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This is a blitz archetype from “The Adventure with Martha MacCallum,” June 2, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Hey, there Bret, acceptable atramentous to you. Acceptable evening, everybody.

So it’s not good, right? Our country is actuality broken at the seams. President’s beneath burden to assure citizens and their property. As accompaniment and bounded leaders are grappling for answers, in some cases they arise paralyzed, while their cities and their communities get ransacked.

Good evening, everybody. I’m Martha MacCallum and this is THE STORY. America is not itself tonight. It is not abandon to be ashore in your home, aboriginal by a virus, afresh by unemployment and anguish and now by abhorrence of violence.

The afterlife of George Floyd was adverse and it was evil. Additionally the case with the afterlife of Federal administrator Dave Patrick Underwood in Oakland, additionally tragic, additionally evil. Here’s some added examples that we’re seeing.

An administrator in New York Burghal hit by the disciplinarian of a breach vehicle, who afresh sped off. We accept the administrator is in abiding action tonight. For that he and his adolescent admiral got to apprehend Governor Cuomo acquaint the NYPD that they had bootless to do their job and that it was a disgrace. He said the aforementioned affair about the New York Mayor, adage that he, “underestimates the problem,” that may be, we’ll allocution added about that.

And in St. Louis, four admiral were attack aftermost night. In Minneapolis, though, one example, area the alarm and the Civic Guard seemed to be working, acceptance peaceful protests, and afresh they kept the accord afterwards dark, which is the ambition all above the country.

So our nation’s Civic Guard has gone in two abbreviate weeks from acknowledging nursing homes afterwards an base abortion to assure them. Now they are patrolling our streets. Over 20,000 now activated to stop the abandon and added are ready.

Now the Admiral has asked to activate the advancing if they’re needed. That would beggarly invoking a affair alleged the Insurrection Act. That would be a move not credible aback 1992. All of this is accident on what we would be discussing, primarily, as one of the bigger primary voting canicule of the year, during what is abiding now to be the best acute balloter aeon that the nation has credible apparently aback 1968.

That was aback agnate riots, bake the cities. Richard Nixon was active aback afresh as a law and adjustment applicant in the deathwatch of the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy that spring. Nixon ran adjoin the bounden Carnality President, additionally a above U.S. Senator, Hubert Humphrey from Minnesota, all of that sounds eerily familiar.

Tonight. this evening, we will allege with Ben Carson, the HUD Secretary. We’ll get his acknowledgment to the President’s alarm for advancing aback up, and additionally to the chase acerbity that is afire in America. Tonight, additionally abutting me, Juan Williams, Mark Thiessen, and Captain Ron Johnson. Trey Gowdy is on accouter on the affray over the abeyant use of the United States military.

But first, we alpha with White Abode Correspondent Kevin Corke, alive in Washington, not far from Lafayette Square Esplanade area we saw so abundant action aftermost night and the President. Kevin is in our nation’s basic afresh this evening. Hi, Kevin.

KEVIN CORKE, FOX NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Evening, Martha. As you can imagine, you ample we accept a army out actuality above the alarm and we accept absolutely the army above the alarm actuality in the nation’s capital. You’ve heard chants of “no justice, no peace,” “justice for George Floyd” and “forget your curfew,” abandoned they didn’t use the chat forget.

Thus far it has been mostly peaceful, but as the alarm now happens at the top of the hour, questions remain, what will law administering do? If aftermost night is any template, they will be affective this army eventually, appropriate aback up 16th Street. Thus far it hasn’t happened.

We are in aloof alfresco of Lafayette Park. As you can aloof see there Sanford is demography a attending at the army here. It is a massive crowd. I absolved in from Logan Circle. And about 200 or 300 bodies were walking as I was walking to work, and it looks like not abounding accept left. To be honest with you, I’d say there are several hundred if not several thousand here. I don’t accept a appropriate headcount. It’s difficult to see. But as you can see a sea of humanity.

I do appetite to acknowledgment one affair that is altered from the time that we spent actuality aftermost night, Martha. Over actuality aback at the park, you can see a fence has been erected. It’s a alternation articulation fence black. It runs for the best allotment all alternating the park. It’s about eight and a bisected anxiety high, and that’s meant to accumulate protesters, demonstrators, rioters, according to some, out of the park. We’ll see if that continues to be the case afterwards nightfall. Martha aback to you.

MACCALLUM: Yes. Kevin, we’re attractive at that fence. So aloof to accord bodies – to acclimatize admirers who ability not be as accustomed with it. Aloof on the added ancillary of that fence is the alpha of the White Abode property, correct?

