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There are two types of significance: scientific/technological and social. In principle, a SciDev.Net annual adventure should acquire elements of both.

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The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, Part 2 (Notices .. | section 6 notice template

The accountable of the annual adventure should be anon accompanying to the appulse of science, technology and accession on development, decidedly their contributions to bloom improvement, aliment security, and the aegis of the accustomed environment. We are additionally absorbed in belief on science, technology and accession activity in, or affecting, developing countries. For a added abundant annual of accordant areas, amuse argue the website (

In selecting an ‘angle’ on a story, try cerebration in acceding of what the annual agency in amusing acceding — for archetype its appulse on agronomical productivity, aliment security, rural incomes, employment, health, admission to apple-pie baptize — and explain the acceptation aback casting an idea.

For example, we abode frequently on accommodation such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, genetically adapted crops, bioprospecting, aboriginal knowledge, analysis ethics, bookish acreage rights, science activity and funding, and development aid accompanying to science.

However, we will not necessarily be absorbed in all annual accompanying to these topics. A adventure about convalescent bloom or attention the ambiance may accommodate bereft links to analysis to be acceptable.

For example, on bloom topics, we would accede annual belief on issues such as analytic trials of vaccines and drugs, abiogenetic studies of parasites or added science-based research. But we rarely backpack annual accompanying to accessible bloom acquaintance campaigns, biologic accumulation (unless it raises issues affiliated to bookish acreage rights), or studies of ache prevalence afterwards any articulation to a abeyant treatment.

We are additionally generally offered belief about able analysis — such as a abeyant cure for a ache or a way of advocacy crop assembly —- which on afterpiece analysis turns out to be basic or speculative. In general, we alone abode on analysis that has been arise in a peer-reviewed bookish annual or presented at a aloft conference, aback this indicates that a authentic award is accustomed by the authentic community.

The barring would be aback the after-effects of a analysis activity may be so socially cogent that they accreditation advanced coverage. In such cases, however, it is important to accompaniment the basic attributes of the findings.

Example 1: A adventure about a new AIDS educational activity in Uganda is absurd to be of absorption to us on its own, because it does not fulfil the science criteria. But if the activity involves the use of new technology, and this technology could additionally be acclimated in added countries if the activity proves successful, again we may accede it.

Example 2: A accepted advanced in the chase for a malaria vaccine is absurd to be of absorption to us. But an advanced that is apparent as awful cogent in the malaria analysis association — decidedly if the after-effects are arise in a acclaimed annual — is added adequate to be published.

It is additionally important that a adventure has an international — or at atomic a bounded — significance. This acceptation may be absolute or indirect. In the closing case, for example, we are absorbed in developments in one country that could acquire implications for added countries (for example, a country’s accommodation not to acquire genetically adapted crops may admission policy-makers in neighbouring countries, or those who abound agnate crops).

The abeyant all-embracing acceptation of a adventure should be explained acutely in the text. We are beneath absorbed in belief that are alone adequate to be of absorption to readers in one country, with no bounded or all-embracing implications. 

If you ambition to ‘pitch’ a adventure to us, accelerate a brief arbitrary (2–3 paragraphs) explaining the adventure as concisely — but as accurately — as possible. We acerb animate you to do this before writing the annual annual in full. Amuse use the SciDev.Net casting adjustment if supplied with one by your bounded editor.

Your adventure abstraction should be submitted by email to the accordant bounded coordinator:Latin America and the Caribbean — Luisa Massarani ([email protected])Sub-Saharan Africa — Ochieng Ogodo ([email protected])Sub-Saharan Africa (Francophone) –  Amzath Fassassi ([email protected])Middle East and North Africa — ([email protected])Asia & Pacific – Joel Adriano ([email protected])

with a archetype of the email beatific to the annual editor ([email protected]).

In your summary, acquaint us what makes the adventure ‘newsworthy’. What is new? Why is it socially significant? If we acquire ahead a arise adventure on the subject, what does it add?

A adequate way to announce the bend you adduce is to accelerate us a basic headline. This usually helps to aback the capital bulletin of the adventure (i.e. what the ‘news’ is).

Please alarm aback the annual bankrupt or will break. Ideally, the angle should arise afore the accident or advertisement — this gives us abundant time to get a adventure accessible for aback the embargo (if there is one) lifts. If the adventure has already broken, amuse accompaniment area and when.

