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On Friday, Bob Dylan will absolution his aboriginal anthology of aboriginal absolute in eight years, Rough And Disorderly Ways. On the aforementioned day, Neil Adolescent will put out Homegrown, a “lost” almanac composed of songs fabricated in 1974 and ’75.

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This acceding seems altogether logical, accustomed that Bob and Neil abide at the absolute top of the bedrock singer-songwriter pyramid, afterwards abounding decades of accepting analogously long, strange, uncompromising, and (of course) frequently ablaze careers. They both started in the ’60s, came of age in the ’70s, absent their way in the ’80s, came aback in the ’90s, and afresh endured as active legends in the ’00s and ’10s. And now they’re actuality again, together, administration added music.

While they are amid the best adamant individualists in avant-garde music — generally risking their livelihoods, reputations, and absolute acumen for the account of advancing some mad new abstraction — Bob and Neil additionally abide as mirror images of one another. “I’ll never be Bob Dylan. He’s the master,” Neil already said of his counterpart. “If I’d like to be anyone, it’s him.” Bob meanwhile abundantly anticipation that Neil was him aback he heard “Heart Of Gold” on the radio in the aboriginal ’70s, during one of his creatively dormant periods, aback Neil was at his bartering zenith.

Their latest releases are absolute abundant in bandage with what we’ve appear to apprehend from these icons. Rough And Disorderly Means is the assignment of a man who has accomplished aggregate an artisan could possibly set out to do, and now feels empowered to be alike added appropriate and perverse. In a contempo New York Times interview, Dylan declared his contempo songwriting as “trance writing,” in which words tumble out afterwards backwardness or alike advised thought. What this agency for Rough And Disorderly Means is that the abstruse advisedly mixes with the ridiculous, the angelic with the profane, the abstruse with the abrupt — aloof as they do in our own brains.

There are curve on this anthology that accomplish me beam for the arduous adventurousness of their unapologetic silliness. (Try not to cackle aback Bob refers to the Rolling Stones as “them British bad boys” in “I Contain Multitudes.”) Afresh there are added songs so air-conditioned they booty my animation away, none added so than “Murder Best Foul,” the already acclaimed (No. 1 hit?!) 17-minute ballsy about the JFK assassination that doubles as a apologue about the end of America. That song additionally has no apparent melody nor any absolute antecedent in Dylan’s catalogue; at 79, he’s begin yet addition way to absolutely abash and mesmerize us. There are added beauteous oddities: “Key West (Philosopher Pirate)” is like Cormac McCarthy attempting to address a Jimmy Buffett song, while “Black Rider” is a blue afterlife advance with a beauteous throwaway antic about the admeasurement of the Grim Reaper’s penis. Seriously. It’s that affectionate of record. I don’t apprehend to affliction about (or accept to) annihilation abroad for a while.

Homegrown is a accomplished added affectionate of miracle. A artefact of Neil’s “ditch” aeon — that absurd post-“Heart Of Gold” era aback he put out a alternation of drunken, depressive, and thrillingly apart and agitation albums — Homegrown is like a absent affiliate that slots amid On The Beach and Tonight’s The Night. If you apperceive those records, you’ll apperceive what to apprehend here: lurching tempos that balance on the border of chemical-addled collapse, pedal-steel and harmonica licks that blow like cries of anguish afterwards the bar closes, a vibe of absolute airy and affecting burnout that somehow conveys abysmal black adorableness (rather aloof apparent old aloofness or cynicism), and an effortless mix of disorderly country and bearish adamantine bedrock that appealing abundant every middle-American bandage has approved to rip off for added than 40 years.

It’s all here, and yet somehow it all feels new and fresh. While Homegrown doesn’t top any of the iconic Neil Adolescent albums in its absolute vicinity, it added than justifies its existence, activity above bald archival anomaly to article abutting to essential, alms a added complete account of a above artisan in the action of axis himself central out during a time of claimed and political upheaval. Which is accepted accustomed the absurd about-face we’re experiencing in this moment. Your accession is bigger backward than never, Homegrown.

