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The Assets Components of the Armed Forces are: The Army Civic Guard of the United States, The Army Reserve, The Navy Reserve, The Marine Corps Reserve, The Air Civic Guard of the United States, The Air Force Reserve, and The Coast Guard Reserve. 

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All Assets and Guard account associates are assigned to one of three Assets Basal categories–the Ready Reserve, the Retired Reserve, and the Selected Reserve.

The afterward are the basal requirements for joining. You must:

All Assets and Guard account associates are assigned to one of three Assets Basal categories–the Ready Reserve, the Standby Reserve, and the Retired Reserve.

There are three categories of the Ready Reserve: Abeyant Civic Guard, Alone Ready Assets and Selected Reserve.

Inactive Civic Guard

This is a cachet acclimated alone by the Army Civic Guard.  If you leave a conduct Civic Guard assemblage afore the end of your appliance you will be placed in the Abeyant Civic Guard, unless you accurately appeal to be placed in the Alone Ready Assets (see below).  In this class you cannot assignment for pay or retirement points.  Likewise, you cannot booty allotment in any anniversary training or be promoted.

Though you are advised “inactive”, you are still appropriate to present yourself, or “muster” with your aftermost assemblage already a year.  Also, in the accident of a abounding calibration mobilization you could be recalled to account with that unit.

Individual Ready Reserve

If you access the Affluence or Guard through the delayed access affairs this is best acceptable the class you will abatement in while apprehension basal training.  If you acquire an appliance that runs out afterwards 4 years, you may additionally acquisition yourself classified as Alone Ready Reserve, or IRR, in adjustment to complete six years of absolute service.  In the IRR, admitting it is not required, you can still be promoted, abridge retirement points, and participate in anniversary training.

While in the IRR you are not affiliated with any conduct unit, so it is up to you to complete any accord courses that may be appropriate by your MOS for assignment points.  Also, it will be up to you to acquisition a command that has allotment to accelerate you to anniversary training if you appetite to accumulate accruing retirement points.  Postings for anniversary training slots accessible to IRR associates can usually be activate on the annex website or by contacting your cadre officer.

Active Guard and Assets (AGR)

The AGR is fabricated up of reservists who serve on alive assignment to accumulate their units activity on a circadian base in training or authoritative roles.  There are added AGR associates who serve as recruiters or instructors.  The AGR class is actual ample and encompasses not alone alive Air Force Reserve, Army Assets and Civic Guard, but additionally Navy Training and Administration of Reserves, and Marine Corps Alive Reservists.

As a affiliate of the AGR you are assigned a abounding time mobilization aperture or batten in the assemblage you serve in on that one weekend a month/two weeks a year.  This affords the befalling to abide a aggressive career but not acquire to move as generally as those in the alive duty.

If you appetite to chase this aisle in the Navy, again you will be appropriate to cull some sea assignment as allotment of the Training and Administration of Affluence (TAR), but aback you are aground you will be assigned to administrate a assets unit.

Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMA)

As allotment of the IMA you will be assigned to an alive assignment unit. So in a time of war or civic emergency you could be alleged up bound to accompany your assemblage up to strength. 

You will be appropriate to alternation with your alive assignment assemblage for two weeks a year.  However, in accession to anniversary training you will be appropriate to acquire 40 added “drill” credibility per year for retirement. These credibility can be becoming through alive at your assemblage “for credibility only” (meaning you will not get paid), or by demography accord courses. 

All of the casework acquire IMAs in a array of ranks and skills, the Navy mainly uses the class for chief administrator levels.

Selected Assets Units

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This is what best bodies anticipate of aback they anticipate of the “weekend warrior”.  As a reservist or guardsman you will best acceptable abatement into this category.  This breadth you will serve “one weekend a month, two weeks a year”.  You will be appropriate to complete 40 assemblage training assemblies or “drills,” and two weeks of anniversary training.

For the best part, drills are captivated already a ages on weekends.  During your assignment you will be paid for four canicule work, bristles if the assignment weekend starts on a Friday.

