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Directed by: John McTiernan, Renny Harlin and Len WisemanWritten by: Jeb Stuart, Steven E. de Souza, Doug Richardson, Jonathan Hensleigh and Mark Bomback

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Starring:Bruce Willis – John McClaneBonnie Bedelia – Holly GenneroReginald VelJohnson – Al PowellAlan Rickman – Hans GruberJeremy Irons – Simon Peter GruberTimothy Olyphant – Thomas GabrielWilliam Sadler – Colonel StuartSamuel L. Jackson – Zeus CarverJustin Continued – Matt FarrellMary Elizabeth Winstead – Lucy Gennero-McClaneAlexander Godunov – KarlHart Bochner – Harry EllisWilliam Atherton – Richard ThornburgPaul Gleason – Deputy Dwayne RobinsonDennis Franz – Captain LorenzoJohn Amos – Major GrantFranco Nero – General EsperanzaLarry Bryggman – Walter CobbKevin Smith – Frederick ‘Warlock’ KaludisCliff Curtis -Miguel BowmanMaggie Q – Mai Linh

Domestic Gross: $435,091,701 (combined)Worldwide Gross: $1,130,432,180 (combined)

DVD Absolution Date: January 29, 2013Running Time: 8 hours, 33 account (combined)

Rated R (Die Hard, Die Adamantine 2, Die Adamantine With a Vengeance)Rated PG (Live Free or Die Hard)

The Die Adamantine films comprise one of the best acclaimed and admired blur franchises amid activity fans. The alternation stands alternating such heavyweights as Rambo, the Bourne films, the Lethal Weapon alternation and a scattering of others as about universally-agreed abstract in the genre. It may assume adamantine to believe, but the aboriginal Die Adamantine celebrates its twenty-fifth ceremony this year. In account of that, and in alertness for the accessible fifth access A Acceptable Day to Die Hard, Fox has appear the aboriginal four films in a distinct Blu-Ray set so that bodies can aces up the accumulating all at already and be accessible for the latest John McClane adventure.

For appraisement the films I’ll be breaking this bottomward by ceremony blur in mini-reviews, and additionally giving an all-embracing rating.

Die Hard

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Die Adamantine afflicted the advance of activity films. There is a acumen why the cliché of all activity films actuality above bottomward to “Die Adamantine on a _________” exists; McTiernan’s blur takes a actual simple abstraction and builds an abundantly able adventitious about it. Instead of the muscled-up activity heroes that bedeviled the arena in the 1980s, the adventitious focuses on an everyman cop, John McClane (Willis), who flies from New York to Los Angeles to accommodated with his conflicting wife Holly (Bedelia) and their kids for Christmas. Showing up at his wife’s appointment activity in the under-construction Nakatomi Plaza, moments of amateurishness amid the two are burst up aback credible terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Rickman) booty over the architecture but aback acquiesce McClane to blooper through their fingers. With little added than his experience and a walkie-talkie to a affectionate cop (VelJohnson) on the outside, McClane charge stop Gruber and his “terrorist” accumulation from their accurate goal: $640 billion in agent bonds, which will accomplish the hostages expendable.

The aboriginal blur is appealing abundant the complete activity film. The calligraphy by Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza is a lean, automated activity that doesn’t decay time on pointlessness but additionally doesn’t abort to appearance a deep, constant account for its characters. Everyone from McClane and Gruber to Holly, the douchey Ellis and ceremony of the terrorists are fully-realized individuals. There are few faceless bad guys, which raises the stakes for all involved. While the calligraphy is expertly switching amid the assorted abandon of this confrontation–McClane, the terrorists and the cops and FBI outside–McTiernan does a absurd job of bed-making it all calm into a adamant whole. The director, who advanced fabricated his name with the equally-iconic Predator, knows actually what he’s accomplishing and he guides this blur alternating with a abiding hand, never clashing from alpha to finish.

Of course, it helps a lot that McTiernan accumulated a ablaze casting of actors here. It may assume aberrant now, but Willis was actually absolutely the accident at the time to comedy an activity advance as he didn’t accept the tough, adamant attending of Schwarzenegger, Stallone or alike Chuck Norris. Clearly that accident pays off, as Willis created an activity hero for the ages. Boxy and snarky, McClane is relatable because of Willis’ added common attitude and demeanor; this is a man who is in over his arch and knows it, but does it because there’s no one abroad to do so. Meanwhile, Rickman in his aboriginal blur role knocks it out of the esplanade as Gruber; he is intelligent, affable and yet adamant and apace evil. The coaction amid Willis and Rickman clicks aloof appropriate and the arena in which they accommodated is authentic magic. The draft of the casting from Bonnie Bedelia and Reginald VelJohnson to William Atherton, Paul Gleason, Hart Bochner and added are afterwards barring excellent, giving McTiernan all the accoutrement he needs for one of the best activity films of all-time, if not THE best.

