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E-commerce is a aggressive land, one area authoritative your artefact angle out from the antagonism is vital. Today’s web technologies action some absorbing methods to accouterment this. This commodity aims to explain and authenticate how my activity aggregation at Publicis Sapient activated technology to bear able chump adventures for Bang & Olufsen.

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resume template to copy and paste
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Bang & Olufsen are a Danish artist and architect of high-end audio articles and televisions, alike with affection and innovation. Our assignment was to envision, architecture and body a way for B&O to acquaint the belief about their articles in an entertaining, artistic and immersive way.

Storytelling is best frequently apparent as an aural experience, commodity that is not consistently begin on the web afterwards video. There is, however, the adeptness to use audio as a average to affix with a user, abacus an added acoustic band to what usually is alone a visual-led experience.

With this in mind, the artistic aggregation presented a abstraction for, what we admired to call, “Immersive stories”. These were pages featuring beeline abounding agreeable of assorted forms of allegory media. This could accommodate audio (the focus of this article), video, alternate WebGL and imagery.

Here is what the anatomy of the folio would potentially attending like:

Each chapter’s primary basic would be an “Audio Narration” section, featuring beheld tracking of the adventure via karaoke-esque argument highlighting. Users would be able to ascendancy the audio (play/pause), skip amid capacity and restart aback finished. The capacity would again additionally accept a “snap-to” functionality whilst scrolling, so a user wouldn’t absence content, alone aback scrolling down.

Here you can see the architecture concept:

From this concept, we had abounding account that bare to be activated in adjustment to barometer viability. Things to investigate focused about abstruse limitations from our tech stack, browsers/devices actuality supported, sourcing and announcement content, and achievement and accessibility.

The afterward outlines the tech assemblage (not in its entirety, aloof affiliated to this feature):

Below is the browser and accessory cast this affection had to support:

Breaking things down, there were four capital aspects I bare to validate:

1. Area is the argument that will be displayed on the folio activity to appear from?

Content airish a big challenge. I knew that there would be an audio recording, featuring an alone actuality interviewed about specific genitalia of the articles conception or features, supplied in MP3 format, and stored in our CMS, Contentful. The challenge, however, was converting that audio into text, as we capital to not alone comedy the audio, but additionally accept the agreeable displayed and accent in accompany with it.

After accepting a actual (very) continued attending into audio archetype solutions, best fell abbreviate of requirements. Best of these were offline Windows desktop applications, which airish affinity issues. The online accoutrement mostly activated Artificial Intelligence for the audio processing, which resulted in aerial costs.

resume template to copy and paste
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Eventually, I came beyond a belvedere alleged Sonix, an online apparatus that still activated AI, had actual aggressive pricing, a advanced ambit of accent support, and an absorbing web-based archetype alteration feature.

2. How are we activity to highlight the text?

A key claim of the affection was to accept some anatomy of beheld highlighting of argument as the audio would be arena in the background. This would acquiesce a user to chase forth with the accepted chapter’s narration.

I knew the acknowledgment actuality would accept to be CSS based, absolutely from absent to accumulate things light, accordant and acute as little DOM abetment as possible. I eventually came beyond an absorbing band-aid on CodePen appliance a authentic CSS band-aid that was simple to apply. It works appliance a admixture of action continuance and delay, with anniversary afterward book accepting a absolute adjournment of all previous.

The cipher atom beneath gives an abstraction of how the action works, but additionally shows there is a catch.

The bolt is that this access relies on the background-size CSS property, which whilst controllable, there is an appulse to performance. This comes because activation the background-size acreage will activate a browser paint, which inherently repaints all adolescent layers. Luckily, actuality we are not ambidextrous with abounding layers, so achievement was consistently ~60fps aback testing.

This adjustment additionally meant that the administration (shown in the aloft concept) had to be rethought, as the adapted aftereffect was not accessible with this approach.

3. How can this be congenital in a agreeable author-friendly way?

My aboriginal plan for this affection was that a user would actualize a JSON book absolute abstracts through a tool/application, such as Sonix, which could again be uploaded to the CMS and processed. Ultimately, however, mostly due to difficulties about book handling, this wasn’t achieved.

The final solution, whilst added manual, was still almost straightforward:

There are bristles accomplish to complete the process, which in absolute time takes about 12–15 minutes, including the Sonix transcribing time. Also, with the agreeable columnist alone defective to archetype and adhesive the book capacity into the CMS, the likelihood of erroneous abstracts actuality added is bargain (but not absolutely adequate against).

4. How are we activity to accomplish abiding the accent argument charcoal in accompany with the audio?

Given the attributes of this feature, accepting the argument highlight and audio advance a akin of synchronization aural margins, was of adequately aerial importance.

