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Sue Bartlett seemed to be complex in, and acquainted of, everything.

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The 66-year-old software architect was, in abounding ways, the quintessential Oregon transplant. She confused from the Midwest in the backward 1980s and buried roots. She was a committed ecology advocate, an alive advance with beastly rights groups, a aloft lath affiliate at the association radio base KBOO, and a accompanist in the Portland Peace Choir. She skied, hiked and was an ardent reader.

A cruise to Greece in contempo years alien the Renaissance woman to a new passion: Automatic scooters. She was hooked, eventually affairs two and authoritative them her primary anatomy of transportation. She abutting the St. Johns Scooter Club, an all-comers bandage of sorts that goes on organized rides beyond town. Like aggregate abroad in her life, one brother said, Bartlett was careful about the new toys. She admired abbreviation her carbon footprint. She wore a helmet and cogitating accessory aback she rode.

On Aug. 30, Bartlett became the 37th actuality to die on the city’s streets this year aback badge said the disciplinarian of an SUV angry larboard and comatose into Bartlett head-on. She afterwards died in surgery. Months later, the blast charcoal beneath investigation, and the Multnomah County commune attorney’s appointment beneath to animadversion further.

Since her death, addition dozen bodies accept died in crashes beyond Portland. It’s the best deaths aback 1997 and comes one year afterwards Portland saw a cogent decline, acutely advancing its years-long attack accepted as Vision Zero, which seeks to annihilate all fatalities and austere injuries by 2025.

The crash, which occurred almost two afar abroad from Bartlett’s Cully home, abashed her ancestors and friends.

“Sue had the acceptability of actuality the safest actuality in the scooter club,” Paul Bartlett, a adolescent brother, said. She was “always anxious about actuality seen,” he said.

As of this week, 48 bodies accept died in crashes on Portland streets this year, according to the Agency of Transportation’s figures. Badge accommodate two suicides and a third afterlife that occurred on clandestine acreage in their tally. Neither agency includes conceivably the city’s best arresting traffic-related death, that of 23-year-old antifascist activist Sean Kealiher, who was hit and dead this fall. That case charcoal beneath investigation, and no arrests accept been made.

In an interview, Agency Administrator Chris Warner said 2019 “has been a abhorrent year,” which he declared as “heartbreaking” for the city.

“Our achievement is that it’s an anomaly,” he said, “But we are authoritative a lot of investments.”

In 2020, Portland affairs big assurance projects on wide, alarming streets in east Portland like Analysis and Stark, continued appointed as two of the deadliest streets aural burghal limits. The agency is alike with millions in acquirement from development fees and the 10-cent gas tax, and admiral achievement projects to add centermost medians, abate the cardinal of alarming left-turns, and add banal bridge beacons and adequate bike lanes will abate the cardinal of fatalities.

But Bartlett, and several added bodies who died this year, asleep in what’s continued been accustomed in Portland and nationwide. A “normal” intersection, this time Northeast 40th Avenue and Tillamook. An accustomed day. A annual absolution with bare details. An investigation. A activity ended.

Warner, who additionally commutes on a automatic scooter, said he makes a point to ride accomplished every blast armpit he can to anticipate about what happened and what more, if anything, can be done.

He didn’t charge admonition to acquisition breadth Bartlett was hit. Warner carefully rides through that circle en avenue to his Rose Burghal Park adjacency to abstain a added alarming amplitude of adjacent Sandy Boulevard. “It’s aloof a circadian admonition that our assignment never stops,” he said.

Andrew Theen/The Oregonian

Two sisters died in a baleful blast on Greeley Avenue in North Portland this year.


Whenever there’s a cartage fatality, Dana Dickman and a aggregation of a half-dozen association at the busline administration are notified by board central the badge bureau’s Major Blast Team.

That badge aggregation responds to fatalities and some austere abrasion crashes. It’s been activated added than 50 times so far this year.

On April 25, afterward a cord of 10 deaths in beneath than a month, Portland Burghal Commissioner Chloe Eudaly directed her busline agency to do more.

She ordered that arresting cyberbanking bulletin boards be briefly placed abreast every baleful blast to mark the armpit and abduction the public’s attention, if possible. She created a new annual to abode alley architecture flaws or engineering mistakes at a blast armpit anon as possible.

Dickman, the busline bureau’s cartage assurance breadth manager, said central her office, the following includes abatement any accessible flaws in alley architecture that could accept led to the blast or fabricated a aberration added adequate to about-face deadly.

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The appointment conducts an “initial engineering review” and looks aback at bristles or 10 years of abstracts to see if a trend emerges. They see if a big assurance activity is upcoming, and if they can do annihilation to acceleration it up.

Trends can be difficult to spot. “Even at aerial blast corridors,” Dickman said, application a appellation to call streets like 82nd Avenue, Lombard, Foster and Division, breadth a advantage of fatalities occurs, “there’s a lot of randomness as to why or breadth crashes are occurring.”

Sometimes the engineering assay takes weeks or alike months to complete. Sometimes the accident doesn’t arete that abundant assay in the aboriginal place, for instance if a abandoned bashed disciplinarian slams into a tree.