I adulation Bob Dylan. I adulation Neil Young. Who doesn’t? However, you ability like one a little added than the other. I apperceive I do. But in adjustment to absolve adage that anyone is bigger than Neil Young, or anyone is bigger than Bob Dylan, you accept to be able to explain it with complete acumen and facts.

Let me accompaniment the obvious: You don’t accept to accept one over the other. But if you appetite to, absolutely as a articulate exercise, let’s airing through this.

Let’s alpha with raw numbers: Bob Dylan has awash added than 100 amateur albums. Neil Adolescent has confused added than 75 million. Clear advantage for Bob. But Neil Adolescent has one No. 1 distinct on the American pop chart, 1971’s “Heart Of Gold.” Bob has aught No. 1 singles. Account one for Neil. Covers of Bob Dylan songs, however, accept accomplished the top of the archive twice: in 1963 for Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Blowin’ In The Wind,” and in 1965 for the Byrds’ “Mr. Tambourine Man.” In the end, Bob is the bigger pop ablaze here.

Advantage: Bob

As you ability imagine, bodies cruise over themselves to duke awards to Bob Dylan and Neil Young. It goes afterwards adage that both of them are in the Bedrock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame. In acceding of Grammys, Bob has 10 and Neil has three, but Neil has additionally won six Junos and one MTV Video Music Award for 1989’s Video Of The Year, “This Note’s For You.” (Sadly, Bob was snubbed for his admirable assignment on “Tight Connection To My Heart.”) That puts Bob and Neil at 10 trophies apiece for music-related awards.

After that it turns into a rout: Bob has won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Pulitzer Prize, a Presidential Medal Of Freedom, and a little article alleged the Nobel Prize — which he didn’t alike actualization up for. And there’s lot of added honors, too. Bob tours so abundant because he has to buy houses in which to abundance his acutely aerial cardinal of awards.

Advantage: Bob

As a music analyzer myself, I abhorrence distilling a nuanced, anxious booty on an important artisan bottomward to a absurd number. It cheapens criticism, and it trivializes art. We should all strive to do better.

Having said that, according to Metacritic, Bob has an boilerplate career account of 85. Neil’s account is 73.

Advantage: Bob.

Bob and Neil accept anniversary alternate in one supergroup. Bob was a affiliate of the Traveling Wilburys, with Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Jeff Lynne. Neil was a affiliate of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. I like the Traveling Wilburys, but there’s no catechism that CSNY was the bigger, added impactful supergroup, affairs millions of albums and headlining stadiums. And Neil came to be the ascendant force in CSNY, alike admitting he was the aftermost one to join. (CSNY played arenas and amphitheaters, while CSN performed in theaters. That’s the Neil effect.) Bob meanwhile was the atomic important affiliate of the Traveling Wilburys, alike admitting he was the best acclaimed and admired artisan alfresco of the band. (In the Wilburys, Jeff Lynne played the best cogent role in abstraction the sound, while actuality the atomic acclaimed member. In acceding of Bob and Neil, the Wilburys are inversely proportional to CSNY.)

Advantage: Neil

Bob has two. Neil has two. Admitting one of Bob’s wives, Carolyn Dennis, was affiliated and afar in abstruse and not apparent until abounding years later. So it’s accessible that he has added ex-wives out there. For now, however, we charge assurance the numbers we have.

Advantage: Draw

I already saw Neil bistro banquet with Daryl Hannah at an LA restaurant. There was a huge white car out avant-garde with a Pono installed in the stereo. I accept apparent Bob out in the agrarian absolutely aught times.

Advantage: Neil

Bob is appropriately advised the arch artisan of the bedrock generation. There’s apparently 100 Dylan songs I can adduce in their absoluteness from anamnesis because the autograph is so good. I could adduce endless examples of ablaze Dylan lyrics, but how about this acclaimed arrangement from “Mr. Tambourine Man”: “Yes, to ball below the design sky / With one duke bouncing chargeless / Silhouetted by the sea / Circled by the bazaar bank / With all anamnesis and fate / Driven abysmal below the after-effects / Let me balloon about today until tomorrow.” Incredible! Genius! Authentic around-the-clock poetry!

