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Cracker Barrel Old Country Abundance and Restaurant access sign, abreast Boise Idaho. (Photo by: Don & … [ ] Melinda Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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It’s not generally investors get the adventitious to buy arch businesses at cogent discounts. Investors accommodating to attending accomplished the dip in bread-and-butter action can acquisition abundant value. I afresh accent a leading restaurant operator poised to excel during the broadly accepted bread-and-butter recovery.

This week, I’ve articular accession restaurant, accouterment a added home-style experience, positioned to survive the crisis and abound profits during the recovery. Cracker Barrel Old Country Abundance (CBRL) is this week’s Long Idea.

CBRL’s History of Accumulation Growth

I aboriginal featured CBRL as a Continued Idea in March 2017 and bankrupt the position in June 2018. CBRL was afresh featured in my June 2019 commodity “3 Undervalued Stocks in the Restaurant Industry.” Now, with CBRL bottomward 37% year-to-date (YTD), it trades at its cheapest appraisal in years, as abstinent by price-to-economic book bulk (PEBV). For investors accommodating to attending accomplished the accepted crisis, CBRL represents a abundant affairs opportunity.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, CBRL had a able history of accumulation growth. Over the accomplished decade, CBRL grew acquirement by 3% circuitous annually and core earnings[1] by 12% circuitous annually, per Figure 1. The abutting added its bulk antithesis allowance year-over-year (YoY) in eight of the accomplished ten years, and its bulk antithesis allowance of 7% over the trailing-twelve-months (TTM) is up from 4% in 2010.

Figure 1: CBRL Bulk Antithesis & Acquirement Advance Back 2009

CBRL Accumulation Growth

CBRL’s ascent advantage helps the business accomplish cogent chargeless banknote breeze (FCF). The aggregation generated absolute FCF in anniversary of the accomplished 10 years and a accumulative $1.1 billion (47% of bazaar cap) over the accomplished bristles years. CBRL’s $145 actor in FCF over the TTM aeon equates to a 4% FCF yield, which is decidedly college than the Chump Cyclicals area boilerplate of 1%.

Executive Advantage Plan Incentivizes Prudent Basic Stewardship

No bulk the macro environment, investors should attending for companies with controlling advantage affairs that anon adjust executives’ interests with shareholders’ interests.

Quality accumulated babyminding incentivizes admiral to actualize actor bulk and are captivated answerable for basic stewardship.

In budgetary 2019, achievement shares fabricated up 50% of CBRL’s abiding allurement program. These achievement shares are angry to the company’s acknowledgment on invested basic (ROIC). CBRL has included ROIC as a achievement metric in its executive compensation plan back 2011, over which time CBRL has bigger ROIC from 9% in 2011 to 14% TTM. The focus on convalescent ROIC aligns the interests of admiral and shareholders and helps to ensure affection basic allocation.

Cracker Barrel’s Antithesis Sheet Provides Ample Clamminess to Survive the Crisis

Companies with able banknote flows and basal debt are bigger positioned to survive macro-economic uncertainty. To conserve clamminess and ensure it has the banknote to survive the accepted disruptions to operations, CBRL has abeyant its allotment and allotment acquirement activity. The abutting additionally recently announced that it adopted the actual accessible bulk beneath its Revolving Credit Facility, which gives the abutting ~$400 actor in banknote accessible for advancing operating needs.

In CBRL’s latest annual filing, the abutting spent $210 actor on abundance operating and accepted and authoritative expenses. In a worst-case scenario, area CBRL is affected to abutting all its stores, furlough/lay-off workers, and generates no revenue, its accepted banknote could awning these costs for about six months afore defective added capital. It is actual absurd that CBRL’s acquirement would go to aught back the abutting provides to-go and commitment options, sells retail appurtenances through its e-commerce store, and calm orders are actuality aerial beyond the country.

Furthermore, CBRL is heavily concentrated in states that accept already announced, or are actively gluttonous dates, to reopen dine-in restaurant capacity. Based on these announcements, 28%-43% (depending on decisions in North Carolina and Florida) of CBRL’s restaurants could re-open for dine-in account in May.

Superior Advantage to Survive and Expand During Recovery

Before the accepted crisis, Cracker Barrel’s advantage was trending college at a faster clip than the full-service restaurant aeon beneath coverage. Aeon in the assay beneath accommodate Bloomin’ Brands (BLMN), The Cheesecake Factory (CAKE), Brinker International (EAT), Darden Restaurants (DRI), and more.

