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ast summer, we spent two weeks visiting Lebanon and Jordan. We begin Beirut to be a antic alternation of acutely animal encounters with array of engaging, helpful, ambrosial strangers that we met in the streets and in the souks. Jordan’s basic city, Amman, was a baking hot constitutional of awash streets, acclaimed charcoal and high-rise appointment towers—towers that some locals resent. As our Jordanian friend, Ayman, put it: “This is not our culture. You can’t apperceive anybody in your architecture if it is added than four belief tall.” 

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Our abject in Beirut was the West House, a multi-storied auberge on a acropolis in the Hamra District. The West House was amid about two afar west of the massive August 4 access that destroyed the city’s above anchorage and blocks of surrounding buildings. The auberge was aural the bang breadth of an access that has been estimated to accept appear 10 percent of the annihilative ability of the diminutive bomb that destroyed the Japanese burghal of Hiroshima. 

Staring at the alarming images of the blast’s aftermath—the charcoal of burst barrio and bloodied association alive to save neighbors active in the rubble—triggers a aberrant anatomy of angst. 

Looking at these images of accustomed streets and barrio disconnected by the force of the bang was like seeing a photograph of a baby acquaintance who had been baffled and larboard to die at the ancillary of the road. 

But it additionally brought aback memories of a admirable burghal and the abounding astonishing bodies we had the amusement to meet. 

At Home in Hamra 

It was a abbreviate airing decline from the West House to a sprawling bartering commune abounding with accouterment shops, cyberbanking stores, and restaurants. Snappily dressed mannequins dressed in afflicted banquet jackets and ties stood watch on the sidewalks alfresco accouterment stores. But abandoned the mannequins were cutting these over-the-top duds: no one in the hot streets showed any absorption in cutting burgundy-colored black jackets, let abandoned bow-ties. Every now and then, we came beyond mannequins that were brash to resemble comically ample men. The afterimage was acceptable for a laugh. 

In one storefront, we begin some adolescent men agilely authoritative bathetic drinks on-the-spot. Cars and baby trucks would cull up and unload connected clumps of amoroso cane. The stalks would be hoisted and advance into a massive metal columnist at the advanced of the shop. The ashamed pikestaff appear a abiding accumulation of pikestaff abstract and the candied borsch was afresh caked into cups abounding with ice and handed out to beholden customers. 

Multilingualism: A Tool for a Added Peaceful World 

The association we met on the streets of Lebanon were affably agreeable people—from acceptance and clerks to cabbies and cooks and lots of ambrosial children. 

For us, a acceptable allotment of the abracadabra of Beirut was the analysis that about anybody we met was chatty in English and French in accession to Arabic. In Lebanon, we were told, academy accouchement apprentice to allege at atomic three languages—Arabic, English, and French (a colonial legacy). And they accept the advantage of allotment a fourth accent (most generally Spanish or Italian). 

As a result, Beirut is a cosmopolitan, multilingual, all-embracing burghal whose association are awfully agreeable and helpful. The bodies we encountered in the parks and on the artery all chock-full to babble and action advice aback needed. Unlike the US, Beirut’s association weren’t barrier about in a daze, gazing at their “smart” devices. Instead, hey were attractive about with smiles and acquisitive eyes, advantageous absorption to one addition and the apple about them. 

Even the adolescent folk at the checkout counters batten “ear-perfect English.” They articulate aloof like US kids—but absolutely acute kids who accepted all-embracing money exchanges, knew breadth San Francisco was located, and were accessible to allocution about bounded and apple politics. 

Everyone went out of their way to babble and advice us cross our way through their city. Business-owners, passersby, and alike armed soldiers, all begin the time to stop and babble with us, to allotment opinions, and bandy jokes. 

When we had asked a catechism of that one bounded shopkeeper could not answer, he alleged beyond the artery to a adjoining storeowner who came to our assistance. Aback he abstruse we were from the US, his face brightened and he told us how, as a adolescent man, he had served as a sailor on a bartering address that visited US ports from Virginia to the Gulf. He still had a appropriate adulation for New Orleans breadth he abstruse how to “dance like an American.” And then, appropriate there in the store, he began to high-step and move his achievement to a long-remembered tune. 

The acquaintance larboard me cerebration that, as admirable as the Bay Breadth may be, it would be alike greater if we were all as adapted and multilingual as Beirut. 

Beirut’s Drivers 

In Beirut, no one seems to be hasty off to some “important” affair or scurrying off in a mad blitz to bolt a bus. For one thing, there aren’t any buses—only taxis, lots of cars and about as abounding motorbikes. 

As we adapt for a alley trip, Wisam, our bounded driver, shows us a photo of the youngest of his two daughters and explains how he and his wife allotment the child-raising duties. His wife has her own business, affairs accouterment online. 

He jokes about “Beirut drivers” and it’s true: the cartage is chaotic, with cars always aggressive for amplitude and missing collisions and debris by bald inches—while bodies on motorbikes zip in and out, abacus to the anarchy and unpredictability. 

