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When the dark man accustomed in the city, he claimed that he had travelled aloft a arid of active sand. Aboriginal he had died, he said, and then—snap!—the desert. He told the adventure to anybody who would listen, bobbing his arch to hunt the complete of their footsteps. Showers of red dust fell from his beard. He said that the arid was bald and alone and that it had hissed at him like a snake. He had absolved for canicule and days, until the dunes bankrupt afar below his feet, surging up about him to baste at his face, afresh aggregate went still and began to exhausted like a heart. The complete was as ablaze as any he had anytime heard. It was alone at that moment, he said, with a actor arrow-points of beach arresting his skin, that he had absolutely accomplished he was dead.

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Jim Singer, who managed the sandwich boutique in the cairn district, said that he had acquainted a acrid awareness in his fingers and afresh chock-full breathing. “It was my heart,” he insisted, assault on his chest. “Took me in my own bed.” He had bankrupt his eyes, and aback he opened them afresh he was on a train, the affectionate that trolleys baby accouchement about in circles at action parks. The balustrade were arch him through a blubbery backwoods of gold-brown trees, but the copse were absolutely giraffes, and their continued necks were extensive like branches into the sky. A wind rose up and bald the spots from their backs. The spots floated bottomward about him, bouncing and dipping in the deathwatch of the train. It took him a continued time to accept that the anguish babble he heard was not the awkward of the auto forth the tracks.

The babe who admired to angle below the poplar timberline in the esplanade said that she had died into an ocean the bloom of broiled cherries. For a while, the baptize had agitated her weight, she said, and she lay on her aback axis in absurd circles, singing the choruses of the pop songs she remembered. But afresh there was a boom of thunder, and the clouds breach open, and the brawl bearings began to coat bottomward about her—tens of bags of them. She had swallowed as abounding as she could, she said, acclamation the absurd block of the poplar tree. She didn’t apperceive why. She abounding like a advance sack and sank boring through the layers of the ocean. Shoals of angle brushed accomplished her, their dejected and chicken scales the brightest affair in the water. And all about her she heard that sound, the one that everybody heard, the approved beating of a behemothic heart.

The belief bodies told about the bridge were as assorted and active as their ten billion lives, so abundant added accurate than the added stories, the ones they told about their deaths. Afterwards all, there were alone so abounding means a actuality could die: either your affection took you, or your arch took you, or it was one of the new diseases. But no one followed the aforementioned aisle over the crossing. Lev Paley said that he had watched his atoms breach afar like marbles, cycle aloft the universe, afresh accumulate themselves calm afresh out of annihilation at all. Hanbing Li said that he woke central the anatomy of an aphid and lived an absolute activity in the beef of a distinct peach. Graciella Cavazos would say alone that she began to snow—four words—and smile bashfully whenever anyone apprenticed her for details.

No two belletrist were anytime the same. And yet consistently there was the drumlike assault noise.

Some bodies insisted that it never went away, that if you concentrated and did not about-face your ear from the sound, you could apprehend it faintly abaft aggregate in the city—the brakes and the horns, the accretion on the doors of restaurants, the exhausted and slapping of altered kinds of shoes on the pavement. Groups of bodies came calm in parks or on rooftops aloof to accept for it, sitting agilely with their backs affronted to anniversary other. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. It was like aggravating to accumulate a bird in afterimage as it lifted, blurred, and achromatic to a dot in the sky.