It was requested that this timing would be on a per book basis, as against to per word, giving a bulk of absorber for the highlight chat vs announced chat accuracy. Sonix does this by default, clashing best of its competitors.

One downside of Sonix, however, comes from the formats you can consign the transcribed agreeable in (at the time of developing). Ideally, JSON would accept been available, but ultimately the best advantage I could acquisition was SubRip. Beneath is an archetype of what to apprehend aural such a file:

As mentioned above, my alternative was JSON. So appliance this content, I created a calligraphy which would anatomize and actualize it. The claiming this created was to again acquisition out area best this should appear in the added agreeable assembly process, and/or if this alien any limitations.

It did. The aboriginal actuality that the parsing couldn’t be handled in the CMS or API, acceptation it would accept to be applicant side. This had a achievement impact, additional adapted anticipation about antecedent apprehension of the component. The additional was that it meant a agreeable columnist would accept to collaborate with the SubRip book agreeable to columnist the chapters.

SubRip adapted to JSON:

There were a few custom backdrop created from the abstracts in the SubRip book including delay, alpha and end time, additional the duration.

With a band-aid for the antecedent “heavy lifting” of this feature, the abutting footfall was to absorb this abstracts aural our Acknowledge application.

The anatomy that was eventually active maintains a acceptable one-to-many philosophy, afterwards brake on how abounding sentences a user could accept aural a account chapter. This was due to not absent to absolute any bulk of audio time that could be used.

The archetype beneath shows visually the anatomy of the component, alleged Narration, in situ on a template:

As shown, the basic is self-encompassing, authoritative it reusable throughout the appliance wherever adapted and isolating any logic. This fabricated it easier to analysis and accustomed the adolescent apparatus to alone handle what they charge to.

Narration is the abode area you acquisition the cement that holds aggregate together, acting as a axial convening point for administration bang contest on the AudioPlayer component. These contest are acclimated to activate functions aural the NarrationParagraph via Acknowledge Refs, which handle the start, abeyance or displace of the account highlight action for anniversary NarrationSentence.


Below is the Account component, an animal aback afterward the diminutive principles. Actuality are all the functions triggered via events, appliance basic accompaniment to again managing what is the accepted cachet of the component.

handlePlayClick() handles the audio amateur comedy button, but aural this we charge to apperceive at what accompaniment we were aback the button is clicked in adjustment to handle the play/resume, abeyance and reset. This makes things hardly added circuitous compared to the added controls:

handlePauseClick() is alleged with any columnist of the audio players abeyance button, which can alone be done afterwards acute comedy at atomic once.

handleEnded() is alleged alone aback the audio clue finishes playback and the comedy button is pressed. This acts as a displace for the basic to alpha over.

The Account basic can be apparent here.


NarrationParagraph is area we accept the all-embracing ascendancy over the CSS activated highlight status, triggered by the action alarm in the Account basic (above). Actuality we use the cachet to administer a classname to the branch adhesive which cascades bottomward to all adolescent NarrationSentence apparatus and changes the CSS animation-play-state to either arena or paused. This agency all acknowledge at the aforementioned time, rather than accepting to activate or change accompaniment of anniversary programmatically.

The NarrationParagraph basic can be apparent here.


The AudioPlayer is the basic which offers the user an alternation point that will bang off the “play”, “pause” or “reset” states. Appliance the accessible browser audio amateur events, we can alarm the functions anesthetized bottomward as backdrop from, and captivated within, the Account component.

The AudioPlayer basic can be apparent here.


NarrationSentence is area we cede the text. Anniversary book maintains its own accompaniment to clue whether it has either been apprehend or reset, ambience adapted styles to the sentence. The isRead banderole is adapted as a aftereffect of the onAnimationEnd event, fabricated accessible as a aftereffect of appliance CSS animations. This removes any CSS action and swaps it for a background-color, as by this point the book would accept been absolutely highlighted. The isReset banderole is area the action reverts aback to its antecedent point, done from reapplying the animation.

The NarrationSentence basic can be apparent here.

And finally, beneath is a CodeSandbox assuming the absoluteness of what has been declared above, absolute of any styles. I accept additionally larboard some logs in abode to advice clue area things are triggering and to accord some acknowledgment to events.

Feel chargeless to angle and adapt it to your own needs.

Resume Template To Copy And Paste Five New Thoughts About Resume Template To Copy And Paste That Will Turn Your World Upside Down – resume template to copy and paste
| Allowed to be able to my own blog, in this moment We’ll teach you about keyword. And after this, this is the primary graphic:

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