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(Bloomberg Markets) — By the time Deb Dellapena accustomed for assignment at Merck & Co.’s 90-acre campus arctic of Philadelphia, there was a handwritten assurance on the door: The computers are down.

financial statement example questions
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Solved: Introduction To Finance Financial Statement Analys .. | financial statement example questions

It was worse than it seemed. Some advisers who were already at their desks at Merck offices above the U.S. were greeted by an alike added abashing bulletin aback they angry on their PCs. A blush chantry glowed with a warning: “Ooops, your important files are encrypted. … We acceding that you can balance all your files cautiously and easily. All you charge to do is abide the acquittal …” The amount was $300 in Bitcoin per computer.

The bribe appeal was a ruse. It was advised to accomplish the software locking up abounding of Merck’s computers—eventually dubbed NotPetya—look like the accomplishment of accustomed criminals. In fact, according to Western intelligence agencies, NotPetya was the conception of the GRU, Russia’s aggressive intelligence agency—the aforementioned one that had afraid the Democratic Civic Committee the antecedent year.

“For two weeks, there was annihilation actuality done. Merck is huge. It seemed crazy that article like this could happen”

NotPetya’s appulse on Merck that day—June 27, 2017—and for weeks afterwards was devastating. Dellapena, a acting employee, couldn’t dig into her fact-checking work. Interns and temps bided their time at their desks afore some of them were beatific home a anniversary later. Some advisers gossiped, their screens dark. Others watched videos on their phones.

In all, the advance bedridden added than 30,000 laptop and desktop computers at the all-around drugmaker, as able-bodied as 7,500 servers, according to a actuality accustomed with the matter. Sales, manufacturing, and assay units were all hit. One researcher told a aide she’d absent 15 years of work. Near Dellapena’s burghal office, a accomplishment adeptness that food vaccines for the U.S. bazaar had arena to a halt. “For two weeks, there was annihilation actuality done,” Dellapena recalls. “Merck is huge. It seemed crazy that article like this could happen.”

As it angry out, NotPetya’s absolute targets were bisected a apple away, in Ukraine, which has been in acute activity with Russia aback 2014. In the above Soviet republic, the malware rocketed through government agencies, banks, adeptness stations—even the Chernobyl radiation anatomy system. Merck was allegedly accessory damage. NotPetya attenuated Merck via a server in its Ukraine appointment that was active an adulterated tax software appliance alleged M.E.Doc.

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NotPetya spread. It hopped from computer to computer, from country to country. It hit FedEx, the aircraft behemothic Maersk, the all-around confectioner Mondelēz International, the announcement abutting WPP, and hundreds of added companies. All in all, the White House said in a annual afterward, it was the “most annihilative and cher cyberattack in history.”

By the end of 2017, Merck estimated initially in authoritative filings that the malware did $870 actor in damages. Among added things, NotPetya so bedridden Merck’s assembly accessories that it couldn’t accommodated appeal that year for Gardasil 9, the arch vaccine adjoin the animal papillomavirus, or HPV, which can annual cervical cancer. Merck had to borrow 1.8 actor doses—the absolute U.S. emergency supply—from the Pediatric Civic Stockpile. It took Merck 18 months to furnish the cache, admired at $240 million. (The Centers for Disease Ascendancy and Prevention say the stockpile’s adeptness to bear anesthetic wasn’t affected.)

Merck did what any of us would do aback adverse a disaster: It angry to its insurers. Afterwards all, through its acreage policies, the aggregation was covered—after a $150 actor deductible—to the tune of $1.75 billion for adverse risks including the abolition of computer data, coding, and software. So it was abashed aback best of its 30 insurers and reinsurers denied advantage beneath those policies. Why? Because Merck’s acreage behavior accurately afar accession chic of risk: an act of war.

Merck went to court, suing its insurers, including such industry titans as Allianz SE and American All-embracing Accumulation Inc., for aperture of contract, ultimately claiming $1.3 billion in losses.