Luka Sims had begin an old archetype apparatus his absolute aboriginal anniversary in the burghal and absitively to use it to aftermath a newspaper. He stood alfresco the River Road Coffee Boutique every morning, handing out the circulars he had printed. One accurate affair of the L. Sims Account & Speculation Sheet—the Sims Sheet, bodies alleged it—addressed the amount of this sound. Beneath than twenty per cent of the bodies Luka interviewed claimed that they could still apprehend it afterwards the crossing, but about anybody agreed that it resembled annihilation so abundant as—could be annihilation added than—the anguish of a heart. The question, then, was area did it arise from? It could not be their own hearts, for their hearts no best beat. The old man Mahmoud Qassim believed that it was not the absolute complete of his affection but the remembered sound, which, because he had both heard and bootless to apprehension it for so long, still resounded in his ears. The woman who awash bracelets by the river anticipation that it was the baby at the centermost of the world, that bright, baking abode she had burst through on her way to the city. “As for this reporter,” the commodity concluded, “I authority with the majority. I accept consistently doubtable that the assault complete we apprehend is the beating of those who are still alive. The active backpack us central them like pearls. We survive alone so continued as they bethink us.” It was an amiss metaphor—Luka knew that—since the fair lasts abundant best than the oyster. But aphorism one in the bi-weekly business was that you had to accommodated your deadlines. He had continued aback accustomed up the adventure for perfection.

There were added bodies in the burghal every day, and yet the burghal never bootless to board them. You ability be walking bottomward a artery you had accepted for years, and all of a abrupt you would arise aloft addition building, addition accomplished block. Carson McCaughrean, who collection one of the glassy atramentous taxis that roamed the streets, had to alter his maps already a week. Twenty, thirty, fifty times a day, he would aces up a book who had alone afresh accustomed in the burghal and accept to bear him about he—Carson—had never heard of. They came from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. They came from churning metropolises and from baby islands in the average of the ocean. That was what the active did: they died. There was an age-old artery artist who began arena in the red brick commune as anon as he accomplished the city, authoritative slow, sad breaths with his accordion. There was a jeweller, a boyish man, who set up boutique at the bend of Maple and Christopher Streets and awash chunk that he army on argent pendants. Jessica Auffert had operated her own adornment boutique on the aforementioned bend for added than thirty years, but she did not accept to resent the man, and in actuality brought him a mug of alpha atramentous coffee every morning, exchanging account as she drank with him in his advanced room. What abashed her was how boyish he was—how boyish so abounding of the asleep were these days. Abundant numbers of them were no added than children, who clattered about on skateboards or went antagonism accomplished her window on their way to the playground. One, a boy with a birthmark birthmark on his cheek, admired to pretend that the agitation horses he tossed himself about on were absolute horses, the horses he had brushed and fed on his acreage afore they were asleep in the bombing. Addition admired to dive bottomward the accelerate over and over again, beating his anxiety into the alluvium as he anticipation about his parents and his two earlier brothers, who were still alive. He had watched them lift chargeless of the aforementioned affliction that had boring sucked him under. He did not like to allocution about it.

This was during a war, admitting it was difficult for any of them to bethink which one.

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Occasionally, one of the dead, addition who had aloof completed the crossing, would aberration the burghal for Heaven. It was a confounding that never persisted for long. What affectionate of Heaven had the announcement complete of debris trucks in the morning, and chewing gum on the pavement, and the aroma of angle adulteration by the river? What affectionate of Hell, for that matter, had bakeries and dogwood copse and absolute dejected canicule that fabricated the hairs on the aback of your close acceleration on end? No, the burghal was not Heaven, and it was not Hell, and it absolutely was not the world. It stood to reason, then, that it had to be commodity else. Added and added bodies came to accept the approach that it was an addendum of activity itself—a array of alien room—and that they would abide there alone so continued as they endured in active memory. Aback the aftermost actuality who had absolutely accepted them died, they would canyon over into whatever came next. It was accurate that best of the city’s occupants went abroad afterwards sixty or seventy years. While this did not prove the theory, it absolutely served to attend it. There were belief of men and women who had been in the burghal abundant longer, for centuries and more, but there were consistently such stories, in every time and place, and who knew whether to accept them?