Or how about this from “Shelter From The Storm”: “Well, I’m livin’ in a adopted country but I’m apprenticed to cantankerous the bandage / Adorableness walks a razor’s edge, anytime I’ll accomplish it abundance / If I could abandoned about-face aback the alarm to aback God and her were built-in / Appear in, she said / I’ll accord ya apartment from the storm.” Holy sh*t! Can you accept this f*king guy? Goddamn!

Any artisan is below aback compared to that. But alike on his own terms, Neil frequently writes lyrics that are … well, clunky. This abnormally bulky auto from “Peaceful Valley Boulevard” comes anon to mind: “A arctic buck was afloat on an ice berg / Sun assault bottomward from the sky / Politicians aggregate for a acme / And came abroad with annihilation to adjudge / Storms thundered on, his tears of falling rain / A adolescent was built-in and wondered why.”

Or how about these lyrics from a song I absolutely adore, “Out On The Weekend”: “The woman I’m cerebration of / She admired me all up / But I’m so bottomward today / She’s so fine, she’s in my mind. / I apprehend her callin’.” Putting these words on the folio does them (or Neil) no favors.

To be fair, Neil has additionally accounting some absurd lyrics for songs like “Tonight’s The Night,” “Tired Eyes,” “Powderfinger,” “My, My Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue),” and “Rockin’ In The Chargeless World.” But with Neil, it’s usually about how he delivers the lyric rather than the lyric itself. I don’t apperceive that the words to my admired Neil Adolescent song, “Harvest,” are abnormally abstruse — “Dream up dream up let me ample your cup / with the affiance of a man” — but the way he sings it makes me appetite to renew my bells vows. Ultimately, aback you’re akin up adjoin Bob, you charge absolve for “a adolescent was built-in and wondered why.”

Advantage: Bob

Bob plays guitar and piano, but his best alive apparatus is harmonica, decidedly on songs like “Desolation Row” and “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” in which he allows himself to veer off on long, afflicted solos. Abounding a archetypal Dylan song has been beatific off in admirable actualization in the outro by one of those solos; it’s a ambush that his abounding imitators accept affected but rarely topped.

Neil additionally plays harmonica and piano, but his guitar is absolutely article else. Whereas Bob uses his (somewhat limited) active abilities as a agency to bear his songs, Neil’s songs generally are cartage for his idiosyncratic, one-of-a-kind soloing. There is annihilation in avant-garde music that sounds like a Neil Adolescent guitar abandoned — gnarled, pure, furious, meditative, ugly, attractive — abnormally aback he wails abroad for account on end as Crazy Horse blasts abroad abaft him. The ability that Bob achieves with words Neil pulls off with his axe on abstruse like “Down By The River,” “Cortez The Killer,” and “Like A Hurricane,” which complete like a man dancing below a design sky with one duke bouncing free. (I beggarly that metaphorically — acutely both easily are on the guitar.)

Advantage: Neil

This is maybe the hardest class for me to judge, as Bob and Neil both accept distinctive, generally imitated, and abominable polarizing articulate styles. There are abounding bodies who appear to accept Bob is a bad singer; thankfully, those bodies accept abhorrent aftertaste and shouldn’t be trusted to accord any assessment on music, so we can apathy them. In his prime, Bob’s wizened, Midwestern acidity was a absolute agent for his abstruse lyrics, abundantly carrying a circuitous mix of affections (anger, sorrow, fear, lust, empathy) via a acutely human, communicative style. It’s true, however, that Bob’s articulation has devolved over time into a broken bark, admitting it has absolutely hardly bigger in contempo years. (And he absolutely gets a lot of affecting breadth out of that bark! His singing on Rough And Disorderly Means is his best in years.)

Neil, meanwhile, still sounds like Neil: That high-lonesome, open-prairie beef has retained an affecting artlessness in animosity of Neil’s avant-garde years. Abnormally aback compared with Bob, it’s amazing how appreciably well-preserved Neil’s articulation is, no amount how generally he’s had to bark over the Horse or his added contempo abetment band, Affiance Of The Real. He sings “Old Man” like he was still a adolescent man.

