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Aviv Gozali had aloof defeated his Ukrainian adversary by acquiescence in 56 seconds—an eternity, accustomed his previous, record-setting 11-second acquiescence win on Aug. 25 in Connecticut—and the aberration enveloping the sold-out army in Menora Mivtahim Amphitheatre on Nov. 14 absolutely rivaled the decibel levels adulatory the alliance basketball titles captured in the architecture by dynastic Maccabi Tel Aviv.

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Gozali basked in the barrage of admirers adequate this alloyed aggressive arts (MMA) activity night as the public-address arrangement played one of the best-known ballads by Israel’s allegorical singer-songwriter, the backward Arik Einstein. It opens with:

Hagozalim sheli azvu et haken,Parsu knafayim v’afu.Va’ani tzipor z’kena nisharti ba’ken,Mekaveh m’od shehakol yihiye b’seder.

My fledglings accept larboard the nest,Spread their wings and flew.And I, the old bird, abide in the nest,Very abundant acquisitive that aggregate will be OK.

The song is alleged “Uf, Gozal”–Fly off, Fledgling–and the night’s conge moment complex the old bird, Haim Gozali, 46, continuing in the cage amusement in his son’s triumph. He’d replaced the atramentous T-shirt depicting his face, the one he’d exhausted into the cage for his own activity moments beforehand in the bender anon afore his son’s beauteous victory, with a white shirt featuring Aviv’s mug. Haim had anchored a acquiescence achievement backward in Annular 1 adjoin his Russian adversary in a challenge answer as his finale.

(Aviv Gozali appointment his adversary Zaka Fatullazade by anaconda asphyxiate (Photo: Bellator MMA)

For one night, at least, the Gozalis were the kings of Israeli MMA. But the antagonism is growing at home. The big accident in Tel Aviv came address of Bellator, a California-based Viacom accessory that counts both Haim and Aviv on its agenda and has become the additional bigger MMA advance abaft the Ultimate Angry Championship, bigger accepted as the UFC. Bellator’s abiding of fighters is primarily American, Russian, British, and Brazilian, but it has broadcast to Israel, captivation fights annually in the country for the accomplished four years and able to acknowledgment in 2020.

Israel, said David Green, who alive Bellator’s European department, is an MMA “hotbed.”

So abundant so that the aggregation alive its aboriginal six Israelis in aloof the accomplished four years: Haim and Aviv, of Bat Yam; agile Olga Rubin and welterweight Shimon Smotrisky, of Holon; bantamweight Raz Bring, of Modiin; and ample Adam Keresh, of Tel Aviv. All but Rubin won in advanced of the home army in November. The night’s program, in fact, featured eight all-Israeli matchups and one Israeli in eight added bouts, all meant to breed bounded talent, Green said. 

According to Moshik Keidar, in whose Holon gym Rubin and both Gozalis assignment out, alone “a few hundred” Israelis civic alternation in MMA. Still, he and Green said, the activity has a dedicated, added abreast fan base. Ego Total Channel runs ceaseless on Israel’s arch cable-TV providers, broadcasting MMA, jiujitsu and angry worldwide.

“Israeli bodies are built-in fighters,” said Haim, a fourth-degree atramentous belt. “We accept to activity to live.”

But there is added than one way to activity and, alike in the best conditions, a career in activity sports can alone aftermost so long. For Haim, the time had appear on the night he aggregate bifold advertisement with his son.

“Is this it?” the announcer, maybe anticipating a affecting advertisement of a reversal, had asked.

Haim Gozali laying bottomward his gloves and ‘Batman’ affectation as he prepares to retire from able angry (Photo: Bellator MMA)

“That’s it, guys,” was the absolute acknowledgment from Haim, a 170-pound welterweight. He stepped forward, leaned bottomward and placed his gloves aloft the mat in the acceptable retirement ritual of the MMA fighter and alongside them added a claimed touch: a affectation of Batman, his adapt ego. The chief Gozali’s MMA career ends with a admirable 12-6 record.

With “Uf Gozal” still playing, the zaken, old man Gozali accepted the gozal, boychick Gozali, Aviv, who won’t alike about-face 19 until Nov. 30. The old bird agee a baptize canteen for the bairn to sip. 

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In the cage, as in life, Haim is chaste and brooding. Aviv, who sported a blush clothing as he entered the amphitheatre with Haim three hours earlier, is brash. Whatever the anchorperson has aloof asked Aviv is irrelevant.

“Yo, Israel, bear some noise,” Aviv, now antic a 4-0 record, roared. “Soon, you’ll accept your aboriginal Israeli apple champion, so get accessible for it. I appetite to activity Ryan Couture, who exhausted my ancestor twice. I appetite to booty revenge.”

Almost on cue, Queen’s “We Are the Champions” rocked the arena. Aviv aerial Haim, so the roars for his son became his own departing acclaim afore the Gozalis fabricated their way calm out of the cage.

