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Since I’ll be discussing leveraged applications, I’m activity to activate with some sobering abstracts apropos risk. The advance of this commodity is how to abate that accident to acquiescent levels, while advancing outsized returns. But first, let’s attending at the risk. Actuality is a table of the 30 bigger circadian moves in the S&P back 1928, both assets and losses. I’ve additionally credible the circadian losses times 3, back we’ll be discussing a 3X leveraged ETF.

slope intercept form how to find
 Converting from Slope-Intercept form to Standard form.wmv ..

Converting from Slope-Intercept form to Standard form.wmv .. | slope intercept form how to find

S&P Circadian Extremes Back 1928 – 30 bigger Circadian Moves, Up and Down

(Source: Michael Gettings Abstracts Source: Yahoo Finance)

The affliction of those canicule was the beam blast of October 19, 1987, but there are abundant samples from the 2008 accident as well. In accession to the accident credible above, admit that SPXL has alone traded back November 2008, so the assay beneath reflects a civil balderdash market. If you acquisition the blow of this commodity interesting, anticipate anxiously about your own accident appetence afore acting on it. On the added hand, the advance of this portfolio action is to put a adamantine cap on losses while advancing ample returns, so you ability appetence to apprehend on.

SPXL is a leveraged ETF tracking 3-times circadian S&P returns. An all-SPXL portfolio produced boilerplate anniversary allotment of 27% if artlessly bought at birth in November 2008 and held. The affliction rolling 252-day accident was (38.3%). SPY, by comparison, has averaged a 10.7% acknowledgment with a (12.4%) affliction 252-day loss. You can see that the 3-times architecture advantage is abutting to the real-world experience.

Most readers would not be absorbed to run a portfolio absolutely adherent to a 3-times leveraged ETF, so to be added cogitating of an aggressive, but not crazy, accident appetite, I’ve looked at a abject case consisting of 25% SPXL with 75% IEF. IEF is a 10-year treasury ETF. In theory, that should aftermath disinterestedness allotment agnate to a 75% unleveraged disinterestedness allocation with 75% treasuries. In added words, in theory, it should aftermath allotment and a accident contour about according to a 50-50 portfolio 150% the admeasurement of the invested capital.

Here is the aboriginal absorbing part. That portfolio would accept a adamantine cap on losses according to 25% of invested basic because the treasury basic is as safe as accessible in this world. In fact, it is best adequate that treasuries would assemblage back equities tank, so the able cap is apparently beneath than the 25% exposure. (Maybe it’s a close cap rather than a adamantine one, back it’s possible, admitting unlikely, that treasuries could abatement forth with equities.) So, the economics would aftermath allotment according to 150% of a 50-50 allocation, while capping losses at 25% in the affliction accessible condition.

And that’s not a cap acquired from statistics; it’s a cap that withstands atramentous swans and six-sigma accent tests. You can’t lose that which you accept never invested.

To assay the theory, I ran the numbers bold assets on the IEF component, but none on SPXL; SPXL pays about 0.85% allotment yield, but I abandoned them actuality to abridge the after allegory area positions are traded. The allotment for this portfolio were bigger than a added accepted alloy of 50% SPY and 50% IEF, while affliction losses were the same. Actuality is a comparison:

50/50 SPY/IEF vs. 25/75 SPXL/IEF

slope intercept form how to find
 Interpreting slope and y-intercept for a density graph ..

Interpreting slope and y-intercept for a density graph .. | slope intercept form how to find

(Source: Michael Gettings; Abstracts Sources: Fidelity,, CBOE)

You ability anticipate it’s odd that losses would be the aforementioned while allotment are better, but bethink that for any aeon greater than a day, the aloft allotment tend to “heal” brief losses.

It seems credible that the attenuated SPXL/IEF portfolio is superior, abnormally back one considers the 25% cap, adamantine or firm, on accident potential. But let’s accomplish it added interesting.

My antecedent action for adorable at this came from altercation in The Easy VIX babble room. Associates there appropriate that application the accident acknowledgment signals from the algorithm could facilitate the use of leveraged ETFs in a way that accountable risk. The algorithm decodes changes in the VIX appellation anatomy to analyze high-risk periods for equities. Avoiding those periods by swapping stocks for IEF has been credible by clay and a year-plus of trading to abate accident acknowledgment and access returns.

So, the absorbed actuality is to brace that algorithm with the accustomed allowances of the attenuated SPXL/IEF portfolio anatomy declared above. I’ll present after-effects of the abstraction here, and if anyone cares to apperceive added about the basal algorithm and contempo enhancements, apprehend “The Quant Corner” at the end of this article.

Since the Easy VIX algorithm is acquired from S&P adumbrated volatilities, it performs as a abundant accessory for SPXL, an S&P-based ETF. Actuality are after-effects for the 25/75 anatomy in collapsed form:

Performance Characteristics of the 25/75 Portfolio, Buy and Authority vs. Algorithm

(Source: Michael Gettings; Abstracts Sources: Fidelity,, CBOE)

The bigger anniversary after-effects acquire from ample wins and baby losses amid an about according cardinal of advantages and disadvantages against a buy-and-hold strategy. In added words, win big and lose small. Notice that the beneath time periods acquaintance college brief losses than the buy-and-hold strategy. A few accident signals can aftermath brief results. Those brief disadvantages occurred in backward 2011 afterward bigger wins; you can see it in the blueprint below. The cartoon affectation the wins and losses for all advertise intervals activated to the 25/75 SPXL/IEF portfolio structure.

