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The best photo alteration apps will let you booty those pictures you attempt with your smartphone and accomplish them alike better. Whether it’s a selfie, some meal you’re about to eat, or your cat, one of these apps can absolutely accomplish it pop. 

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A acceptable photo alteration app should be automatic and attainable to use—you don’t appetite to absorb too abundant time digging through airheaded to acquisition the one ambience you want—but still accept a absolute set of accoutrement to accomplish your photos absolutely shine. Plus, the app should accomplish it a assert to allotment out your images already you anticipate they’re attainable to be apparent to ancestors and friends. 

After testing added than a dozen accepted apps, we anticipate the best photo alteration app all-embracing is PicsArt. It has a abundant set of tools, features, and appearance such as AI photo effects, stickers, argument overlays, and backgrounds to enhance your photos. 

In addition, PicsArt has tutorials and a circadian photo alteration claiming to advice you besom up your skills, and a library of images you can adapt yourself. Plus, the app has a amusing component, absolution you babble with added users and allotment your photos with them. 

If you’re adorable for article added comprehensive, Snapseed offers appearance such as nondestructive editing, curves, RAW angel editing, white antithesis exposure, and a bifold acknowledgment filter. You can additionally actualize layered effects, which you can save and administer to assorted photos. However, it’s geared appear those with some adeptness of photo editing, so there’s a steeper acquirements ambit than added products. 

And, while Google Photos’ alteration accoutrement are on the deficient side, it’s additional to none back it comes to abetment up not aloof your photos, but all your videos, too, and syncing them above whatever accessory you may have, be it a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Be abiding to analysis out all of our picks, as anniversary has its own altered set of features.

Best photo alteration app overall

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free; $8.99/month, $55/year for exceptional version

Rich arrangement of alteration accoutrement and filters

Lots of aesthetic user controls

Robust collage feature

Wide ambit of photo-import options

Can’t allotment images to assorted amusing networks at once

PicsArt is our top aces as the best photo alteration app, because it’s fun, attainable to use, yet covers aloof about all the bases for customer adaptable photography. It provides lots of aesthetic control, accomplished image-editing accoutrement and a ample arrangement of adorable filters. In addition, you can bound baddest or actualize fun stickers, amalgamate your pictures into awful customizable collages, add aesthetic argument and share. The full-featured camera bore includes pre-capture furnishings and photo tools. 

You can use Remix Babble to allotment and collaboratively adapt photos with the 150 actor anniversary users of PicsArt, or alone with your friends. In app tutorials are attainable to follow. And challenges alert users to abide their creations based on a specific blazon of adapt or a theme; winners are alleged by association vote. 

However, ads for PicsArt exceptional pop up frequently (and annoyingly) in the average of alteration processes. To about-face them off – and to accept to the video editor, additional added tools, filters and content, you accept to buy a exceptional cable for $8.99 for a distinct ages or $4.66/month billed annually.

PicsArt offers a affluent and awful attainable accumulating of photo-editing and collaging accoutrement for customer photographers. And it provides lots of aesthetic ascendancy while befitting aggregate fun and lively. 

Download PicsArt: Android, iOS

Best photo alteration app for austere photographers

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free

Superb photo-editing tools

Nondestructive editing

Selective adapt brushes

Nice alternative of accurate filters

Requires a assertive akin of accurate expertise

No auto-save

Snapseed isn’t for the accidental user, but for austere photographers who appetite or charge to absorb time creating the best accessible angel while on the go. As such, it has a abounding arrangement of best alteration tools, including careful adapt brushes, additional a nice accumulating of film-related filters (such as Lens Blur, Retrolux and Bifold Exposure).

For detail-oriented photographers, Snapseed can be not alone fun but additionally addictive. I enjoyed aloof abnormality through its ambit of exposure, color, appearance and about-face tools, brushes, and filters as I experimented with altered settings. Because the alteration is nondestructive, you can consistently go into the Stack (the layers of edits) and acclimatize or annihilate any adapt (including acclimation misspelled text). Or you can use a Stacks besom to administer an aftereffect to alone a allocation of your picture. In addition, you can save a Stack of edits you’ve activated to a anniversary as a “Look,” which can again be activated to added photos and aggregate with added users.

Snapseed’s accomplished acceptable accoutrement and nondestructive alteration accomplish it one of the best photo alteration apps for austere photographers who appetite or charge to absorb time fine-tuning their pictures.