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Die Adamantine Rating: 9.5

Die Adamantine 2: Die Harder

Once Die Adamantine became a phenomenon, it came time for a aftereffect to appear around. The result, Die Adamantine 2, saw Renny Harlin booty the reins from McTiernan, application a calligraphy from de Souza and Doug Richardson that sets the activity at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. Its two years afterwards on Christmas Eve again, and while acclaimed biologic aristocrat and General Ramon Esperanza (Nero) is actuality aureate in for balloon on biologic trafficking charges, McClane is cat-and-mouse for Holly to access from Los Angeles. Aback McClane sees a brace of apprehensive men in Army apparel he investigates, which leads him brusque into a artifice involving above Appropriate Forces Colonel Stuart (Sadler) who affairs to accomplishment the General and threatens to blast planes all about Dulles if he doesn’t get his way. Alive with a astute arch of operations (Thompson) and a smartass airport cop (Franz), McClane sets out to stop Stuart and get Holly’s alike cautiously on the ground.

The smartest affair that Die Adamantine 2 accomplishes is acknowledging its own silliness. de Souza and Richardson’s calligraphy allows McClane to curiosity at the unlikeliness of him accepting in two agitator situations on Christmas eve aural three years, and there is a lot of fun to be had there. However, the film’s better blemish is its abridgement of able villains. Sadler does a accomplished job of assuming Stuart, but he is not accounting in a decidedly able address and allotment of that is the character’s addiction to apple-polish to Esperanza (the actuality that the aboriginal time we see him, he’s accomplishing naked tai chi doesn’t help). The blur additionally takes a while to get going; in aggravating to set the blur adjoin the then-timely affair of Noriega, the aboriginal act gets needlessly circuitous afore coast brusque into the activity setpieces. The ambience isn’t as able as the aboriginal either; the accessible drape of an airport diffuses some of the abeyant astriction we got from the claustrophobic aboriginal film.

That actuality said, the blur is not a bad one, per se. Alike the weakest Die Adamantine blur still has a lot to enjoy, conspicuously from a subplot that gives Holly article to do in the anatomy of the clammy anchorperson Thornburg actuality on the aforementioned alike as her. Bedelia and Atherton assignment actual able-bodied off ceremony added and it’s fun to see them go aback and forth. Willis is still abundant as McClane and the draft of the acknowledging casting tries actual ably to lift the blur to article aces of actuality a Die Adamantine sequel. Harlin’s flaws as a administrator are acclaimed (see: Cutthroat Island, A Nightmare on Elm Artery 4, Exorcist: The Beginning) but he is at atomic acute abundant to affluence aback actuality and let the adventitious acquaint itself a bit, admitting it wanders needlessly a brace of times. The activity at atomic is top-notch, including a beauteous alike blast that stands amid the best such sequences of all time. Die Adamantine 2 isn’t a abundant blur and it ranks everyman on my account of Die Hards, but it’s still agreeable for what it is.

Die Adamantine 2 Rating: 6.5

Die Adamantine With a Vengeance

For John McClane’s third accurate adventitious John McTiernan allotment abaft the camera, as does the Gruber ancestors in advanced of it. The third blur picks up as McClane, who is already afresh conflicting from his wife and is a ambiguous alcoholic, is abeyant from the New York Badge Department. That abeyance comes to an brusque end as an ambiguous agitator (Irons) assault up a administration abundance on a awash Manhattan block and tells the badge accession one will draft if McClane doesn’t hunt his instructions. McClane anon finds himself affiliated with Harlem assurance boutique buyer Zeus Carver (Jackson) by circumstance, active about analytic riddles by the terrorist: none added than Simon Gruber, the brother of Hans from the aboriginal film. As the badge hunt to try and acquisition a bomb placed aural a school, McClane realizes that like his brother afore him, Simon has an ambiguous motive and drags Zeus alternating as they try to put a stop to the Gruber ancestors antics already and for all.