Advantage: Neil

Another absolute difficult and hard-fought category. In abounding means I anticipate Bob is the added absorbing alive act. I accept added Bob alive albums and bootlegs because he can complete like an absolutely altered being depending on the era. Pick a actualization from 1962, 1966, 1974, 1976, 1980, 1988, 1997, 2003, or 2016 or 2019 and you’ll apprehend berserk altered setlists, musicians, and articulate styles. He ability be a folkie, a rocker, a born-again Christian, a Deadhead-adjacent jammer, a gothic-country gentleman, or an amenable crooner.

But with Neil, the artful he accustomed in 1970 is basically the aforementioned artful that he’ll ride for the blow of his career — allotment rustic acoustic balladry, and allotment blown-out and absolute loud rock. Aback Neil deviates aloof a little — if he plays with the Stray Gators rather than Crazy Horse, for archetype — it seems added cogent than it absolutely is because his arrangement is so established, alike if the variations don’t complete all that different.

If I had to action on which one is added reliable on any accustomed night, I’m activity with Neil. And it won’t aloof be abandoned satisfying, it will be great. With Bob, however, it ability the greatest night of your life. Or it could be the best tedious. Frankly, I’ve accomplished both with Bob. So, do you adopt a safe bet or the riskier best that could pay off big or absolutely clean you out? This one ability be too abutting to call.

Advantage: Draw

Bob and Neil both accept assorted albums that can be credibly alleged their best. With Bob Dylan, the accord choices are apparently Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde On Blonde, and Blood On The Tracks. You ability add Nashville Skyline and Desire, and I would absolutely accommodate John Wesley Harding and Time Out Of Mind. But you get the idea. With Neil Young, you accept Afterwards The Gold Rush, Harvest, Tonight’s The Night, and Rust Never Sleeps. (Yes, I see all you On The Beach and Ragged Glory stans.)

When lining up all of those masterpieces up abutting to anniversary other, I’m absorbed to accord the bend to the best “important” records. These are acutely the aboriginal Dylan albums, abnormally Freewheelin’ and Blonde On Blonde, which about invented the adapt that Adolescent himself activated on his abounding classics, forth with appealing abundant every added cogent singer-songwriter of the bedrock era. Blonde On Blonde is the absolute best anthology out of any of these, and I’d apparently put Blood On The Advance second. Afterwards The Gold Rush and Rust Never Sleeps are my admired Neil Adolescent albums, forth with Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, but I don’t anticipate any of those are absolutely as acceptable as Bob’s best. Again, this is a absolute aerial standard, but Neil aloof comes up hardly short.

Advantage: Bob

Along with authoritative abounding abundant albums, Bob and Neil accept additionally put out a fair cardinal of bad albums. Admitting because they’re both geniuses, alike their bottom assignment is alluring and account hearing. The accepted acceding on Bob’s affliction assignment is that it derives from the aback bisected of the ’80s: Knocked Out Loaded, Bottomward In The Groove, and Beneath The Red Sky. (Bob’s abundant 1989 accomplishment Oh Mercy is absolutely an haven in this era.) Neil’s stinkers are added advance out — he put out blurred curveballs like Trans in the ’80s, and he kept on accomplishing it in the aughts (Greendale) and the ’10s (pretty abundant aggregate but abnormally The Monsanto Years and Storytone).

For Bob, his weakest flat efforts tend to be bad in the aforementioned way — artlessly put, he sounds able on his affliction albums, agreeable to back-bite out backward songs with ailing advised production. Neil’s bottom albums, however, absence the mark for a advanced ambit of reasons, because he’s absolutely aggravating altered things, whether he’s recording with an orchestra, basic a abstraction anthology about the aliment automated complex, or authoritative himself complete like a robot. While Bob is the added adventuresome alive performer, Neil is by far the added adventuresome recording artist. (And some of those albums that bodies hated initially, like Trans and Greendale, are absolutely appealing acceptable in retrospect.) Therefore, Neil’s affliction is bigger than Bob’s worst.

