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As Israel continues to strengthen its anchor over the Occupied Territories (the “Separation Barrier” actuality alone the latest development), the two-state band-aid appears to be bottomward away afore our eyes. Hesitancy to acknowledge it dead, aggregate by the Palestinians, the Israeli accord afflicted and the all-embracing community, may be assuredly bound in the advancing months aback the US and, by acquiescence, Europe, acquire Sharon’s unilateral “disengagement plan.” This adaptation of the two-state band-aid imposes on the Palestinians a non-viable accompaniment comprised of a alternation of truncated cantons (Sharon’s term), all amidst and afar by Israeli adjustment blocs, basement and bound controls – a “solution” as bottomless as it is unjust. Aback that happens, the Palestinians may opt for what appears to be the alone added alternative: a distinct autonomous accompaniment encompassing all of Palestine/Israel. In abounding means this is an adorable solution. Acknowledging that Israel itself has created a distinct accompaniment through its “facts on the ground,” it alone goes the abutting footfall in affirmation according rights, including the vote. Such a about-face would put Israel and the absolute “democratic” apple in a bind: How could they debris both a applicable and absolutely absolute Palestinian accompaniment and a autonomous accompaniment accumulation both peoples? Back it opens the absolute country for abode to all Israelis and Palestinians (including the refugees), the distinct accompaniment band-aid neutralizes the Occupation, authoritative it accidental to absolutely annihilate any settlements or infrastructure.

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The advantage of both the “one-state” and “two-state” solutions is that they are both elegant, simple to understand, accessible to present, about apparent options. Their abundant disadvantage, of course, is their unattainability, at atomic at this time. Israel’s success in arty irreversible “facts,” I would argue, acquire rendered the two-state band-aid extraneous (the adversity actuality the abridgement of will on the allotment of the Israeli and adopted governments, not any logistical adversity on the ground). As for the one-state solution, it requires both the dismantling of Israel as a “Jewish” accompaniment and a Palestinian abode to abandon their aspirations for abandon – both alpine orders. This does not beggarly that the Palestinians ability not yet opt for the one-state approach; a attack such as the one that brought bottomward the ageism administration in South Africa could conceivably succeed. But as of today advocates for a aloof and abiding accord assume bent amid two impossibilities: rolling Israel aback to the 1967 curve so that a applicable Palestinian accompaniment ability emerge, or creating in Israel/Palestine a distinct autonomous state. It is the appearing impossibility of the additional option, additional its abortion to accord able announcement to Palestinian civic aspirations, that restrains the Palestinians from advancing it at this time.

Alive About the Occupation: The Two-Stage Access

There exists yet addition option, far beneath elegant, abundant added difficult to present in a sound-byte. That is an evolutionary “two-stage” apperception in which two states, Palestine and Israel, eventually accompany in a bi-national accord that in time will board Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and ultimately Egypt and added countries of the Middle East – a Middle East Union. A win-win approach, it rests on the antithesis amid civic ascendancy and the abandon to alive and assignment regionally that underpins the European Union. In acceding of the Occupation, it works about a abiding Israeli attendance in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza – and eventually neutralizes it as a authoritative attendance — by compensating the Palestinians’ abode to accommodation on area with the economic, amusing and geographic abyss afforded by a bounded confederation.

Date 1: A Palestinian Accompaniment Alongside Israel

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Recognizing that Palestinian demands for abandon represent a axiological aspect of the conflict, the aboriginal date of the confederational access provides for the enactment of a Palestinian state. This meets the Palestinians’ requirements for civic sovereignty, political character and associates in the all-embracing community. Statehood, however, does not abode the acute affair of viability. If it were alone a accompaniment the Palestinians needed, they could acquire one tomorrow – the mini-state “offered” by Barak and Sharon. The capabilities and responsibilities of such a accompaniment charge additionally be taken into account. Refugees, for example, charge be accommodated, as do the needs of approaching ancestors (at atomic bisected the Palestinian citizenry in the Occupied Territories and in the refugee camps is beneath the age of 25). Indeed, the capital issues adverse the Palestinians, as able-bodied as the Israelis, are bounded in scope: refugees, security, water, bread-and-butter development, democratization and more.

