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Every so often, we all accept to advancement those crammer standby articles we depend aloft accustomed to achieve basal appointment home or home/office tasks. Several weeks aback I was faced with one of those abrupt and unwelcome replacement/upgrade tasks back my accurate UMax flatbed started having accessible problems bearing adapted scans. It looked like a botheration with the dispatch motor and accustomed the almost low amount of the aboriginal unit (approx $100) and its age (3 years ) it was acutely time for a new unit.

My old UMax flatbed had not been able to aftermath scans of transparencies, but I already had a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 on hand. Therefore, the adeptness to aftermath aerial affection scans from 35mm slides or negatives was not a consideration, but I still was acquisitive for an advantage about a few hundred dollars that adeptness accredit me to do the scans of above transparencies and altar a assemblage like the Agfa DuoScans had enabled me to do in the past. No baby task, but, I ample that accustomed the abiding advance of technology, such a band-aid should be out there somewhere.

That brings me to the EPSON Perfection 2450 Photo Scanner ($399 list, approx $370 street). In attractive for units, addition key agency for me was affinity with Ed Hamricks astonishing and consistently up-to-date VueScan scanning software; the aftermost affair I appetite to do is apprentice new software for every scanner I use. At the time, Eds software was not accordant with the commensurable Canon offerings and a commensurable accordant HP scanner was nearly bifold the account amount of the EPSON unit. Had application a abate transparency brand been an advantage for me, I adeptness accept added actively advised the EPSON Perfection 1650 Photo Scanner (the Photo appellation actuality indicating it comes with a accuracy adapter).

I had apprehend some letters from aboriginal purchasers of 2450s accusatory that the assemblage had abundant dust specks on the base of the flatbed bottle and hesitated a bit afore activity avant-garde with the acquirement (not all reviewers get chargeless toys to comedy with, nor are all the reviews based aloft testing audience units) and acclimation a assemblage from The unit accustomed on time and in abundant condition. Afterwards all the letters I had apprehend of all-over dust on the base of the flatbed glass, I was admiring to find alone one actual baby dust mote on mine. Assuming my assemblage is representative of currently aircraft units, either EPSON has taken added accomplish to control/avoid the affectionate of dust that was appearing, or artlessly that early assembly runs may accept suffered from some issues that EPSON has since resolved.

For abounding specifications, you can see the end of this piece: the short adaptation is the 2450 is a 48 bit, 2400×4800 dpi cogitating flatbed scanner with an adeptness to browse transparencies up to 4″x9″. The assemblage is USB and FireWire enabled. It comes with a USB cable (nice blow but why a USB 1.1 cable back the scanner is USB 2.0 ready?), but not a FireWire cable, as able-bodied as PhotoShop Elements (a nice benefit for those not already using PhotoShop).

The 2450’s TPU (transparency illuminator) is congenital into the lid. Shown actuality with the 35mm accelerate arrangement on the scanner bed.

Unlike abounding of its own ancestors (the 1640SU for example) and competing products, the 2450 integrates the accuracy adapter/illuminator directly into the scanner lid. To browse a accuracy or slide, you artlessly abolish the accepted cogitating accomplishments pad from the lid, abode the accuracy into the adapted included arrangement and browse away

Antecedent bureaucracy was a breeze afterward EPSONs included Quick Start Guide/Poster. Just accomplish abiding you install the software and accouterments in the adjustment defined by the guide. The scanner basics adviser was a bit more informative, but some basal questions were larboard unaddressed by either guide. As an example, until I absolutely acclimated the unit, it was cryptic to me how it accustomed transparencies already the arrangement was in place. (It turns out it does so automatically by acquainted the template)

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Epson’s TWAIN software in automatic mode

For basal accustomed scanning use, a user can accept the EPSON Smart Panel, which will airing novices through basal scanning by assignment (image to e-mail, angel to print, etc.). For those artless in scanning and agenda imaging it will absolutely advice them along. Although, I adeptness catechism some of the assumptions fabricated by the software for added avant-garde users, it will accumulate the brainless out of any absolute agitation while giving them acceptable scans..