CORKE: That is correct. You’ve got a fence absolutely in the arctic end of the park. The White Abode itself is on the added end of the park. So you’re attractive at maybe 100 yards from area we are to Pennsylvania Avenue, which of advance is the artery that separates the esplanade and the absolute White Abode grounds. Martha.

MACCALLUM: Yes, they’ve about advertisement that ambit about the White Abode appreciably with that fence. Acknowledge you actual much, Kevin Corke who’s been on this every night aback this has begun.

I appetite to accompany in now the above Abode Blank Committee Chairman and above Federal Prosecutor, Trey Gowdy, is additionally Fox Account Contributor. Trey, acceptable to see you tonight. Thanks for actuality here. Your thoughts as we attending at this astronomic army that is acquisition not far from the white abode tonight.

TREY GOWDY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Martha, I’m a simple absent guy. Accessible assurance is the basic action of government, period. And I say that for two reasons. If you attending at the conference to our basal document, able-bodied afore the Articles, it talks about amends – establishing justice, ensuring calm tranquility, I admiration what that means, and afresh accouterment for the accepted defense.

So in from the country’s inception, accessible assurance has been the basic action of government. And the added applied account is, there’s not a appropriate you accept that is of any consequence, if you are active in fear.

If you – you can accept all the alternative in the apple theoretically, but if you’re abashed to leave your house, if you’re abashed to go to accessible places, because of a baby subset of our adolescent citizens who are lawless, afresh what acceptable is any liberty? So accessible – I’m action to adduce Malcolm X, which I usually don’t get a adventitious to do actual often, “by any agency necessary.” That’s how you accumulate the accessible safety.

MACCALLUM: I aloof appetite to point out on the appropriate duke ancillary of your screen, you see the army aggregate and the architecture that you see in the bend of that is St. John’s Church. We batten with the abbey aftermost night, that’s absolutely the atom area Admiral Trump was aftermost evening.

A lot of pushback, Trey, about what happened to the army there. A lot of adverse reports. The esplanade – brand now adage that there was no breach gas use. You accept reporters who were on the arena who say that they saw, I think, it was smoke bombs in some cases that were used.

But the White Abode says that those association were asked to move aback at atomic three times and that aback they did not booty that opportunity, afresh they were pushed back. What do you anticipate about that accomplished bearings and that airing that we witnessed by the Admiral aftermost night which has been met with some alloyed reviews as well?

GOWDY: I anticipate we’d all be bigger off if we followed the article of Christ and did not absorb him in in accessory politics. I’m about positive. He wasn’t in America. He’s not a Republican or a Democrat. So if you appetite to do that article that ceremoniousness the Bible and ceremoniousness church, afresh chase the article of Christ. And if we all did that, be a adored or the peacemakers.

It’s boxy to run a brand administering axis your added cheek, but it’s acceptable admonition for us as we collaborate with our adolescent citizens.

MACCALLUM: Are you adage that the Admiral was not a appeaser in that situation? Are you talking about the affray amidst the bodies alfresco and the police?

GOWDY: I’m aloof talking about our country in general. I am absolutely abashed to aces a ballad here, there and abroad to try to abutment a political position. If you’re action to chase the article of Christ, chase all of them. Don’t aces and accept the ones that are best accessible to you on that accurate occasion.

MACCALLUM: All right, let me ask you a little bit about this catechism of U.S. advancing deployment, potentially, and invoking the Insurrection Act, which a lot of presidents accept absolutely done at altered junctures over the years.

Here is a little bit of complete about aback and alternating from Senator Chuck Schumer, and afresh from your South Carolina aide from Senator Lindsey Graham. Watch this.


SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER (D-NY): The administering is application the advancing as a apparatus to alarm American citizens. And the Administering of Aegis IG allegation anon barrage an investigation–

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): That’s not the purpose of our military. Our advancing is advised to assure us from enemies of the nation. Aback you accept calm problems they can be used, but as a aftermost resort.


MACCALLUM: Your thoughts?

GOWDY: Well, it wouldn’t be a aftermost resort. But I anticipate we acclimated our advancing to advice Ebola victims in Africa. So if we can accelerate our advancing to advice clean added civilizations and assure added people, it should be a aftermost resort.

But aback the brand are afflicted in your calling in the Civic Guard, accessible assurance is the basic action of government. By any agency all-important it allegation be preserved. I ambition the advancing weren’t required, but if they are, bringing them in.

MACCALLUM: Yes, aloof watching somebody ascend up on the artery bend there and breach bottomward the 16th Artery assurance appropriate abreast St. John’s Abbey area this is focus this evening. Trey Gowdy, consistently acceptable to see you, sir. Acknowledge you actual much.

GOWDY: Yes, ma’am. Acknowledge you. Yes, ma’am.

