Section 1 Acceptance Notice Template Why It Is Not The Best Time For Section 1 Acceptance Notice Template

JCO has adopted a format-free acquiescence action (QuikSubmit). New submissions are not scrutinized for acquiescence with our formatting guidelines (reference style, chat limits, adjustment of components, etc). As continued as the adapted admonition is present (cover letter, appellation page, abstract, references, CONSORT diagram for randomized studies, agreement for randomized and interventional trials, etc), the arrangement will be advised by the editors.

section 6 acceptance notice template
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FREE 6+ Resignation Acceptance Letter Templates in PDF .. | section 6 acceptance notice template

If the arrangement undergoes academic associate assay and is advised promising, the revised arrangement charge again be formatted according to JCO guidelines aloft resubmission (word limits, abstruse chat limits, best cardinal of tables/figures, commendation limits, etc.). Reformatting resubmissions will accredit editors and reviewers to added calmly appraise the account of the arrangement for JCO.

Authors may accredit to the International Committee of Medical Account Editors’s (ICMJE’s) Preparing for Acquiescence for added admonition on adapted arrangement preparation.

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With anniversary new arrangement submission, authors charge accommodate a awning letter anecdotic the acceptation of the work, its uniqueness, and any agnate assignment the authors arise previously. Awning belletrist should be addressed to Editor-in-Chief, Stephen A. Cannistra, M.D.

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All manuscripts charge be submitted in English and accommodated the high-quality standards set by the Journal. Writing should be bright and abridged with the absolute use of grammar and spelling. If you are borderline whether your arrangement meets JCO’s requirements, we acclaim allurement a built-in English-speaking aide to assay it above-mentioned to submission. There are additionally agencies that can help; for example, we accomplice with Editage to action a Language Editing Service. This includes a Premium Editing Service which ensures your arrangement meets JCO’s formatting requirements and supports you in the alertness of your awning letter.

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All sources of allotment charge be entered into the acquiescence arrangement with the manuscript. Failure to accommodate complete admonition may aftereffect in delays for your submission.

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When a advertence is an abstruse or supplement, analyze it as such in parentheses at the end of the reference. Accommodate abstruse and supplement numbers, if applicable. Aback a advertence is abstruse data, a arrangement in preparation, or a arrangement submitted but not in press, accommodate this admonition in parentheses in the anatomy of the text, and do not adduce it in the advertence list. If an commodity has been accustomed and is awaiting publication, adduce it in the advertence account and accommodate a arrangement agenda commodity identifier (DOI), if available. Account claimed communications parenthetically, and accommodate the aboriginal antecedent and aftermost name of the contact, as able-bodied as the ages and year of the communication.

For those authors application Endnote, amuse be acquainted that Account of Clinical Oncology advertence appearance is accessible and can be activated to all ASCO journals. We acclaim application it to abridge the formatting of your manuscript.

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At submission, accommodate all accustomed advertence admonition to acquiesce readers to locate your sources; however, you do NOT charge to change the argument appearance or adjustment of alone advertence elements to bout account style. We will automatically acclimatize advertence formatting and verify abstracts adjoin PubMed-indexed citations afterwards acceptance. Any all-important edits will be fabricated at copyediting so that references accommodate to the sample styles (as apparent below) at publication.

1. Dolan ME, Pegg AE: O6-Benzylguanine and its role in chemotherapy. Clin Blight Res 8:837-847, 1997

2. Knox S, Hoppe RT, Maloney D, et al: Treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma with chimeric anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody. Blood 87:893-899, 1996

3. Scadden DT, Schenkein DP, Bernstein Z, et al: Combined immunotoxin and chemotherapy for AIDS-related non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Blight (in press)

4. Brusamolino E, Orlandi E, Morra E, et al: Assay of long- appellation after-effects and anxiety factors amid 138 patients with avant-garde Hodgkin’s ache advised with the alternating MOPP/ABVD chemotherapy. Ann Oncol 5:S53-S57, 1994 (suppl 2)

5. Woodruff R: Symptom Control in Avant-garde Cancer. Victoria, Australia, Asperula Pty Ltd, 1997, pp 65-69

6. Iverson C, Flanagin A, Fontanarosa PB, et al: American Medical Association Manual of Appearance (ed 9). Baltimore, MD, Williams & Wilkins, 1998

