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In West’s atomic accent at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, he addressed the altercation – and bidding he alone has adulation for everyone. “People appear up to me like, ‘Man, that’s right. Booty bottomward Taylor.’ Bro, I adulation y’all. That’s why I declared her,” he said. - Archives: 2011November 1, 2011The Law of .. – Archives: 2011November 1, 2011The Law of .. | claim form great west life

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While Kardashian West declared beforehand this year that she was “over” their feud, Abrupt afresh opened up about the affliction in her best all-embracing annual in years, for Rolling Stone’s October 2019 awning story, and offered some new acumen into her ancillary of the story.

More than 10 years afterwards the night that started it all, we’re demography a attending aback at the boring history of their drama, from the rapper’s now-infamous date blast to Tay’s best contempo comments.

The moment that started it all. Aback Abrupt was awarded the moon man for Best Female Video for “You Belong with Me” in 2009, West climbed the stairs to arrest Swift’s accepting accent with the now-infamous proclamation, “Yo, Taylor, I’m actually blessed for you, I’ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!” Shortly after, a abashed Abrupt told reporters, “I was continuing on date and I was actually aflame because I’d aloof won the accolade and again I was actually aflame because Kanye West was on date … And again I wasn’t aflame anymore afterwards that.”

“I anon knew in the bearings that it was amiss and it was a spectacle,” West said, additionally advertence the access to a admixture of “sincerity and alcohol” on Ellen. “It’s actually someone’s affections that I stepped on. It was very, it was rude, period. I’d like to be able to apologize to her in person.”

“Kanye did alarm me and he was absolute aboveboard in his apology, and I accustomed that apology,” the “Blank Space” accompanist told ABC Radio in 2009. “The abutment I got from added artists and from the fans, and so abounding bodies afraid up for me, that’s what got me to the abode area I could acquire that apology. And I’m aloof absolute beholden that anybody showed me so abundant love.”

Swift performed “Innocent” off her anthology Allege Now at the 2010 MTV VMAs. The song is said to be about the rapper: “It’s all appropriate / Aloof delay and see / Your cord of lights is still ablaze to me / Who you are is not area you’ve been / You’re still an innocent / … It’s accept / Activity is a boxy army / 32 and still growing up now.”

“I don’t accept one regret. If anyone’s annual this cat-and-mouse for some blazon of full-on, collapsed acknowledgment for anything, they should aloof stop annual appropriate now,” he told the New York Times. “I have, as a animal being, collapsed to associate pressure.”

The brace were photographed calm at the awards show, which sparked rumors of a abeyant accord that West was quick to amusement in an annual with Ryan Seacrest. “She wants to get in the studio, and we’re actually activity to go in,” he said. “Any artisan with an amazing point of view, perspective, fanbase, I’m bottomward to get in the flat and work. I don’t discriminate.”

“I feel like I wasn’t accessible to be accompany with him until I acquainted like he had some array of annual for me, and he wasn’t accessible to be accompany with me until he had some array of annual for me,” she said in the magazine’s August 2015 issue. “We haven’t planned [any collaboration] … But hey, I like him as a person. And that’s a actually good, nice aboriginal step, a nice abode for us to be.”

“I aboriginal met Kanye West six years ago – at this show, actually!” she joked while introducing West. “It seemed like anybody in the apple knew about our abominable appointment at the VMAs. But article that you may not apperceive is that Kanye West’s anthology College Dropout was the absolute aboriginal anthology my brother and I bought on iTunes aback I was 12 years old. I accept been a fan of his for as connected as I can bethink because Kanye defines what it agency to be a artistic force in music, actualization and, well, life. So I assumption I accept to say to all the added winners tonight: I’m actually blessed for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Kanye West has had one of the greatest careers of all time!”

“Awwww Kanye beatific me the coolest flowers!! #KanTay2020 #BFFs”, wrote the “Out of the Woods” accompanist on Instagram, dabbling fun at the rapper’s advertisement that he’s planning on active for admiral in 2020 during his Video Vanguard Accolade accepting speech.

Courtesy Taylor Abrupt

West’s “Famous,” off his anthology The Activity of Pablo includes the aloft dig at Swift. Afterward backlash, the rapper took to Twitter, claiming that he had gotten permission from Abrupt to name-drop her afterward an hour-long buzz chat with the star.

Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Jaime King, amid added associates of Swift’s squad, took to amusing media to abode West’s “Famous” lyric. The singer’s adolescent brother Austin alike acquaint an Instagram video of himself “spring cleaning,” which showed the beginning amateur trashing his Yeezy 350 Boosts.

Kevin Winter/WireImage

The accompanist got the aftermost chat (for the moment) aback it came to the “Famous” incident. Upon accepting her Grammy for anthology of the year in February 2016, Abrupt alongside addressed West’s “Famous” lyric while accompanying carrying a super-empowering speech. “[A]s the aboriginal woman to win anthology of the year at the Grammys twice,” Abrupt said, “I appetite to say to all the adolescent women out there, there are activity to be bodies forth the way who will try to attenuate your success or booty acclaim for your accomplishments or your fame.” She continued, “If you aloof focus on the work, and you don’t let those bodies apprehend you, anytime aback you get area you’re going, you’ll attending about and you will apperceive that it was you and the bodies who adulation you who put you there, and that will be the greatest activity in the world. Acknowledge you for this moment.”

“She actually accustomed that,” Mrs. West said in the July affair of GQ that year. “She actually knew that that was advancing out. She capital to all of a abrupt act like she didn’t. I swear, my bedmate gets so abundant s— for things [when] he actually was accomplishing able agreement and alike declared to get it approved.”

A agent for the “New Romantics” accompanist was quick to animadversion on the matter. “Taylor does not authority annihilation adjoin Kim Kardashian as she recognizes the burden Kim charge be beneath and that she is alone repeating what she has been told by Kanye West,” the annual started off. “However, that does not change the actuality that abundant of what Kim is adage is incorrect. Kanye West and Taylor alone batten already on the buzz while she was on vacation with her ancestors in January of 2016 and they accept never appear since. Taylor has never denied that chat took place. It was on that buzz alarm that Kanye West additionally asked her to absolution the song on her Twitter account, which she beneath to do.”

Kanye Releases the “Famous” Music Video

West appear his NSFW music video for “Famous” – and, of course, it wasn’t afterwards controversy.

The video additionally opened with a atom of Abrupt and accomplishments audio from that acute night at the MTV Video Music Awards. Then, aggressive by Vincent Desiderio’s 2008 Sleep painting, naked sculptures akin Swift, George W. Bush, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kanye, Kim Kardashian West, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby all lay naked, lumped calm on a ample bed with a atypical bed area accoutrement them.

Swift’s acquaintance Lena Dunham airtight West for the video in a Facebook post. She wrote that while she has no beef with West personally, she acerb objected to the video and apprenticed the rapper to abstain gender stereotypes and the objectification of women’s bodies. She declared the music video “sickening” and “disturbing.”

Kim Explains Why She Talked About Taylor

On a July 2016 adventure of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the ancestors discussed the longstanding altercation amid Kanye and Taylor in abundant detail, as able-bodied as Kanye’s arguable bluster during his actualization on Saturday Night Live, area he was recorded backstage calling Taylor fake.

When West’s abettor declared Kardashian West to let her apperceive about the leaked audio recording from SNL, she got upset, admitting West didn’t assume too bothered. “My full-time job is your publicist,” she told her husband. “I affliction what bodies think.”

“Kanye says what he wants and he has no clarify … and some bodies may not accept that,” Kardashian West added during her interview. “Usually I try to breach aloof and aloof accord moral support.”

She was assuredly accessible to booty activity aback it came to that GQ interview, and she explained to sister Kourtney Kardashian, actually why she acquainted the charge to allege out.

“I never allocution s— about anyone publicly, abnormally in interviews. But I was aloof like, I had so had it,” she said “I capital to avert him in it. She legitimately, quote, says, ‘As anon as I get on that Grammy red carpeting I’m gonna acquaint all the press. Like I was in on it.’ ”

“And again she aloof didn’t like the reaction?” Kourtney asked.

“Yeah, and you apperceive aloof addition way to comedy the victim,” Kardashian West answered. “It actually got her a lot of absorption the aboriginal time,” – referencing aback Kanye jumped on VMA date – “I aloof don’t anticipate he should be punished for it still to this day.”

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“I feel like I’ve had it with bodies aboveboard alleviative my bedmate a assertive way and authoritative him attending a assertive way, and I’m gonna say how I feel,” Kardashian West said during her interview. “Kanye is consistently so honest and speaks his mind. And you know, aback we were aboriginal dating, bodies would consistently allocution s— and he consistently had my back. At this point, I actually don’t accord a f— so I’ll do whatever to assure my husband.”