In a apple area a hacker can annual added accident than a gunship, the altercation arena out in a New Jersey attorneys will accept extensive after-effects for victims of cyberattacks and the allowance companies that will or will not assure them. Until recently, the big anguish associated with cyberattacks was abstracts loss. The NotPetya bang shows how a few hundred curve of awful cipher can accompany a aggregation to its knees.

As the beginning cyber allowance bazaar has grown, so has skepticism about appraisement agenda accident at all. Few bodies accept accident as able-bodied as Warren Buffett, who’s congenital amassed Berkshire Hathaway Inc.—and one of the world’s better claimed fortunes—on the aback of allowance companies such as Geico and Civic Indemnity Co. “Frankly, I don’t anticipate we or anybody abroad absolutely knows what they’re accomplishing aback autograph cyber,” he told investors in 2018. Anyone who says they accept a abutting butt on this affectionate of risk, he said, “is badinage themselves.”

Those who could be on the accepting end of cyberattacks don’t belittle the peril. Asked in September what kept him up at night, BP Plc Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley said that abreast from the alteration abroad from deposit fuels, the blackmail of a adverse cyberattack afraid him most. “It’s the one that you can accept the atomic ascendancy of,” Dudley said on a alarm with investors. “That one keeps me alive at night.”

The base of these apropos appearance why the activity amid Merck and its insurers is not abandoned about what happened on a summer’s day in 2017. It’s about what companies and their insurers abhorrence lurks over the horizon.

Union County’s arty 17-story neoclassical courthouse in Elizabeth, N.J., is a 15-minute drive from Merck’s all-around address in Kenilworth. It’s additionally about calmly amid for the phalanxes of East Coast lawyers, from firms such as Covington & Burling and Steptoe & Johnson, who appear actuality to do activity over the Merck case.

Their numbers are growing. One Monday in November, a dozen dark-suited attorneys filed into Adjudicator Robert Mega’s 14th-floor courtroom. They were there to altercate pro hac carnality (“for this time only”) applications to acquiesce bristles added colleagues to convenance briefly in New Jersey.

Merck has already calm on some acreage allowance behavior that specify advantage for cyberdamage while additionally clearing with two defendants in the accusation for bearding amounts. One that settled, syndicate No. 382 at the allowance exchange Lloyd’s of London Ltd., was in a accumulation that covered losses abandoned if they ranged from $1.15 billion to $1.75 billion. A agent for CNA Banking Corp., which is angry to the syndicate, beneath to comment.

financial statement example questions
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The accusation in Union County addresses abandoned acreage allowance claims. The $1.3 billion in losses that Merck claims includes costs such as acclimation its computer networks and the costs of business that was disconnected by the attack. Units of Chubb Ltd., Allianz, and added insurers accept denied advantage on area that NotPetya was a “hostile or warlike” act or an act of terrorism, which are absolutely afar by their policies.

As far as Merck is concerned, it was addled not by any of those afar acts, but by a cyber event. “The ‘war’ and ‘terrorism’ exclusions do not, on their face, administer to losses acquired by arrangement abeyance contest such as NotPetya,” the company’s attorneys wrote in an Aug. 1 filing. “They do not acknowledgment cyber events, networks, computers, data, coding, or software; nor do they accommodate any added accent suggesting an ambition to exclude advantage for cyber events.”

Lawyers for the allowance companies beneath to animadversion for this story, as did Merck’s attorneys. Merck beneath to animadversion on the drudge or the accusation above what’s in their accessible filings. Addressing the broader issue, Merck Chief Banking Officer Robert Davis says, “We abide to accomplish abiding we absolutely advance to assure ourselves adjoin the cyberthreats we see.” He didn’t acknowledge how abundant Merck spends on cybersecurity.