The Palestinians can acquire their state. Akin Sharon backs the “”two-state solution,” back he realizes that Israel cannot ascendancy the absolute country and abide a Jewish accompaniment unless the four actor Palestinians of the Occupied Territories are shunted into a mini-state of their own. But if a cardinal Israeli attendance in the Occupied Territories neutralizes ascendancy and renders the accompaniment non-viable in a geographic, amusing and bread-and-butter sense, again that accompaniment cannot possibly serve its people’s basal needs. A (barely) applicable two-state band-aid requires, at a minimum, Palestinian ascendancy over all the territories baffled by Israel in 1967. Anything beneath locks the Palestinians into a Bantustan. This is abnormally accordant back Israel considers whatever acceding the Palestinians assurance on the end of the process, a final cachet band-aid catastrophe all added Palestinian claims. If, in fact, “”what you assurance is what you get, period,” again the Palestinians charge be assertive that any acceding addresses their axiological concerns, now and in the future. The baleful blemish in Israel’s adaptation of the two-state band-aid is two-fold: it provides alone for a non-viable, semi-sovereign Palestinian accompaniment that cannot accomplish its responsibilities against its people; and it formally excludes any approaching evolution. Accustomed the actuality that the citizenry of a approaching Palestinian accompaniment will be above than Israel’s, a abiding bearings in which that accompaniment is bound to a truncated 10-20% of the country is artlessly unacceptable.

The “two-stage approach” I am suggesting actuality offers a way out of this dilemma. In adjustment to abode the affair of ascendancy while accouterment for amusing and bread-and-butter activity akin if the Israeli attendance is bargain but not decidedly eliminated, the Palestinians ability be induced to acquire a accompaniment on article beneath than the absolute 22% on the action that the all-embracing association guarantees the actualization of a bounded amalgamation aural a reasonable aeon of time (five years or so). So while the aboriginal stage, the enactment of a Palestinian accompaniment on best of the Occupied Territories (including borders with Jordan, Syria and Egypt), deals with the affair of self-determination, the additional stage, a bounded confederation, would accord the Palestinians a bounded “depth” in which to accommodated their abiding amusing and bread-and-butter needs.

Date 2: A Bounded Amalgamation Leading to a Added Middle East Union

Following aloft the actualization of a Palestinian state, the all-embracing association would agent a bounded amalgamation amid Israel, Palestine and Jordan, which would acceptable board Syria and Lebanon as well, again conceivably Egypt and added countries of the region. Although such a Middle East Union sounds like a pipe-dream in the present ambience of acute conflict, it is apparently the best calmly done aspect of a Middle East accord process.

The abundant advantage of this access is that it balances political ascendancy with the practicalities of accepting to accord with a broadcast nation acute amusing casework and bread-and-butter development far above the capabilities of the baby Palestinian state. The Palestinian accompaniment can abode the charge for civic self-determination; it cannot accommodated the acute needs of the burst Palestinian people, refugees and association of the Occupied Territories alike, as able-bodied as those of approaching generations. Rather than loading the appearing accompaniment with responsibilities it cannot possibly accommodated accustomed its admeasurement and resources, the confederational access spreads that accountability beyond the absolute region, acclamation the needs of the Palestinian bodies aural the added ambience of bounded development. Since, as has been said, the axiological problems adverse all the peoples of the Middle East are bounded in scope, this provides not alone cardinal amusing and bread-and-butter abyss to the Palestinian state, it additionally ensures added processes of bread-and-butter development and democratization that are of acute accent to both Palestine and Israel.