Where Die Adamantine 2 abashed its way through the aboriginal act afore acrimonious up, Vengeance has no such problem. The aboriginal affair we see is the access that rocks the Manhattan artery and from there it bliss into aerial gear. The cine by Jonathan Hensleigh rights some of the faults of the additional film, with a memorable villain and a acknowledgment to the “heist as agitator ruse” format. Irons has a compact role to rip into and he has a lot of fun with it; his Gruber is a bit added crazed than Rickman’s but you can actually see them as brothers. Meanwhile the coaction amid Willis and Jackson is top-notch; Jackson serves as a airy agent for both Bedelia and VelJohnson’s characters in how they chronicle to McClane. There is a hardly arrant activity in the aboriginal brace scenes as it lurches to accumulate all the pieces but afterwards a few moments it is bland sailing. There are a brace abrupt moments area the artifice sags, decidedly aback McClane and Zeus breach up for a abbreviate while, but best of the way through is a fun thrill-ride.

With McTiernan aback abaft the camera, there is additionally an advance in the all-embracing feel of the film. Despite actuality alike added sprawling of a ambience than the aboriginal one, there are moments of audible claustrophobia that gives the capital Die Adamantine feel. McTiernan stages all the activity actual abundantly and alfresco of one abundantly accessible blended attempt involving baptize and a tow truck, the beheld furnishings authority up today. This is the blur that helped acknowledgment Die Adamantine to its roots and it stands as the second-best in the authorization so far.

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Die Adamantine With a Vengeance Rating: 8.0

Live Free or Die Hard

After 1995’s Die Adamantine with a Vengeance, the John McClane adventure backward abeyant for years on the big screen. The planned fourth was one of abounding activity films that adjourned out in the face of 9/11, and it would be accession bristles and a bisected years afore Die Adamantine would acknowledgment to theaters. Aback it assuredly did, the aftereffect was Live Free or Die Hard. Live Free sees McClane still with the NYPD, admitting his acclaimed abhorrence to get with avant-garde times agency that abounding on the force accede him a bit of a relic. McClane is beatific to retrieve a hacker, Matt Farrell (Long) and accompany him to Washington, D.C. for careful custody. The cop anon finds himself extenuative Matt from ambitious assassins who are out to annihilate the kid in adjustment to awning up the aegis cipher he wrote for them. It isn’t continued afore McClane and Farrell are affected to assignment calm on account of the FBI to stop above DOD analyst Thomas Gabriel (Olyphant) and his team, headed by the baleful Mai Linh (Maggie Q), from captivation the US’s agenda systems hostage. Aback Gabriel kidnaps McClane’s babe Lucy (Winstead), the stakes afresh become claimed for John.

There was a lot of catechism at the time of its absolution whether the Die Adamantine authorization was accordant in the post-9/11 era. Willis was in his aboriginal fifties at the time of Live Free’s absolution which is accomplished the age aback abounding accomplishments accept accomplished their peak. Mark Bomback’s calligraphy smartly acknowledges that McClane is allotment of an beforehand time afterwards alleviative the appearance as a joke; the appearance doesn’t apperceive a megabyte from a dog chaw but he’s still able to bang ass. That ability gap allows the accessory role to be accordant and not aloof tacked on. Matt Farrell is in a lot of means the affectionate of annoying hacker blazon that you apprehend to see in films, but he’s added than aloof a snarky techno-elitist, and as affairs disentangle he has a adventitious to do added than cascade exposition. Abundant like Vengeance, Live Free succeeds in ample allotment because Continued and Willis are able to adjure up some solid allure in their activating and assignment off ceremony added nicely.

Some criticism has been collapsed at the villain of this blur in Thomas Gabriel, and it is accurate that he is not as able as the Grubers. However, that is a alpine adjustment and Gabriel works aloof accomplished in this case for what the calligraphy demands. He is a analogue to McClane and while he doesn’t accept the beef of Stuart or the agreeableness of the Grubers, he does accept the abomination and the ability that he needs to be a threat; Maggie Q is memorable as Mai Linh and provides the ass-kicking villain that Gabriel needs. Winstead turns in a abundant achievement as Lucy–who is a dent off her old man’s block–and the FBI guys are fine, if not as fleshed out as they could be. Len Wiseman is abaft the camera for this one and he shows how acceptable of an activity administrator he is here; the activity scenes are actual crisp and while they are outlandish, it’s eye-winkingly so in a way that disarms the goofiness somewhat (“You aloof dead a helicopter with a car!”). Above all, Live Free showed that there was still a abode in the activity apple for John McClane and while it’s not perfect–the accommodation to go PG-13 conspicuously takes some of the chaw out, for example–it is a actual agreeable ride.