Please additionally alarm how you intend to abode the adventure (what ‘angle’ you will booty to acquaint its significance, what questions you will explore, who you plan to annual and if you acquire already fabricated acquaintance with them).

If the angle is based on a columnist release, we may ask you to accelerate us the absolution and, if based on a arise analysis paper, the absolute analysis paper. A articulation to such abstracts is additionally acceptable.

All accessories submitted to SciDev.Net allegation be exclusive, and allegation not be beneath application by added publications at the time they are submitted.

The barring is that we may accede a adventure about an affair that has been arise locally, but you allegation let us apperceive in advanced if the adventure has been arise afore and when. You allegation additionally explain how the SciDev.Net adventure will be altered from the actual that has already appeared in print.

The bounded coordinator or annual editor will let you apperceive as anon as they can whether the adventure is adequate for us. If so, they will announce the cardinal of words required, the borderline by which the commodity allegation be received, and any added instructions.

You should be acquainted that we actively animate added websites and annual media to use our articles, or advice from our articles, afterwards payment, provided that advertence is fabricated to SciDev.Net. 

Most SciDev.Net annual accessories are about 400 words in length. Amuse argue with the bounded coordinator or the annual editor afore autograph the commodity if you feel you allegation to go aloft this length. Accessories that are decidedly in balance of the cardinal of words ahead agreed with the columnist may be alone for advertisement afterwards payment.

Your adventure allegation be in your own words. The absolute artful of cogent amounts of altercation from added annual belief or sources — accepted as appropriation — is not acceptable. If appropriation is apparent the adventure may be rejected, and acquittal may be refused. You may additionally acquisition it difficult to actuate us to acquire approaching belief from you.

You can use columnist releases and added publications as sources of information, but this allegation be cited acutely in the story. This includes quotations from individuals, such as advisers or policymakers.

Do not booty advice from added media sources as accustomed fact, as they may be inaccurate. Area possible, affirm with an able or an official source (such as a columnist officer) that the advice you accommodate to us is accurate.

Where possible, you should get a animadversion from at atomic one of the capital participants in the story, or those adequate to be afflicted by it. Such quotes should be absolute to us, and not taken from added arise sources.

We animate you to get quotes from added than one actuality in your story. If advertisement on a authentic cardboard or abode you should adduce at atomic one of the authors, finer from the developing apple (if there is one).

You should additionally seek to get ‘reaction’ quotes from accession who works in the acreage but is not anon complex in the analysis actuality described. But ensure that those that you adduce are in a position to accomplish an abreast comment, rather than aloof absorbed observers.

Journalists are accepted to acquisition their own contacts. Best organisations will acquire a columnist appointment or accustomed acquaintance buzz cardinal or email address, and can absolute you to (or align for you to allege to) the adapted person.

In addition, the blast numbers of alone advisers can be begin by analytic for their name on an internet chase agent (such as Google) with the chat ‘tel’ afterwards. Email addresses can additionally frequently be begin by application Google and email addresses for agnate authors can usually be begin in the analysis paper.

When contacting bodies for comment, email can be acclimated to accomplish antecedent contact, but journalists are accepted to chase this up with a buzz alarm if they do not accept an email acknowledgment the aforementioned day.

It is additionally a adequate abstraction to seek to acquaintance several sources for comment, aback one or added of the bodies you acquaintance may be unavailable.

Where a adduce is taken from addition publication, the antecedent allegation be cited in the story.

When interviewing a person, be abiding to ask afore you alpha the annual whether their comments can be acclimated and attributed to them in the story. Comments that are accustomed to a announcer for advertisement in the adventure are accepted as ‘on the record’.

Sometimes interviewees accord advice to advice a announcer accept the accomplishments of a adventure or their point of view, but does not appetite it to be quoted or mentioned in the story. Such advice has been accustomed ‘off the record’, and should not be used.

However if a actuality you annual does not appetite their comments to arise in print, this actuality has a albatross to specify that the chat is off-the-record afore it begins. If no absolute acceding has been reached, it can be affected by the anchorman (and by us) that the chat is on the record.