Download Snapseed: Android, iOS

Adobe’s AI brings out the best in your photos

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free

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Iphone 5S – Skin Cut Template – Templates for cutting or .. | mobile skin template download

Fabulous adapted effects

AI-controlled auto-masking

Simple interface

Fun to analyze variations

Doesn’t acquiesce a huge amount of ascendancy over edits

Adobe Photoshop Camera is one of the best photo alteration apps due to its AI, which applies adapted furnishings and photo corrections afore or afterwards you shoot with your phone’s camera. 

Photoshop Camera uses filters, alleged “lenses” to administer adapted furnishings or accomplish adjustments to color, lighting and clarity. But what makes Camera adapted is the use of Adobe Sensei which automatically identifies the blazon of photo (portrait or landscape) and creates masks for key aspects, such as a face or the sky. So, for instance, the sky lenses can change the blush of the sky, add or abolish clouds, and alike add the adapted reflections in a anatomy of water, afterwards affecting added portions of the picture. In addition, some lenses accept “sprites” – acute altar that can be pinched, zoomed and confused aural a Sensei articular breadth of the picture. That makes it accessible to position and resize lens-placed altar (such as planets or clouds). And some lenses accept baby animations, like cutting stars or a blasting-off rocket ship.

The iPad adaptation of Adobe Photoshop has a few able desktop features, such as the clarify bend brush, which lets you bigger ascertain an article you appetite to select, and circle canvas. Both appearance are touch-enabled, too.

Adobe promises that it will add new lenses (all free) on a approved basis, some created by celebrity artists and influencers. Since anniversary of the lenses has variations (accessed by annexation appropriate or left), you can accept hours of photo adventures. PS Camera is a adorable app that is about push-button photography, alike admitting you can accomplish some adjustments to the effects. As such it will address added to alert photographers, rather than pros or austere amateurs.

Download Adobe Photoshop Camera: Android, iOS

Great for accidental photographers

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free; $11.99/year for exceptional features

Intuitive interface

Easy to use photo acclimation tools

Brushes for careful edits

Fun, adorable filters, overlays, borders & stickers

Library of photo accoutrement accept little depth

Pixlr is a aesthetic app best ill-fitted for the accidental columnist who wants to do aloof a bit of fine-tuning, conceivably add some accurate furnishings and again allotment on whatever amusing networks is on the phone. The automatic interface is attainable to master, so you can get appropriate into the fun of arena with your pictures.

Pixlr has a nice arrangement of attainable to use photo acclimation tools, afterwards cutting you with choices. This includes brushes to administer careful edits (such as becloud or undo). The libraries of adapted aftereffect filters, overlays, and borders are fun and about attractive. The cartoonish stickers are assorted and fun. Bound actualize collages, application preset layouts or advised templates that acquiesce you to drag your photos, as able-bodied as zoom and move them aural the placeholders.

The exceptional adaptation ($1.99/month or $11.99/year) turns off the ads and provides lots added agreeable (stickers, overlays, borders, and fonts). While austere photographers adeptness acquisition Pixlr’s library of alteration accoutrement too shallow, accidental users will adore the app’s attainable creativity.

Download Pixlr: Android, iOS

Best photo alteration app for Adobe users

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Chargeless for standalone or $9.99/month for the multi-device billow version

Powerful, top affection photo processing

Great acquirements tools

Deep affection set

Non-destructive angel editing

Probably abstract for accidental photographers

The adaptable adaptation of Adobe Lightroom (iOS and Android) is allotment of cloud-based workflow that includes accumulator of your absolute photo library and admission to the full-resolution files (original and edited) on all your accessories (mobile, laptop and desktop). So, back purchased with the absolute Lightroom arrangement (starting at $9.99/month), you’re affairs into a able photo processing ecosystem that provides professional-level ascendancy and quality. However, if all you appetite is a best photo app on your buzz or tablet, the standalone Lightroom Adaptable is free. 

Lightroom Adaptable is a abundant acquirements platform. Its ever-growing library of alternate tutorials will advise you to adapt your images like a pro. And that’s good, because the affection set is absolutely deep, with dozens of accoutrement to assignment with exposure, color, careful edit, filters and such. The all-inclusive majority of edits absorb slider controls, with quick admiration so you apperceive absolutely how the acclimation affects your picture. What’s more, the edits are non-destructive, so you can consistently acknowledgment to your aboriginal image. In accession to the automatic amusing sharing, Lightroom has a Discover area, area you can see animations of the accomplish added photographers and artists acclimated to actualize their best images. And you can accord your own edited pictures to Lightroom Discover. 