At ample intersections, 15 or added cars will access at the aforementioned time from all directions, blame ahead, jostling for position, jumping in advanced of one another. There are few stoplights. The beeping of horns is connected but there’s no road-rage. The antagonism seems jocular, business-like, and about collegial. 

At one point, as we’re antagonism bottomward Artery 51, a capital artery out of boondocks (that runs accomplished the bedevilled Burghal Port), in a awash flood of three-lane traffic, I apprehension that we are absolutely barreling bottomward what was declared to be a two-lane highway. The aboriginal lane curve were still vaguely arresting but anybody abandoned them, as they competed for space. 

The Appreciative Association of Hamra 

A shopkeeper on Souraty Street, who was authoritative a cup of Lebanese espresso aback we absolved by, invites us in to chat. He says his ancestors has been in Hamra for generations. His grandfathering opened the boutique and his ancestor ran it afore casual it on. The ancestors owns several added aliment in the neighborhood. He’s appreciative to be a citizen of Hamra, which he refers to proudly, as if it is a abstracted country. 

He brings up the contempo past. The Civil Wars of 1958 and 1975; The Israeli attacks in 1982 and 2006. With claimed acquaintance that we can abandoned image, he proclaims war to be a abhorrent thing. “People don’t accomplish war,” he says, “it’s countries that accomplish war. Bodies can get along. We don’t charge war. Why can’t we alive calm as people? Bodies are added important than war.” 

“Countries acknowledge war and bodies are ordered to action and die,” he continued, “but why do countries acknowledge war? Because of a baby cardinal of able bodies are aggressive to ascendancy assets and aggrandize their power. The blow of the bodies abandoned suffer. War does not accomplish the accepted man affluent or accompany new liberties and freedom.” 

He lifts his easily and pretends he’s captivation a ample book. “Who is good?” he asked rhetorically. “A King? No!” He turns an airy page. “Trump? No!” He turns addition airy page. “The people? YES!” He looks up triumphantly and slams his airy book shut. Case closed. 

Rooted in Beirut 

On one morning stroll, a ancestors of shopkeepers arrive us in for a half-hour of babble about biking and trinkets. And they didn’t ask us to acquirement a audible item. Conversation seemed added important than commercialism. 

Further on, we spotted a silver-haired admirer sitting in a armchair abutting to a baby but advancing garden in advanced of a beach restaurant alleged Le Posiedon on the Minet al Hosn. Aback we asked about the garden, he asked us to accompany him and offered a 15-minute tour, agreeable us in to touch, aroma and sample his tomatoes, oleander, and peppers, alike alms a detect of some bankrupt leaves and a aftertaste or two. It angry out that he was the buyer of the establishment, one of the best accepted seafood restaurants in Beirut. 

Walking forth Beirut’s adaptation of the Embarcadero, we leaned over the adhesive sea bank adverse the Mediterranean Sea and shouted bottomward to a fisherman, allurement how abounding angle he’d caught. He captivated up a audible finger. Aback we alternate two hours later, we noticed he was still there. Aback we afresh asked how abounding angle he had caught. He grinned and captivated up ten fingers.  

As we absolved by the Saint George Yacht Club, a ample bus pulled up and 50-plus men emerged. My biking accompaniment (a sociologist) looked them over and appear that they were best acceptable from Nepal. We bent the eye of the driver, who angry out to be from Tyre and, aback asked about his passengers, he replied that they were allotment of a United Nations delegation—from Nepal. 

Score addition win for the sociologist. 

Falafels and the Warriors 

After walking aback to the Hamra District, it was time to chase for a falafel joint. Several bodies recommended a abode alleged Barbars but everyone’s admonition seemed to advance in altered directions. Added generally than not, aback a bounded citizen brash walking two blocks and axis left, they fabricated the action for a appropriate turn. At the end of our third dead-end, we apparent a restaurant screening the Women’s Soccer Apple Cup games. But, alas, no falafels.  

A block added on, our luck changed. We begin a sidewalk restaurant that offered a half-dozen cookie-sized falafels to-go. We sat bottomward at a table cat-and-mouse for our adjustment and begin ourselves in advanced of a ample TV awning live-casting the final four account of a Raptors/Warriors bold with the account about angry and the Raptors captivation a 1-point lead.  

(Note: One audible affection of the Beirut dinning acquaintance complex watching the servers not abandoned bringing aliment and drinks to the tables but additionally alms hookahs for the barter to adore amid bites. The aboriginal night we accomplished this sight, there were added women than men sucking on their admired flavored vapors.) 

A Day in Prehistoric Grotto 

One morning, we set off on a alley cruise that began with a connected drive to the Nahr al-Kalb Valley in the western flanks of the Lebanon mountains to appointment one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. 

After demography a gondola-ride from a staging area, we begin ourselves bottomward bottomward a connected adit to analyze the Jeito Grotto. The Cave exists acknowledgment to a “disappearing stream” begin on the top the mountain. Over millions of years, the rain that abounding the beck connected to vanish into the mountain, alive its way abysmal through the agitable and sedimentary bedrock to actualize a comedy akin an underground basilica of stone. 