This aloft advantage is a attestation to CBRL’s amalgam restaurant/retail business model. High advantage additionally provides CBRL with greater assets to survive the accepted abatement and to accretion bazaar allotment back the abridgement rebounds.

Per Figure 2, CBRL’s basic adeptness is able-bodied aloft peers’, as it has bigger its invested basic turns from 1.7 in 2015 to 1.8 TTM. The market-cap-weighted boilerplate invested basic turns of aeon bigger from 1.2 to 1.3 over the aforementioned time.

Figure 2: CBRL’s Invested Basic Turns Vs. Peers

CBRL Invested Basic Turns Vs. Peers

CBRL’s operational efficiency, or net operating accumulation after-tax (NOPAT) margin, while beneath the market-cap-weighted boilerplate of peers, has bigger from 7.0% in 2015 to 8.0% TTM. The associate boilerplate has bigger from 7.8% to 8.5% over the aforementioned time.

The aggregate of ascent margins and invested basic turns drives CBRL’s ROIC higher. CBRL has bigger its ROIC from 12% in 2015 to 14% TTM. Per Figure 3, the market-cap-weighted boilerplate ROIC of aeon has added from 8% to 10% over the aforementioned time.

Figure 3: CBRL’s ROIC vs. Peers


CBRL’s aloft advantage shows that its advance in operational efficiency, accumulation alternation management, and retail account administration gives it a aggressive advantage. Affective forward, CBRL’s college advantage allows the abutting cogent adaptability to acclimate to decreased appeal in store, focus on to-go orders, and access up operations back consumers can eat out already again.

Bear Case Assumes Restaurant Industry Never Recovers

There’s no abstinent that the COVID-19 pandemic, has, and will, assuredly adapt the all-embracing restaurant industry. With about 700 company-owned restaurants (as of January 31, 2020), best of which accomplish a restaurant and retail abundance (see Figure 4 for acquirement breakdown), CBRL will absolutely see decreased acquirement and profits in the short-term.

However, CBRL’s accepted appraisal implies that (1) CBRL won’t accomplish any acquirement during the communicable and (2) the accepted crisis is not temporary, but armament a abiding abatement in bread-and-butter activity.

Figure 4: CBRL Restaurant vs. Retail Acquirement Breakdown – TTM

CBRL Acquirement Breakdown

To buy into the accepted valuation, one charge avoid the backbone of Cracker Barrel’s cast and the firm’s adeptness to allure chump dollars. Per Figure 5, CBRL’s commensurable abundance restaurant sales accept developed YoY for 10 afterwards years and accelerated over the aftermost three years. Over this aforementioned time, commensurable abundance retail sales accept developed YoY in every year except 2010, 2017, and 2018.

Undoubtedly, I apprehend commensurable abundance sales to abatement acutely in the abbreviate term, but I, forth with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and nearly every economist in the world, accept that U.S. GDP advance will be higher in 2021 than accepted afore the pandemic. Accordingly, it is safe to accept the restaurant business will acknowledgment to something, at a minimum, abutting actual levels. In such an event, Cracker Barrel is well-positioned to capitalize on the abiding appeal to eat out, abide to abound profits, and booty the bazaar allotment larboard by the restaurants that do not survive the crisis.

Figure 5: Cracker Barrel Growing Commensurable Abundance Restaurant and Retail Sales

CBRL Commensurable Abundance Restaurant Sales

Revenue Advance Despite Shutdowns: Growing “Off-Premise” Business

Restaurants that can action to-go and commitment (collectively “off-premise”) account while barter are clumsy to eat in abundance can accomplish added acquirement that those that do not.

Prior to the crisis, Cracker Barrel fabricated key investments in its off-premise operations. In budgetary 1Q20 (period concluded November 1, 2019), Cracker Barrel broadcast its third-party commitment advantage to accommodate about 600 aliment (up from 350 in budgetary 3Q19). Added recently, on April 27, 2020, Cracker Barrel announced a affiliation with aliment commitment provider DoorDash that will acquiesce barter to get discounts on Cracker Barrel’s “Family Meal Baskets To-Go.”

Most importantly, Cracker Barrel is growing its off-premise operations as appeal grows for these options. In budgetary 2019, off-premise sales accounted for 9% of CBRL’s absolute revenue. In budgetary 2Q20 (period concluded January 31, 2020), off-premise sales already accounted for 13% of CBRL’s revenue.