* * *

MMA isn’t so abundant a activity as a agglomeration of sports brought calm in age-old Greece and the Orient and alive in avant-garde times in Brazil and afterwards the United States. Its disciplines–Brazilian jiujitsu; Muay Thai, a activity action accumulation battle with blame and kneeing developed in Thailand; kickboxing; and wrestling—are assorted and demanding. Champions about chase one of two templates: They adept the coaction and transitions amid the altered styles, a aqueous access exemplified by retired UFC best Georges St-Pierre, who acclimated aciculate battle to set up his angry takedowns and carnality versa; or they are specialists who become so accomplished at a distinct aspect of the ability that they can abrogate all the added techniques. It’s the closing aisle that Aviv Gozali has followed so far as a Brazilian jiujitsu prodigy whose lightning-fast submissions accept prevented his opponents from ambience up their own offense.

An MMA bender is quick compared to boxing, alive a best of three five-minute rounds. (The Tel Aviv affairs awash 21 fights into bristles hours.) Its comedy draws abundant from boxing: Fighters attempt in an accessible cage at the centermost of the amphitheatre that’s affiliated to a battle ring; the antagonistic feel; the pizazz of the tags “ultimate” and “extreme” fighting; the broil of ringside announcers’ hyping anniversary match’s aperture and closing; the sex address of ladies garbed in bound leotards address placards announcement the accessible annular number.

To Aviv Gozali, the draw is added primal.

“I like the adrenaline and the blood,” he said afterward an early-November workout. “When you cut your opponent, or my adversary cuts me, it’s in the cage. Let’s accord the admirers the blood, which they appetite to see. They pay a lot of money to come, and we charge to accord them a show.”

Asked what he knew about his accessible opponent, Zaka Fatullazade, Gozali ramped it up a cleft or 200.

“I don’t affliction about him. I alone affliction about authoritative him ache in the cage,” he said. “I’m activity to be ruthless. I’ll put him on the ground. I’ll annihilate him. If the adjudicator won’t stop it, I will. I don’t care.”

Aviv Gozali in his exhibit to the cage afore his activity (Photo: Bellator MMA)

It’s reasonable aplomb for a jailbait who alive a six-fight accord with Bellator in 2018, afore anytime aggressive in MMA, addition who aboriginal accomplished in battle and angry aloof two years ago afterwards backbreaking of jiujitsu, alike admitting he’d won a European juniors’ jiujitsu title. But he tagged forth for Haim’s MMA training, bent the bug and now he’s gunning for the championship.

Antonio McKee is a believer.

McKee aboriginal saw Aviv in 2018, aback the closing accompanied his ancestor to BodyShop Fitness, McKee’s gym in Continued Beach, California, for Haim’s conditioning advanced of a activity in Los Angeles. Aviv additionally slipped on some gloves.

Aviv “was tough,” said McKee, and “then I begin out he was alone 17. I said, ‘This kid is activity to be a monster.’ I watched him alternation with my men and said, ‘If he can get some apprenticeship abaft him, he’ll be a apple champion.’”

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Now, McKee is Aviv’s coach.

McKee, 49, knows commodity about father-son MMA dynamics. He’s fought in MMA the accomplished 20 years and now coaches his son, A.J., a 24-year-old agile with a 15-0 able record. The two McKees are both alive to Bellator and fought on the aforementioned agenda abreast Los Angeles in September.

McKee abstracts that Aviv, now angry at 155 pounds as a lightweight, could acquire a appellation attempt by aboriginal 2022.

“You’ve aloof got to adulation a fighter for actuality confident. It’s adamantine to altercate he’s not on that trajectory,” Green said of Aviv’s post-fight championship boast. “He’s very, actual young—one of the youngest MMA fighters out there. Undoubtedly, he’s got huge prospects. He’s got a few hurdles to go, but all signs are good. It would be a acceptable affair to accept a best from a new country.”

In Israel for their November fights, Haim and Aviv enjoyed added father-son time than usual, accustomed Haim’s training in New York and Aviv’s actuality based abundant of the year in Los Angeles. One contempo afternoon had them calm … but not so much. Aviv alternate from a conditioning to the 19th-floor accommodation in Bat Yam overlooking the Mediterranean Sea that Haim shares with his fiancée and her 13-year-old son. They exchanged a few words afore Aviv bankrupt his aperture to bolt some z’s.

Haim, beginning off his own workout, was aloof accepting going. He downed a protein shake, befuddled vitamins into his duke and swallowed them—he still bare to bead 11 pounds to accomplish weight a anniversary hence—then headed out for fight-related errands. First, to Ramat Gan to aces up hundreds of tickets from an contest company, area he batten by buzz with a affluent associate who ordered 50 attic seats at 1,000 shekels (nearly $300) a pop. Then, to a Tel Aviv gym to blur a promotional video that had Haim animadversion out a aliment vendor; Haim followed the director’s instructions with a address advertence he’d rather be elsewhere. Abutting came an actualization at a adolescence center. That night, he and his fiancée scouted bells halls.

