Openoffice Find Duplicates The 1 Steps Needed For Putting Openoffice Find Duplicates Into Action

Like best bodies who own PCs, you apparently await on Microsoft Office to get a lot of your assignment done. And you apparently ambition that you could get added out of the suite. Wouldn’t your activity be easier if you could use the interface added effectively? Or Accompany Outlook contacts with your Google account? Or amalgamate the adeptness of Office with the adeptness of Google Docs?Help is on the way. We’ve angled up ten programs to advice you do all that and more. Note that this commodity covers alone Office add-ins, not chargeless alternatives to Office such as or LibreOffice.

openoffice find duplicates
 Highlight duplicate value in OpenOffice Calc - Stack Overflow - openoffice find duplicates

Highlight duplicate value in OpenOffice Calc – Stack Overflow – openoffice find duplicates | openoffice find duplicates

Power Up Outlook

Many bodies use Outlook as their e-mail client, as able-bodied as to accumulate clue of contacts. The afterward downloads can advice you get added out of the program.


This great, chargeless add-in makes Outlook added able in abundant ways. First, it indexes your mail and lets you bound acquisition any e-mail bulletin far added bound and finer than Outlook’s congenital chase accoutrement do. It additionally integrates with amusing networking sites such as Facebook to grab advice from there and affectation it in Outlook. It integrates with Skype, too. Another Xobni apparatus analyzes your e-mail use. There’s additionally a for-pay adaptation available–Xobni Plus–that carries a $30 amount tag but offers more-powerful chase accoutrement and such amenities as AutoSuggest for commutual e-mail addresses.

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PocketKnife Peek

Concerned about the dangers of HTML mail aback you use Outlook? Worry no more. This chic Outlook chargeless from Xintercept lets you appearance any HTML book as apparent text. In addition, it lets you appearance HTML antecedent cipher and Internet headers. PocketKnife Peek is accordant with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Get Microsoft Office and Google to Cooperate

Microsoft Office and Google’s Web-based applications get forth as able-bodied as bodies and dogs from adverse abandon of a aggregate aback fence. But the abutting two downloads achieve programs from these two suites assignment and comedy accurately together.

CompanionLink for Outlook

If you use Outlook as able-bodied as Google Agenda and Gmail, you accept a problem. Your Google agenda won’t accompany with your Outlook calendar, and your Outlook contacts won’t accompany with your Gmail contacts. To administer the situation, you charge CompanionLink for Outlook ($40, with a 14-day chargeless trial). It syncs Outlook, Gmail, and Google Agenda automatically, so you don’t accept to double-enter advice or accommodate conflicts aback calendars and contacts don’t match. It’s additionally a abundant apparatus for Android-device owners, who can use it as an agent to accompany Outlook acquaintance advice to their Android.

Google Billow Connect for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a abundant apparatus for creating documents, but it’s not so abundant for administration them. Google Docs is accomplished for administration abstracts and autumn them in the cloud, but it’s abundant weaker than Microsoft Office at creating documents. Google Billow Connect for Microsoft Office–a chargeless app authored by Google–helps you get the best of both packages. It lets you save your Office abstracts to Google Docs, and again it syncs them automatically.

Master the Interface

Appetite to assignment faster by arrive the Office interface? Here are three abundant means to do it.

Office Tab Free

Normally, befitting clue of assorted accessible abstracts in Office is hard–but Office Tab Chargeless makes tracking easy. It gives Word, Excel, and PowerPoint a called interface, aloof as in a browser, with anniversary certificate aperture in its own tab. That way, you can see at a glance what abstracts are accessible in an app, and again about-face to it by clicking. There’s additionally a 32-bit for-pay adaptation of Office Tab (priced at $25) that offers added appearance such as the adeptness to abutting all tabs with a distinct click. Office Tab Chargeless comes in 32-but and 64-bit flavors.

Ribbon Helper for Office

Sometimes the little complications in activity are the best annoying. For example, to move amid Ribbon tabs in Microsoft Office, you accept to bang the destination tab anniversary time. Ribbon Helper for Office ($15, with a chargeless 45-day balloon version) lets you instead hover your abrasion over the adapted allotment of the tab. Is this an all-important download? No. Will it achieve application Office a little bit easier? Yes.

Chase Commands

Not abiding how to achieve a assertive assignment in Office? Join the club. There’s so abundant adeptness arranged into Office that alive how to use it all is a challenge. Chase Commands, a chargeless from Microsoft, makes it accessible to acquisition out how to achieve circuitous tasks; again it guides you through the action by jumping you anon to the command that does the job. Chase Commands integrates anon into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as a new tab on the Ribbon. Bang the tab, blazon in the assignment you appetite to accomplish, and Chase Commands shows you a account of analogous results. Bang any of those results, and you’ll be guided through the action of assuming the task.

Miscellaneous Add-ins

The afterward three files advice you get added out of Office in sometimes hasty ways.


If you do lots of presentations and accept a adamantine time award the exact slides, information, and antecedent presentations you want, accord Slideboxx a try. It indexes your presentations and helps you acquisition what you want, lightning fast. That’s aloof the beginning, though. You can annoyance the slides to a presentation area and body new presentations from absolute slides. Anyone who generally reuses slides in altered presentations will acquisition it a big time-saver. Slideboxx Prime costs $119, but the 30-day balloon adaptation is free.

Advanced Office Countersign Recovery Home

What happens if you password-protect an Office book but again lose the password? If you use Advanced Office Countersign Recovery Home ($49), the book won’t be absent to you forever. It starts by blockage ahead begin passwords and passwords that are anchored in your computer’s cache; again it moves on to more-powerful concordance and brute-force attempts to balance the password.The audience adaptation of the affairs is chargeless but can balance alone passwords of bristles characters or fewer.

Alike Remover for Excel

If you accept worksheets that accommodate lots of data– bags of rows, say–you apperceive how maddening it can be to clue bottomward and annihilate alike data. Alike Remover for Excel ($30) does a abundant job of award and expunging them. You can acquaint the affairs to do it automatically, or you can barrage a astrologer that walks you through the steps.

Openoffice Find Duplicates The 1 Steps Needed For Putting Openoffice Find Duplicates Into Action – openoffice find duplicates
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