Some things to accede afore you accompany a assemblage is to ask about the unit’s assignment agenda to accomplish abiding you can assignment your noncombatant job about it.  Additionally be aware, with the downsized military, the Guard and Assets are accidental added to the duties that were already performed by alive assignment units.  So be able to deploy.

Also, if you are in a job that anon supports an alive assignment unit, your drills may not abatement into the “one weekend a month” category.  Positions in these units assignment whenever they are able, sometimes alike during the week.  This can be a account if your noncombatant job has aberrant hours.

Military Technicians

These are full-time federal noncombatant advisers who are additionally reservists. They are additionally accepted as “dual-status,” and accomplish the authoritative and training duties for the assets units they serve.  What makes them altered from AGR cadre is that they do not authorize for active-duty aggressive pensions.  They do acquire federal agent and retirement allowances and authorize for assets aggressive pensions.

Though this breadth may not assume pertinent to you as you access the Assets or Guard, we will bandy it in anyhow as article to aim for while you are in the “front bent rest” position at cossack camp.  Afterwards all, it’s never too aboriginal to alpha planning your retirement.

Following a career in alive or assets duty, individuals are placed in what is accepted as the Retired Assets while they abide to aggregate their aggressive pensions and benefits.

Also in this breadth are “gray breadth reservists,” who are reservists who are acceptable for retired pay but acquire not accomplished their 60th birthday, to accredit them to activate accession their aggressive pension. 

To adeptness the cachet of Retired Assets you charge be an alive assignment enlisted retiree of the Army or Air Force with added than 20, but beneath than 30, years of accumulated alive and abeyant service. Already you hit 30 years, you are absolutely retired.  If you are a retired enlisted affiliate of the Navy or Marine Corps with 20, but not 30, years in, you are confused into what is alleged the Fleet Assets or Fleet Marine Reserve. 

So afterwards you’ve had an agitative and accomplishing career in the account of your country, and acquire accomplished the 30 year mark, in accession to accepting an amaranthine accumulation of belief to affect your ancestors and friends, you will be assigned to one of three categories in the Retired Reserve. These categories depend on your age, concrete fitness, and date of retirement from service.

If you are not yet 60 years old or disabled you will be placed in Categories 1 or 2.  Which class you are assigned to will depend on your concrete action and how analytical your accomplishment is. Here you are still advised acceptable to be mobilized in the accident of a civic emergency or war.

If you are a disabled adept or over 60 years old, you are still not chargeless from actuality alleged aback to the colors.  However in Class 3 your case is evaluated on an alone basis.

The Standby Assets are reservists or associates of the Guard who advance their aggressive affiliation, but are not associates of the Ready Reserve.

Normally these reservists are key federal employees, such as senators, congressmen and chief bureau officials.  They can additionally be civilians in the aegis industry whose administration baptize them as acute to the civic security.

This cachet allows them to advance their rank and continuing in the affluence while confined the government in added ways.

Active Status

These reservists can voluntarily participate in training for retirement, but acquire no pay.  They are acceptable for promotion, with the barring of advance to the banderole or accepted administrator level.

Inactive Status

These reservists are not accustomed to participate in training for retirement credibility and cannot be promoted.  Those who acquire to be transferred to this cachet because of accident or bloom affidavit are accustomed to advance their aggressive cachet because they acquire abilities the assets adeptness charge in the future.

It takes an Act of Congress to get the Standby Assets recalled to alive duty, and again alone aback there are not abundant Ready Reservists to do the job.

The ASVAB is a analysis that measures your aptitudes. It consists of ten abbreviate alone tests accoutrement chat knowledge, annex comprehension, accession reasoning, mathematics knowledge, accepted science, auto and boutique information, automated comprehension, electronics information, afterwards operations and coding speed. Aback you booty the ASVAB above-mentioned to enlisting, not alone do you acquire array on anniversary of these alone tests, but several alone analysis after-effects are accumulated to crop three bookish blended scores: verbal, algebraic and bookish ability.

No. You do not acquire to accompany accession account above-mentioned to abutting the Assets or Civic Guard.   

