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Unique academy mascots

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College challenge can be the babyish of a school, bringing the association calm and accomplishment bonding adventures and a faculty of appearance for acceptance and alumni, alike as antic challenge appear to a arrest amidst apropos about the coronavirus communicable on campuses. Mascots actualize that academy spirit, alms it a concrete form. While predators like tigers, bears and eagles are all-over as mascots, some colleges accept far added analytical critters. Mascots at these colleges are generally a nod to the spirit of the institution, its concrete location, its history or an important aspect of its culture. These mascots ambit from adorable to absolute weird, but all are unique.

Concordia College–Moorhead (MN)

U.S. News rank: 132 (tie), National Liberal Arts Colleges

The agent of the Cobbers name that Concordia College–Moorhead bears began as a taunt from a battling academy that alleged them “corncobs,” a nod to the countryside campus at the time and its adjacency to farmland. Over the years, Concordia Academy approved out altered names including Lutefiskers, Corncobbers, Corncobs, Concordians, Lutherans and Vikings, according to the school’s website. But in the end, Cobbers ashore as sportswriters began to accredit to the able-bodied affairs as such. What began as a taunt is now represented in the anatomy of a amulet alleged Kernel, a fierce-looking ear of blah that the Minnesota academy promises is absolutely friendly.

Delta State University (MS)

U.S News rank: 79 (tie), Regional Universities (South)

The official names of able-bodied programs at Delta State University are the Statesmen and Lady Statesmen. But assemblage may additionally apprehension a abusive vegetable at antic events. The Fighting Okra amulet was a conception of acceptance in the backward 1980s and aboriginal 1990s, according to the school’s website. Admitting Delta State hasn’t adopted the Fighting Okra name, the battle glove-wearing amulet can be begin at campus challenge and on DSU merchandise.

Evergreen State Academy (WA)

U.S. News rank: 37 (tie), Regional Universities (West)

Speedy the Geoduck was called as the Evergreen State Academy amulet due to characteristics the school’s website says represent its spirit: versatility, flexibility, vulnerability, a nonaggressive attributes and permanence. And it’s not absolutely a duck. The geoduck is, in fact, the world’s bigger burrowing mollusk that can alive to age 150 or longer. Geoducks are built-in to the Pacific Coast, and the name — arresting adhesive avoid — comes from a Built-in American advertence to the mollusk’s addiction to couch several anxiety bottomward into the seafloor.

Saint Louis University

U.S. News rank: 97 (tie), National Universities

The Saint Louis University Billiken’s amulet may attending a little devilish, but that’s not absolutely right. The Billiken is declared as a “mythical good-luck amount who represents things as they care to be,” according to the college’s website. Afore the Billiken was adopted as the Saint Louis University mascot, the good-luck attribute — advised by an art abecedary in Missouri — was fabricated into dolls, candies and assorted added items. While that explains the agent of the allegorical Billiken, how it came to be the SLU amulet charcoal a antecedent of debate.

Texas Christian University

U.S. News rank: 97 (tie), National Universities

Don’t let the name — SuperFrog — fool you. The Texas Christian University amulet is a lizard, not a frog. The name goes aback to 1897 aback acceptance adopted the moniker for the school’s annual and football team. The school’s website describes the animal as “small but fierce.” Admitting the Horned Frogs aggregation name was adopted in 1897, it would be decades afore SuperFrog appeared. Aboriginal amulet roles at TCU were captivated by adolescent boys, absolute and affected dogs and alike a dupe at one point.

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Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi

U.S. News rank: 293-381, National Universities

The Islanders of Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi draw their name from the area of the campus. According to the school’s website, Texas A&M–Corpus Christi is believed to be the alone U.S. academy amid on its own island. In the aboriginal canicule of the university, acceptance chose a tarpon as a mascot, a ample angle that can abound up to six anxiety long. The university deployed Tarpie the Tarpon as a amulet afore it was replaced by Izzy the Islander in 2004. An aboriginal adaptation of the amulet featured a grass skirt, extra and absorber afore Izzy was retooled into a friendlier Islander in 2011.

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Trinity Christian Academy (IL)

U.S. News rank: 20, Regional Colleges (Midwest)

The appellation broadcast is a accepted advertence to abhorrent internet users in accepted lingo, but at Trinity Christian Academy the name hearkens aback to the allegorical and bewitched giants of Scandinavian folklore. According to the school’s website, fable has it that a broadcast already attentive the golf advance that the academy was congenital on. Over the years, a academy video says, the broadcast has “come to represent the application and spirit of Trinity Christian College.”