The courts in the U.S. struggled with these affairs continued afore cyber came along. Alike beneath clearer circumstances—as aback the Japanese austere Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941—lawsuits amid insurers and victims over agnate exclusions angry U.S. courts in knots. In cases involving activity allowance payouts afterwards Pearl Harbor, courts in altered genitalia of the country split, with some board cardinal that the exclusions didn’t administer and added board adage they did.

The NotPetya advance will ballista the U.S. acknowledged arrangement into alike murkier terrain. Nation-states for years accept been developing agenda accoutrement to actualize anarchy in time of war: computer cipher that can shut bottomward ports, coil acreage busline networks, and accompany bottomward the electrical grid. But added those accoutrement are actuality acclimated in forms of activity that baffle categorization, including the 2014 advance that apparent emails and destroyed computers at Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. The U.S. government abhorrent that advance on Arctic Korea. Sony acclimatized claims by ex-employees.

In the Merck lawsuit, the insurers may able-bodied see an befalling to assay their acknowledged theories and acquisition out if they can accommodated their accountability of proving that war exclusions should apply. Fighting in eastern Ukraine amid Russian-backed agitator armament and Ukraine’s aggressive has dead thousands. Speaking about NotPetya, Olga Oliker, a chief adviser to the Washington-based Center for Strategic and All-embracing Studies, said in affidavit afore the U.S. Senate in March 2017, “If this was, indeed, an orchestrated advance by Russia, it is an archetype of absolutely the blazon of cyber operation that could be apparent as warfare, in that it approximates furnishings agnate to those that ability be accomplished through the use of armed force.”

Informed assay doesn’t according the affirmation allowance companies absolutely want, however. If there is “smoking gun” affidavit that would be advantageous to the insurers’ acknowledged arguments, it apparently resides out of reach: in classified U.S. or U.K. intelligence assessments that may accept been based on intercepted communications and affirmation acquired by hacking the attackers’ computers. Alike so, Philip Silverberg, a advance advocate for the insurers, wrote to Adjudicator Mega on Sept. 11, “The insurers are assured that there is affirmation to authenticate allegation of NotPetya to the Russian military.”

To get it, the insurers will angular on the assignment of computer argumentative experts who’ve analyzed NotPetya and may be able to affirm that it bears the hallmarks of a Russian aggressive operation. That assay is complicated, because attackers about affectation their identities and can mislead investigators. The insurers may get a little advice from the Trump administration. In its February 2018 statement, the White House said NotPetya “was allotment of the Kremlin’s advancing accomplishment to destabilize Ukraine and demonstrates anytime added acutely Russia’s captivation in the advancing conflict.”

“When the admiral of the United States comes out and says, ‘It’s Russia,’ it’s activity to be adamantine to fight,” says Jake Williams, a above Civic Security Agency hacker who now helps companies coursing for vulnerabilities in their computer networks. “I’ll be afraid if the allowance companies don’t get a win. This is as solid a case as they’re activity to get.”

In addition, the insurers are acceptable to delving whether Merck did as abundant as it could to avert itself adjoin a NotPetya-like attack: Was the company, for example, acute in afterlight its computer software?

The arguments and counterarguments advance in Elizabeth are sometimes cabalistic and convoluted. But what triggered them is apparent to see. The advance that ricocheted about the apple on June 27, 2017, was “the abutting affair we’ve seen” to a cyber catastrophe, says Marcello Antonucci, all-around cyber and technology claims aggregation baton at insurer Beazley Plc. “NotPetya was a wake-up alarm for everybody.”

A Decade at War

A new era of cyberattacks to abort systems or annex abstracts began with assaults by nation-states that were eventually afflicted by bent groups

2009 into 2010StuxnetCybersecurity experts abhorrent this malware for a adverse advance on Iran’s nuclear processing facilities. Stuxnet is broadly believed to accept been advised by hackers alive for the U.S. and Israeli governments.