She again went on to add that Abrupt alike helped West carbon the lyrics aural the song.

“I’m so animated that you said the truth,” Kourtney told her sister. “Yeah, I’m aloof speaking the truth,” Kardashian West replied.

At the end of the episode, Kardashian West sat bottomward with momager Kris Jenner to altercate the arguable annual and issues amidst it. Jenner approved to comedy peacemaker, asking, “What would appear if you aloof declared Taylor up and say ‘What happened? How did this go so south?’ I assumption I don’t accept the action to cast … maybe she took it the amiss way. My admonition would be to accord Taylor Abrupt a call.”

“Thank you for your admirable advice,” Kardashian West told her mother, “but I’m not activity to booty it.”

Kim Kardashian Snapchat

Kim Releases Video Footage of the Buzz Call

Immediately afterward that adventure of KUWTK, Kardashian West took to Snapchat to accommodate the proof, administration a alternation of videos of that buzz alarm amid West and Swift, discussing the “Famous” lyrics – as able-bodied as their history.

“It’s like a compliment,” Abrupt is heard adage in the video afterwards West reads the lyrics to her (which include, “For all my Southside n—– that apperceive me best / I feel like me and Taylor adeptness still accept sex”).

“What I accord a f— is you as a person, and as a friend, I appetite things that accomplish you feel good,” Kanye said, and thanked Abrupt “for actuality like, so air-conditioned about it” afterwards she told him she appreciates the “heads up” on the lyrics.

“I never would’ve accepted you to like acquaint me about a band in your song,” Abrupt said. “I mean, I don’t anticipate anybody would accept to that and be like, ‘Oh, that’s a absolute diss.’ You gotta acquaint the adventure that way that it happened to you and the way you accomplished it.”

She went on to add, “If bodies ask me about it, look, I anticipate it would be abundant for me to be like, ‘He declared me and told me afore it came out … Joke’s on you, guys. We’re fine.’ ”

If you’re apprehensive why Kardashian West acquainted the charge to jump in, “Kim is air-conditioned loyal to Kanye and will consistently do annihilation to accept his back,” a antecedent tells PEOPLE. “She is alike added careful of him than she is of herself. She thinks he’s blurred and couldn’t angle that bodies anticipation he was a liar.”

Swift’s rep told PEOPLE, “Taylor was never bogus acquainted of the absolute lyrics, ‘I bogus that allegation famous.’”

The Internet anon seemed to ancillary with the absoluteness star, and #KimExposedTaylorParty started trending.

Taylor Has Officially Had Enough

Swift wasn’t about to sit aback and watch all this appear – she bound responded to the videos with a column on Instagram.

“Where is the video of Kanye cogent me he was activity to alarm me ‘that bitch’ in his song? It doesn’t abide because it never happened. You don’t get to ascendancy someone’s affecting acknowledgment to actuality declared ‘that bitch’ in advanced of the absolute world,” she wrote in a note.

“Of advance I capital to like the song. I capital to accept Kanye aback he told me that I would adulation the song. I capital us to accept a affable relationship. He promised to comedy the song for me, but he never did. While I capital to be admiring of Kanye on the buzz call, you cannot ‘approve’ a song you haven’t heard. Actuality falsely corrective as a cheat aback I was never accustomed the abounding adventure or played any allotment of the song is actualization assassination.”

“I would absolute abundant like to be afar from this narrative, one that I accept never asked to be a allotment of, aback 2009,” Abrupt continued. She captioned the post, “That moment aback Kanye West secretly annal your buzz call, again Kim posts it on the Internet.”

The Band Steps in – Again

Luckily, Abrupt has advancement in the anatomy of her A-list squad, who jumped in to avert her.

Selena Gomez tweeted, “There are added important things to allocution about… Why can’t bodies use their articulation for article that f—ing matters? Accuracy is aftermost affair we charge appropriate now is hate, in any form.”

Chloë Grace Moretz batten out adjoin Kardashian West’s accomplishments in absolution the videos, too, which led Khloé Kardashian to applause aback adjoin her.

Then, Ruby Rose, addition affiliate of Swift’s squad, chimed in with: “Yo Khloe I anticipation you were rad aback I met you but this is abominable and this is a 19 year old girl. Cipher brand actuality afraid or bogus to feel worthless.. Yet so abounding bodies will go aloft and aloft to accomplish others feel that way.”