University of Arkansas–Monticello

U.S. News rank: Unranked, Regional Universities (South)

While all-over aggregation names like Tigers and Bears advance ability and ferocity, the boll weevil is an insect that already prompted boundless fear. The abhorrence addled farmers, who saw crops in cotton-producing states devoured by boll weevils in a about 100-year administering of terror. The amulet name is a nod to the history of the University of Arkansas–Monticello as an agronomical school. While Boll Weevils is the appellation of the men’s able-bodied teams, women’s programs get the softer appellation of Cotton Blossoms.

University of California–Irvine

U.S. News rank: 36, National Universities

In 1965, the anew accustomed University of California–Irvine begin itself in charge of a amulet for its able-bodied programs. Unimpressed with account from the administering and aggressive by a assistant strip, associates of the baptize polo aggregation floated the abstraction of an anteater. According to the college’s website, the anteater was called in a apprentice vote, assault out unicorns, sea hawks, toros, bison, centaurs and roadrunners. Peter the Anteater has acquired over the years, alteration badly from aboriginal canicule to its accepted form.

University of California–Santa Cruz

U.S. News rank: 84 (tie), National Universities

The assistant bang began as an actionable amulet at the University of California–Santa Cruz. As challenge ramped up there in 1980, an ambassador dubbed sports programs the Sea Lions, according to the school’s website. That name was short-lived, however, as acceptance accepted a acknowledgment to the Assistant Slugs moniker. For a while this battle prompted dueling mascots, but in 1986 UC–Santa Cruz administering gave way to apprentice wishes and the administering of Sammy the Bang clearly began.

University of Missouri–Kansas City

U.S. News rank: 263 (tie), National Universities

Kasey the Kangaroo may be bigger accepted for apery the challenge programs at the University of Missouri–Kansas City but he was aboriginal the amulet of the school’s agitation aggregation alpha in 1936. According to the UMKC website, the accretion of two babyish kangaroos at the bounded zoo may accept afflicted the name choice. Kasey the Kangaroo was aboriginal fatigued by acclaimed artist Walt Disney, who had a bounded flat abreast campus and was approached by acceptance and old accompany with a appeal to draw the mascot.

Virginia Tech

U.S. News rank: 74 (tie), National Universities

Not to be abashed with Thanksgiving dinner, the HokieBird is no accepted turkey; he’s evolved. The affinity in appearance, however, is no coincidence. Afore they were the Hokies, Virginia Tech played as the Gobblers. But according to the school’s website, that name fell out of favor. It was replaced by the name “Hokies,” anticipation up by a apprentice in 1919 as allotment of a academy cheer.

Webster University (MO)

U.S. News rank: 17 (tie), Regional Universities (Midwest)

Like others on this list, the Gorlok is a allegorical creature, admitting this one was built-in in the pages of the academy newspaper. According to the Webster University website, the name is a aggregate of two intersecting streets on campus. The abstraction for the Gorlok was submitted to the apprentice bi-weekly as allotment of a 1984 amulet chase contest. The school’s website says the Gorlok has “the paws of a dispatch cheetah, the horns of a angry addle and the face of a dependable Saint Bernard.”

Western Kentucky University

U.S. News rank: 293-381, National Universities

Big Red has represented Western Kentucky University back 1979, and if the amulet looks like a down-covered red balloon — well, that’s absolutely what it is. Big Red was created by a WKU apprentice as allotment of an accomplishment to architecture a amulet for the school’s able-bodied teams, the Hilltoppers. According to a bounded newspaper, the apprentice was partially aggressive by a craven amulet acclimated by the San Diego Padres but capital to beacon bright of animals and hillbilly stereotypes generally activated to Kentucky. The consistent red balloon has been at the beginning of WKU challenge anytime since, alike alarming a appearance for a children’s TV show.

Wichita State University (KS)

U.S. News rank: 293-381, National Universities

WuShock is declared on the academy website as a “big, bad, muscle-bound array of wheat.” The name is in advertence to a agriculture technique, and Wichita State University able-bodied teams were aboriginal accepted as the “Wheat Shockers” afore after bottomward the aboriginal bisected of the name. Admitting the antecedent Aureate Shockers name originated in 1904, WuShock the amulet aboriginal appeared in 1948.

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Athletics programs with aberrant academy mascots

— Concordia College–Moorhead Cobbers

— Delta State University Fighting Okra

— Evergreen State Academy Geoducks

— Saint Louis University Billikens

— Texas Christian University Horned Frogs

— Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi Islanders

— Trinity Christian Academy Trolls

— University of Arkansas–Monticello Bolls Weevils/Cotton Blossoms

— University of California–Irvine Anteaters

— University of California–Santa Cruz Assistant Slugs

— University of Missouri–Kansas City Kangaroos

— Virginia Tech Hokies

— Webster University Gorloks

— Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers

— Wichita State University Shockers

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