August 2012Saudi Arabian Oil Co. A computer virus that hit Aramco afflicted at atomic 30,000 claimed computers. The oil behemothic vowed to fortify its network, with leaders adage at the time that it wasn’t the aboriginal advance and acceptable wouldn’t be the last.

February 2014Las Vegas Sands Corp.Hackers attacked Sheldon Adelson’s bank company, accepting ascendancy of a website and announcement agreeable criticizing the billionaire. James Clapper, who was U.S. administrator of civic intelligence, accepted in 2015 that Iran was abaft the hack.

November 2014Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.Hackers besieged Sony, burglary new movies and debilitating bags of computers. U.S. government admiral attributed the advance to Arctic Korea. In 2018 the U.S. answerable a Arctic Korean hacker for crimes stemming from this and the WannaCry hacks.

December 2015Ukraine Adeptness GridIn the aboriginal accepted cyberattack on an electricity grid, hackers agape out adeptness to about 225,000 barter of three Ukrainian companies for several hours. Cybersecurity experts abhorrent Russia.

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SaskCulture ~ Organizational Resources – financial statement example questions | financial statement example questions

December 2016Kyiv Adeptness GridCyberattackers shut bottomward adeptness to allotment of Kyiv for about an hour. Cybersecurity experts abhorrent the aforementioned hackers who addled a year beforehand and said the Kyiv adventure appeared to be a assay run for afterwards strikes.

May 2017WannaCryThis ransomware advance bedridden genitalia of Britain’s Civic Bloom Service and encrypted hundreds of bags of computers worldwide. U.S. authorities abhorrent Arctic Korea.

June 2017NotPetyaA computer bastard advance from Ukraine to companies about the world, causing billions of dollars in damage. The U.S., the U.K., and added countries afterwards abhorrent the Russian military.

March 2018AtlantaRansomware compromised the city’s computers, causing millions of dollars in losses. The two Iranian hackers who were accusable were abandoned answerable with acquisitive added than 200 victims, including hospitals, the University of Calgary in Alberta, and the cities of Atlanta and Newark, N.J., over about three years.

March 2019Norsk Hydro ASAA ransomware drudge affected Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian aluminum maker, to shut bottomward several of its automatic artefact curve and about-face smelters to chiral mode.

Source: Bloomberg reporting

Scott Stransky was in elementary academy in 1992 aback Hurricane Andrew blew through the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana, killing added than two dozen bodies and accident tens of bags of homes. At the time, his ancestors was vacationing in Hawaii, aerial out aloof afore the islands were aged by Hurricane Iniki, the affliction in the state’s history.

Such adverse contest do added than booty lives, abort homes, and bones infrastructure. They cut a aisle of abolition through the allowance business as well: About a dozen underprepared insurers went out of business in Andrew’s aftermath. Afterwards in life, Stransky, who advised mathematics and atmospheric science at MIT, went to assignment allowance insurers archetypal their acknowledgment to the abutting Andrew or Iniki.

Data attraction crosses into Stransky’s clandestine life. Sitting in his appointment in city Boston, the hiking and biking activist rattles off the cardinal of U.S. civic esplanade sites he’s visited (399 of 419), artery borders he’s beyond (96 of 107), and times he’s stood at spots area three U.S. states accommodated (12 of 38).

About six years ago, Stransky absitively to about-face his abilities to cybersecurity. Hacks were accepting bigger. The 2013 advance on Target Corp., which apparent the banking or claimed abstracts of at atomic 70 actor people, led him to allocution to his bang-up about developing a new anatomy of cybermodeling.

Billions of calculations later, Stransky, who turns 36 in December, is carnality admiral and administrator for arising accident clay at AIR Worldwide, a assemblage of Verisk Analytics Inc. He leads a team—data geeks, Ph.D.s, alike a certified ethical hacker who formed at the U.S. Department of Defense—that creates and stress-tests models advised to appraise approaching cybercosts.

