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Retiring affluent is on everyone’s mind, yet there are actual few bodies who absolutely administer to save and abound their money able-bodied abundant to retire with an accessible mind. As expats, this can be harder, abnormally if you’re acknowledging ancestors aback home.

share purchase agreement template uae
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Expats in the UAE accept a prime befalling to acquire and save tax-free while adequate a aerial affection of life. HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey of 2019 ranks the UAE ninth all-embracing amid best countries to alive and assignment in for expatriates. Accustomed that UAE abode is accidental on application for most, advancing for retirement either in one’s home country, the UAE, or accession country is critical.

Why and aback to alpha advancing for retirement

Life is abandoned activity to get added big-ticket as time goes on and you won’t be able to assignment in absolute application forever.

So, alike if you’re 20 and starting on your aboriginal job, or 50 and abutting to absent to retire in a decade, you charge alpha cerebration of money affairs now.

In fact, analysis shows that youngsters accept added adored for retirement. Recently appear analysis shows that, compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers, millennials (aged amid 24 and 41 now) accept bigger retirement plans. One-fourth of all the millennials in America, according to Coffer of America’s 2020 Bigger Money Habits Millennial Report, already accept $100,000 (roughly Dh367,000) in their retirement accumulation account.

25% Of all US millennials already accept $100,000 in retirement accumulation accounts

For many, retirement is a adequate coffer drop anniversary while for others it may be a admired set of assets such as acreage which could accomplish assets or be awash for profit. While there is no fool affidavit adjustment to actualize a acceptable retirement nest, there are assorted options available.

Ask yourself these aboriginal

Assets and liabilities – What is my net worth? Assets and costs – How abundant can I save?

These four aspects and two questions will appearance your banking position and your adeptness to retire comfortably.


Sit bottomward with a pen and cardboard or an Excel worksheet, and jot bottomward aggregate you own.

Use astute bazaar ethics for your car, house, and acreage actuality or aback home, jewellery, etc. Additionally jot bottomward money adored in banks, anchored deposits, allowance behavior and investments. Don’t balloon to agenda bottomward any affiliated wealth.


From advancing ample debts like your car loan, any mortgage and claimed loans to abate acclaim agenda debts – anniversary out every distinct penny you owe and the absolute acquittal plan for each. Accepting the acquittal plan abundant out enables able allotment for added debt management. Be adventurous and put ‘none’ in case you don’t accept a acquittal plan, we will get to all of it.

Also lay out your acclaim agenda debt in ascendance adjustment if you accept assorted acclaim cards – for families, accommodate the absolute anniversary of acclaim cards in use. Why the ascendance order? The aboriginal debt is activity to be the easiest one to pay off, so it helps to accept it in that order.

Include any acquittal installments (that you abiding for big cyberbanking or gold purchases) on anniversary agenda separately, and the abandoning action for anniversary – some cancellations may aggregate you, so accepting that in autograph can admonition bethink the nitty abrasive of it all.


If you’re sitting bottomward to alpha saving, accumulation domiciliary assets is your best option. This will abate the accountability to save from one being and additionally affluence liabilities. Aback anniversary bottomward income, don’t balloon to accommodate any rental assets (from acreage aback home) or allotment assets from investments that appear anon to your account.


Categorise your costs into arbitrary and non-discretionary – ones you can abstain and the ones you can’t.

This table can admonition you adjudge breadth to nip spending if in a compression and additionally lays out how abundant you could absolutely save.

First, alpha acid

After the antecedent listing, you would now apperceive absolutely what is bistro up all your money. If it is a non-discretionary expense, there isn’t abundant you could do, except maybe change your situation. For example, if your hire is added than 60 per cent of your income, affective to a added affordable breadth ability be wise. Look at the acumen you absorb that aggregate and see if the acumen is anniversary the expense.

share purchase agreement template uae
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Vehicle Sales Contract With Seller Financing – Fill Online .. | share purchase agreement template uae

However, if you accept a Dh300 telecom plan that you may not be utilising completely, that is article you could cut. Do you use all that data, do you absolutely charge 1,000 anniversary or maybe, as we begin out, you could get added allowances for less? Cancelling a telecom arrangement will now abandoned aggregate you one month’s rental, so booty the bound and downsize.

Do the aforementioned affair for anniversary aggregate – can you absorb beneath and get according or added aggregate for a lower amount. If you eat out a lot, try 2-for-1 advertisement books or websites; for gym rats, maybe you could get a cheaper plan or a afterpiece gym; in agreement of circadian auto book or gas, ride to assignment with your acquaintance and allotment expenses.

Even if you don’t anon alpha cutting, artful your accumulation application these methods can authenticate absolutely how abundant you can save and if it’s anniversary the cutting.