Algorithm Wins and Losses against Buy and Hold

slope intercept form how to find
 Ex: Determine the Equation of a Line Parallel to A Given ..

Ex: Determine the Equation of a Line Parallel to A Given .. | slope intercept form how to find

(Source: Michael Gettings; Abstracts Sources: Fidelity,, CBOE)

I’ll accommodate some added calendar-year information, but first, I should altercate rebalancing assumptions. The SPXL allotment are actual ample compared to IEF, so rebalancing the portfolio too generally suppresses allotment compared to acceptance them to run. Here, I rebalanced every three years, but I activated alternatives as reflected in this table:

Effects of Rebalancing Frequency

(Source: Michael Gettings; Abstracts Sources: Fidelity,, CBOE)

And finally, actuality are the calendar-year after-effects for the 25/75 portfolio. Notice that in 2011, back those brief disadvantages occurred, the algorithm outperformed the authority action by added than double.

(Source: Michael Gettings Abstracts Sources: Fidelity,, CBOE)

Of course, altered investors display altered accident appetites, so I’ve run the aforementioned assay for assorted portfolio allocations. Let me admonish anybody that the best archetypal does not necessarily comedy out as modeled back deployed in the absolute world. This abstraction was conducted on abstracts from November 2008 to February 2020, and there is no affirmation that such a almost amiable bazaar ambiance will be cogitating of approaching experience. So, if I change my own portfolio, I’ll abstain the best advancing of the variations that I’ll present here. As always, investors will accomplish their own decisions; I’ll artlessly accommodate analytic assignment and some angle to facilitate thinking.

Here are the after-effects for altered levels of advancing structures.

slope intercept form how to find
 Transformation of General Equation of a Straight Line to ..

Transformation of General Equation of a Straight Line to .. | slope intercept form how to find

Results for Assorted SPXL Weightings, Remainder As IEF

(Source: Michael Gettings Abstracts Sources: Fidelity,, CBOE)

My takeaway from this table is that a abstinent 25% allocation of SPXL provides about 36% allotment with adequate or accomplished accident exposure. While the aeon advised did not accommodate any acute accent periods like 2008, alike if the absolute 25% allocation were lost, it would be far aloft to the “normal” banal losses of accepted portfolio structures in a 2008 environment. Further, the loss-mitigation algorithm could accomplish accident acknowledgment actual attractive.

I won’t absorb abundant time on this, but the after-effects presented aloft reflect a few archetypal enhancements that I’ve congenital recently. The aboriginal Easy VIX archetypal performed abaft optimizations to adapt -to-be decisions back achievement began to lag. To advance computational efficiency, I afresh fabricated some revisions application the aforementioned ambit of SHAPE, a concise slope, and a abiding slope. That accomplishment was successful, and the added able calculations accustomed me to about-face to a circadian arrangement of parameters. So, now all triggers and the look-back border for optimizations are re-optimized daily. And as always, all decisions are modeled with then-available actual data, so there is no account of hindsight.

The added able computations additionally facilitated testing and again alteration the arrangement of constant calibrations. I additionally alone best accessory ambit but added one new one. I begin that the VVIX index, which reflects the animation of the VIX itself, provided a acceptable agency of attenuating some metrics. So, back the VVIX is low enough, it moderates added metrics that ability advance against a advertise signal. The archetypal revisions aftermath a 22% acknowledgment back application SPY – a big advance – with drawdown aegis commensurable to the accomplished after-effects of the original.

Considering the hard/firm cap on losses, I ability accede blame my own positions above the 25% allocation. I additionally apperceive from acquaintance that the algorithm works able-bodied with QQQ, so I ability use a alloy of SPXL and TQQQ for the boyhood allocation. Regardless of the specifics, I’ll apparently absorb some aberration on this cerebration in my own portfolio. For anybody else, do with this what you will, but amuse beam the caveats I’ve congenital in the discussion.

Thanks for account and added so for following, and a appropriate acknowledgment to the associates who abutment The Easy VIX service.  If you acquisition these account interesting, amuse bang the orange chase button at the top.  Alike better, if you’ve apprehend a few of my accessories and would like to get real-time signals and added customized analyses, cull the activate and do a chargeless balloon of The Easy VIX.  I anticipate you’l acquisition the accumulation abeyant is far greater than the amount of the service.

Disclosure: I am/we are continued SPXL. I wrote this commodity myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not accepting advantage for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I accept no business accord with any aggregation whose banal is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: I barter a bassinet of ETFs and any tickers mentioned application the algorithm described. The bogus intelligence algorithm monitors circadian achievement and periodically recalibrates look-back horizons and triggers in a step-wise sequence. New calibrations are activated prospectively only, and never activated to the actual aeon from which they were derived. The algorithm declared and the discussions herein are advised to accommodate a angle on the anticipation of outcomes based on actual modeled performance. Neither modeled achievement nor accomplished achievement are any agreement of approaching results.

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