These operations advice body added chump relationships and access the agency in which consumers can adore Cracker Barrel food. In addition, off-premise orders accomplish a cogent acquirement beck to advice the abutting survive the crisis. 

Market Allotment for the Demography Afterwards COVID-19

The abrupt absoluteness is abounding abate restaurants will not survive the accepted crisis. A abstraction in backward March conducted by the National Restaurant Association activate that 11% of restaurant owners and operators advancing they would assuredly abutting aural the abutting 30 days. CBRL’s banking position, forth with its able brand, position it to accretion bazaar allotment already the abridgement reopens.

CBRL Trades at Cheapest Level in Years

After falling 37% YTD to $97/share, CBRL now trades at its cheapest PEBV arrangement (0.4) back 2012. This arrangement agency the bazaar expects CBRL’s NOPAT to assuredly abatement by 60%. This apprehension seems ever bleak over the continued term. For reference, during the Abundant Recession, CBRL’s NOPAT fell 4% YoY in 2008 afore growing 4% and 17% YoY in 2009 and 2010.

CBRL’s current economic book value, or no-growth value, is $232/share – a 139% upside to the accepted price.

Figure 6: CBRL’s Banal Amount vs. Bread-and-butter Book Bulk (EBV)

CBRL Banal Amount Vs. EBV

CBRL’s Accepted Amount Implies Worst-Case Scenario

Below, I use my reverse DCF model to quantify the banknote breeze expectations broiled into CBRL’s accepted banal price. Then, I assay the adumbrated bulk of the banal based on altered assumptions about COVID-19’s appulse on the restaurant industry and CBRL’s approaching advance in banknote flows.

Scenario 1: Using industry projections, CBRL’s accepted revenue, and its actual margins, I can archetypal the worst-case book already adumbrated by CBRL’s accepted banal price. In this scenario, I accept the following:

In this scenario, CBRL’s NOPAT avalanche 6% circuitous annually over the abutting decade (and 56% YoY in 2020), and the banal is account $97/share today – according to the accepted banal price. See the algebraic abaft this about-face DCF scenario.

Figure 7 compares the stock’s adumbrated approaching NOPAT to the firm’s actual NOPAT in this scenario. This worst-case book implies CBRL’s NOPAT 10 years from now will be 44% beneath its 2019 NOPAT. In added words, this book agency that a decade afterwards the COVID-19 pandemic, Cracker Barrel’s profits will accept alone recovered to about 2011 levels. In any book bigger than this one, CBRL holds cogent upside potential, as I’ll appearance below.

Figure 7: Accepted Appraisal Implies Severe, Long-Term Abatement in Profits: Book 1

CBRL Appraisal Book 1

Scenario 2: Cheap Appraisal Provides Cogent Upside

If I assume, as does the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and nearly every economist in the world, that the all-around economy grows acerb in 2021, CBRL looks alike added undervalued.

In this scenario, I assume:

In this scenario, CBRL’s NOPAT grows by aloof 1% circuitous annually over the abutting decade (and avalanche 49% YoY in 2020), and the banal is account $223/share today – a 130% upside to the accepted price. See the algebraic abaft this about-face DCF scenario.

It’s not generally investors get the befalling to buy a arch abutting at such a discounted price.

Figure 8 compares the stock’s adumbrated approaching NOPAT to the firm’s actual NOPAT in book 2.

Figure 8: Adumbrated Profits Assuming All-around Accretion in 2021: Book 2

CBRL Appraisal Book 2

Sustainable Aggressive Advantages Will Drive Actor Bulk Creation

Here’s a arbitrary of why I anticipate the moat about CBRL’s business will accredit it to abide to accomplish college NOPAT than the accepted bazaar appraisal implies. The afterward aggressive advantages advice CBRL advantage serve barter and anticipate antagonism from demography bazaar share:

What Babble Traders Absence with CBRL

These days, beneath investors focus on award affection basic allocators with shareholder-friendly accumulated governance. Instead, due to the proliferation of babble traders, the focus is on concise abstruse trading trends while high-quality axiological analysis is overlooked. Here’s a quick arbitrary of what babble traders are missing:

Suspended Allotment Should Be Temporary

As acclaimed above, CBRL administration afresh abeyant its annual allotment and allotment repurchase affairs to advance adaptability and clamminess during the accepted bread-and-butter downturn. Above-mentioned to this suspension, CBRL’s accepted annual allotment provided a 5.4% yield, and the abutting had added its allotment in anniversary of the aftermost 10 years. I apprehend the accepted abeyance to be temporary, and for CBRL to acknowledgment basic to shareholders through assets afresh afterwards the abridgement rebounds.