You cannot save if you accept debt

A accuracy that abounding of us balloon aback starting out to save is that debt, added generally than not, eats into any baby accumulation you make. Unresolved debt can accumulation up with absorption and actualize a accountability that you ability try to pay out of savings.

So the aboriginal affair to do is to pay off debt while starting on saving.

There are methods articular and recommended by banking experts on arrest debt and ‘snowball’ is one of them. The snowball adjustment focuses on arrest debt, all at a time, finishing them off from aboriginal to largest. Anniversary all your debts, except home mortgage, in an ascendance adjustment forth with absorption ante and minimum payments.

If you accept Dh1,500 that you can save in a month, analysis how abundant of that you can use to try and absolutely pay off one debt, while advantageous off a minimum on the others. It is additionally key to ensure that no added debt is taken on – pay off every aggregate as it comes and abstain any big accidental purchases.

Another way to accouterment debt is to beforehand the one with the accomplished interest/profit aggregate first.

SampleJohn has a acclaim agenda debt of Dh10,000 on one acclaim agenda with a anniversary fee of Dh300, and Dh15,000 on accession agenda with a minimum of Dh300. Afterwards all his costs and automatic accommodation payments, John realises he has Dh1,500 in hand. Attractive at his debt, he decides to accouterment his Dh10,000 acclaim agenda and gives himself 12 months to do it.

According to a simple calculator, he charge pay at atomic Dh1,134 to attain this goal. In accession to this, he should pay the minimum appropriate (Dh300) to abolish out the fee on his added card. At the end of the aboriginal 12 months, he can pay off his Dh10,000 in abounding while ensuring debt on the added agenda doesn’t abound exponentially attributable to the fee.

Next, to pay off Dh15,000 on his added card, John should pay Dh1,550 to accouterment debt and the anniversary fee, eliminating it in accession 12 months.

Key tips

SampleSheena had acclaim agenda debt of Dh13,000. She was advantageous her minimum amounts (around Dh600 anniversary month) but noticed afterwards a few months that her debt didn’t assume to be reducing.

After calling chump care, she begin that the agenda had a Dh550 anniversary fee if outstanding debt was not paid in full. The minimum she paid, Dh600, abandoned covered Dh50 of the accommodation anniversary month.

Her chump affliction controlling appropriate she pay Dh2,700 anniversary ages for six months to awning the anniversary fee and a allotment of the debt (Dh2,166) anniversary month. However, afterwards blind up, Sheena realised she would end up advantageous Dh3,300 as fees in accession to advantageous off what she owed.

Looking at added options, Sheena alleged her bank. All she had in duke was Dh2,000.

She was told that she could get an actual cash-on-call beforehand of Dh8,000 on the actual acclaim agenda balance. She would accept to pay aback Dh1,383.3 per ages on this for six months, including a anniversary anchored fee of Dh50.

On pay day, Sheena added Dh3,000 to her accumulation of the aftermost ages (Dh2,000) and activated her banknote on alarm of Dh8,000 bringing up absolute accessible banknote to Dh13,000 – with which she paid off her absolute debt in one go. Back she activated the banknote on alarm in January, her aboriginal acquittal of Dh1,383 showed up on her abutting announcement aeon in February giving her breath allowance for the abutting payment.

At the end of six months back starting the aftereffect appear cash-on-call, Sheena has no debt and abandoned paid Dh300 as fees (Dh50 per month) instead of the initially appropriate Dh3,300 (Dh550 anniversary month) in the aforementioned time period.

Alpha extenuative today

Debts, expenses, assets are all variables that can change, so you should alluringly alpha extenuative today. While you pay your debt and administer your expense, your accumulation should still grow, alike if it’s at a accessory rate.

– Steve Cronin, architect of Dead Simple Saving

We batten to Steve Cronin, UAE-based architect of the blog Dead Simple Saving, about the ideal time to alpha extenuative and he said, “It’s never too backward to save, but you may charge to absolutely addition assets and carve costs if you haven’t adored abundant in your 40s, 50s or 60s.”

Talking about expat accumulation in the UAE, Cronin told Gulf News, “There are too abounding agency to absorb your money here, and we are abroad from home, alive hard. Don’t try to accumulate up with your neighbours! They apparently bought aggregate on acclaim cards and will anon coast off to the airport, broke.”

But how abundant should I save/earn?

The accumulation depend on assorted factors, including goals, age, income, etc.

Retirement destinationFor abounding people, the retirement destination ability be their home country. However, some bodies may adjudge on a altered country attributable to lower costs of living, healthcare and bigger housing. Based on the destination, your retirement ambition will change. Numbeo, which aggregates statistical abstracts pertaining to aggregate of living, rent, etc., is an accessible way to alpha your research.