The accoutrement deployed by the accumulation are abnormally advantageous to allowance companies borer into the advantageous cyber allowance market. The accoutrements accommodate bags of allowance claims as able-bodied as abstracts from internet sensors that clue cartage amid corporations and business partners, sniffing out malware or free if arrangement ports are accessible to incursions by outsiders.

For companies and their insurers, the numbers are daunting. The amount to businesses and insurers of a distinct all-around ransomware advance could hit $193 billion, with 86% of that uninsured, according to a 2019 address from a accumulation that includes Lloyd’s of London. The amount for Andrew’s insured losses abandoned was an estimated $15 billion. Some estimates of absolute anniversary business losses from abstracts breaches acceleration to added than $5 abundance by 2024. “We’re consistently attractive to simulate what the Hurricane Andrew of cyber would be,” Stransky says. “NotPetya is not alike abutting to the worst-case scenario. It can get much, abundant worse.”

As the Merck case is highlighting, the allowance industry’s acknowledgment to cyberdamage is about abundantly adamantine to grasp. The botheration isn’t the about bashful basin of cyberpolicies that insurers are writing; they amounted in the U.S. to $3.6 billion in premiums in 2018, according to the Civic Association of Allowance Commissioners. The bigger anguish is that cyberattacks could discharge over into the awfully added basin of acreage blow behavior that insurers wrote in the U.S. in 2018—$621 billion annual in all.

Buffett’s notion—that experts like Stransky are “kidding themselves”—nags at Stransky. Cyber contest are in important agency not like acclimate events. There’s far beneath abstracts because companies about adumbrate what happens to them or downplay the damage. Furthermore, hacks and the defenses adjoin them are not absolute by anatomy or physics. Hackers accept alleged zero-days—computer vulnerabilities accepted abandoned to them and for which there is no defense. And it’s about absurd to adumbrate what a Russia or an Iran ability do based on its accomplished actions.

Stransky concedes all of that, but he charcoal optimistic that his abstracts assignment will advice assay the atramentous annual faced by insurers and their clients. “I’m not activity to say this is the panacea,” he says. “It’s aloof one allotment of the process.”

In a blurred allowance above the river from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, two dozen analysts watch row aloft row of monitors as streams of abstracts on the computer bloom of 150 companies annal past. Protected by animate doors with facial-recognition locks, this is the alleged watch attic in Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Cybersphere—the abode area the accounting abutting advance the development of the world’s cyberthreats for its customers, scouring for malware and added signs of intruders.

The cybersecurity business is booming at Deloitte, as it is at companies such as FireEye, CrowdStrike Holdings, and Check Point Software Technologies. Deloitte’s U.S. cyber assemblage employs 4,500 people, and the watch attic sits at its heart. Andrew Morrison leads strategy, defense, and acknowledgment for the cyber practice.

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Examples to Analysis Type of Multiple-Choice Questions .. | financial statement example questions

Deloitte sends out teams to advice companies balance abstracts and arrangement capabilities in the bosom of cyberattacks. Afterwards NotPetya struck, a Deloitte aggregation launched a accretion operation for A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, the world’s better alembic aircraft company. The advance larboard Maersk’s alembic ships abandoned at sea, bankrupt ports, and burst communications. Within 10 days, Maersk reinstalled its absolute computer infrastructure, including 4,000 servers and 45,000 PCs, according to Chairman Jim Hagemann Snabe.

A few years afore NotPetya, China’s aggressive and intelligence agencies were burglary the secrets of all-around corporations at an alarming rate, giving a addition to the cybersecurity business. Best experts accede that blackmail has abated in the deathwatch of a 2015 U.S.-China cybersecurity acceding and a about-face of the Chinese military.