Martha Hunt additionally tweeted, “It’s affecting how quick our adeptness is to sensationalize a bogus story.. Booty absorption in the absolute problems activity on. Spread love.”

Kanye Claims Victory in the Feud

“I’m so animated my wife has Snapchat, ’cause now y’all can apperceive the truth,” West told the army at a Drake concert he crashed. Afterwards the duo performed their accord “Pop Style,” West couldn’t abide bringing up the abominable #KimExposedTaylorParty snaps.

“And can’t cipher allocution s––– about Ye no more!” he said afore ablution into his “Famous” carol about Swift.

Kanye Appears to Move On … Array Of

It seems like West is annoyed of the accomplished feud. In his 2016 VMAs speech, he alone the abstraction that he was aggravating to “take bottomward Taylor.” West said that he has annihilation but love: “That’s why I declared her.”

The day afterwards the awards, he tweeted a photo of addition cutting a shirt that showed bisected of Swift’s 1989 awning and bisected of his own My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover.

An Beforehand — Added Arguable — Version of “Famous” Leaks

The song that started it all could accept potentially started a lot added if it was appear the way it was initially recorded.

In aboriginal October, an beforehand recording of the song alike online, and the arguable lyric that targets Abrupt sounds alike added controversial: “I feel like Taylor Abrupt still owe me sex / I bogus that allegation famous,” he raps. He again repeats allotment of the carol but subs in his ex Amber Rose’s name. “I feel like Amber Rose still owe me sex / Why? I bogus that allegation acclaimed / Not really, but somewhat famous,” he continues.

A antecedent abutting to the bearings tells PEOPLE alone the audience is revealing. “Now you apperceive why Kim alone acquaint an edited three annual of video footage to Snapchat and not the hour-long chat that they had,” says the source.

Taylor’s Got a Reputation

Mert & Marcus

Almost a year afterwards Kardashian West apparent those secretly recorded buzz calls on her Snapchat, Abrupt appear she is absolution her sixth flat album, Reputation. The Grammy champ teased the annual with a alternation of abstruse Instagram videos depicting a serpent. This appears to be her way of adage she’s accomplishment the snake emoji, which begin a home on her Instagram comments area afterward the absolution of Kardashian West’s Snapchat clips.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Taylor Slams Kanye in ‘This Is Why We Can’t Accept Nice Things’

Sure, Abrupt alludes to her advancing altercation with West in her aboriginal single, “Look What You Bogus Me Do,” off her sixth flat album, Reputation (and alike appears to advertence it in the song’s video, above) but the Grammy champ seemed to address an absolute clue to the rapper in “This Is Why We Can’t Accept Nice Things.” While her aboriginal Yeezy-inspired clue (2010’s “Innocent”) was a heartfelt, chaste ballad, her 2017 alms is added AF — but allegedly aloof as heartfelt.

“There I was giving you a additional adventitious / If alone you weren’t so adumbral / But you stabbed me in the aback while afraid my duke / And therein lies the affair / Accompany don’t try to ambush you / Get you on buzz and mind-twist you,” she coyly quips over sirens and bumping bass on the afflicted bop.

“Forgiveness is a nice affair to do,” she adds in her best holier-than-thou articulation afore beginning into a cackle. “I can’t alike say it with a beeline face.”

Kim Says There’s No Added “Bad Blood”

In January 2019, Kardashian West austere the air during an actualization on Watch What Happens Alive with Andy Cohen, during the show’s “Squash That Beef!” segment. Aback asked about if her altercation with Taylor over the leaked buzz calls was still ongoing, she said she was “over it.”

“I feel like we’d all abashed on,” Kardashian West added of the astriction amid them. Afterwards in the show, she additionally added that she’d rather be ashore in an elevator with Abrupt than Drake — addition brilliant who’s had a complicated history with her husband.

But Again She Brings Aback the Snakes

Just three months afterwards announcement she’d abashed accomplished her ball with Swift, the absoluteness brilliant acutely black the “Look What You Bogus Me Do” accompanist on her Instagram Story. At the aforementioned time as Abrupt appear her awful advancing distinct “ME!,” the architecture mogul acquaint a accumulating of snake jewelry, which admirers took to be a not-so-subtle dig at the Grammy champ due to the amalgamation of the snake emoji with the fan acknowledgment to the Snapchat video of several years ago.

Kevin Winter/Getty

Taylor Laughs it Off

In a aboveboard awning adventure annual with Elle appear weeks afore Kim’s post, Abrupt alluded to her bouldered accord with the Wests and batten out about how she abstruse to celebration over bullies.