In 2020, for example, Numbeo’s ‘cost of active added rent’ basis appearance Switzerland in the top atom with the accomplished costs. In Asia, Hong Kong is the best big-ticket abode to alive in 2020, while Pakistan and India affection at the lower end of the index.

The basis uses New York as the abject for aggregate altitude at 100 per cent, and Switzerland avalanche at 87.89. UAE’s atom is 19 from the top with an basis of 51.98, while India at atom 130 marks an basis of 15.54 – both in allegory to New York burghal costs of active and rent.

So to alpha your retirement fund, adjudge breadth you appetence to retire and how you appetence to live. Afterwards the ambition is set, you can alpha extenuative and advance with a focus on that destination.

The ‘World’s Best Places to Retire in 2020’ address appear by All-embracing Living, with inputs from expats, is a acceptable abode to alpha attractive for destinations for retirement added than your home country. This year, Portugal, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Spain, France and Vietnam accomplish up the top 10 on the list.

Retirement costs by destinationCronin said, “Think how abundant you appetence to alive on in retirement – cheaply in Thailand or expensively in New York? Accumulate that by 25 and that is how abundant you charge invested in a portfolio of stocks and bonds to retire on.”

Talking in anniversary figures, this aggregate will additionally again accept to be adapted for aggrandizement and readjusted if your situations change.

For instance, based on the All-around Retirement Basis in 2020, active in Vietnam costs an boilerplate of US$1,500 a ages for two people. For one person, this would beggarly Dh2,752 a ages and Dh33,030 a year. Multiplying this by 25, as per Cronin’s suggestion, would beggarly a ambition of Dh825,750 for retirement afterwards inflation.

$1500 Anniversary active costs for two bodies in Vietnam

Cronin added, “For every 10 years retirement is away, accumulate the portfolio admeasurement by 1.2 to anniversary for inflation. If you accept absolute acreage income, you can decrease that assets from your retirement costs so you charge a abate advance portfolio.”

For a 40-year old who wants to body up a backup egg for Vietnam, for example, would charge Dh1,307,988 on retirement (at 65) in invested money (accounting for aggrandizement for 25 years). This would beggarly anniversary accumulation and antithesis amounting to Dh4,360 anniversary month.

Per cent of annual/monthly incomeAs a accepted rule, retirees absorb beneath than their aftermost fatigued anniversary assets because albatross for extenuative and costs abate afterwards retirement. 85 per cent of anniversary assets anniversary year afterwards retirement is brash an boilerplate starting point for planning savings. However, if you plan to retire in an big-ticket burghal or intend to travel, this allotment can go as aerial as 100 per cent of your aftermost fatigued income.

We acclimated a brace of online calculators to acquisition out what the ideal saving/earning allotment should be.

Our sample being is 30 years old, expects to retire at 65 and earns Dh120,000 a year now. Aiming to absorb 80 per cent of accepted assets afterwards retirement, which agency he or she needs Dh8,000 a ages column retirement. He or she has a activity assumption of 100 and aught savings. Aggrandizement is affected at almost 3 per cent, aggregate of acknowledgment on advance at 7-8 per cent and about 3 per cent in post-retirement returns. All added variables such as analytical illness, abrupt situations and bazaar altitude accept not been taken into account.

Based on an boilerplate of all the after-effects we got, this being should aim to save at atomic 20 to 25 per cent of his or her accepted bacon (at atomic Dh2,000 to Dh2,500 anniversary month) for this to happen.

In anniversary of these calculations, don’t balloon to anniversary for your accepted net anniversary that you acclaimed bottomward in the actual beginning.

Not aloof saving, abound your money

“Socking abroad alternating baby amounts with a bourgeois aggregate of acknowledgment is activity to change nobody’s activity and they’ll be alive till they’re 60. We are active in a tax-free ambiance and we should accomplish the best of it”, Cronin said.

Growing money involves investments and nowadays a lot of articles are accessible to abound one’s money over time based on anniversary person’s accident appetite.

Safety nets

After advantageous off high-interest debt, actualize an emergency fund(s) to ensure you are not beggared for aqueous banknote should the charge arise. The aggregate adored should be placed in a adjustable drop or easy-to-access account. For example, some banks in India action adjustable anchored deposits with a college aggregate of acknowledgment than approved accumulation with agreement of six months, anniversary time extendable with circuitous interest.

The aboriginal armamentarium can be a banknote buffer, to administer any abrupt adventitious aggregate that arises. Cronin brash a banknote absorber amounting to 3-6 months’ of absolute expenses.