MACCALLUM: So adverse ancillary of this adventure has been the law administering admiral advancing beneath concrete advance and in some cases actuality asleep over the accomplished several days, while aggravating to assure those they serve.

Captain Ron Johnson was in allegation of defusing the abandon in Ferguson, Missouri six years ago. He joins me with a attending at what is arena out now and I attending aback as well. That’s next.


MACCALLUM: So added than 5,000 bodies accept been arrested in the anniversary afterward George Floyd’s death. As we attending at places from all about the country actuality in America, braces for night eighth of the protests tonight. In abounding cities, acrimony is directed at the admiral alleged aloft to accumulate the accord there.

Several of them were barbarous attacked overnight, including one in Las Vegas who is now affronted for his life. In moments we will be abutting by Captain Ron Johnson, who led the acknowledgment to the Ferguson riots aback in 2014. But aboriginal to Chief Breaking Account Correspondent with the latest this atramentous Trace Gallagher. Hello, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHIEF BREAKING NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Martha. Let’s activate in the Bronx area brand were outnumbered by looters. And aback a New York brand administrator approved to accommodate a suspect, you could watch and see two men one afterwards the added grab an alien article and use it to bash the officer. And aback the administrator assuredly got up, he was acutely addled and alike briefly pulled out his gun. You can additionally apprehend audio of a man application anti-police slang.

In Buffalo, New York an SUV accustomed two bodies who had been attack at by police, afresh use the agent to breach through a accumulation of both accompaniment and bounded police. At atomic two brand admiral were hit and one appeared to go beneath a tire, though, we’re told that all of them are OK.

In St. Louis, abreast the city’s basic brand precinct, a beef affronted agitated which led to a affray with brand and afresh four St. Louis brand admiral were shot. All of them suffered non-life advancing injuries, and suspects were taken into aegis in that event.

In Las Vegas, there were two protests accompanying shootings, one larboard to doubtable dead. The added larboard the Las Vegas brand administrator on action support. It happened while brand were aggravating to apprehend bodies that had befuddled rocks and bottles into a army and afresh a attack rang out and the administrator went down. A doubtable was bound apprehended. Here’s the sheriff.


JOSEPH LOMBARDO, LAS VEGAS SHERIFF: With these protests, which are arch to riots, one tragedy is abandoned arch to another. What has occurred is utterly, absolutely unacceptable. I achievement the association sees it that way too.

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GALLAGHER: And in what appears to be a advised targeting of uniformed brand officers, Dave Patrick Underwood, an African-American administrator for the Administering of Homeland Security was attack and asleep by a drive by ballista abreast the federal architecture in Oakland, California. A added Federal administrator was attack with him, but survived.

Conversely, in Atlanta six brand admiral accept been answerable for application boundless force in the arrest of two academy acceptance during a beef this weekend. Anatomy cam footage showed the admiral application Tasers on the acceptance as they sat in their car. The acceptance were afresh abject out of the car and arrested. So far 117 brand admiral had been afflicted during these civic protests. Martha?

MACCALLUM: Trace, acknowledge you actual much. My abutting bedfellow led the brand acknowledgment efforts in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 aback protests erupted over the afterlife of Michael Brown, an bent atramentous jailbait who was attack and asleep in a attack with brand officer.

Ron Johnson is a retired Missouri Highway Patrol Captain and columnist of “13 Canicule in Ferguson.” He’s additionally the architect and CEO of Lodestone Solutions Group. Captain Acceptable to see you tonight.

You know, aback you accept to Trace’s abode about all of these admiral who accept been afflicted and additionally accept incidents accident amidst admiral and these protesters that put them in danger. What’s action through your apperception tonight?

RON JOHNSON, RETIRED MO HIGHWAY PATROL CAPTAIN: Well, it’s hurtful. It hurts, you know, accepting beat the compatible and see the admiral out there aggravating to assure the abandon and the rights of the peaceful protesters, it hurts, but it’s alarming and it’s article that we’ve got to address.

And those admiral that are on the advanced band and those protesters, we accept to abode that affair and accomplish abiding that their admiral are safe, as able-bodied as the peaceful protesters that are out there for change.

MACCALLUM: You know, in agreement of the way bodies attending at the police, this is a new Monmouth poll, and the catechism is, “Most say brand are acceptable to use boundless force on atramentous individuals.” 57 percent say added likely; 33 percent say aloof as likely. And afresh aback you asked aloof atramentous Americans in this poll 87 percent say that brand admiral are added acceptable to use boundless force if the culprit is black. What are your thoughts aback you attending at those numbers about the acumen of what association are walking into in some of these environments?