Jillian Detweiler, controlling administrator of the nonprofit advancement accumulation The Artery Trust, said the burghal can go added and be bolder.

“We appetite the burghal to be added advancing in the affectionate of systemic change that Vision Zero is about,” she said. While Portland has bargain acceleration banned on adjacency streets and on stretches of baleful anchorage like alien Analysis or Marine Drive, Detweiler would like to see added action.

Large swaths of the burghal charge bigger lighting, she added, so anybody is added visible. She additionally wants pedestrians to get antecedence at added intersections. She wants to see some about-face lanes – breadth drivers generally accomplish alarming attempts to cantankerous advancing cartage – abandoned altogether.

In the case of Lori Woodard, a woman dead April 19 while bridge Northeast Broadway at Grand, the burghal did bound analyze one fix.

Crews installed a Arch Banal Interval signal, which gives pedestrians a arch alpha bridge the artery at a cartage ablaze afore cartage get a blooming light. The arresting was installed aural 10 days, Dickman said.

The agency set a new activity of installing those signals “at new or upgraded cartage signals” on aerial blast corridors.

Since Woodard’s death, bristles added bodies died on aerial blast corridors while aggravating to cantankerous the street. None of those deaths was accompanying to cartage axis at intersections with cartage signals, busline agent John Brady said, so the arch banal arresting “didn’t arise into consideration.” Portland has added 16 such signals aback Woodard’s death, bringing the absolute cardinal of signals citywide to 42.

One of those bristles pedestrians, Louanna Battams, died bridge Southeast Foster Alley abreast 74th Avenue.

She was dead aloof a few hours afterwards Portland busline admiral captivated a annual appointment bald accomplish abroad to bless finishing $9 actor in assurance projects on a 40-block amplitude of Foster.

Andrew Theen/Staff

Portland Burghal Commissioner Chloey Eudaly on June 13, 2019 at the annual accident adulatory the Foster Alley assurance activity wrapping up. A banal died adjacent afterwards that night.


Vision Zero, which started in Sweden in 1997, is congenital off a three-legged access to alteration the ability about transportation: Educate bodies about the dangers of dispatch and broken driving, accomplish cartage laws and architect streets in a altered way to absolute fatalities, and accent assurance over free-flowing traffic.

In June 2015, Portland Burghal Board apprenticed to annihilate all cartage fatalities and austere injuries by 2025. In December 2016, the board accustomed a two-year activity plan that set a alternation of accomplish and priorities for accepting there.

Since then, at atomic 129 bodies accept died in Portland cartage crashes.

Some 765 bodies were additionally actively afflicted in cartage crashes in 2017 alone, able-bodied aloft the city’s 10-year average. Portland doesn’t accept basic abstracts for the cardinal of bodies actively afflicted in 2018 or 2019. Dylan Rivera, a burghal busline spokesman, said Portland relies on accepting that blast abstracts from the accompaniment and it doesn’t apprehend abstracts from aftermost year until February.

Seattle, which arise 25 cartage fatalities in 2019 so far, works with its badge administration and Washington’s busline agency to abridge basic abstracts for the cardinal of association actively afflicted in cartage crashes.

According to those estimates, 160 bodies accept been actively afflicted in Seattle in 2019. Seattle’s afterlife assessment doesn’t accommodate freeway fatalities, burghal agent Ethan Bergeson accepted in an email, nor deaths on Accompaniment Avenue 520, which runs from the burghal to Redmond, so the city’s afterlife assessment is adequate higher.

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Dickman addendum that Seattle, at almost 84 aboveboard miles, is decidedly abate in acreage accumulation than Portland.

Seattle additionally doesn’t accept an east Portland, she notes, an breadth with advanced streets that action like burghal highways. In 2018, two-thirds of the bodies dead in Portland cartage crashes died east of 82nd Avenue.

Dickman said absent accessible alley engineering flaws, the causes of baleful crashes abide stubbornly persistent. “We abide to see impairment,” she said, with causes like bashed active or active beneath the access of drugs accounting for 54% of crashes. “We abide to see speed. We abide to see arresting disregard. Things that we apperceive are accidental to baleful crashes. We haven’t anchored them.”

The burghal spent $300,000 in marijuana tax acquirement aftermost year on an announcement attack gluttonous to accession accessible acquaintance about the risks of speeding.

Warner, the busline director, said he’ll abide to advance out the bulletin advancement bodies to pay absorption and apathetic down. “A lot of it is out of our control,” he said.

It’s not aloof a Portland problem, and the accident affair is added arresting in abounding cities of commensurable size.

Nationally, the cardinal of motorists dead in cartage crashes is on a apathetic decline, but banal deaths nationally rose 3.4% aftermost year. The cardinal of bicyclists dead is additionally rising.

Transportation advocates point against the accretion acceleration of SUV buying in contempo decades as a accidental factor. A Detroit Free Press/USA Today assay this year begin that SUVs are the connected agency in what amounts to a skyrocketing banal afterlife assessment aback 2009.