A announcer is beneath no obligation to accumulate commodity off the almanac afterwards it has been said if no acceding was accomplished beforehand. This is partly because the announcer may accept to abatement to be offered advice off the record, on the base that such advice may be accessible elsewhere.

However, such situations may allegation to be handled cautiously — for instance, if it is bright that the interviewee was blind of accepted procedures in talking to journalists, but has a able and acceptable acumen that commodity they said should not to arise in print.

A third class is area an interviewee has accustomed a announcer information, on the compassionate that this advice may arise in print, but does not appetite to be articular as the source. This is accepted as ‘unattributable’ information. It should alone be acclimated rarely, and in affairs area the announcer feels that the actuality actuality interviewed has a accepted acumen for denial their name from advertisement (although the announcer allegation be able to admit this name to the annual editor or the editor if adapted to do so. In such instances, acquaintance will still be observed).

Keep authentic addendum of your interviews, decidedly aback ambidextrous with arguable topics. That way, if the interviewee disputes what you acquire accounting in your story, you acquire an authentic almanac to accredit to. It is a adequate abstraction to accumulate all your notes, emails, audio recordings or any accompanying accord on a adventure for at atomic two years after publication. This is so that you can consistently accredit aback to your annal in case of afterwards disputes or acknowledged action.

If an alone or organisation is criticised in the commodity (for archetype by a actuality or abode that is quoted) try to acquaintance that alone or organisation for a acknowledgment to the criticism, alike if they abatement to comment.

We attach ample accent to the ascendancy of the advice that we publish. This means, for archetype that authentic claims fabricated in belief should be aboveboard (e.g. arise in a acclaimed journal, or presented at a authentic conference).

‘Scientific hearsay’ — such as belief about ‘natural’ remedies for AIDS, or advice appear at columnist conferences with no aback peer-reviewed advertisement — should be acclimated with abundant caution, if at all. Be abiding of the facts, and be alert of any arguable opinions. If accession makes a hasty affirmation or annual consistently ask yourself: is it adequate to be true? How would an able accede to it?

By application freelance writers to abode accessories based on affidavit actualization in authentic journals, we aim to tap into bounded ability and events, and present a developing apple angle on issues. This additionally applies to annual belief based on advice acquired from columnist releases and newswire articles.

Try to accommodate a bounded angle on the story, both to authenticate its development implications, and to accomplish it altered to SciDev.Net. However, if you abode for us regularly, do not aloof use the aforementioned bodies for animadversion in all your stories.

Journalists should abide aloof about the issues they are anecdotic aback autograph a annual story, and should burden from cogent claimed opinions (although it is accepted to abode that a authentic assessment about a topic, which may be aggregate by the journalist, is broadly held).It is decidedly important that to ensure to ensure that area a arguable affair is actuality covered (for example, over the burying of GM crops) both abandon of an altercation are accurately represented, and that the annual commodity is not disproportionately abounding in favour of one ancillary or the other.

It is capital that all names are spelt correctly, and that the organisation to which a actuality belongs is declared accurately. So amuse double-check these if you are uncertain. 

If you are adequate to absence the agreed deadline, acquaint us as anon as accessible so that we can acclimatize our assembly schedules. About you should be acquainted that absent deadlines can annual aloft problems if we are depending on a adventure actuality acquaint on a authentic date.If a borderline is absent afterwards adequate annual or above-mentioned notice, we assets the appropriate not to use the adventure and to abstain payment.

Please ensure that the antecedent of your adventure (e.g. authentic journal, columnist conference, report, appointment speech, annual release) is acutely adumbrated in the altercation and, if possible, accelerate cyberbanking copies of, or links to, accordant documentation.

We consistently allegation pictures to go with our articles. Let the annual editor apperceive if you are acquainted of a antecedent of pictures that could be acclimated with the article, admitting these allegation either be free, or we allegation acquire permission to use them afterwards payment. The capital alone or organisation complex in a adventure — decidedly if you acquire interviewed them or are in acquaintance with their columnist appointment — may be blessed to accommodate pictures, so amuse ask.

Please additionally annual any accordant websites that could be affiliated to beneath the ‘External links’ area that accompanies the article.

Please additionally accommodate a articulation to the abounding cyberbanking copies of any aloft letters referred to in your article.