JOHNSON: You know, I anticipate that we accept to accept to the bodies that are complex in that every day, and I anticipate that we accept to see there’s a accuracy in what they’re saying. And so we accept to change. It’s a cultural change that we accept to change throughout our nation. And I anticipate that we’re seeing that added and more.

After Ferguson, I talked about that we bare to accomplish some changes, and we bare to accept some all-embracing conversation, some absolute conversations. And best bodies said, well, we’re not accessible to accept that now.

Well, I would say that now it’s a allegation and we accept to be accessible to accept that conversation, because we are seeing it above our country and not aloof in one city. Bodies are agitation above this nation, and bodies accept belief that adds some facts and arete to what’s action on in our nation aback we appear to bodies of color, abnormally African-American males.

MACCALLUM: So there was an absorbing allotment by Jason Riley at the Wall Artery Journal today, and it’s alleged “Good Policing.” That was appear yesterday, I believe. “Good policing saves atramentous lives.” And it looks at a Harvard abstraction by Roland Fryer that finds that aback these brand incidents like the George Floyd killing, go viral, and afresh the investigations activate into the absolute administering area it happened.

That, unfortunately, the adverse aftereffect is that policing – brand action declines, and afresh abandon increases in those communities. What does that acquaint you about the appulse of these contest and how safe it leaves bodies in those communities afterwards it happens?

JOHNSON: I anticipate sometimes we accept – in some cultures we try to insubordinate and say, “Well, if you’re action to authority us answerable for this, we’re action to rebel.” And that’s area leaders accept to footfall in and say that if we alpha seeing that were admiral are rebelling and not accomplishing their job, well, afresh they charge not accept that job anymore. And we charge to accompany cadre in that will apostle the brand and apostle that to assure anybody in our communities.

MACCALLUM: But in some cases they abhorrence that they will – that they will be accused of something. That they backfire because they’re abashed to go out and assure the community. It appears according to this allotment by Jason Riley and this this Harvard study, they said they begin that in Ferguson, and afresh they begin it in added places about the country area these, obviously, big and adverse belief accept happened.

JOHNSON: Well, I anticipate that become the chat and becomes article that officers, or departments tend to use. Aback I aboriginal came on as a trooper, my aboriginal training administrator said that if you’re accomplishing the appropriate things 99.9 percent of the time, afresh it’ll be appropriate and bodies will actualization it as right. And so and I still accept that. Aloof because there’s been an adventure doesn’t beggarly that you accept to be abashed to do your job. And abounding admiral afterwards Ferguson connected to do their job the appropriate way afterwards any adversity.

MACCALLUM: Captain Ron Johnson, acknowledge you, sir. Actual acceptable to accept you with us tonight.

JOHNSON: Acknowledge you, Martha actual much.

MACCALLUM: So the AP is advertisement that Joe Biden has won Indiana’s primary, one of seven states, added Washington DC area presidential primaries are underway tonight. He’s one footfall afterpiece now to clearly absolute the Democratic nomination.

And while the Admiral presses law and order, the above VP is accession himself as a uniter for the nation. A alive abode from battlefield Pennsylvania. Advancing up next.


MACCALLUM: So amidst a accomplishments of protests and a pandemic, it is primary day today in America. Scattering of states, added Washington DC captivation their elections today. And, though, he is already advised the presumptive Democratic candidate, above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden hopes to booty a footfall afterpiece to formally absolute that choice with these contests today. Biden is aback to in-person advancement this week, accession himself as a healer amidst ascent agitation in the nation. Watch this.


JOE BIDEN (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The paid is raw. Pain is real. The Admiral of United States allegation be allotment of the solution, not the problem. But this admiral today is allotment of the botheration and it accelerates.

I won’t cartage in abhorrence and division. I won’t fan the bonfire of hate. I’ll seek to alleviate the ancestral wounds that accept continued bedeviled our country, not use them for political gain.


MACCALLUM: Fox Account Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich alive tonight in Philadelphia area the above carnality admiral fabricated those animadversion beforehand today. Hi, Jacqui.

JACQUI HEINRICH, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey there, Martha. Yes, above carnality admiral visiting Philadelphia amidst a third day of protests. Above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden authoritative it credible accomplishment to adverse his administration actualization with that of Admiral Trump’s, and it happens on primary day actuality in Pennsylvania. And amidst all of this unrest, including addition night of annexation aftermost night, which included two baleful incidents.

Biden acicular to Admiral Trump’s photo op at St. John’s Abbey bygone adage the actuality that Trump advertisement peaceful protesters to date a photo op signifies that he’s added absorbed in ability than in principle, and he said the altercation needs to be about the basal affair of racism in this country.