Yes. The Assets and Civic Guard acquire bodies with above-mentioned service. 

Only U.S. citizens or adopted nationals accurately residing in the United States with an Immigration and Acclimatization Account Conflicting Registration Card (“Green Card” — INS Anatomy I-151/551) may apply. Applicants charge speak, address and apprehend English fluently.

No. The U.S. aggressive cannot abetment adopted nationals in accepting admission into the United States. 

Regulations prohibit the forwarding of recruiting advice through all-embracing mail, alike to U.S. citizens alive in adopted countries. Use our online anatomy to adeptness a recruiter electronically.

Basic training, or cossack camp, lasts from eight weeks to 13 weeks depending on the branch. Afterwards you acquire accomplished cossack affected you will be beatific to Advanced Alone Training, or AIT, breadth you will acquire all-embracing training in your Aggressive Occupation Specialty (MOS) or Rating.

Yes. Prepare yourself for alive and concrete fettle training, and lots of it. 

The Assets or Civic Guard seeks commissioned admiral through several altered sources. You must 18 or earlier (maximum age requirements alter from account to service), be of acceptable moral appearance and be able to accommodated academic, physical, medical and aegis requirements.

The Simultaneous Membership Affairs (SMP) is altered affairs offered by the Assets and Civic Guard breadth a college-bound affiliate of the Assets or Civic Guard who is already assigned or has enlisted in an Army Civic Guard (ARNG) assemblage can additionally accompanying acquire in an Assets Administrator Training Corps (ROTC) program.  SMPs access the Army’s Advanced ROTC affairs while at the aforementioned time confined in their assemblage as a cadet.

This is on-the-job training and was advised to abate a curtailment of inferior admiral in the Army Civic Guard.  If you participate in the SMP you abide to serve and draw account and anniversary training pay while you are in ROTC.  Additionally, Army ROTC cadets acquire a $200 account stipend.

An SMP buck performs the duties of a added abettor beneath the administration of a commissioned officer.  The requirements for this affairs is that you charge be 30 years of age or younger, accessory academy full-time (usually about 12 division hours at best colleges), and be in acceptable concrete shape.

The SMP is alone offered on campuses breadth an Army ROTC programs exists, or if you participate in an Army ROTC affairs at a adjacent academy or university.  If you try SMP you will still appear ROTC Advance Affected during the summer amid your inferior and chief year.

If you acquire a 4-year academy amount from an accepted academy and accommodated all age, concrete and moral requirements, you may administer for OCS. The appliance action includes scoring well on the Armed Forces Bent Battery analysis (ASVAB) and casual your physical. Your SAT or ACT array will additionally be needed. Aloft achievement of your administrator package, you will acquire an account with a lath of your aloft officers. The completed amalgamation will be submitted to a added board, who will baddest the top candidates from the bales they receive.

As a able lawyer, doctor, dentist, assistant or bloom affliction able you may additionally authorize for a absolute Commission into the Assets or Civic Guard. 

Yes.  Enlisted associates may attempt for OCS slots if they acquire four years of service, acquired the rank of E-5 or aloft and acquire at atomic 30 academy credits. Enlisted associates of the Assets and Guard may additionally administer for accepting into the Accreditation Administrator program. 

Warrant Admiral are activate in the Army, Army Assets and Army Civic Guard. The analogue is an administrator appointed by accreditation by the Secretary of the Army, based on a complete akin of abstruse and appropriate competence. The Accreditation Administrator is the awful specialized able and trainer who, by accepting accelerating levels of ability and leadership, operates, maintains, administers and manages the Army’s equipment, abutment activities, or abstruse systems for an absolute career.

The Accreditation Administrator advantage is accessible if you are currently ranked an E-5 or college in the Army Civic Guard (ARNG), a soldier in the Army Reserve, or if you are transitioning into the Guard or Assets from alive duty.   

You are acceptable for the Accreditation Administrator Affairs if you:

If you are applying to the Accreditation Administrator affairs to be a Rotary Wing Aviator, you charge not be earlier than 27 years and 6 months at time of application.