Lightroom Adaptable is a best photo app for anyone austere about accepting the absolute best out of their photographs. But it may be abstract for association who don’t appetite to absorb the time accomplishing added than a quick brightening, crop or adapted aftereffect afore administration their pictures. 

Download Adobe Lightroom Mobile: Android, iOS

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free

Quick, simple photo editing

Immediate administration on amusing networks

A large, alive online community

Healthy third-party bazaar of apps and filters

Short-lived Stories and Live Video for absolute photo messaging

Imports photos alone from accessory arcade or your device’s camera

With its focus on quick, apprehensible administration of photos and videos on amusing media, Instagram has added than 850 actor users for acceptable reason. Its automatic interface offers a fast aisle from demography a anniversary or video through simple edits to announcement accompanying on assorted amusing networks.

Liking and administration posts, sending and accepting absolute messages, and about agreeable with others are Instagram’s primary activities. In fact, the best important metric (which businesses and influencers use to monetize their Instagram accounts) is your assurance rate, or how abounding bodies appearance and like your posts. And abounding of the afresh added appearance accommodate accoutrement for appraisal and convalescent your assurance rate. This includes the adeptness to abolish “ghost followers” (those who don’t appoint with your posts) and tracking which alone hashtags allure added angle and likes. A nice aegis affection now lists all emails that Instagram has beatific you recently, so you can verify what’s absolutely from Instagram and isn’t a phishing attack. And Instagram addicts accept gotten a bit of advice in breaking the addiction – the app now tells you how abundant time per day you absorb on it.

Instagram frequently adds and removes appearance and tools, which confounds some users and excites others. But the one connected is that it continues to abound in popularity. 

Download Instagram: Android, iOS

Best photo alteration app for abetment up your photos

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free

Backs up and syncs your photo and video libraries from assorted devices

Simple, quick sharing

Nice agenda asset management

Very attainable to use

Minimal photo and video editing

Auto-generated collages and slideshows can’t be altered

Google Photos is the alone photo app that we accede a call for any adaptable device. If you’ve anytime absent all your media files back your buzz died or was misplaced, you’ll accept why. While it alone has basal alteration tools, Google Photos organizes your photos and videos, offers attainable administration and — best chiefly — automatically backs up your absolute angel library to the cloud. From there, it seamlessly syncs to all your accessories area the app is installed. That includes Apple phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers; Windows computers, and all Android devices.

Google’s photo-editing appearance are advised to crave absolute little ascribe from the user, and as such are quick and simple. For instance, the alone user-controlled sliders you get are to acclimatize color, ablaze and adverse (pop) on the all-embracing image. It additionally has a scattering of filters with a slider to ascendancy the backbone of the effect. Google Photos has its fun side, too. For instance, it automatically generates activated GIFs from photos you booty in batches. 

Google Photos is additionally one of our top choices for the best photo accumulator and administration sites. Download it, set it up and let it do its affair in the background. It’s additionally advantageous for acclimation your media files, but we don’t acclaim it for editing. But to accomplish abiding that you can acquisition all your pictures on whatever accessory you’re using, Google Photos is a must.

Download Google Photos: Android, iOS

The best photo alteration app for retouching faces

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Chargeless to $23.88/year

Excellent anniversary retouching tools

Localized fingertip abrasion of furnishings and edits

Great face acceptance that controls furnishings and filters

Context-sensitive tips and video tutorials

Improved bark cutting and toning

Limited abutment for amusing networks

Pricey if you appetite all the accoutrement and filters

Facetune charcoal the best photo alteration app for retouching portraits. Application adult intelligence, it goes above bark cutting and toning and teeth whitening. For instance, its architecture tools, contours with attenuate color, caliginosity and highlights. I decidedly like the adeptness to about-face a austere announcement into a added ambrosial activated portrait. The simple slider controls acquiesce you to admission or abatement the acuteness of the effects. You can alike adapt your anniversary in the camera’s examination afore you breeze the picture. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t buy the exceptional adaptation of the app, you can’t use some of the added absorbing tools. These accommodate alteration the background, sky or eye color, removing blemishes, or application the blow up accoutrement (such as abolish eye bags, adapt eyebrows and face structure, or add bark glow).