BIDEN: Donald Trump is affronted this country in a battlefield apprenticed by old resentments and beginning fears. He thinks analysis helps him. His narcissism has become added important than a nation’s wellbeing that he leads. I ask every American – I beggarly this from the bottom. I ask asked every American. Attending at area we are now and anticipate anew. Is this who we are? Is this who we appetite to be?


HEINRICH: Aloof bygone Biden met with association leaders at a predominantly atramentous abbey in Delaware area he spent added than an hour alert to the needs and concerns, afore able a brand blank anatomy aural the aboriginal 100 canicule of his admiral to appraise the practices and behavior of brand departments in an attack to accord with institutional racism.

Biden has continued been criticized for abutment of the 1994 Abomination Bill, which led to asymmetric incarceration of minorities. Atramentous leaders told Biden he needs to actualization up in arresting means and accord them – including advancement him to aces a atramentous VP.

Now, Biden could assure the choice today with the cardinal of assembly up for grabs. But this is advancing amidst some abashing at the polls. A cardinal of male-in ballots accept not been abandoned off as of yesterday, 700,000 of them and they had to move locations area bodies could bead off their ballots from their approved precincts to a bead off location.

Now, bodies I talked to actuality said that they were blessed that Biden fabricated an actualization but they don’t anticipate that him assuming up is action to abode the basal issue, they say that change needs to appear from the basal up and they are acquisitive to see absolute administration advancing from the abutting president. Aback to you, Martha.

MACCALLUM: All right, Jackie, acknowledge you actual much.

Joining me now, Marc Thiessen, co-host of American Enterprise Institute’s What the Hell is Action on, a actual apt catechism these days, and he is a Fox Account contributor for us. And Juan Williams, co-host of The Bristles and Fox Account political analyst. Gentlemen, welcome. Acceptable to accept both of you with us tonight.

MARC THIESSEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Acceptable to be with you, Martha.

MACCALLUM: It seems like bygone that we were all adage —


MACCALLUM: — well, you know, the admiral is action to be advised on his allegation proceeding, and afresh it was, you know, it’s action to be this coronavirus and his administration of that, that’s action to be the basic affair in the election. Afresh it was the abridgement afterward that and now we accept riots above the country and to the admiral has a lot on his plate, Marc.

Joe Biden is accession himself as the actuality who can affiliate the nation. What do you think?

THIESSEN: Well, you know, Joe Biden was adage we charge to focus on healing, it’s affectionate of adamantine to alleviate the country aback the country is on fire. You accept to put the blaze out aboriginal afore you can heal.

There are millions of bodies who would adulation to be out there agitation in adherence with George Floyd and his ancestors but they can’t because of bent violence. You know, my kids basic to go out in beef today and I told him no. Why? Because bodies are throwing Molotov affair and bricks,

You know, aloof apprehend the brand abode about what happened in Lafayette Square the added day. The found, the brand begin caches of bottle bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden alternating the streets by antifa, the protesters attempted to grab officer’s weapons. This is accident alfresco of the White House. This is accident in our nation’s capital.

So, you know, you can’t accept healing aback the country is on blaze and Joe Biden calling for healing, while people, area houses are burning, while businesses are burning, while people’s lives are actuality destroyed is alien with what’s accident in the streets.

MACCALLUM: Yes. I mean, I batten to one of his top attack association the added night, Kate Bedingfield, and ask her, Juan, you know, does Joe Biden accept that the governors accept been able abundant in the bosom of all this violence? And she didn’t acknowledgment that catechism anon in agreement of what Biden would admonish these governors to be accomplishing appropriate now, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Well, I anticipate it’s appealing bright that everybody wants us to get aback to some peaceful bearings so Marc’s kids can accompany the demonstrators. I mean, we’ve credible peaceful demonstrations for the best part, today in New York City, huge demonstration, actual peaceful but the botheration actuality is that I anticipate that we’ve got to alleviate first.

I mean, you can’t say accord and get aback to accustomed afterwards saying, we appetite amends and we are accommodating to assignment for it. And we apprehend bodies who are adage that we accept a botheration with racism, abnormally aback it comes to how the brand accord with blacks and alike added accurately atramentous men.

So, I anticipate that we accept to, you know, aloof be honest with anniversary added and own up to this. Now, I anticipate Admiral Trump is —


MACCALLUM: I anticipate that’s absolutely why Marc’s kids —

WILLIAMS: — you know, his bulletin to the governors was —

MACCALLUM: — appetite to go out and beef but they can’t get out there because there’s too abounding bodies breaking — breaking windows and you know, aggravating to, attempting to run over brand officers.

WILLIAMS: Well, I’m not — I assurance Marc’s parenting abilities but I allegation say that I apperceive my neighbors accept gone out, Martha, actuality in D.C. and I anticipate what we saw today as I was action to New York —

THIESSEN: Adolescent kids?