Live Free or Die Adamantine Rating: 7.5

Overall Blur Rating: 8.0

The video transfers for the Die Adamantine accumulating are all complete ports from antecedent releases, and there’s annihilation at all amiss with that. The transfers for the aboriginal two films are not perfect, but they are afar advanced of the DVD video affection and accord categorical images with aloof the appropriate bulk of grain. Colors are aloof a blow aerial on those aboriginal two but blacks are well-defined. Die Adamantine With a Vengeance is a big bound advanced from the DVD release, with the ever acicular account thankfully gone. The best of them is, unsurprisingly, the latest as Live Free or Die Adamantine looks about flawless. Every detail is rendered, all colors pop appropriately, beef tones attending acceptable and there is no agenda artificing to be seen. All in all these are actual good-to-great transfers.

Overall Video Rating: 8.0

The audio advance for the Die Adamantine accumulating are, like the video transfers, the aforementioned as antecedent Blu-Ray releases which is afresh a acceptable thing. The closing two films in accurate avowal robust, close advance that accomplish abundant use of assorted channels, while Die Hard’s 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio appropriately ancestor at the appropriate moments. The Die Adamantine 2 clue is apparently the atomic absorbing due to some artificiality in the approach use but alike it is accurately put-together; all four films are composed amid ambient sounds, account and dialogue. All the films accept audio advance in added languages as well, alternating with subtitles in several varieties.

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Overall Audio Rating: 8.5

The packaging for the Die Adamantine accumulating looks phenomenal. Presented in a book format, the alien blooper awning appearance a Bruce Willis’ face about Live Free or Die Adamantine on one ancillary and the basal of a ammo imprinted with the brand of the titles on the other. The DVDs all affection a beautiful black-theme featuring the appellation of the film; airheaded are simple and automatic to move through. This is a set that looks absurd in a accumulating and like abounding “book” Blu-Ray collections saves amplitude as adjoin to accepting four alone cases.

Packaging Rating: 9.0

Between the four films and the benefit affection discs (and not including the commentaries), there are about eight hours of appropriate appearance here. That’s a actual absorbing bulk of benefit material, admitting absolutely mitigated somewhat aback you accede that abundant of it is a anchorage over from the antecedent Blu-Ray releases. That’s not at all a bad affair though, abnormally for those who don’t accept the complete sets but don’t appetite to lose the appearance that they accept by upgrading.

Die Hard• Annotation by Administrator John McTiernan and Assembly Artist Jackson DeGovia: A absolutely advisory annotation track, with McTiernan and DeGovia recorded alone and edited together. McTiernan is added anecdotal while De Govia is added about what’s on the awning at any accustomed moment.• Arena Specific Annotation by VFX administrator Richard Edlund: This clue doesn’t awning the accomplished of the film; rather it hits alone scenes (with an basis that can booty you to each) area Edlund goes into abundant abstruse detail about the furnishings of the film.• The Newscasts: (7:59) The account footage that you see throughout the blur reacting to the Nakatomi bearings is all appropriate here, including a solid bulk that didn’t accomplish it into the blur (justifiably so).• Interactive Still Gallery: (9:27) This is actually what it sounds like: a accumulating of images from the film, put all calm in a slideshow.• Trailers and TV Spots: (4:46) There are three trailers and four TV spots for the film; these are consistently fun to watch and see how the advance and business of films accept afflicted throughout the years.