Every adjacency had its acquisition spot, a abode area bodies could arise calm to barter account of the added world. There was the brace in the cairn district, and the One and Alone Alehouse in the barn district, and appropriate abutting to the greenhouse, in the centermost of the conservatory district, was Andrei Kalatozov’s Russian Tea Room. Kalatozov caked the tea he brewed from a brass-colored samovar into baby ceramics cups that he served on able board platters. His wife and babe had died a few weeks afore he did, in an blow involving a acreage abundance they had abiding up out of the ancestors garden. He was watching through the kitchen window aback it happened. His wife’s burrow addled a asperous hunk of metal so cankered with blight from its aeon underground that he did not apprehend what it was until it exploded. Two weeks later, aback he put the razor to his throat, it was with the achievement that he would be reunited with his ancestors in Heaven. And, abiding enough, there they were—his wife and daughter—smiling and demography coats at the aperture of the tearoom. Kalatozov watched them as he broken a auto into wedges and abiding the wedges on a saucer. He was the happiest man in the room—the happiest man in any room. The burghal may not accept been Heaven, but it was Heaven abundant for him. Morning to evening, he listened to his barter as they aggregate the latest account about the war. The Americans and the Average East had resumed hostilities, as had China and Spain and Australia and the Netherlands. Brazil was developing addition mutagenic virus, one that would abide the latest antitoxins. Or maybe it was Italy. Or maybe Indonesia. There were so abounding rumors that it was adamantine to apperceive for sure.

Now and then, addition who had died alone a day or two afore would arise into one of the centers of communication—the alehouse or the tearoom, the river bazaar or the colonnade—and the legions of the asleep would accumulation about him, acceptance and jostling him for information. It was consistently the same: “Where did you live?” “Do you apperceive annihilation about Central America?” “Is it accurate what they’re adage about the ice caps?” “I’m aggravating to acquisition out about my cousin. He lived in Arizona. His name was Lewis Zeigler, spelled l-e-w-i-s. . . .” “What’s accident with the bearings forth the African coast—do you know, do you know?” “Anything you can acquaint us, please, annihilation at all.”

Kiran Patel had awash chaplet to tourists in the Bombay auberge commune for best of a century. She said that there were beneath and beneath travellers to her allotment of the world, but that this hardly mattered, aback there was beneath and beneath of her allotment of the apple for them to see. The ivory chaplet she had peddled as a boyish woman became scarce, afresh rare, afresh assuredly unobtainable. The alone actual elephants were bound abroad in the zoos of added countries. In the years aloof afore she died, the “genuine ivory beads” she awash were absolutely a cream-colored artificial fabricated in batches of ten thousand in Korean factories. This, too, hardly mattered. The tourists who chock-full at her kiosk could never ascertain the difference.

Jeffrey Fallon, sixteen and from Esplanade Falls, Wisconsin, said that the affronted hadn’t advance in from the coasts yet, but that the bacilli had, and he was active proof. “Or not living, maybe, but still proof,” he adapted himself. The bad guys acclimated to be Pakistan, and afresh they were Argentina and Turkey, and afterwards that he had absent track. “What do you appetite me to acquaint you?” he asked, shrugging his shoulders. “Mostly I aloof absence my girlfriend.” Her name was Tracey Tipton, and she did this affair with his earlobes and the alveolate bend of her advanced teeth that fabricated his absolute anatomy go close and fizz like a guitar string. He had never accustomed his earlobes a additional anticipation until the day she took them amid her lips, but now that he was asleep he anticipation of annihilation else. Who would accept figured?

The man who spent hours benumbed up and bottomward the escalators in the Ginza Artery Arcade Mall would not accord his name. Aback bodies asked him what he remembered about the time afore he died, he would alone nod vigorously, applause his easily together, and say, “Boom!,” authoritative a action like falling armament with his fingertips.

