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[What Are Frames Anyway?][Basic Anatomy Commands][Adding Rows To Columns][Naming Beef and Application Targets][Encountering Non-Frame-Ready Browsers]

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Word Bingo Template – 12+ Free Word Documents Download .. | bingo template word

Now brainstorm that little affected account aloft as actuality the absolute examination awning of your browser, the awning you’re attractive appropriate now. Anatomy commands are acclimated to do aloof that, breach up the screen.

So, what goes in the anatomy cells? I’m animated you asked. Added pages go in the anatomy cells. Anatomy commands acquiesce you to affectation added than one folio at the aforementioned time, in the aforementioned browser screen. Let’s do that analogy aloft as if it were your browser awning application frames:

If that table aloft were a browser awning application FRAME commands, there would be THREE pages involved: The frames folio arrangement that breach up the folio and “Page_A.htm”, “Page_B.htm”. The anatomy commands that would actualize a folio like the archetype aloft would attending like this:





Can I do added percentages? Of advance you can. Go basics if you want, aloof abstracted the percentages by commas and get it all to add up to 99% or 100%. 99%?! Yes. You see, 33%, 33%, 33% adds to 99 and splits the awning three ways. The browser aloof distributes the final 1% over the three spaces. Dig?

Q: What if my folio is taller than the screen? How do I put in a vertical annal bar?A: The browser will do it for you. Don’t affair yourself with it. Address for content, not for frame.

Q: Columns are nice, but can I get rows too?A: Yes. Here’s how you do it…





Here’s area the rows appear in. I added a new FRAMESET command cogent ROWS. I asked for 75%, 25%. See aloft what I mean? What that did was breach up the aboriginal cavalcade into two rows. I afresh offered two SOURCES for the two sections of the aboriginal column. The aboriginal anatomy to activity a antecedent is consistently the top one. I afresh put in a /FRAMESET to denote that I was done with breaking up the aboriginal column. Still with me? Good… let’s go on.

Note I did addition FRAMESET command afresh cogent ROWS, but this time I set the rows at 33%, 33%, 33%. Afresh I denoted SOURCES for those three rows in cavalcade two. I afresh added a /FRAMESET to end those rows and addition /FRAMESET still to end the accomplished deal. Please agenda that I am activity to appearance 5 altered pages on the aforementioned browser screen. Still with me? Good.

Here’s what the account aloft looks like. Please note:

Okay, so now we apperceive how to breach up the awning through FRAMESET allotment commands. Now the catechism is how to ascendancy folio changes (hypertext links) in your frames. There are three basal methods of alteration abstracts aural cells:

1. Bang on a articulation in a anatomy — aloof that anatomy changes pages (you aloof saw that).2. Bang on a articulation in a anatomy — addition anatomy on the awning receives the advice (you haven’t apparent that yet).3. Bang on a articulation in a anatomy — the frames go abroad and you get a abounding folio (you saw that first).

This is the default. It aloof happens after you accomplishing a abuse thing. So, if that’s all you appetite to happen, do annihilation added than what you already know. Browsers are programmed to handle anatomy clicks aloof that way. The added two methods crave a little added work.

Now it’s time to allocution about two new commands, “NAME” and “TARGET.”

. Let’s say I’m accomplishing a actual simple anatomy folio with alone three anatomy cells. It’ll attending article like this:

In adjustment for me to ask the computer to accelerate abstracts to addition anatomy cell, I acquire to accomplish a point of allotment anniversary of the cells. “Ah Ha! That’s the NAME accord above,” you say. Bingo. Name them whatever you want, but it’s my advancement to accumulate it simple — like basal letters. Here’s what the FRAMESET command will attending like, with NAMES, to actualize the analogy above:


&LTFRAMESET COLS=”50%, 50%”&GT&LTFRAME NAME=”A” SRC=”cell_1.htm”&GT



Okay, great… you’ve called the cells. See the “NAME=” commands I snuck in the FRAME SRC commands above? Good. Now that you acquire the beef named, you can accomplish any hypertext articulation central of them targeted. Basically, you’re activity to add a TARGET command to the accepted &LTA HREF&GT. Let’s say this archetype hypertext articulation is in cell_a above:


You can assumption what will happen. Back you bang on the link, cell_a will abide the aforementioned and cell_c will acquire the information.

You charge to TARGET the hypertext articulation to be its own page. Easy enough. Aloof chase the architecture aloft but accomplish the TARGET, “_top.” Agenda the accentuate afore the chat “top.” It looks like this:


Ok, abundant explanation. Bang Actuality for examples of the NAME and TARGET commands above.

1. Don’t do frames. (Oh, I could acquire estimated that one, Joe.)2. Address a folio after any frames (like this one) and activity a best to go to a affected folio or to a non-framed page. But that agency you acquire to address two pages–bummer.3. Use &LTNOFRAME&GT and &LT/NOFRAME&GT commands.

Ooooooo… acquaint me added about the NOFRAME command. Well, it’s simple. You address a basal anatomy folio like any of the three aloft — but — anon afterward the aboriginal FRAMESET command you put in a &LTNOFRAME&GT command and address a bulletin to the browserly challenged. Like so…



Greetings “Browserly Challenged”. The folio you are attempting to access has frames and if you’re account this message, you don’t acquire the adeptness to see it. I advance you go &LTA HREF=”page.html”&GTHere&LT/A&GT for a non-frame adaptation of this page.




Well I assumption that about wraps up the tutorial on frames. There are added commands you can use back creating frames. These will actualize altered allowance sizes and such… but this tutorial was acceptable a monolith. If you use Explorer as your browser, go actuality for commands that adapt the frames of Explorer only. The commands are not accurate by Netscape aloof yet.

If you’d like to accumulate added about frames, arch to my Advanced Frames tutorial. It contains a few added little tricks and tidbits of knowledge. Plus it’s amoroso chargeless and low in fat.

Until then, advice yourself to any of my added tutorials. I wrote them aloof for you… and anybody else.


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