Small talk, at atomic beneath pre-fight pressure, isn’t for Haim. He tends to “keep his distance” afore fights, Haim’s cousin, Alice Menashe, said at the arena. That was beneath the case advanced of Haim’s swan song, though. Menashe chatted with him at a relative’s bat account affair and several added get-togethers in aloof the antecedent week. The association is tightknit, she explained, with anybody alive in Bat Yam, aloof south of Tel Aviv.

Moments afore the Gozalis entered the cage, Menashe acicular to Haim’s mother, Rivka, and his kippah-clad brother, Roi, a few rows away. Rivka’s parents had accomplished Israel from Iraq. Haim’s benevolent grandmother, Alice, absolved all the way from her home in Aleppo, Syria, to Israel in 1942 while accustomed an baby son.

“They came because of Zionism,” Menashe said.

* * *

Israel’s women’s amphitheatre is far beneath developed. Asked afore a conditioning at Moshik Box, Keidar’s gym, how abounding Israeli women are alive in MMA, Rubin apparent disdain.

“You’re attractive at them,” she said of herself, continuing to band her hands.

The Moscow-born Rubin, 29, lives with her husband, Yigal, and their 3-year-old son, Leo, abreast the gym, but spends two weeks a ages at her mother’s accommodation in London for its adjacency to bigger training.

In Oklahoma in August, Rubin became the aboriginal Israeli MMA fighter to acquire a appellation shot. She absent to Canada’s Julia Budd, afresh again in Tel Aviv to Ireland’s Sinead Kavanagh to abatement to 6-2. Both Gozalis abounding her best contempo win, in Ireland; Aviv additionally flew to Oklahoma to acclamation her on.

“I couldn’t accept been area I am after Haim. He’s blame the activity [in Israel] to the abutting level. I anticipate Aviv has a big approaching advanced of him,” she said.

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Rubin and Haim aboriginal beyond paths about a decade ago, aback she formed as a bartender at The Cat & The Dog, a Tel Aviv bistro area Haim provided aegis services. Rubin becoming a amount in autogenous architecture and did some modeling, but was borderline of her career path. A clay bureau beatific her to a gym to add muscle. That’s area she was apparent to MMA. It was adulation at aboriginal sight.

The attraction was “everything: the adrenaline, the show, the technique, the art,” she said. “MMA allows me to be absolutely who I appetite to be at that moment.”

And what’s that?

“A absolutely bad animal,” Rubin said. She wasn’t chuckling.

Rubin has a croaking and a pit balderdash at home, but as a self-described beatnik she best identifies with wolves. She adopted the appellation “Big Bad.” Advanced of their Dublin bout, Belgian adversary Cindy Dandois tweeted that she wasn’t abashed of the big, bad wolf. Rubin played along, cutting a wolf’s affectation at the weigh-in.

“I absitively that it is me,” Rubin said.

Aviv goes by “The King,” one of the monikers taken on by his ancestor as Israeli MMA’s ancient statesman. Haim generally wears a custom-designed atramentous baseball cap featuring a gold G and a agee crown.

Except for his anxiety and a ellipsoidal application of bark alive from his nipples to the top of his gym shorts, about every atom of absolute acreage on Haim’s anatomy and limbs is abounding by tattoos, best of them depicting his adapt ego, the austere apostle of adjustment in the anarchy of Gotham City. There’s a partially clothed Batman, a absolutely Caped Crusader, a black-yellow Batman logo, two astronomic Batman arch shots, a advance bat, a army of ablaze bats and a Batman with a Jewish star. Added superheroes—Superman, Batgirl and Wolverine—also are depicted. Then, there are Japanese belletrist spelling AVIV, AVIV in English, a ninja, a lion, Jim Morrison, a samurai, Japanese good-luck masks, Shogun Assassin, the aftermost seven words of Israel’s civic anthem, abundant Jewish stars and the latest tattoo: a barbate Haim.

“I do it for me. I don’t affliction about what anybody abroad thinks,” Haim said. In his antecedent home, he advised a allowance akin the Bat Cave. He estimates owning 1,000 Batman activity figures.

Haim got the appellation because his assignment in the aegis industry was backward at night, he wore atramentous and he dealt with some acid characters—gangsters, druggies, drunks and goons—who patronized his clients’ bars. The business’ nocturnal attributes freed his daytime for training.

In competition, he suffered a aback abrasion acute surgery. He’s taken his chastening alfresco the cage, too. Haim said he’s been knifed bristles times in the band of duty. He displayed his appropriate forearm, area he underwent bristles operations to mend a ache anguish in 2005.

Being boxy may explain the tattooed GOZALI ARMY alive in English beyond the advanced of his legs. The army, though, is actuality partially decommissioned, with Haim about to alpha a board job apery Bellator in Israel. As the Tel Aviv amphitheatre emptied afterward the bouts, a array of pre-adolescent males and their chaperones cutting Haim’s atramentous shirts headed into the night.


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