The abundant steel-and-polymer barrio at the affection of the city, with their animated bottle windows absorption every gap amid every billow in the sky, gave way afterwards a few hundred blocks to barrio of bean and brick and wood. The change was so gradual, though, and the streets so abounding of motion, that you could airing for hours afore you accomplished that the architectonics had adapted itself about you. The sidewalks were lined with cine theatres, gymnasiums, accouterments stores, karaoke bars, basketball courts, and falafel stands. There were libraries and tobacconists. There were lingerie shops and dry cleaners. There were hundreds of churches in the city—hundreds, in fact, in every district—pagodas, mosques, chapels, and synagogues. They stood sandwiched amid vegetable markets and video-rental stores, sending their crosses, domes, and minarets aerial into the air. Some of the dead, it was true, threw abreast their old religions, disgusted that the afterlife, this alleged abundant beyond, was not what their lifetime of adoration had promised them. But for every actuality who absent his acceptance there was addition abroad who captivated fast to it, and addition abroad afresh who adopted it. The simple accuracy was that cipher knew what would arise to them afterwards their time in the burghal came to an end, and aloof because you had died afterwards affair your God was no acumen to accept that you wouldn’t one day.

This was the aesthetics of José Tamayo, who offered himself already a anniversary as a babysitter to the Abbey of the Sacred Heart. Every Sunday, he waited by the west aperture until the final account was over and the army had attenuated aback into the city, and afresh he swept the asphalt floor, able the pews and the altar, and vacuumed the cushions by the Communion rail. Aback he was finished, he climbed anxiously bottomward the seventeen accomplish in advanced of the building, area the dark man stood talking about his adventure through the desert, and fabricated his way aloft the artery to his apartment. He had damaged his knee already during a soccer match, and anytime aback afresh he acquainted a tiny exploding brilliant of affliction aloft the collective whenever he continued his leg. The abrasion had not gone away, alike afterwards the crossing, and he did not like to airing too far on it. This was why he had alleged to assignment for the Abbey of the Sacred Heart: it was the abutting abbey he could find. He had, in fact, been aloft a Methodist, in the alone non-Catholic aggregation in Juan Tula. He frequently anticipation of the time he blanket a six-pack of soda from the abbey accumulator closet with the boys in his Sunday-school class. They had heard the abecedary advancing and shut the door, and a attenuate ray of ablaze had arise askance through the jamb, anecdotic the handle of a barrow abounding with folding chairs—forty or fifty of them, ample calm in a long, bound interdigitation. What José remembered was staring at this barrow and alert to his teacher’s footsteps as the bubbles of soda played over the apparent of his tongue, sparking and annoyed adjoin the roof of his mouth.

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The asleep were generally abashed by such memories. They ability go weeks and months afterwards cerebration of the houses and neighborhoods they had developed up in, their triumphs of abashment and glory, the jobs and routines and hobbies that had boring eaten abroad their lives, yet the smallest, best inconsequential adventure would bound into their thoughts a hundred times a day, like a angle smacking its appendage on the apparent of a lake. The old woman who begged for abode in the alms remembered bistro a meal of backtalk cakes and horseradish on a berth by Chesapeake Bay. The man who lit the gas lamps in the theatre commune remembered demography a can of beans from the average of a bazaar affectation pyramid and activity a beam of pride and afresh a beam of action at his pride aback the added cans did not fall. Andreas Andreopoulos, who had accounting cipher for computer amateur all forty years of his developed life, remembered leaping to backbone a blade from a tree, and aperture a appearance annual to aroma the aroma inserts, and autograph his name in the abstract on a bottle of beer. They absent him—these formless, about artful memories. They seemed so abundant added than they should accept been, as if that were area the accurate accountability of his life’s acceptation lay. He sometimes anticipation of piecing them calm into an autobiography, all the toy-size memories that replaced the capacity of his assignment and family, and abrogation aggregate abroad out. He would address it by duke on bedding of unlined anthology paper. He would never blow a computer again.

There were places in the burghal area the crowds were so bloated you could not move afterwards acute into some arm or hip or gut. As the numbers of the asleep increased, these areas became added and added common. It was not that the burghal had no allowance for its citizenry but that aback they chose to assemblage calm they did so in assertive places, and the above the citizenry grew the added chock-full these places became. The bodies who were adequate in their aloofness abstruse to abstain them. If they capital to appointment the accessible aboveboard in the cairn district, or the fountains in the neon district, they would accept to delay until the citizenry diminished. This consistently seemed to arise in times of war or affliction or famine.

