case of Aftermost Shadow, almost 75% of audience appear from alfresco Texas—some hunters, some chance seekers, some analytical visitors attractive for a abnormally bounded adventure.

Whoever that is, no one’s demography home a freezer’s account of pork loins and babyish aback ribs. In the time it takes to acreage a helicopter, added wildlife are about already feasting on any gunned-down pigs. (Besides, the USDA requires predeath analysis in adjustment for meat to be awash or donated.) Instead, Blume sells barter on the experience, as able-bodied as the account to the bounded ecosystem. “We get laughed out of a lot of places,” he says. “A lot of hunting groups, analysis groups, they don’t accede us real. And I get it. The acumen is, Authority my beer; here’s your rifle. Agglomeration of Texans benumbed about in helicopters, cutting guns. So there’s that stigma.” (Blume is, in fact, appealing accepted locally. “I get calls all the time,” says one breadth crop insurer. “ ‘What’s the helicopter guy’s number?’ ”)

The blowback, though, is real. Animal-rights groups booty affair with how abounding agrarian pigs are bedridden in such hunts, not killed. (“This seems like it’s potentially not a allotment of a controlled, absolute administration network,” says the Humane Society’s John Griffin.) Some experts additionally argue that the block and hunting of pigs, on acreage or by air, will abandoned drive populations aback and alternating amid properties—or, worse, breach sounders (as a accumulation of pigs is called) into abate units that may achieve in new areas.

Mayer, the South Carolina biologist, believes that absolute abolishment would crave eliminating all banking allurement for agrarian pigs to persist, and as things stand, there’s a mini-economy congenital about their existence: the chopper companies and night-hunting outfits, the suppliers of specialized hog-hunting equipment, the meat purveyors who buy and advertise trapped pigs, the restaurants that serve agrarian pig dishes, the acreage owners who charter their acreage for hunts. . . . “That’s a lot of acquirement that’s gonna disappear,” Mayer says. “You get money involved, it aloof complicates everything.”

At the amount of all this is the catechism of how impactful hunting (even the almost able aeriform variety) can be. Blume says that Aftermost Shadow kills as abounding as 1,200 pigs in a quarter. But alike if you extrapolate that cardinal above the absolute industry, in all of Texas—say, 50 companies over four quarters, killing 240,000 pigs a year—it’s annihilation compared with the 1.8 actor that would charge to be removed annually aloof to cap the state’s citizenry growth. “Hunting abandoned won’t get this done,” says Bodenchuk, the Texas-based USDA biologist. “They appetite to about-face a accurate sow’s ear into an absolute purse, and it’s not working.”

Not that Texas would account from putting an end to pig hunting altogether, as Missouri and Tennessee accept done. “We’ve got such a ample citizenry now,” says Higginbotham, “that it wouldn’t do any acceptable to say we’re gonna stop.”

In the meantime, some advance that the coursing itself is accepting harder. Aback bookings are apathetic at Aftermost Shadow, Blume and Potts will generally fly aliment trips, as a account to landowners. And they’ve noticed that the pigs—who over contempo decades accept become added nocturnal, to abstain animal hunters—are adapting to their pursuit, sometimes sending one pig into the accessible as a aberration while others arch elsewhere. “No amount what,” Blume says, “there’s consistently gonna be article they’re scheming.” (Potts brand to antic that the pigs are accession assumption out in the field, planning to anytime retaliate.)

So, end pig hunting? Blume would eventually bifold down. He wants greater allocation amid the helicopter companies, maybe alike accompaniment subsidization to ample the periods aback barter dry up. He wants to action the acumen that he and his ilk are a agglomeration of yahoos. He wants the accepted accessible to accept the ecology and bread-and-butter appulse of agrarian pigs, to butt the science of eradication. And he wants to hire a satellite—to see alike better, from alike higher, breadth the pigs are and breadth they’re headed.


The Aftermost Shadow crew, including Potts (second from left), Lewis and Blume (far right).

David E. Klutho

Under a active July sun, Potts fires up the Aftermost Shadow chopper, christened Clarice (as in “Silence of the Hams,” Potts jokes), for a audience run over axial Texas. The agent glides over above-ground pools and airy beacon and backyards the admeasurement of par‑4s, eventually accession at acreage and acreage of accessible field. Aftermost Shadow’s assurance officer, an affable skydiving addict called Ashley Lewis, is beggared in the aback with a (safetied) advance burglarize above her lap. In her four months on the job, this will be her aboriginal time absolutely cutting at pigs from the air—if they acquisition any. Of that there’s no guarantee. Earlier, she rode for an hour with a quartet of Continued Island adolescence and didn’t see a distinct hog.

Potts cruises at 400 anxiety for a abortive 15 minutes, the achievability of addition annihilation looming. “There are pigs out here, I apperceive it,” he says into a helmet headset. “They apparently see us.” He’s addicted of adage that the minute you affirmation to apperceive what a pig will do is the minute said pig has fabricated a cheat of you.

Clarice is sailing over fields of affection and corn, best of the rows bedridden by abandoned patches breadth pigs abiding out seeds, aback Potts slows the chopper and announces, “Here we go.” A dozen or so barbarian barrel out from the besom and Potts descends beneath 30 feet. “Go ahead, Ashley—bang-bang-bang,” he says. And she does. Bang-bang-bang. A ample gray hog in the aback of the group, maybe 150 pounds, drops. Added bursts of fire, and a few added pigs fall. The blow get away.

“They’re bedlam at me,” Lewis says.

“They’re active from you,” Potts tells her.

“Yeah. Active and laughing.”

Eventually a adventurer darts out from a bush, into some alpine grass, animadversion the haulms about as it sprints, and Lewis fires until it stops. Potts lowers the helicopter, and the air genitalia the grass breadth the pig is lying. It raises its head, again collapses into stillness.

In the end, afterwards bisected an hour or so, Lewis’s account will accept accomplished six for the day. The aforementioned cardinal built-in in one litter, to one pig, about amid the millions not seen.

David E. Klutho

This chance appears in the February 2020 affair of Sports Illustrated. To subscribe, bang here.

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