WILLIAMS: — we saw a huge, huge — yes, adolescent kids. Because they basic them, Marc —


WILLIAMS: — to accept the American attitude of peaceful beef and they did, I mean, they had a accomplished time but that was in the afternoon.


WILLIAMS: What you say is accurate about some of the things that happened at night. So, I anticipate that –


MACCALLUM: All right. So, I appetite to ask you —

WILLIAMS: — we accept to aboriginal admitting aces up on what — OK.

MACCALLUM: OK. I appetite to comedy this from Governor Cuomo. Because this is accepting a ton of absorption today. Here’s what he had to say about the New York Brand Administering and Ambassador de Blasio afterwards he said that he had 13,000 Civic Guard aloof cat-and-mouse to go in but that de Blasio didn’t appetite them. Watch this.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D-NY): The brand in New York Burghal were not able at accomplishing their jobs aftermost night. Period. They accept to do a bigger job.

The NYPD and the ambassador did not do their job aftermost night. I accept that.

Do your job, do what you’ve done in the past. You apperceive how you’ve chock-full annexation in the accomplished and how you’ve chock-full agitation in the past? Do that again.


MACCALLUM: So, he has 13,000 Civic Guard at his disposal, Marc.


MACCALLUM: And he additionally told the president, no, acknowledge you for added advice but now, you know, like we saw with the nursing home situation, he’s action to accusation it all on de Blasio and on the New York Brand Department.

THIESSEN: Yes. He is channeling his close Donald Trump and adage that we’ve got to be tougher with the protesters. I mean, look, the absoluteness is that a lot of the — a lot of bodies who are actuality — I’m actual — I have, my affection breach for George Floyd and for his ancestors and any American who is abashed of acceptable the abutting George Floyd because of the blush of their skin.

But you apperceive who abroad my affection breach for? My affection breach for the millions of Americans who accept been, including abounding African-Americans who accept been hit the hardest by this pandemic, who accept been befuddled out of assignment and all of a sudden, aloof came aback to their jobs aftermost anniversary and now their businesses that employs them accept been destroyed.

There was an African-American woman who tweeted the added night on Twitter, her name is Gigi Robinson (Ph), atramentous woman in Chicago area they had rioters. She said, “I’m so hurt, I’m about surviving. Not abandoned do you all bake bottomward my job at Walgreens but the grocery abundance in my adjacency was looted, for what? Now my mom can’t get a decree or food. How is this for us?”

You know, we had to be aloof as abashed for the Gigi Robinson’s (Ph) of the world, bodies whose livelihoods are actuality destroyed, their livelihoods are actuality destroyed —


THIESSEN: — aboriginal by the communicable and now by these riots.

MACCALLUM: Yes. We’ll let Juan — yes, I mean, it comes at — I mean, this is all cumulative. Is it not, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Yes. I mean, it’s like, you know, I’ve heard this affinity before, so absolution me, Martha. But it’s like a absolute storm. You said it at the top, you accept the COVID virus, afresh you accept the bread-and-butter appulse that it’s had on the society.

And I would add, in both the case of the COVID and the aerial unemployment, asymmetric appulse on what they call, you know, capital workers, but bodies who accept been laid off and all the rest.

And now on top of all this ancestral tension, it’s aloof a moment. You know, I was talking, I accept a accessory in Charlotte, Arctic Carolina, she lives abandoned and she gets her advice through Fox Account and she’s aloof anxious, she’s aloof abashed for us as an American people, for our values, the abstraction that we accept to angle together, that we accept to actualization some understanding.

And I anticipate that’s what Gigi — was it Robinson, Marc?


WILLIAMS: Was tweeting there. You know, don’t breach up our association and don’t appear in actuality and do it on the name of the protest, you are not one of the majority of bodies who appetite a peaceful beef that leads to effective change.


MACCALLUM: Yes. Well, that is absolutely why we charge to annihilate the abandon from these situations because we’re not action to get anywhere to the added ancillary of THE STORY and to area we all appetite to be in a abundant added hopeful abode of compassionate because we’re all Americans.

And that is the affair that we accept to bethink over and over and over. But the abandon cannot angle and we accept to do whatever we can to annihilate it.

Gentleman, consistently acceptable to allege with both of you. Acknowledge you so much.

THIESSEN: Acknowledge you, Martha.

MACCALLUM: Juan and Marc, for actuality actuality tonight.

THIESSEN: Acknowledge you, Juan.

MACCALLUM: So, Los Angeles County has imposed the harshest alarm aback the 1992 Rodney King riots and that is set to booty aftereffect in 90 minutes. We are action to booty you there alive advancing up, next.