Advantage: Neil

Bob’s beef era is best centered on the aboriginal three years of his recording career, with a abrupt awakening in the mid-’70s. His resume includes some of the greatest and best-known political songs in all of bedrock history: “Blowin’ In The Wind,” “Masters Of War,” “The Lonesome Afterlife of Hattie Carroll,” “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” and “Hurricane.” Neil’s protest-song resume isn’t as abysmal — admitting he’s been added articulate lately, recording an absolute anthology about the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Active With War, in the aughts and — if we can be hardly ample with “political” songwriting — his anti-food industry almanac The Monsanto Years in the ’10s. Also, Adolescent arguably has accounting (along with Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”) the best beef song of the aftermost 50 years, “Ohio.”

This one is afterpiece than I expected, but it’s adamantine for me not to go with the accessible choice. Alike Neil covered “Blowin’ In The Wind” to beef the aboriginal Iraq war aback in the ’90s.

Advantage: Bob

Bob and Neil abandoned battling anniversary added (along with maybe Bruce Springsteen) aback it comes to accepting a able-bodied “shadow” discography of appear music that has, thankfully, managed to crawl out over the years via official releases. In the aboriginal ’90s, Dylan accomplished his own “Bootleg Series” to formally put out dozens of songs that had been into apportionment by absolute bootleggers, including best masterworks like “Blind Willie McTell,” as able-bodied as admired concert performances such as the abominable “Royal Albert Hall” concert from 1966, my admired alive anthology ever. But alike afore that, there was acute belief about The Basement Tapes (formally appear in 1975, and after abundantly broadcast in the ’10s) as able-bodied as advance like “Up To Me” and “Abandoned Love” that concluded up on Dylan’s aboriginal box set, Biograph, appear in 1985.

Neil has been active afresh raiding his own vault, putting out “lost” albums like Homegrown and Hitchhiker as able-bodied as array of alive albums. (He’s planning several added archival releases this year alone.) Neil’s basement annal are consistently account hearing, admitting they tend to present songs that are already accepted in altered alive versions or stages of development. (Homegrown is amid the releases that includes some absolute new songs.) Bob’s basement records, however, bare alien or abandoned periods of his career far added often, authoritative a added abundant addition to the all-embracing arc and compassionate of his work.

Advantage: Bob

Bob’s Chronicles Vol. 1 is advised by abounding the best bedrock account anytime written. As a abundant adolescent man, he wrote a book of poetry, Tarantula, that would accept formed abundant bigger if it had been set to music. Neil has accounting two memoirs, Waging Heavy Peace and Special Deluxe, that abide added on his cars than music, and addition book, To Feel The Music, that’s absolutely about the allegiance of music. No challenge here: They gave Bob a Pulitzer and a Nobel for a reason.

Advantage: Bob

Bob has directed one movie, Renaldo And Clara, filmed during his 1976 Rolling Thunder tour, accumulation concert footage, interviews, and improvised fictionalized scenes. It’s additionally incredibly, abundantly long. I own a bootleg archetype — it isn’t currently accurately accessible — and I’ve never been able to accomplish it through all four hours. (Outtakes from Renaldo And Clara were acclimated for the analogously aberrant Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese.) Neil has been far added abounding as a filmmaker, administering abundant works beneath the name Bernard Shakey, alignment from the beginning (Journey Through The Past) to the almost accepted (the capital concert blur Rust Never Sleeps). Neil’s films aren’t consistently good, necessarily, but Bob sets a low bar.

Advantage: Neil

As an actor, Bob fabricated his best cine first, actualization as Alias in Sam Peckinpah’s anti-western, Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid. His on-screen persona is board and remote, which usually comes off as apish (like in the abominable ’80s sorta romcom Hearts Of Fire) admitting it occasionally works as a absolutely awe-inspiring meta-commentary on his own angel (like in the “oft-derided but dedicated by me” adversity Masked And Anonymous.) Neil about is wired-to-the-gills in his best notable “acting” job in Animal Highway, arena the bifold role of Lionel Switch and Frankie Fontaine. Full disclosure: I accept abandoned apparent clips of Animal Highway, not the absolute film. (It’s difficult to clue down, like abundant of Bernard Shakey’s work.) I’m activity to accord Bob the bend here, admitting if one day I acquisition out that Animal Highway is bigger than Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid I will affair a mea culpa.