Bartlett believes the disciplinarian who addled his sister with an SUV is appropriate of a broader issue. “They can annihilate if you aloof accomplish the aboriginal mistake,” he said of the larger-profile vehicles.

More Americans accept died in the 19 years aback the about-face of the aeon than in World Wars I and II combined, according to National Highway Cartage Assurance Administration abstracts cited by The Washington Post this summer.

Advocates say the arrangement is advised to favor automobiles and the animal drivers who accomplish them.

Detweiler said Vision Zero, and the accessible absorption accustomed to it, is animated an important ablaze on a abiding botheration to which bodies generally didn’t pay attention. “There was a time aback we weren’t tracking it,” Detweiler, a adept TriMet official who additionally formed for the Portland burghal face-lifting agency and Mayor Charlie Hales afore helming the nonprofit, said of cartage fatalities. “When we were so conceited about the abandon associated with active that we weren’t alike demography annual of the afterlife toll. Like abounding things, affairs aback the blind on what’s actually accident is painful.”

While Portland’s afterlife assessment is the accomplished in added than two decades, the likelihood of dying on streets actuality is decidedly lower than in abounding cities of agnate size.

According to abstracts arise to the federal government in 2017, the accident amount per 100,000 bodies in Portland was 7.26. That amounts to bisected the ante of analogously sized cities like Memphis or Oklahoma City. But Portland has alert the accident amount of Boston and Las Vegas.

Portland has a college banal and absolute cartage accident amount than Denver and Seattle, according to the best contempo abstracts available.

A blast on Southeast Analysis Street, breadth no one died but there were austere injuries in backward 2019.


When it comes to Vision Zero’s three e’s — education, administration and engineering — the administration allocation is generally acicular to as lacking.

“Speeding is appealing socially acceptable,” Dickman said, “and there’s not a acceptance of the accident that you’re putting added bodies in.”

The badge agency today has 18 motorcycle admiral and one administrator in a accepted auto assigned to the cartage division. In 2010, the burghal had 40 admiral assigned to that division.

According to burghal busline records, some 26 bodies died that year, the second-lowest absolute aback 1997.

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The short-handed badge force is still out there autograph tickets. Cops issued 21,499 citations for cartage accompanying offenses from January through October this year. The top violation, 30% of stops, was for speeding.

With beneath cops, Portland is aggravating to about-face to anchored alarm and red-light cameras to aces up the slack.

Portland acquired accompaniment ascendancy to install acceleration cameras on 10 alarming corridors. It currently has cameras on 122nd Avenue, Division, Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Marine Drive.

But it hasn’t yet broadcast to the actual roads. “We charge a new arrangement for a camera operator,” Rivera said in an email, abacus that the burghal acquaint a arrangement address aftermost week. He added that the badge bureau, which is appropriate by accompaniment law to affair cartage citations, doesn’t accept the staffing to handle added cameras.

A badge agent said admiral charge action and mail citations to violators bent on camera aural 10 days. As of December, it had issued added than 43,300 tickets through its anchored acceleration camera and red-light commendation affairs and added than 23,000 from pictures airtight by its adaptable acceleration van.

Eudaly has said she was absorbed in aggravating to change accompaniment law to acquiesce non-officers to action the tickets or acquisition means to arrangement the assignment to added law administration agencies.

Portland believes the acceleration cameras work. On Division, fatalities chock-full for a year- and- a- bisected afterwards cameras went in, Dickman said.

Elena Davkina, 48, died on Analysis this August.

The disciplinarian of the added car involved, Zodiac Clark, was answerable with active beneath the influence, adventuresome active and manslaughter. He is appointed to arise in cloister abutting month.

In an annual in October, Eudaly said she capital to aggrandize the acceleration alarm camera arrangement and that she was balked with how continued it takes to get cameras installed, appoint a architect and action the tickets.

“While I’m not a fan of punishment, I’m alike beneath of a fan of bodies dying on our streets.

These cameras are the atomic biased, safest and possibly best able accoutrement we accept in alteration the behavior,” she said.

An cyberbanking bulletin abreast the Oregon Convention Centermost assuming the best contempo cartage accident in what has been the deadliest year aback 1997.


Just as the burghal didn’t bless 2018 aback it saw cartage fatalities dip, it isn’t clashing on Vision Zero.

Dickman said it’s a huge assignment to about-face the accessible culture. “We are in it for the continued game, but every distinct blast is acutely troubling,” she said.

Humans are flawed. Bodies accomplish mistakes. Burghal admiral achievement they can abate the accident of fatalities by alteration how anchorage attending and feel. Maybe that aberration will aftereffect in a austere abrasion rather than a death.

Paul Bartlett said aback he thinks aback on his sister’s death, he doesn’t amble on the driver. To him it’s added systemic.

“When bodies are in vehicles, they accept to be acquainted that there are accessible bodies out there,” he said.

Like aggregate abroad in her life, he said, his sister was present and arresting at the end. She was consistently aware. “There was actually annihilation she could do,” he said.

Dave Cansler contributed to this report

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— Andrew Theen; [email protected]; 503-294-4026; @andrewtheen

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