“I abstruse that convincing someone’s petty blowing can be as simple as acquirements to laugh,” Abrupt — whose Reputation era was bedeviled by the snake adumbration — wrote in Elle. “In my experience, I’ve appear to see that bullies appetite to be feared and taken seriously. A few years ago, addition started an online abhorrence attack by calling me a snake on the internet.”

The accompanist wrote that the “hate campaign” afflicted her deeply, but repurposing the attribute her haters acclimated to annoyer her helped her “Shake it Off.”

“I can’t acquaint you how adamantine I had to accumulate from bedlam every time my 63-foot inflatable cobra declared Karyn appeared onstage in advanced of 60,000 agreeable fans,” she wrote. “It’s the Stadium Tour agnate of responding to a troll’s abhorrent Instagram animadversion with ‘lol.’”

“It would be nice if we could get an acknowledgment from bodies who annoyer us,” Abrupt continued, “but maybe all I’ll anytime get is the achievement of alive I could survive it, and advance in animosity of it.”

Taylor Calls Kanye’s ‘Famous’ Music Video ‘Revenge Porn’

At the amount of her action with Scooter Braun over his June 2019 acquirement of Big Machine Records, which finer gave him buying over Swift’s masters, was his amalgamation with the Wests and accord in their feud.

After she abstruse the Braun had acquired her agreeable catalogue, she opened up about her affecting acknowledgment in a diffuse Tumblr post.

“All I could anticipate about was the incessant, artful blowing I’ve accustomed at his easily for years,” she continued. “Like aback Kim Kardashian orchestrated an illegally recorded atom of a buzz alarm to be leaked and again Scooter got his two audience calm to annoyer me online about it.”

She included a screenshot taken from Justin Bieber’s Instagram annual of an August 2016 post, in which the “Sorry” accompanist aggregate a Facetime alarm amid himself and Braun — who is alongside on-and-off applicant West, whom Braun was not managing at the time. “Taylor abrupt what up,” Bieber captioned the post.

Swift again declared out West’s abominable “Famous” music video directly. “Or aback his client, Kanye West, organized a animus porn music video which strips my anatomy naked,” the accompanist said. “Now Scooter has bare me of my life’s work, that I wasn’t accustomed an befalling to buy. Essentially, my agreeable bequest is about to lie in the easily of addition who approved to annihilate it.”

Taylor Finds a Silver Lining

In her September 2019 Vogue awning interview, Abrupt addressed her accommodation to air her grievances with West in the way she knows best — by autograph a song about it.

“I knew anon I bare to accomplish music about it because I knew it was the alone way I could survive it,” she said of her Reputation clue “This Is Why We Can’t Accept Nice Things.” “It was the alone way I could bottle my brainy bloom and additionally acquaint the adventure of what it’s like to go through article so humiliating.”

Swift recalled activity like she was activity through “a afflicted process” that complex “so abounding micro affections in a day” — article she knows is accustomed “when you’re activity through accident or embarrassment or shame.”

“One of the affidavit why I didn’t do interviews for Reputation was that I couldn’t amount out how I acquainted hour to hour,” she said, answer that she alternated amid activity beholden for the befalling to abound and affronted of aloof how abundant it took. “Sometimes I acquainted like: All these things accomplished me article that I never could accept abstruse in a way that didn’t aching as much.”

“Five annual later, I’d feel like: ‘That was horrible. Why did that accept to happen? What am I declared to booty from this added than accumulation amounts of humiliation?’” Abrupt continued. “And again bristles annual afterwards I’d think: ‘I anticipate I adeptness be happier than I’ve anytime been.’”

The “You Charge to Calm Down” hitmaker, who appear her seventh flat anthology Lover on Aug. 23, told the annual that the abiding affliction with the Wests has ultimately helped her to breach chargeless of her angel “as this consistently smiling, consistently blessed ‘America’s sweetheart’ thing.”

“And again accepting that taken abroad and acumen that it’s actually a abundant affair that it was taken away, because that’s acutely limiting,” Abrupt continued.

And while she’s beholden for what she’s abstruse and acquired from the experience, the Wests shouldn’t apprehend an olive annex anytime soon. “We’re not activity to go beeline to acknowledgment with it. Ever. But we’re activity to acquisition absolute aspects to it. We’re never activity to address a acknowledge you note.”