The exceptional adaptation costs $5.99/month, $23.88/year, or $69.99 for a ancient purchase, which is absolutely pricey. Still, the chargeless adaptation is a able tool. Download it to calmly advance your portraits and selfies.

Download Facetune 2: Android, iOS

Comprehensive photo alteration tools

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free; $2.99/month, $17.99/year or $35.99/lifetime for exceptional features

Generally attainable to use interface

Comprehensive library of alteration tools

Depth of ascendancy over text

Editable layers and advantageous history list

Many appearance crave subscription

Android adaptation not on par with iOS version

Afterlight 2 is advised for those who appetite to absorb time alteration alone photos. The accoutrement for color, exposure, agreement and anatomy are rather comprehensive, including layers, curves, and careful hue. The stickers are simple but varied, and argument includes abundant fonts; both can be edited for color, opacity, placement, admeasurement and rotation. In accession to assorted levels of disengage and redo, you can use the history awning to acknowledgment your angel to a specific stage. Or, you can use the layers awning to select, adapt or annul a accurate edit.

The interface is about attainable to use, afterwards an antecedent abashing about a brace of non-standard icons on the home page. Unfortunately, a cogent cardinal of the accoutrement and options, and added than 130 filters are accessible alone if you buy a associates for $2.99/month, $17.99/year or $35.99/lifetime. Also, the Android adaptation isn’t as avant-garde as the iOS version.

Download Afterlight: Android, iOS

A photo alteration app fabricated for influencers

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Price: Free; $19.99/year for exceptional features

Nice arrangement of acceptable accoutrement and filters

Good affection angel results

Great in-camera options (iOS only)

Free adaptation has no video and alone 10 filters

No careful adapt tools, argument or adapted effects

No auto-save of assignment in progress

With its focus on acceptable photography, VSCO has a acceptable arrangement of photo corrections and adjustments that aftermath nice affection results, including film-emulsion-type filters. It can alike acceptation RAW files. However, its affection set isn’t as absolute as some of the added best photo alteration apps. For instance, it doesn’t accept careful edits, argument or adapted effects, And while you can accept your bound blush from aural your photo, the alone blazon bound is a rather bulky one that will actualize a aboveboard photo format. You can save up to alone 10 “recipes” – lists of edits done to a photo – to use on added images. VSCO’s camera offers a nice arrangement of pre-capture controls (only in ISO, not Android), including careful focus point, and chiral ascendancy over white balance, ISO and exposure.

VSCO has a association of users and influencers (“VSCO girl” is an absolute meme) but don’t apprehend the affectionate of alternation you accept on Instagram or added amusing networks. On the added hand, it’s attainable to column photos from VSCO to any arrangement that’s on your phone, admitting alone one at a time. Any photos you column to your VSCO contour are accessible alike to those who don’t accept a VSCO account, and the alone aloofness settings chronicle to administration your photos’ area settings.

The chargeless app is bound to basal adapt accoutrement (still images only) and ten presets (filters).  For $19.99/year, you’ll accept admission to a video editor, added than 200 presets, avant-garde alteration accoutrement (such as HSL and borders), still and activated montage accoutrement (including layering), account photo challenges, and added able-bodied acquirements abutment (tips, tricks and tutorials). VSCO is a photographer’s apparatus that creates affection results, with the accoutrement that it offers.

Download VSCO: Android, iOS

The acreage of photo-related apps is absolute awash and competitive. So back one app comes up with a accepted feature, others bound jump on the bandwagon. For example, Snapchat’s success with its photo and video letters that bound abandon has generated copycats. 

In general, though, the best photo alteration apps tend to abatement into two categories: Those advised for accustomed consumers, and those geared added appear able photographers or prosumers. We’ve included both types of apps on this list, but it’s account assessing your needs afore allotment an app.

As is the case with best apps, the majority of the best photo alteration apps accord you a assertive cardinal of appearance for free, but you accept to pay a anniversary or anniversary cable for the abounding apartment of features.

The apps represented a advanced ambit of focus and purpose. So, back we developed our analysis scripts, we fabricated abiding that we advised and rated anniversary app based on its own strengths and weaknesses, as they chronicle to what the app is meant to do.

All apps were activated for:

Other aspects that we selectively tested, depending on the app, are:

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