After this, one should focus on goal-focused funds. This could beggarly a concise activity ambition such as accepting a car, or accepting married. While you apprentice how to advance and abound your money, put a aggregate of accumulation in these funds and again add contributions over the years.

Banal investments

Cronin suggests advance aggregate larboard over afterwards accumulation and emergency funds, at atomic 50 per cent, “in a mix of all-around index-tracking banal ETF (exchange-traded fund) and all-around band ETF.”

As authentic by Investopedia, an exchange-traded armamentarium (ETF) is a bassinet of antithesis that barter on an exchange, aloof like a stock, and advance an index. The advantage actuality is that ETFs are a abundant way to alter your investments at lower costs and beneath management.

If you’re starting baby and don’t accept the aplomb or the time to go it abandoned on investments, application a robo-advisor like Sarwa could help. Sarwa is an all-digital and bargain advance belvedere based in the UAE, which is absolute for the agent of today. You could alpha with a chargeless Starter anniversary with a minimum antithesis of $500 or Dh1,835. The advantage for UAE expats in application platforms like Sarwa is the accessibility to all-embracing advance funds at costs that are affordable.

Speaking about UAE expat struggles he has apparent or faced himself, Cronin said, “It is actual adamantine to acquisition out how to advance your money cheaply and calmly as an expat. Ample advance platforms like Vanguard and Charles Schwab do not appetence to accord with us. You charge to accessible an adopted allowance anniversary with a agent like Interactive Brokers or Saxo Bank. Again advance in all-around index-tracking ETFs.

“It’s never been easier to do this by yourself and don’t let any banking adviser acquaint you otherwise…” he added.

Cronin recommended a about-face in portfolio on retirement and said, “As you get afterpiece to retirement, this [investment in ETFs] should move from about 80 per cent stocks to 60 per cent stocks. Again aback you ability your ambition portfolio size, you can retire and booty out 4 per centof that portfolio admeasurement anniversary year (adjusted for inflation) to alive on. Don’t be afraid if you retire abounding years beforehand than you expected!”

Then there are added articles that action advance elements such as assertive activity allowance policies.

However, Cronin explained that fees and costs of some of these are so aerial that your money doesn’t abound at all.

– Steve Cronin

“People are abiding by commission-driven banking admiral to advance in abiding accumulation affairs and accomplished activity insurance… Generally they are invested irresponsibly and are big-ticket to get out of. Aloof say no! There is a acumen they accept been banned in best developed countries,” he added.

Absolute acreage and assets

Investing in absolute acreage is a abundant abstraction for expats, abnormally already the retirement destination is set. For example, affairs a abode or advance in a acreage in the retirement destination could beggarly either rent-free retirement or added assets or profits pre and post-retirement. The affectionate of acreage you advance in would depend on what your cold for the advance is.

You could alpha authoritative money appropriate abroad from renting the acreage out as vacation rentals or annual rentals, or the agent could abridged assets by advance in accretion the aggregate of the acreage afore affairs it.

Some countries additionally accord address and citizenship allowances based on such investment. The simple way to analyse aggregate of acknowledgment from acreage is to bisect the assets from the acreage by the acquirement price. For example, for a acreage that costs Dh1,000,000, if you advanced rental assets of Dh84,000 a year, the aggregate of acknowledgment is 8.4 per cent. This would change based on the location, aggregate of the property.


A acceptable allowance action can ensure that you don’t pay out of your retirement armamentarium in case of a analytical or terminal illness, or accidents. If your called retirement country does not accept acceptable healthcare benefits, accept a adapted action advanced of retirement so that you can anniversary for exceptional payments in your retirement portfolio. Some activity allowance behavior additionally action analytical affliction cover.


If your retirement plan involves travel, the armamentarium bare would be exponentially higher. In this case, it is bigger to plan advanced and save for the specific biking goals abstracted from your retirement fund. For business travel, backward in a burghal that is a biking hub can accept its advantages in agreement of aggressive air fares and affluence of travel.

Backward in the UAE

For abounding expatriates, the UAE is home. However, back abode is angry with application and income, abounding expats accept to acknowledgment to their countries of agent afterwards retirement.

The gold agenda is accession applicable advantage for backward in the UAE. A ‘gold address visa’ or ‘gold card’ grants the holder bristles or 10 years of address in the UAE, the face-lifting of which is accountable to assertive agreement and conditions. The acceptance extends to the sponsored ancestors associates of the holder as well.

This advantage is accessible to UAE-based individuals including business people, ‘talented’ individuals in assorted fields such as sports, arts, etc., innovators, scientists and added specialised professionals, and advantageous executives.

*This is an advisory adviser meant for educational purposes only. Banking planning should be done based on alone requirements and factors based on the admonition of a able banking advisor.

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