Following the curve of the European Union, Palestinians residing aural the Middle East Union (MEU) would acquire the best of acceptable citizens of the Palestinian accompaniment or application citizenship in their accepted countries of abode (others ability accept to leave the arena absolutely for a new activity abroad). This addresses the affair of choice, so important to the refugees. Palestinians who break in the arena could accept amid active in their own state, actual area they are or “going home” to areas central Israel – or a mixture, back movement, abode and application would be complete throughout the Union. (MEU laws and regulations, allowable by a confederal parliament, would assure the alone rights of all MEU citizens wherever they abide in the region.) In such a amalgamation akin a above arrival of Palestinian refugees into Israel would not be problematical. It is not the attendance of the refugees that is aggressive to Israel. After all, 350,000 adopted workers abide in Israel today. The blackmail to Israeli ascendancy comes from the anticipation that abiding refugees would affirmation Israeli citizenship. By disconnecting the Right of Acknowledgment from citizenship, the refugees would apprehend their political character through citizenship in a Palestinian accompaniment while assuming no claiming to Israeli sovereignty, appropriately adequate absolute alone amends by active in any allotment of Palestine (or the added MEU) they choose. By the aforementioned token, Israeli Jews adulatory to alive in Judea and Samaria could abide to do so as Israeli citizens active beneath Palestinian sovereignty. The settlements would, of course, be integrated, thereby acrid them as sources of Israeli control.

Such a win-win book promises both amends and achievement for all the peoples of the Middle East. It addresses the charge for Palestinian abandon yet provides for bread-and-butter development and accommodates the demographic changes that acquire fundamentally afflicted Palestinian association in the accomplished sixty years and more. It addresses Israeli apropos of ascendancy and security, akin abrogation abundant of the Occupation’s basement intact, although neutralized. And it addresses the added charge for bounded cooperation, development and democratization, ensuring a applicable ambience for the region’s peoples.

The two-stage band-aid will appointment opposition. Israel, acquainted itself as a affectionate of Singapore, has no admiration to board into the Middle East region, to abandon its ascendancy over the absolute country or, to say the least, board Palestinian refugees. But it does action the Israeli people, willing, clashing its governments, to absolutely abstract from the Occupation, a way out of an bottomless situation. The absolute regimes of the arena ability abide such a activity out of abhorrence of the democratization it would entail, but the advantages of an end to the battle in the arena are obvious. All-embracing pressures and bread-and-butter inducements, accumulated with a able civilian association initiative, should actuate the region’s countries to participate. And for the Palestinians there are alone advantages. The two-stage access offers them abundant added than the two-state solution, and is far added accessible than the affairs of one state.

A angle of inter-communal accord in Palestine-Israel aural a ambience of a autonomous and flush Middle East ability complete abstract at the present moment. We charge remember, though, that the Palestinians, including best of the refugee population, acquire accustomed Israel as a actuality of life, akin as the all-inclusive majority of Israelis acquire alone the “Greater Land of Israel” ideology. Israelis and Palestinians acquire a history of negotiations; Israel has academic accord treaties with Egypt and Jordan, alive relationships with North Africa countries (Libya now included) and the Gulf States, a abutting accord with Turkey and, if the Golan affair can be resolved, affairs of accord with Syria and Lebanon. Conceivably best hopeful of all is the Saudi Action appear by Prince Abdullah in April 2002, accurate by the Arab League, which offers Israel abounding bounded affiliation into the arena in acknowledgment for catastrophe its Occupation. And one should not balloon the affluent, educated, accomplished and accelerating Palestinian Diaspora and, one hopes, the Jewish and Arab Diaspora, all of which acquire above roles to comedy as both brokers of bounded accord and generators of bounded bread-and-butter development.

The confederational access offers a astute achievement of a aloof peace. It transcends the actual battle and enables us to attending at the broader accepted interests and possibilities that appearance us a way out. Its capital disadvantage is its complication and abstruse details. Once the two stages are grasped it is not difficult to codify a action to accomplish them, but the complication of its presentation makes it difficult to activate accessible abutment for it. Admitting far beneath afflicted than the one- or two-state solutions, the two-stage access offers a aloof resolution of the battle that is added accessible than the others. We abridgement alone the ambulatory cry.

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