After exploring the Upper Cave for an hour, we confused on to the Lower Cave breadth we begin ourselves amphibian on a raft, canoeing through a vast, hidden underground basin central calcite accommodation abounding with gigantic limestone stalactites aflame by beams of light. 

Photographs were not acceptable but I did acquisition this video: 

A Baker in Byblos 

After arising from the grotto, we confused on to appointment one of the world’s oldest animal settlements—the littoral burghal of Byblos, a UNESCO Apple Heritage Site that is believed to accept been continuously active aback 8800 BC. 

While in Byblos, we begin ourselves walking bottomward a bean alleyway amidst by a array of shops aback a woman at a storefront bakery alleged out: “Do you appetite to see my oven?” The allurement was irresistible. 

The baker’s name was Rim El Barj and, as she explained, she lived aloft a adjacent mountaintop with a domiciliary of cats. We anguish up talking with Rim for an hour, administration belief about friends, family, and adventures. She acquainted like family. Although she’d never visited the US, Rim knew all about California and accepted she had already advised affairs acreage in Grass Valley. 

Mutual Problem-solving, Beirut Style 

On our third day in Beirut, my laptop died and I begin I couldn’t recharge it. 

That evening, we alone by Bits & Bytes, a bounded Internet Café-cum-videogaming room. While the added habitués were active battlefront abstract weapons at exploding avatars, we bent up with our email. But, afterwards the agency to recharge my laptop, it looked like I’d be offline for the abutting two weeks. Aback I asked the buyer if he knew of any adjacent aliment that ability action a repair, he arrive me to accompany my computer in and he promised to alone analysis it out. 

I was aback in 20 account and, afterwards some antecedent fiddling, the awning lit up. He appear that the botheration wasn’t with the array or the charger but with the adaptor. “Made in China,” he explained. “These things basically assignment alert and that’s it.” 

The allowance of accepting a new advocate seemed dim, but walking bottomward Sidoni Artery the abutting day, I spotted a boutique with some cyberbanking appurtenances on display. The buyer wasn’t able to advice but he recommended a adolescent shopkeeper added up the street. Forth the way, aggravating not to get lost, a apprentice walking in the aforementioned administration offered to escort us to the shop. 

It didn’t attending too able (the shelves were abounding with boxes of videogames) but the buyer looked at my adaptor, asked about the voltage, and set about digging into two drawers of cyberbanking goods. Afterwards aggravating and declining several times to acquisition a alive combination, he came aback with, not one but two adaptors accompanying together. We acquainted the laptop charger in, popped the admixture into a bank atrium and, voila, the laptop started charging. 

The “Purse Bread” Incident 

Later in the day, we begin ourselves chatting with a auto disciplinarian as we bounced beyond boondocks to a adjacency museum. (Formerly the ancestors home of a affluent Lebanese businessman, the mansion—along with its accession of different paintings—had been ancestral to the burghal as a accessible art space.) Forth the way, we asked the disciplinarian about a appropriate affectionate of aliment we had apparent the antecedent day during a stop at a bakery alternation alleged Abu Arab’s. Because the ample pretzel-like loaf featured what looked like a ample handle, we alleged it “purse bread.” 

The disciplinarian was abashed by our attempts to call this “purse bread.” So what did he do? Something I would never apprehend to see in any added burghal on Earth. Spotting a brace of adolescent pedestrians on the sidewalk, he pulled over to the ancillary of the attenuated artery and alleged out to them: “Do you allege English?” They did. So I sketched a quick cartoon of the aliment on a atom of cardboard and handed it over. They smiled and told us the aliment was alleged Kahky. 

The Anguish of Loss 

Watching the footage of Beirut’s afire port, the up-ended cars, and the rubble-strewn streets is aching to confront. The ambagious afterlife calculation and letters of bags of casualties avalanche abnormally adamantine on the heart. 

When a bang leaves hundreds asleep and missing—and added than 5,000 blood-soaked and 300,000 homeless—such aerial numbers beggarly there’s a acceptable adventitious that we alone met and briefly got to apperceive some of the bodies who are now amid the blast’s victims, both active and dead. 

So far, the abandoned association of Beirut that we accept been able to acquaintance address they are safe but in shock. Wisam tells us that the bearings is desperate, with bodies sleeping on the sidewalks. 

Here are a few places that are accepting donations to accommodate abettor for the bodies of Beirut. 

The Lebanese Red Cross is an absolute alignment focused on adversity blockage and relief. It is the capital provider of ambulances in Lebanon, and relies on volunteers. Its casework are provided for chargeless to those who charge them. 

Lebanese Aliment Bank. The bang destroyed atom silos that independent about 85% of the country’s atom supply. Up to 80% of the country’s aliment is imported, best of it via the anchorage destroyed by the explosion. 

Beit el Baraka runs a chargeless supermarket, as able-bodied as accouterment medical costs and apartment for bodies in need. Following the explosion, it is additionally alive to adjustment damaged homes. 

CARE All-embracing began alive in Lebanon in 2006, to advice accommodated the needs of refugees afflicted by the battle in Syria. 

Islamic Abatement Lebanon 

International Rescue Committee 

American National Red Cross 

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