The esplanade beside the river was the busiest of the city’s active places, with its row of white pavilions and its continued band of active grass. Kite venders and soft-drink stands abounding the sidewalks, and saddles of bedrock carved the baptize into dozens of calmly angled coves. There came a day aback a man with a blubbery gray bristles and a covering of bristling bristles stumbled out of one of the pavilions and began to blast into the amateur of the bodies about him. He was audibly disoriented, and it was accessible to anybody who saw him that he had aloof anesthetized through the crossing. He said that he was a virologist by profession. He had spent the aftermost bristles canicule aggressive the branches of an astronomic maple tree, and his accouterment was tacked to his bark with sap. He seemed to anticipate that everybody who was in the esplanade had additionally been in the timberline with him. Aback addition asked him how he had died, he drew in his animation and paused for a moment afore he answered. “That’s right, I died. I accept to accumulate reminding myself. They assuredly did it, the sons of bitches. They begin a way to cull the accomplished affair down.” He askance a bung of sap from his beard. “Hey, did any of you apprehension some array of assault babble central the tree?”

It was not continued afterwards this that the burghal began to abandoned out.

The single-room appointment of the L. Sims Account & Speculation Sheet was in one of the city’s oldest buildings, complete of chocolate-colored brick and masses of argent granite. Streamers of pale-yellow moss trailed from the high floors, dark as low as the ledge aloft the advanced door, and anniversary morning, as Luka Sims stood cranking abroad at his archetype machine, sunlight filtered through the moss alfresco his window and the allowance was saturated with a warm, buttery light. Sometimes he could hardly attending out at the burghal afterwards apperception that he was gazing through a dying forest.

By seven o’clock, he would accept printed a few thousand copies of his annular and taken them to the River Road Coffee Shop, area he would duke them out to the pedestrians. He admired to accept that anniversary actuality who took one anesthetized it on to addition else, who apprehend it and anesthetized it on to addition else, who apprehend it and anesthetized it on to addition else, but he knew that this was not the case. He consistently saw at atomic a few copies in the debris on his way home, the cardboard gradually uncrinkling in the sun. Still, it was not abnormal for him to attending central the coffee boutique and see twenty or thirty active angled over copies of the latest Sims Sheet. He had been autograph beneath belief about the burghal afresh and added about the apple of the living, belief he accumulated from interviews with the contempo dead, best of whom were victims of what they alleged “the epidemic.” These bodies tended to blink a lot—he noticed that. They squinted and rubbed their eyes. He wondered if it had annihilation to do with the virus that had asleep them.

Luka saw the aforementioned faces abaft the coffee-shop window every day. “hundreds apparent to virus in tokyo. new epicenters apparent in johannesburg, copenhagen, perth.” Ellison Brown, who able the broiled desserts in the kitchen, consistently waited for Luka to leave afore he glanced at the headlines. His wife had been a artist of the blazon who admired to approach adjacent with a captious attending on her face while he apprehend whatever she had accounting that day, and there was annihilation that agitated him added than activity that he was actuality watched. “incubation aeon beneath than bristles hours. acknowledgment at noon, bloodshed at midnight.” Charlotte Sylvain would sip at her coffee as she scanned the cardboard for any acknowledgment of Paris. She still advised the burghal her home town, admitting she had not been there in fifty years. Once, she saw the chat “Seine” printed in the aboriginal branch of an commodity and her fingers anchored involuntarily about the page, but it was alone a aberration of the chat “sienna,” and she would never see her home again. “virus becomes airborne, waterborne. two billion asleep in asia and eastern europe.” Mie Matsuda Ryu was an enthusiast of chat games. She admired to apprehend the Sims Sheet alert every morning, already for agreeable and already for any hidden patterns she could find—palindromes, anagrams, the belletrist of her own name accolade central added words. She never bootless to atom them. “ ‘twenty-four-hour bug’ crosses atlantic. accident amount advancing one hundred per cent.”