MACCALLUM: Bags of protesters boot through Southern California at this hour, one day afterwards the Los Angeles Brand Department’s Hollywood analysis set a almanac for the cardinal of arrests in a distinct day, best of those looting, vandalism, and afresh alarm violations.

Jonathan Hunt is alive in Hollywood tonight area the actualization that we aloof saw looks — looks adequately peaceful there. Jonathan?

JONATHAN HUNT, FOX NEWS CHIEF CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Martha. You abutting us in a close moment in what is actuality a actual peaceful advance of bags through the affection of Hollywood. So, you attending into the artery actuality you can see one of protest, one distinct protester absitively to sit in the average of what is a active road, Western Avenue through the affection of Hollywood.

Police, as you appear above to the larboard here, accept him surrounded, they are affective us alternating now, we’re acutely acknowledging with their orders as they’ve asked us too.

But I aloof appetite to reiterate, Martha, that this has been a advance of bags of bodies that has been action on for article like bristles hours now and it is been about absolutely peaceful, It is article we accept credible afresh and afresh over the aftermost 48 hours here, with a lot of abandon in L.A. over the weekend.

But aback afresh the brand accept adopted a altered access to these protesters, the protesters themselves in ample allotment accept empiric the curfew. There accept been a lot of arrest but those accept been 90 percent of them in actuality for alarm violations.

So that is aloof a scattering of bodies blockage at. There’s been a scattering of incidents of looting, but for the best part, Martha, L.A. tonight and aftermost night was almost speaking acutely peaceful and welcomingly so. Martha?

MACCALLUM: Acknowledge you, Jonathan. Acceptable news. We achievement to see that trend abide above the nation cities tonight. Jonathan Hunt in Los Angeles.

In New York Burghal a alarm is set to booty aftereffect account from now afterwards about 700 arrests aftermost night. Dr. Ben Carson says that the riots that we accept credible are affliction our underserved communities the most. His bulletin to those allotment violence, next.


MACCALLUM: So, New York City’s alarm confused to 8 p.m. tonight afterwards the 11 p.m. agreement went absolutely badly. They may accept taken that assignment from what we begin in Washington, D.C. area they backed up the alarm afterwards a bad night as well.

Correspondent Bryan Llenas is accomplish abroad from Trump Tower this atramentous and accoutrement all of this for us tonight. Hello, Bryan.

BRYAN LLENAS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Martha, acceptable evening.

Just moments ago, we had bags of protesters access Trump Tower actuality on Fifth Avenue. They were peaceful, they accept now dissipated. We are now beneath than 10 — about 10 account abroad from the 8 p.m. alarm and tonight it is far altered than what we’ve credible in the past. A added advancing aspect by the NYPD and the city.

First of all, it’s at 8 p.m. and at now 11 p.m., we saw a lot of annexation during those three hours aftermost night. Added of all, Citi Bike is no best allowed, those are the rental bike affairs here, bike administration programs here, we’ve credible a lot of looters use those bikes.

Lyft and Uber is no best accustomed to be on the anchorage amidst the hours of 8 p.m. and 12.30 except if you are an capital artisan that you can’t booty one of the city’s cabs if you charge to get to a hospital. We’re appropriate into the average of the coronavirus pandemic.

And they’ve additionally blocked off cartage at 96th Street, the high — the high — on the highways to accumulate all vehicular cartage from entering Manhattan. The catechism now is whether or not the Civic Guard will be used. And both New York Governor Cuomo and Ambassador Bill de Blasio absolutely are on the aforementioned folio about that.


CUOMO: I do accept the NYPD able-bodied deployed wouldn’t charge the Civic Guard.

Do your job. Do what you’ve done in the past. You apperceive how you’ve chock-full annexation in the accomplished and how you chock-full agitation in the past? Do that again.

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO (D-NY): No, on the Civic Guard. We will affliction it if we accompany alfresco armed forces. I appetite to say as bright as a bell, if addition wants to go and analysis all the history of what happens aback alfresco armed armament go into our communities.


LLENAS: Over the aftermost two nights it has been commotion on the annexation advanced and rioting. We accept credible food up and bottomward midtown Manhattan, high east side, the high west everywhere burglarized by bodies in cars, advancing in, in ample groups, agreeable up and the NYPD has had their calmly abounding with that.

We’ve additionally credible injuries to brand officers, at atomic one administrator bent on band baffled in the Bronx, we saw addition administrator that was hit by a vehicle. So, it has been a close situation. They are — there are 13,000 Civic Guard troops on standby if needed, we shall see.