Die Adamantine 2• Annotation by Administrator Renny Harlin: Harlin’s annotation isn’t actually as advisory as the aboriginal film’s is, but he is a actual accessible listen. He is actual abundant at affluence as he talks about the project, alive with Willis and more. I capital added abstruse details, but it wasn’t a bad track.• Deleted Scenes: (8:15) This consists of four scenes, either cut absolutely or continued somewhat. There isn’t abundant catechism as to why they were cut out, as they don’t add abundant to the film.• HBO Aboriginal Look: (23:08) This behind-the-scenes featurette has Harlin, Willis, Sadler, Franz, assembly artist John Vallone and added discussing the authoritative of the film; included is a attending at the beheld furnishings assignment in the movie, how they managed to charm Washington, D.C. from several altered locations and more.• Featurette: (4:07) This abbreviate EPK blow contains a lot of the aforementioned $.25 from the HBO Aboriginal Look, with the accession of comments from John Amos. It’s skippable, but abbreviate if you don’t appetite to.• The Bad Guys: (6:39) This is actually what it sounds like from the title, absorption on Colonel Stuart and his aggregation as able-bodied as General Esperanza. The actors assuming them speak, as does Willis.• Breaking the Ice: (4:10) This abbreviate featurette covers the snowmobile hunt scene, including the staging of the activity and the cutting process.• Chaos on the Conveyor Belt: (7:53) Harlin and achievement coordinator Charlie Picerni accord some capacity on blocking out and afresh filming the complicated accoutrements era activity amid Willis and two goons aboriginal in the film.• The Account with Renny Harlin: (6:44) This is abnormally affectionate of misnamed; it does accept an account with Harlin but additionally includes comments from William Saddler as able-bodied about the film.• Beheld Furnishings Breakdown: (8:15) This shows the storyboarding, filming and compositing of three scenes: the ejector seat, the airport aerodrome and the addendum sequence.• Ancillary By Ancillary Comparisons: (6:16) Agnate to the VFX breakdown, this shows the making-of activity appropriate alongside the final artefact for the helicopter scene, the aeroplane models and the addition fight.• Trailers and TV Spots: (6:17) There are four trailers and two TV spots for this, including the acclaimed one with McClane (that appears in altered anatomy in the film) proclaiming “How can the aforementioned affair appear to the aforementioned guy twice?”• Fox on Blu-ray: (7:48) You accept a bivouac ceremony for Die Hard, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Live Free or Die Adamantine and Alien vs. Predator here.

Die Adamantine With a Vengeance• Annotation by Administrator John McTiernan, Writer Jonathan Hensleigh, and Tom Sherak: McTiernan is aback for accession edited-together clue admitting Hensleigh does a lot of the talking here, discussing the development of the calligraphy out of a non-Die Adamantine blur called Simon Says (the Die Adamantine films accept all abundantly been acclimatized from non-Die Adamantine sources). McTiernan adds the requisite assembly anecdotes for a abundantly advisory track.• Alternate Ending: (6:03) This catastrophe is actually altered from the affected ending. While I like that they explored a altered possibility, this goes a wee bit adjoin the atom of what McClane would acceptable do and was wisely larboard abaft for the one we know.• Reginald VelJohnson hosts HBO Aboriginal Look: (21:46) Like best HBO behind-the-scenes features, this is a abundantly promotional allotment as adjoin to informative; that’s affectionate of the point of them. That’s not to say it’s not account seeing through, as it includes interviews with casting and crew, and VelJohnson is consistently a acceptable attendance alike in an cyberbanking columnist kit featurette.• CBS: A Night to Die For: (21:36) This is hosted by Jackson and is a ceremony of the authorization as a whole; it additionally served as a promotional allotment for the blur in 1995. This not alone has complete bites from the cast, but additionally from celebrities and accessible admiral like Rudolph Giuliani and Ice-T.• Featurette: (4:20) This EPK allotment covers a lot of the aforementioned actuality (and aforementioned complete bites) as the HBO Aboriginal Look.• Bruce Willis Interview: (6:22) Willis talks about how he approaches arena McClane here; it is intercut with comments from McTiernan and Jackson.• Villains with a Vengeance: (4:25) This predictably focuses primarily on Jeremy Irons’ Simon, which isn’t a bad affair as I could accept to Irons allocution about acting for hours.• Storyboard Sequence: (2:20) This “from folio to final product” bit takes a attending at the hunt arena in the aqueduct.• Beheld Furnishings Breakdown: (27:10) These are agnate to the VFX breakdowns on Die Adamantine 2 and awning the bombing at the alpha of the film, the hunt through Central Esplanade and the access in the subway.• Ancillary By Ancillary Comparisons: (4:03) This is afresh agnate to the side-by-sides on the antecedent disc and awning six abbreviate moments, from the clamber beyond the cables to McClane cutting into the air afterwards the aqueduct.• Trailers and TV Spots: (9:07) There are two trailers and ten TV spots for this one.• Fox on Blu-ray: (6:25) Aloof like the aftermost disc you accept trailers for Die Hard, Die Adamantine 2, Live Free or Die Adamantine and Alien vs. Predator.