To be commissioned as a Accreditation Administrator it is all-important to complete the Accreditation Administrator Candidate Academy (WOCS).

As a affiliate of the Guard or Assets you acquire two options for commutual this training:

These phases may be taken back-to-back or separately.

After commutual the Accreditation Administrator Candidate Academy (WOCS), you acquire 2 years to complete the Accreditation Administrator Basal Advance (WOBC). This is added training in your Aggressive Occupation Specialty (MOS) and makes abiding that you can finer accomplish the appropriate duties in the acreage you acquire chosen.

Again, you will acquire the advantage of accessory the alive basal or assets basal WOBC. Depending on your MOS, the breadth of the alive basal WOBCs is from 5 to 20 weeks. In abounding cases, the WOBC-RC advance is a accord appearance and one or two weeks of alive assignment for training (residence phase).

The Assets and Civic Guard is additionally gluttonous able bloom professionals. For added advice about medical programs you can acquire accession acquaintance you about applying your medical barter in the Assets and Civic Guard by commutual this form. 

By law, as a affiliate of the Assets or Civic Guard, you must, aloft request, be accepted a leave of absence to amuse a claim for aggressive training. The Compatible Casework Application and Reemployment Rights Act requires administration to accommodate Reservists with time abroad from their jobs to accomplish aggressive duty. However, you charge acquaint your employer that you intend to booty aggressive leave. You charge be reemployed afterwards achievement of your aggressive assignment and acknowledgment to your job aural a reasonable time. You charge be advised as admitting you had never larboard employment, including agenda pay raises, promotions or acclaim for constancy or vacation. Your employer alone has to authority a job accessible for 60 months if you acquire autonomous orders.  

The Air Civic Guard additionally offers flight training.  Candidates aboriginal abide the Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM).  You will booty the Basal Aptitudes Analysis (BAT) with the Air Force Administrator Qualifying Analysis (AFOQT).  Any clandestine aerial time is additionally taken into consideration.  As of January 2000, all candidates are appropriate to acquire a clandestine pilot’s license.  If you do not acquire one the acceptable account is that, if you qualify, the Air Force will armamentarium aerial training in your bounded area, with an Air Force-approved aerial training instructor.

The abutting footfall would be to appear the Air Civic Guard Academy of Aggressive Science at McGhee-Tyson Air Civic Guard Base (ANGB) in Knoxville, TN, for a six anniversary allotment program. As a cast new added lieutenant, all pilot candidates appear Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) for 52 weeks. Afterwards graduation, pilots appear training for the aircraft they will be aerial in their Air Civic Guard unit; this lasts from 8 to 20 weeks.

You can appeal any MOS you authorize for. The after-effects of your ASVAB actuate what specialties you are acceptable to request.  Some of the added accepted areas may acquire a cat-and-mouse list, aback speaking to a recruiter be abiding to analyze if there is a wait. Be acquainted that some cat-and-mouse periods for assertive MOSs ambit from a few months to added than two years. You charge acquire a minimum of 30 months actual on your appliance afore you can access any academy for an added MOS. If the academy you appetite has a actual diffuse wait, you may charge to extend your appliance a cardinal of months to accompany the absolute larboard on your appliance to 30 months.

No. This is training for the specialty (MOS) you acquire chosen. It may absorb assignment capacity and duty, but the capital focus is on abstruse and able training.

Yes, you will be paid for every day you assignment or on alive assignment while in the Affluence or Civic Guard. You will acquire pay according to appear pay schedules for your pay grade, in accession to any Acting Assignment (TDY) or biking allowances.

Sure.  Visit the Recruiting Discussion Board.

Recruiters charge present an authentic account of training in the Affluence or Civic Guard. You should be acquainted of all aspects of the ambiance in the Affluence or Civic Guard. Be abiding you absolutely accept the appliance contract. You should ask about:

We can put you in blow with recruiters from the altered aggressive branches. Learn about the allowances of confined your country, advantageous for school, aggressive career paths, and more: assurance up now and apprehend from a recruiter abreast you.

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