She Brings It Abounding Circle

She may not be autograph a acknowledge you note, but she is administration some added writing: A 2009 annual access from the anniversary of the antecedent incident, which she appear in annual from her Lover release. “Ahh… the things that can change in a week,” she wrote. “If you had told me that one of the better stars in music was activity to jump on date and advertise that he anticipation I shouldn’t accept won on alive television, I would’ve said, ‘That actuality doesn’t actually appear in absolute life.’ Able-bodied … allegedly …. It does.”

Erik Madigan Heck for Rolling Stone

Taylor Shares Her Ancillary of the Story

In her best all-embracing and aboveboard annual in years, Abrupt opened up to Rolling Stone in September 2019 about the time surrounding her abominable buzz alarm with West. She offered new capacity about assorted “events that led up” to the call, abacus that they were what acquired her “to be pissed off aback [West] declared me a b—-.”

She explained that she grew “really ailing of the activating amid he and I,” abacus that he accomplished out to reconnect in clandestine on several occasions alone to act abnormally in public, which she connected to attending accomplished “because all I anytime capital my accomplished career afterwards that affair happened in 2009 was for him to annual me.” She continued, “I abhorrence that about myself … but that’s area I was.” She appear they’d “go to banquet and stuff” and he “would say actually nice things” about her music at the time, and she declared that West alike declared her advanced of the 2015 VMAs to ask her to present the Video Vanguard Accolade to him as a accessible affectation of their reconciliation. “I was so stoked that he asked me that,” Abrupt said.

But aback West got on date and bogus a animadversion about MTV application his and Swift’s alternation to addition ratings, “I accomplished he is so two-faced,” she said. “That he wants to be nice to me abaft the scenes, but again he wants to attending cool, get up in advanced of anybody and allocution s—.”

By the time “Famous” came out, Taylor was done with the ups and downs of their drama. “When I heard the song, I was like, ‘I’m done with this. If you appetite to be on bad terms, let’s be on bad terms, but aloof be absolute about it.’ ”

The Accomplished Alarm Comes Out

Four years afterwards Kardashian aggregate the edited buzz alarm amid West and Abrupt discussing his “Famous” lyrics, connected portions of the diffuse chat were leaked online backward on March 20, 2020.

In clips acquaint to Twitter, the rapper is heard allurement Abrupt to absolution his new song on her Twitter account. “So my abutting single, I capital you to cheep it … so that’s why I’m calling you. I capital you to put the song out,” he tells the Grammy champ on the phone.

After cogent Abrupt he included a “very arguable line” about her in the song, the pop brilliant nervously asks West what the lyrics are. A alert Abrupt asks if it’s “gonna be mean,” and West acknowledges alike Kim initially acquainted it was “too crazy” but had appear around. “It’s like my wife’s admired f—ing line,” he says.

“So it says, ‘To all my Southside n— that apperceive me best/ I feel like Taylor Abrupt adeptness owe me sex,” continues West with a chuckle. Responds Abrupt with a laugh: “That’s not mean.”

Further discussing his angle to accept her absolution the song, Abrupt — who expresses abatement that the lyrics aren’t about her actuality “that brainless impaired bitch” — tells West she needs to “think about it because it is actually crazy.”

“I’m activity to accelerate you the song and accelerate you the exact diction and aggregate about it, right? And again we could sit and allocution through it,” West tells Swift, who has connected arguable she never heard the song afore its release, at the end of the call.

After “Famous” was appear in February of 2016, Swift’s rep told PEOPLE the accompanist “declined and cautioned him about absolution a song with such a able misogynistic message. Taylor was never bogus acquainted of the absolute lyrics, ‘I bogus that allegation famous.’”

Days later, Kardashian admired a cheep referencing the leak, stating, “The video showed annihilation new. We all knew that. I’m so abashed appropriate now,” reads the tweet.

Swift Responds, Again

“Instead of answering those who are allurement how I feel about the video footage that leaked, proving that I was cogent the accuracy the accomplished time about *that call* (you know, the one that was illegally recorded, that somebody edited and manipulated in adjustment to anatomy me and put me, my ancestors and admirers through hell for 4 years)…SWIPE UP to see what actually matters,” wrote Abrupt on Instagram Stories on March 23, referencing the leaked call.

“The Apple Bloom Organization and Feeding America are some of the organizations I’ve been altruistic to. If you accept the adeptness to, amuse accompany me in altruistic during this crisis,” connected Swift, administering admirers to organizations that are in charge during the coronavirus pandemic.

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