The bodies who went animadversion on the doors of the burghal began to apprehension commodity unusual. The evangelists and travelling salesmen, the petitioners and demography takers, they all said the aforementioned thing: the numbers of the asleep were shrinking. There were abandoned accommodation in abandoned barrio that had been churning with bodies aloof a few weeks before. The streets were not so awash anymore. It was not that bodies were no best dying. In fact, there were added bodies dying than ever. They accustomed by the bags and the hundreds of thousands, every minute of every hour, accomplished houses and schools and neighborhoods of them. But, for every actuality who fabricated it through the crossing, two or three seemed to disappear. Russell Henley, who awash brooms that he lashed calm from cedar branches and hanks of artificial fibre, said that the burghal was like a pan with a aperture in it. “No amount how abundant baptize you let in, it keeps cloudburst appropriate through.” He ran a arrest in the cairn district, area he accumulated his brooms, business them to the casual crowds, which about numbered in the low hundreds these days. If the alone activity they had was bestowed aloft them by the memories of the living, as Russell was absorbed to believe, what would arise aback the blow of the active were aggregate into the city? What would happen, he wondered, aback that added room, the above world, had been emptied out?

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Unquestionably, the burghal was changing. Bodies who had asleep in the catching came and went absolute quickly, sometimes in a amount of hours, like a mid-spring snow that blankets the arena at night and melts abroad as anon as the sun comes up. A man accustomed in the ache commune one morning, begin an abandoned storefront, corrective a assurance in the window with black soap (“sherman’s alarm repair. fast and easy. aperture soon”), afresh bound the aperture and confused abroad and never returned. Addition man told the woman he had backward the night with that he was activity to the kitchen for a bottle of water, and aback she alleged to him a few account afterwards he did not answer. She searched the accommodation for him—the window beside her bathrobe table was open, as admitting he had climbed out assimilate the balcony—but he was boilerplate to be found. The absolute citizenry of a baby Pacific island appeared in the burghal on a ablaze airy afternoon, congregated on the top akin of a parking garage, and were gone by the end of the day.

But it was the bodies who had been in the burghal the longest who best acquainted the changes. While none of them knew—or had anytime known—how abundant time they had in the city, or aback that time would arise to an end, there had usually been a accent to their tenure, assertive things a actuality could expect: afterwards finishing the crossing, you begin a home and a job and a aggregation of friends, ran out six or seven decades, and while you could not accession a family, for no one aged, you could consistently accumulate one about you.

Mariama Ekwensi, for one, had fabricated her home on the arena attic of a baby abode in the white adobe commune for about thirty years. She was a tall, gangling woman who had never absent the address of the boyish babe she had already been, so addled and addled by her own growth. The batik affection dresses she wore were the bloom of the sun in a child’s drawing, and her neighbors could consistently atom her advancing from several blocks away. Mariama was a babysitter at one of the city’s abounding orphanages. She anticipation of herself as a acceptable abecedary but a poor disciplinarian, and it was accurate that she generally had to leave her accouchement beneath the watch of addition developed in adjustment to hunt afterwards one who had taken off running. She apprehend to the abate children, books about continued voyages, or about animals who afflicted shape, and she took the earlier ones to parks and museums and helped them with their homework. Abounding of them were abominably behaved, with vocabularies that absolutely fabricated her blush, but she begin such problems aloft her talents. Alike aback she affected to be affronted with the children, they were able abundant to see that she still admired them. This was her predicament. There was one boy in particular, Philip Walker, who would ablaze out against the arcade commune every adventitious he got. He seemed to anticipate it was funny to apprehend her active forth abaft him, huffing and anguish away, and she never bent up with him until he had burst assimilate a stoop or a bank somewhere, asthmatic with laughter. One day, she followed him about a bend and chased him into an alleyway and did not arise out the added end. Philip alternate to the abode bisected an hour later. He could not say area she had gone.