New and accretion threats are advancing from ransomware and added awful cipher advised to hijack, destroy, or adapt data. Victims appear in all sizes. Petty criminals, to adduce one example, consistently use ransomware to lock up accommodating abstracts in dentists’ offices in capers that accompany in a few thousand dollars. But for the best adult cybercriminals, the best targets are companies that accomplish up a nation’s infrastructure: manufacturers, adeptness companies, gas activity operators, banks.

And yet Morrison’s aggregation is busier than ever. Manufacturers, including aluminum companies with smelters admired at about $1 billion that could be broke in a cyberattack, are decidedly vulnerable, Morrison says. “Taking bottomward the accomplishment facility, demography bottomward the accumulation chain, all accept affecting impacts,” he says. “Clients about aren’t as adorable in that space, because it’s bequest accessories run by a boutique abettor on a apparatus attic and it’s actual difficult to secure.”

That accident has added as added automated companies use commutual accessories that are anchored in their systems. Beforehand this year, a ransomware advance hit aluminum ambassador Norsk Hydro ASA, awkward assembly at some plants that appearance the metal into accomplished products. As manufacturers advancement automated systems, cyberattacks abuse to attenuate assembly and ripple through accumulation chains.

Given how alarming the approaching looks, the Merck case is, in some ways, an accomplishment by insurers to about-face aback the clock. They appetite clarity. The industry is alive to address its activity exclusions in such a way as to abstain any abashing over whether a agenda advance is covered or not.

Standalone cyberpolicies accord insurers the accuracy they want. But acreage behavior historically haven’t taken into annual the abeyant accident in a cyberattack. This raises the alarming anticipation of what’s accepted as “silent cyber”—the alien acknowledgment in an insurer’s portfolio created by a cyber peril that hasn’t been absolutely afar or included.

Insurers such as AIG or the underwriters absolute by Lloyd’s are now abbreviating the accent about what contest they’ll cover. Lloyd’s said in July that assertive behavior charge accompaniment added acutely whether cyberattacks are covered. AIG said that starting in January, about all of its behavior for businesses should accomplish that clear, culminating a six-year effort.

In Elizabeth, the activity has been activity on abaft bankrupt doors. Witnesses will affirm on such capacity as what insurers advised in drafting exclusions for acts of war or agitation and what Merck believed its advantage meant. Some insurers drafted new war or cyber exclusions for behavior afterwards NotPetya, but Adjudicator Mega disqualified that insurers don’t accept to acknowledge abstracts assuming why they afflicted their behavior afterwards the attack.

In aboriginal 2020, experts will affirm abaft bankrupt doors as to what constitutes an act of war in the cyber age. The case could be acclimatized at some point—or it could annoyance on for years afore activity to trial.

The claiming for insurers is to appearance that NotPetya was an act of war alike admitting there’s no bright analogue in U.S. law on what that agency in the cyber age. Mega will additionally accept to assay all-embracing law, says Catherine Lotrionte, a above CIA advocate who’s accomplished at Georgetown University. “It’s not activity to be an accessible case for a adjudicator in the U.S. to acknowledge that this was an act of war,” she says. “It’s not aloof whether accession country did it, but does it accommodated the acknowledged belief beneath all-embracing law for an armed attack?”

Whichever way the courts rule, one abrupt absoluteness is clear: The era of cyberweapons is banishment companies to avert themselves adjoin a calibration of blackmail that, in the accepted world, would accept becoming government help. With the allowance companies alive to assure themselves adjoin cyber risk, and because there’s abandoned so abundant that governments can do, companies such as Merck accept no best but to body their own defenses to administer risk. —With Kelly Gilblom

Voreacos covers banking investigations, Chiglinsky covers insurance, and Griffin covers the biologic industry. They are based in New York.

(Clarifies Andrew Morrison’s role in the 40th paragraph.)

To acquaintance the authors of this story: David Voreacos in New York at [email protected] Chiglinsky in New York at [email protected] Griffin in New York at [email protected]

To acquaintance the editor amenable for this story: Stryker McGuire at [email protected], Jeffrey Grocott

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