Epson’s TWAIN software in chiral mode

For added austere scanning, EPSON bundles LaserSoft SE and a TWAIN interface. For some tasks (primarily capturing analysis ambition images when profiling printer inks/media for Profiler Plus , which recommends a gamma of 1.5) I absolutely acquisition SilverFast easier to use than my about preferred VueScan, while TWAIN interfaces tend to be arbitrary on my dual-cpu machine. EPSONs brace interface for the 2450 was no different, and would not work from aural PhotoShop 6 or any added TWAIN enabled applications I had running. I about acquisition myself application SilverFast with the 2450 back I need a specific non-standard ambition gamma angel and VueScan for the antithesis of my scanning at gammas of 1.8 and 2.2

Lasersoft’s SilverFast AI v5.5 software for Epson 2450

Scans from the assemblage are fast! Even on a USB 1.1 port, accessible previews of the flatbed took about 6 abnormal anniversary (excluding antecedent scanner warmup time). A 600 dpi browse of a 4″x5″ aboriginal took about 1 minute and 15 seconds, but back cranking up to the abounding 2400 dpi resolution, be prepared to wait… A abounding resolution browse of a 120 Accelerate took over ten minutes. Keep in mind, however, that best cogitating scans stop accomplishing additional advantageous abstracts afterwards about 600 dpi and one charge not anguish about cat-and-mouse if transparencies are not the axial scanning task.

Cogitating images and transparencies are actual able-bodied blush counterbalanced as they appear from the scanner. Its a amusement not award oneself accomplishing extensive blush alteration on anniversary and every scan. Flatbed scans of color, as able-bodied as B&W, prints were consistently outstanding from the actual aboriginal browse I made with the 2450. I was calmly able to browse in 8×10 prints to rework as a basic of a models blended card.

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Here’s the 35mm blur band arrangement with blush negatives

Scans of slides and transparencies were as acceptable as one adeptness reasonably apprehend from a bifold use assemblage like this. Although close areas of negatives and slides are above the capabilities of the assemblage (and not up to those of a committed blur scanner), one should be able to calmly aftermath absolutely acceptable 8 x 10 prints (depending on their printer) application a able-bodied apparent 120 accelerate that follows the rules of the Zone System (I did). Even absorption slides of scenics attempt in archetypal Irish acclimate reproduced well. The scanner will not be the anemic articulation in that workflow. The affiliation of the transparency adapter anon into the scanner lid is decidedly added affected and dependable a band-aid than is the all-too-common abstracted transparency adapter one about struggles with. on aggressive units and EPSON siblings.

Back scanning slides or negatives with the templates, the Epson TWAIN software will automatically ascertain the arrangement in use and accomplish the appropriate thumbnails. You can baddest one or all of them and again browse the called negatives or slides in an automatic accumulation fashion.

Epson includes three blur templates with the 2450 scanner: ¬†One or two 35mm film strips (up to six frames long), four army 35mm slides, and a aggregate template for 120/220 and 4×5″ film.

This is a 1200dpi (2621×1892) browse of an old 120 blush negative. I acclimated SilverFast AI 5.5 and brought it into PhotoShop for blush balancing. No cutting has been applied. The 14.8MB angel was adored to JPEG application affection 85 to accomplish it added download friendly (980KB).

This is a 1:1 crop from the aboriginal browse in uncompressed TIF architecture (547KB).

The EPSON Perfection 2450 Photo is apparently an ideal band-aid for a columnist or cartoon being defective a flatbed assemblage to accompaniment a 35mm blur scanner. It gives the adeptness to browse above transparencies as needed and performs as an admirable flatbed unit. For able photographers or austere amateurs in charge of a flatbed scanner, the EPSON 2450 gets my vote. It additionally would be my aboriginal best for individuals defective a flatbed scanner, who can acquire allowances from the accessory accuracy scanning – such as a hobbyist / abecedarian columnist with average architecture transparencies.

Overall, I would amount the assemblage at 4.5 out of a accessible 5.

My congratulations to EPSON on bearing a assemblage that does an outstanding job in its advised role. For all but committed blur scanning, I advisedly acclaim the 2450. I would ahead it will be a continued appellation assignment accomplice in my appointment and in the studio.

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