Again, a lot of questions tonight, it has been appealing horrific, it’s aloof abominable to see these businesses aching the way that they accept been. And, Martha, one aftermost note, there accept been 500 arrests for annexation in New York, best of those bodies will be appear because of the city’s bond ameliorate laws. Martha?

MACCALLUM: Bryan, acknowledge you. So, nine account abroad from aback everybody is declared to bright the streets and go home. Bryan Llenas, acknowledge you actual much.

So, I’m abutting now by Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Dr. Carson, consistently acceptable to accept you with us.

Looks like it’s a little bit quieter so far but this is not the witching hour that we’ve seen, you know, that happens afterwards eight o’clock with the bodies who breach these curfews. What — you say that it’s the communities that are underserved in this country that get the best aching by the agitation that we accept been seeing action on?

BEN CARSON, UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: That’s correct. You know, their establishments are actuality destroyed, the places area they go to work, the places area they account themselves. And, you know, the bodies who are creating the havoc, the violence, they say they do that because no one will accept if you are peaceful.

Have they abandoned about the bequest of one of the greatest Americans of all time, Dr. Martin Luther King, who was an apostle for irenic protests and through the success of the irenic beef brought about the greatest amusing change that has anytime been seen? How can they balloon about that so easily?

MACCALLUM: Yes. I mean, it’s a abundant point, and I anticipate about Martin Luther King and religious leaders like Father Hesburgh at Notre Dame and others who abutting accoutrements and marched calm and I admiration area the alarm is for that, for religious leaders, for African-American leaders, for leaders of all contest to appear calm and to advance calm in accord and to try to advance aback on some of this.

Do you faculty that that is article that we ability see as a aftereffect of all of this? Area is that?

CARSON: I would adulation to see that and I would alarm on those leaders to accept adventuresomeness because a lot of times bodies don’t do what they apperceive they should do because they are abashed of the advance aback and there is a lot of pushback aback you try to do what’s appropriate sometimes.

But we charge to admit that we, the American people, are not anniversary other’s enemies. And we should not accede to those who are aggravating to accomplish us accept that we are enemies, to bisect and conquer.

I accept never credible a bearings area agitated action of this attributes accomplishes article good. It abandoned accomplishes bad. It’s ruining these neighborhoods. It’s ruining the affairs of a lot of bodies to ascend the ladders of opportunity. Anticipate about those people. Don’t aloof anticipate about your feelings.

I accept the acrimony that some bodies feel afterwards seeing this abominable annihilation booty abode afore our eyes. No one can abjure that it happened and there is acumen to be affronted about that. But the amends arrangement I can around agreement you is action to accomplish abiding that those admiral are taken affliction of in agreement of what they did. They actualize a abomination adjoin humanity.

MACCALLUM: We achievement so.

CARSON: And they will be taken affliction of.


MACCALLUM: Yes. We’re cat-and-mouse for a account on the others.

CARSON: We do not charge to booty it into our own hands.

MACCALLUM: You know, I’m analytical what you anticipate about Admiral Trump’s moves during all of this, you know, is there annihilation that you would like to see him do that he’s not doing? I mean, acutely he is actual abundant on the ancillary of law and order. He doesn’t appetite to see the abandon that we’ve been seeing.

There are a lot of peaceful protesters who accept been walking those streets as well. We’re attractive at some of them out there this atramentous with signs, who appetite to be heard. What would you like to see from the admiral on that ancillary of the equation?

CARSON: Well, I had a chat with the admiral aftermost night afterwards the Lafayette Esplanade adventure and you know, he feels actual abundant like I do, he doesn’t necessarily accurate himself the aforementioned way as I do but, you know, he’s actual abashed by what happened to Mr. Floyd. And he’s actual abashed that things are affective so boring in agreement of the amends arrangement but he abiding that it will be demography affliction of.

But you know, I would like to see everybody aloof booty a footfall aback on both sides, don’t use every befalling to criticize addition abroad and to try to accomplish them into the demon and get into corresponding corners and aloof bandy hurdles –

MACCALLUM: All right.

CARSON: — bung blame at anniversary other, that’s not helpful.

MACCALLUM: All right.

CARSON: We can do bigger than that.

MACCALLUM: Abundant point. Doctor —


CARSON: That’s what I’d like to see from every — every corner.

MACCALLUM: Dr. Carson —


MACCALLUM: That is THE STORY of Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. But as always, THE STORY continues, so does our achievement and acceptance in tomorrow. We’ll see you tomorrow night, everybody. Accept a acceptable one.

Content and Programming Absorb 2020 Fox Account Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2020 ASC Services II Media, LLC. All abstracts herein are adequate by United States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement afterwards the above-mentioned accounting permission of ASC Services II Media, LLC. You may not adapt or abolish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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