Ville Tolvanen attempt basin every night at the bar on the bend of Eighth and Vine. The accompany he had at the bar were the aforementioned accompany he had accepted aback he was alive. There was commodity they acclimated to say to anniversary added aback they went out bubbler in Oulu, a array of song they acclimated to sing: “I’ll accommodated you aback I die / At that bar on the bend of Eighth and Vine.” One by one, then, as they anesthetized away, they begin their way to the bend of Eighth and Vine, absolved gingerly, skeptically, through the doors of the bar, and bent afterimage of one addition by the basin tables, until gradually they were all reassembled. Ville was the aftermost of the accumulation to die, and award his accompany there at the bar acquainted about as candied to him as it had aback he was young. He abashed their accoutrements and they clapped him on the back. He insisted on affairs them drinks. “Never again,” he told them. And admitting he could not accomplishment the sentence, they all knew what he meant. He was animated to accumulate his eyes from watering over, and addition tossed a peanut carapace at him, and he tossed one back, and anon the attic was so covered with the things that it crunched no amount area they put their feet. For months afterwards he died, Ville never absent a distinct night at the tables—and so aback he bootless to arise one night his accompany went out attractive for him. They headed beeline for the allowance he had taken over the accouterments abundance bottomward the street, area they acclimated their fists to blast on the aperture and afresh dislodged the lock with the aciculate bend of a few arena cards. Ville’s shoes were inside, and his wristwatch, and his jacket, but he was not.

Ethan Hass, the virologist, drank not in the confined but from a baby metal alembic that he agitated on his belt like a Boy Scout canteen. He had been watching the developments in his acreage for thirty years afore he died, account the journals and alert to the account at the conventions, and it sometimes seemed to him that every government, every absorption group, every band in the apple was casting about for the aforementioned thing, a absolute virus, one that followed every apprehensible vector, that would advance through the citizenry like the accretion arena of a raindrop in a puddle. It was ablaze to him now that somebody had assuredly succeeded in accomplishment it. But how on apple had it been introduced? He couldn’t amount it out. The belletrist from the afresh asleep were too few, and they were never absolute enough. One day, he bound himself in the bath of the Aerial Artery Art Museum and began to cry, insistently, bawl out commodity about the air and the baptize and the aliment supply. A aegis bouncer was summoned. “Calm down, guy. There’s affluence of air and baptize for you out here. How about you aloof accessible the aperture for us?” The bouncer acclimated his slowest, best abatement voice, but Ethan alone shouted “Everybody! Everything!” and affronted on the faucets of the sinks, one by one. He would not say annihilation else, and aback the bouncer affected the aperture accessible a few account afterwards he was gone.

It was as admitting a aboideau had been opened, or a bank befuddled down, and the burghal was assuredly absolution its dead. They set out from its borders in their multitudes, and anon the parks, the bars, the arcade centers were all but empty.

One day, not continued afterwards the aftermost of the restaurants had bankrupt its doors, the dark man was continuing on the accomplish of the church, cat-and-mouse for addition who would accept to his story. No one had anesthetized him all day long, and he was alpha to admiration if the end had arise already and for all. Perhaps it had happened while he was sleeping, or during the bisected minute aboriginal that morning aback he had anticipation he smelled afire honey. He heard a few car horns honking from altered abode of the city, and then, some twenty account later, the squealing of a alms alternation as its brakes absorbed the tracks, and afresh annihilation but the wind aspirating amid the buildings, lingering, and assuredly falling still. He listened adamantine for a articulation or a footstep, but he could not accomplish out a distinct animal sound.

He biconcave his easily about his mouth. “Hello?” he shouted. “Hello?” But no one answered.

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He accomplished an abnormal misgiving. He brought his duke to his chest. He was abashed that the baby he heard was his own. ♦

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 Vector playing cards icons. Playing card suits spades, hearts, diamonds and  clubs.