Advantage: Bob

When it comes to decades, Bob and Neil breach up the aftermost 60 years added or beneath evenly. While Neil put out abundant music with Buffalo Springfield and launched his abandoned career in the ’60s, that decade acutely belongs to Bob. While Bob put out adept LPs like Blood On The Tracks, Desire, and Street-Legal in the ’70s, that decade acutely belongs to Neil. The ’90s were a abundant time for Neil, with all due account to Bob for Time Out Of Mind, while Bob has done bigger in the aughts and the ’10s.

The abandoned absolute point of altercation actuality is with the ’80s, aback both men were afloat creatively and commercially. Bob came out of his Christian aeon and flirted with boom machines and some of the worst-sounding synths in the history of mankind. Neil passive-aggressively approved to abrade the arch of his almanac label, David Geffen, by authoritative a alternation of schtick-y brand experiments. For accurate believers of Bob and Neil — I am acutely in this affected — the ’80s is absolutely bigger for both of them than is frequently believed. Bob put out two absolutely abundant albums, Infidels and Oh Mercy, while Neil snuck some gems on contrarily disregarded curveballs like Everybody’s Rockin’ and Old Ways, afore absolutely airy with Freedom. But it’s the absolutely abnormal assignment from the ’80s that I acquisition best endearing, and in that account I accept to accord the bend to the man who fabricated Trans.

Advantage: Neil

Like so abounding archetypal rockers, Bob and Neil put out consistently abundant anthology covers in the ’60s and ’70s. Bob about goes with a cool-looking photo of himself — see Highway 61 Revisited, Nashville Skyline, Desire, and appealing abundant every added almanac — while Neil alternates amid catholic hippie self-portraits (Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, On The Beach, Comes A Time), abstruse nature-dude illustrations (Harvest, Hawks And Doves) and whatever is accident on the awning to American Stars ‘n Bars.

Then the affection starts to dip in the ’80s with the music, and afresh it aloof gets worse and worse as the years go on. Dylan’s anthology covers in the 21st century, starting with Adulation And Theft, accept been comically terrible, characterized by odd chantry choices and down-covered photos and cool illustrations acutely called at random. The awning of Rough And Disorderly Means rivals Christmas From The Heart as the best hilariously abhorrent awning of his absolute career. Bob’s covers are so bad they alike bond out Neil’s artful poor choices for albums like Peace Trail, The Visitor, and Storytone.

Advantage: Neil

Bob is about the acme of the archetypal 1978 concert film, reuniting with The Bandage at the end of the cine to storm through “Baby Let Me Follow You Down” and afresh get misty-eyed during “Forever Young.” Bob additionally happens to attending absurd — this is aiguille “floppy hat” era Bob, and it’s additionally the longest his beard has anytime looked on camera. He’s absolutely a arresting attractive dirtbag.

Speaking of dirtbags, Neil’s actualization in The Aftermost Waltz is added infamous, accustomed that Martin Scorsese allegedly had to airbrush a cocaine booger off of his adenoids for the blur version. No amount how coked-up Neil was, though, his achievement of “Helpless” is acutely abatement and beautiful. This one is too abutting to call.

Advantage: Draw

We started with raw numbers, and we end with raw numbers. I accord the bend to Bob because I anticipate he’s ultimately a greater songwriter with a bigger all-embracing discography, admitting Neil is one of my admired guitarists anytime and he’s a added constant alive performer. In the end, I accept them both.

Rough And Disorderly Means is out Friday via Columbia Records. Get it here.

Homegrown is out Friday via Reprise Records. Get it here.

Neil Adolescent is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an absolute accessory of Warner Music Group.

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