7. Seykora JT, Elder DE: Accustomed acquired nevi and dysplastic nevi as forerunner lesions and accident markers of melanoma, in Kirkwood JM (ed): Molecular Assay and Treatment of Melanoma. New York, NY, Marcel Dekker, 1998, pp 55-86

8. Bardia A, Wang AH, Hartmann LC, et al: Physical action and accident of postmenopausal breast blight authentic by hormone receptor cachet and histology: A ample -to-be accomplice abstraction with 18 years of chase up. J Clin Oncol 24:49s, 2006 (suppl; abstr 1002)9. Kaplan EH, Jones CM, Berger MS: A appearance II, open-label, multicenter abstraction of GW572016 in patients with trastuzumab adverse metastatic breast cancer. Proc Am Soc Clin Oncol 22:245, 2003 (abstr 981)

10. Dupont E, Riviere M, Latreille J, et al: Neovastat: An inhibitor of angiogenesis with anti-cancer activity. Presented at the American Association of Blight Assay Special Conference on Angiogenesis and Cancer, Orlando, FL, January 24-28, 1998

11. Health Care Financing Administration: Bureau of abstracts administration and action from the 100% MEDPAR inpatient hospital budgetary year 1994: All inpatients by assay accompanying groups, 6/95 update.

12. Small EJ, Smith MR, Seaman JJ, et al: Combined assay of two multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled studies of pamidronate disodium for the absolution of cartilage affliction in men with metastatic prostate cancer. J Clin Oncol 10.1200/JCO.2003.05.147

13. Miller BA, Ries CAG, Hankey BF, et al (eds): Blight Statistics Review: 1973-1989. Bethesda, MD, National Blight Institute, NIH advertisement No. 92-2789, 1992

14. Benson AB III: Present and approaching role of anxiety and predictive markers for patients with colorectal cancer. Am Soc Clin Oncol Ed Book 187-190, 2006

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Authors should abolish admonition from photographs and manuscripts that ability analyze a patient. For added information, amuse see the Identifiable Accommodating Admonition area beneath Arrangement Guidelines.

All Kaplan-Meier plots charge accommodate accident tables.

Images are adapted to PDFs and added to the end of the arrangement file. If images are included aural the manuscript, they do not charge to be uploaded separately.

If an angel is anchored in a certificate and is not converting correctly, instead actualize and abide a PDF of the aboriginal antecedent file.

Images may be anchored in PowerPoint files, and PowerPoint files may be submitted for conversion, alone if anniversary book contains a distinct slide. Multislide files cannot be adapted to a PDF.

Formats accustomed at aboriginal acquiescence are as follows:

Formats not accustomed are as follows:

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Upon acceptance, a clear artisan will architecture all abstracts to JCO style.

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Cite tables in the adjustment in which they arise in the argument application Arabic numerals. The fable should accommodate any pertinent addendum and charge accommodate definitions of all abbreviations and acronyms acclimated in the table.

Please abode tables at the end of the manuscript.

Please agenda that JCO does not acquiesce table pieces, such as Table 1a and 1b. Manuscripts will be alternate for alteration if they accommodate table pieces.

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Where appropriate, video sequences may be submitted application accustomed agenda video formats that would be acclimated by best readers. Videos should be abbreviate (less than 30 seconds) and alone accommodate accordant information. A description of anniversary video should be provided in the commodity text. Adequate book formats accommodate QuickTime non-streaming video (.qt or .mov), MPEG (.mpg), and DV (.dv). The adopted formats are .mov and .mpg. All videos should be uploaded during the acquiescence action as added files. If accepted, the videos will be arise as abstracts supplements accessible online.

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Acknowledgments should accommodate any contributors who did not accommodated the requirements for antecedent and any science writers or accumulated advisers who alternate in the development of the manuscript. Acknowledgments will be arise in the online adaptation alone at JCO. A advertence to the availability of the online-only actual will arise in the book adaptation of the article. The Acknowledgments area should arise on your submitted arrangement book afterwards the anatomy argument and afore the references.

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Appendices and added added actual will be arise in the online adaptation alone of JCO. A advertence to the availability of the online alone actual will arise in the book adaptation of the article.

The added abstracts area should alone be acclimated for agreeable that is anon accordant to the submitted manuscript, but which could not be included due to amplitude limitations. New abstracts that is not anon accordant to the arrangement should be submitted as an absolute cardboard accountable to abstracted associate review.

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Section 1 Acceptance Notice Template Why It Is Not The Best Time For Section 1 Acceptance Notice Template – section 6 acceptance notice template
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