Live Free or Die Hard• Annotation by Bruce Willis, administrator Len Wiseman and editor Nicholas De Toth: This is conceivably my admired annotation track, mostly because it isn’t edited together. Willis, Wiseman and De Toth booty a while to get rolling but already they do it’s a abundant accept with a lot of anecdotes and information.• Black Hat Intercept Game: A remote-driven bold area you accept to accomplish it through a ability assault bad guys afore they absolve a virus. It’s a fun little decay of time and has footage filmed by Smith as the Warlock to acquaint it.• Analog Hero in a Agenda World: The Authoritative of Live Free or Die Hard: (1:37:15) Obviously, this is the best all-encompassing featurette in the set and is basically a abounding documentary about the conception of the film. This goes actual all-embracing and includes interviews, VFX breakdowns and more. Absolutely account seeing.• Yippee Ki Yay, Motherf*****: (22:40) This has Kevin Smith interviewing Willis about his thoughts apropos the franchise, his memories and why they fabricated a fourth one. Willis is decidedly candid; this is accession one well-worth seeing.• Die Adamantine by Guyz Nite: (4:31) Guyz Nite, a baby bandage from New York, put the ancestor for video calm afore the fourth one was fabricated and about got sued by Fox. Instead the aggregation afflicted their apperception and acclimated it as marketing, acceptance them to adapt in scenes and add a ballad for the fourth film. This is the video.• Abaft the scenes with Guyz Nite: (5:48) This behind-the-scenes blow has the bandage discussing their making-of activity for the video.• Affected Trailer: (2:14) Appealing accessible here; it’s the capital bivouac for the film.• FOX on Blu-ray: (6:45) This has the trailers for Die Hard, Die Adamantine 2, Die Adamantine With a Vengeance and The Siege.• FOX MOVIE CHANNEL presents FOX LEGACY: (6:19) Fox controlling Tom Rothman talks about the bequest of John McClane in this allotment produced for the Fox Cine Channel.

Bonus Disc• Origins – Reinventing the Activity Genre: (19:35) This includes interviews with Joel Silver, Jeb Stuart, McTiernan and added discussing the aboriginal film’s origins and how it about became a aftereffect for Frank Sinatra, followed as discussions with Harlin, Wiseman and added about the sequels. Like best of the new appearance it is a must-see.• John McClane – Avant-garde Day Hero: (16:29) This allotment focuses absolutely on McClane and how he afflicted the arrangement of what an activity hero could be. Kevin Smith and Alan Rickman pop in for a few words, alternating with all the admiral and writers.• Villains – Bad to the Bone: (20:41) This was my complete admired of the new featurettes and includes comments from Rickman, Sadler and Irons about their iconic characters, with reflections Wiseman about the development of Thomas Gabriel for the fourth film.• Sidekicks – Alternating for the Ride: (19:09) McClane’s abounding allies get their due here, from VelJohnson’s Al Powell all the way through Justin Long’s Matt Farrell. Alternating the way we additionally awning Ellis, Argyle, Zeus, the Warlock and others, with the assorted casting associates agreeable in (with the barring of Jackson).• Activity Sequences – Punishing Blows: (7:29) This takes a attending at the abounding activity sequences in the blur including McClane vs. Karl in the first, the addition activity in the second, the activity with Mai in Live Free and so on with comments from achievement coordinators Charles Picerni and Brad Martin.• Activity – Explosive Effects: (14:37) This covers all the best acclaimed furnishings sequences from Hans’ big attempt to the ejector bench in the second, the channel in the third and the flipping cars in the adit for Live Free.• The Bequest – The Appropriate Hero for the Time: (8:55) Bodies circuitous with ceremony of the four films reflect on the acceptation of the Die Adamantine authorization actuality and allocution about their adventures actuality allotment of the John McClane legacy.• Trailers: (8:40) Aloof in case you capital all the trailers in one spot, this has one for ceremony of the films including the accessible A Acceptable Day to Die Hard.

Special Appearance Rating: 8.0

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The 411: The Die Adamantine authorization is one of the added affecting alternation of films on the way activity movies are fabricated and beheld today. Bruce Willis’ John McClane is one of the best abundant activity heroes and admitting not all the films admeasurement up to the affection of the first, they are all acceptable or at atomic agreeable in their own right. Fox’s twenty-fifth ceremony accumulating is a abundant befalling to aces up the authorization on Blu-Ray advanced of A Acceptable Day to Die Adamantine which opens this month, and the new disc of benefit appearance don’t hurt. Those who already accept all the films on Blu-Ray may not charge this, but for anyone abroad with alike a casual absorption in activity films, this is a abundant buy.

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