In the accomplished bristles years, CBRL has generated added in chargeless banknote breeze than it has paid out in dividends. CBRL generated a accumulative FCF of $1.1 billion over the accomplished bristles years and paid out $949 actor in assets over the aforementioned time. FCF exceeded allotment payments by an boilerplate of $24 actor per year over this time.

Firms with banknote flows greater than allotment payments accept a college likelihood to advance and abound dividends. While CBRL abeyant its allotment in the abbreviate term, investors affairs at accepted prices should get a nice crop with upside abeyant as CBRL reinstates the allotment over the long-term.

In accession to dividends, CBRL has occasionally alternate basic to shareholders through allotment repurchases. Through the aboriginal six months of budgetary 2020, CBRL repurchased $20 actor account of shares. The abutting did not repurchase any shares in budgetary 2019. CBRL was accustomed to repurchase an added $25 actor account of shares above-mentioned the suspension. Should the abutting resume allotment repurchases already the crisis is over, the crop for investors will alone increase.

An Antithesis Exhausted of Depressed Expectations Could Accelerate Shares Higher

According to Zacks, accord estimates at the end of January called CBRL’s 2020 antithesis at $9.11/share. Jump advanced to April 27, and accord estimates for CBRL’s 2020 antithesis accept collapsed to aloof $2.65/share.

While the concise appulse of the COVID-19 communicable is yet to be seen, these bargain expectations accommodate a abundant befalling for a high-quality business, such as CBRL, to exhausted expectations over the continued term. Though my current Earnings Distortion Score, which is a concise indicator of the likelihood to exhausted or absence expectations, for CBRL is “Miss”, bargain expectations affective advanced could accomplish it abundant easier to exhausted earnings.

Additionally, the best accessible affair for CBRL in the abbreviate appellation is the abundant calm orders and disability to serve barter in store. However, as states beyond the country affluence restrictions and consumers acknowledgment to restaurants, absolute signs of accretion appeal could accelerate shares higher.

Insider Trading and Abbreviate Absorption Trends

Over the accomplished three months, assembly accept purchased a absolute of three thousand shares and awash no shares for a net aftereffect of three thousand shares purchased. These purchases represent beneath than 1% of shares outstanding.

There are currently 2.3 actor shares awash short, which equates to 10% of shares outstanding and three canicule to cover. Abbreviate absorption is up 5% from the above-mentioned month, which indicates investors are too focused on the dip and not the accretion afterwards. 

Critical Details Activate in Banking Filings by My Firm’s Robo-Analyst Technology

As investors focus more on axiological research, analysis automation technology is bare to assay all the analytical financial details in banking filings as apparent in the Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan paper, “Core Earnings: New Abstracts and Evidence”.

Below are specifics on the adjustments I accomplish based on Robo-Analyst allegation in Cracker Barrel Old Country Store’s 2019 10-K:

Income Statement: I fabricated $77 actor of adjustments with a net aftereffect of removing $23 actor in non-operating expenses (1% of revenue). See all adjustments fabricated to CBRL’s assets statement here.

Balance Sheet: I fabricated $615 actor of adjustments to account invested basic with a net access of $497 million. One of the best notable adjustments was $460 actor (39% of appear net assets) in operating leases. See all adjustments to CBRL’s antithesis sheet here.

Valuation: I fabricated $986 actor of adjustments with a net aftereffect of abbreviating actor bulk by $986 million. There were no adjustments that added actor value. Apart from total debt, which includes the operating leases acclaimed above, the best notable acclimation to actor bulk was $55 actor in deferred tax liabilities. This acclimation represents 2% of CBRL’s bazaar cap. See all adjustments to CBRL’s valuation here.

Attractive Funds That Hold CBRL

The afterward funds accept an attractive-or-better appraisement and admeasure decidedly to Cracker Barrel.

Disclosure: David Trainer, Kyle Guske II, and Matt Shuler accept no advantage to address about any specific stock, style, or theme.

[1] My firm’s bulk antithesis are a aloft admeasurement of profits, as approved in In Core Earnings: New Abstracts & Evidence a cardboard by advisers at Harvard Business School (HBS) & MIT Sloan. The cardboard empirically shows that my firm’s abstracts is aloft to “Income Afore Special Items” from Compustat, endemic by S&P All-around (SPGI).

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