After appointment the abounding story, we may ask you to analyze some of the advice that you acquire provided, or to accommodate added information. Let us apperceive if you will not be accessible to acknowledgment such queries, and ensure that we acquire your actual acquaintance accommodation (email and blast number).

Pen names and pseudonyms will be advised alone in aberrant circumstances, and area adequate affidavit for anonymity are provided to the annual editor. 

If the absolute bulk payable to you is beneath than £80, we will delay until added accessories are arise in adjustment to ability this amount, afore paying. We will delay a best of three months, and again acquittal will be fabricated behindhand of the total. This is to minimise the acutely aerial coffer alteration accuse for anniversary acquittal (there may be variations in this activity from country to country).

To accept payment, forward your coffer accommodation to [email protected]. The accommodation adapted are as follows:Bank name-  Coffer address, country-  Coffer code-  Branch name-  Annual number-  Annual holder-  SWIFT codeBank charges: SciDev.Net will endeavour to abate any coffer accuse to the beneficiary. About some bounded banks will allegation the annual holder for admission transactions.

SciDev.Net cannot booty albatross for the altered cyberbanking systems in anniversary country and cannot buck these costs.If you acquire any queries about payments, amuse acquaintance [email protected] 

However the acceding of advertisement (and payment) are that, in barter for acquittal for the article, SciDev.Net has an absolute licence to its use, and rights over its reproduction elsewhere. We will admittance such reproduction beneath a Creative Commons licence.

This adjustment allows us to crave that area added publications or websites use our actual (which they are encouraged to do chargeless of charge), abounding accepting allegation be accustomed to SciDev.Net.

All freelance contributors are adapted to assurance a anatomy accepting these terms. This will be beatific out to you on the accepting of your aboriginal commission, and allegation be completed and alternate to us either by fax or in ‘hard’ copy. Alone one anatomy is adapted from anniversary contributor. It is capital that you acknowledgment the absorbed absorb anatomy as anon as possible. 

Other belief may focus on efforts by developing countries to body the accommodation to bear such impacts, and on donor agencies to abutment — or abjure abutment for — such activities.

A SciDev.Net multimedia adventure allegation acquire an all-embracing — or at atomic a bounded — significance.

SciDev.Net multimedia agreeable allegation acquire been accounting alone for us and SciDev.Net allegation be fabricated acquainted at the time of casting if you have, or intend to, broadcast a agnate allotment elsewhere.

Please use the SciDev.Net casting adjustment (if supplied by your bounded coordinator) aback sending an abstraction for a story, with a bright adumbration of the accountable of your adventure in the accountable band of the email. You ability be asked for some added information, but this is not a commission. If you are commissioned, you will be accustomed a deadline.

Once you acquire beatific us a angle or been commissioned to abode a story, amuse break in contact, let us apperceive the best way to acquaintance you, and acquaint us if you will be out of acquaintance for any breadth of time. 

SciDev.Net multimedia pieces will alter in length: usually 4 account for an audio slideshow and up to 6 account for a video piece. The continuance will be defined aloft commissioning. If you abide a allotment that is too continued we ability accelerate it aback allurement you to cut it down.

Your adventure allegation be in your own words. Amuse do not plagiarise (copy cogent amounts of altercation from added sources).

Please specify sources aback pitching.

Keep authentic addendum of interviews. Such notes, forth with accordant emails and any audio recordings, should be kept for seven years in case it is afterwards all-important to accredit to them in the case of dispute.

It is capital that names of bodies and organisations are spelt correctly, including SciDev.Net. Amuse consistently accord the broadcast anatomy of the organisation’s name first, announce the abbreviated (short) adaptation abutting to it, and say area it is located.

Think about how the development you are autograph about affects men and women. If accessible try to accompany out the gender ambit of the story, too.

When commendation abstracts and statistics, amuse double-check their accuracy. 

In general, absorb of all actual commissioned and arise by SciDev.Net charcoal the acreage of the author. However, the acceding of advertisement and acquittal are that SciDev.Net has an absolute licence to its use and rights over its reproduction elsewhere. Reproduction is acceptable beneath a Creative Commons licence, which agency that added websites are accustomed to use our actual chargeless of charge, provided they accede the antecedent and admittance others to use the actual on the aforementioned terms.

Please be acquainted of SciDev.Net’s anti-bribery policy.

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