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Students and parents accept accursed ‘panicked’ changes to the way A-level after-effects in England are decided, adage they accept added accent and bargain fairness.

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Education Secretary Gavin Williamson arise backward on Tuesday that acceptance will be able to use their after-effects in apish tests to abode if they are black with the grades they are accustomed – and will additionally be able to sit exams in the autumn.

The government insists it will not bow to accountability to bead ‘standardisation’ of A-level grades admitting fears a Scottish-style U-turn on giving agents the final say could backpack canyon ante by 12 allotment points. 

But ministers are anchored for a above backfire tomorrow aback acceptance acquisition out their grades after seeing their courses austere by coronavirus.

Mr Williamson additionally apologised to every adolescent for ‘the disruption that they’ve had to suffer’ but said the ‘best thing’ was for them to be aback in academy in September. 

Suzanne Whitton, whose 18-year-old babe Holly is apprehension A-level results, said the move appeared to be a afraid acknowledgment afterward the backfire to Scotland’s abasement of pupils’ after-effects – which resulted in an acknowledgment and U-turn.

Students and parents accept accursed ‘panic’ changes to the way A-level after-effects in England are decided, afterwards the government watch the allocation abortion unfurl in schools in Scotland. Pictured: Holyrood Secondary Academy in Glasgow

Scottish schools are aback weeks afore those in England as the holidays accomplishment beforehand arctic of the border

‘This feels actual abundant like a knee-jerk agitation acknowledgment to me, by a government who has watched Scotland’s abortion unfurl,’ said the ancestor from Wokingham in Berkshire.

‘I don’t apperceive why they accept larboard it so backward to accomplish this accommodation aback it would accept put so abounding students’ minds at blow if it had been declared before.

‘And what about those acceptance who didn’t assignment adamantine for mocks and were planning to charge in the aftermost few months to access their final grade?’

On acceptance now actuality able to sit exams in the autumn if black with their results, she added: ‘A-level acceptance didn’t alike accomplishment the abridgement so how can anyone be accepted to booty an assay in six weeks’ time?

‘The accomplished affair has not been able-bodied anticipation through and today’s annual is the icing on the cake.’

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson arise backward on Tuesday that acceptance will be able to use their after-effects in apish tests to abode if they are black with the grades they are given 

Recruiters accept aloft apropos that the government’s affairs for arch A-Levels this year may leave a accomplished year accumulation disadvantaged as they are faced with entering a devastated jobs bazaar or activity assimilate disrupted academy education.

Experts accept told MailOnline that the use of apish grades may be apparent as a ‘gimme’ in job applications, and CVs could aloof be befuddled out adjoin able competition. 

Jamie Beaumont, architect of Offerd said: ‘With unemployment extensive almanac heights, it’s safe to say that the antagonism for jobs is now abundantly high.

‘Sadly those advancing out with A-levels will accept to advance adjoin university graduates and alike added acquaintance jobseekers who accept been fabricated bombastic because of the virus. 

‘It’s not that the A-levels accept become beneath valuable, it’s aloof that they’re now aggressive with a bazaar abounding of awful accomplished workers.’

‘Recruiters adeptness see apish grades as a “gimme” for some acceptance and accordingly would be added absorbed to accept those who accept added acquaintance or apprenticeship abaft them. It’s actually isn’t right, but it will happen.’ 

Sol Schlagman, co-founder of apprentice money-saving belvedere Stint, which collects approved acknowledgment from the 20,000 students, said: ‘From primary academy accouchement to students, adolescent bodies accept been abominably let bottomward throughout this pandemic.

‘Today, it’s academy leavers who are adverse yet added disappointment and setbacks, as abounding absence out on the after-effects they deserve.

‘We assignment with bags of adolescent bodies and the acknowledgment we’re accepting is that they feel actually larboard behind.

‘They’ve had their allotment time assignment and internships annulled this summer, accept had alum jobs taken abroad and are allurement why the government actuality hasn’t delivered annihilation like the levels of banking abutment acceptance accept apparent in added countries.

‘For abounding academy leavers, the best now will be amidst a austere jobs bazaar already beneath accountability or allowance at a time aback acquirements has already been acutely disrupted.’ 


Charlie Heron, from Shenfield Aerial School, Essex, said he is ‘not confident’ the changes will advice him and feels the autumn exams, appointed for the alpha of October, arise too soon.

‘A lot of us in our mocks didn’t put in the best accomplishment because we had Ucas and university applications to do … in the end, my apish grades weren’t the best,’ said the 18-year-old.

‘The adventitious to resit is great, about I anticipate this is too anon and a lot of us haven’t accustomed any abutment or been contacted by our schools during this time.

‘I haven’t opened any of my books and I didn’t alike accomplishment my A-level courses, so to sit an assay wouldn’t actually annual me in any way.’

Kejti Ismail, from Leicester, studies biology, allure and mathematics and said she acquainted the accommodation has accumulated on accent in an already alarming year.

‘Not alone accept we been off academy for about bristles months, but all the pupils accept gone through so abundant accent at home with the virus and the pandemic,’ the 18-year-old said.

‘Our after-effects accept actually been the aftermost affair on our apperception and belief for them because we’re too fatigued to alike think.’

She added: ‘No-one prepares for mocks as abundant as we adapt for the absolute exams … I aloof anticipate it’s so unfair.’

Cheyenne Williams, an 18-year-old from Barnhill Community Aerial Academy in arctic west London, said: ‘I acquisition all of these last-minute changes to be amateurish and now I feel alike added abashed and stressed.’

Arrangements agnate to Mr Williamson’s in Scotland were humiliatingly alone by Nicola Sturgeon this anniversary afterwards acerbity that about 125,000 pupils had been downgraded. The volte face meant that the Academy canyon bulk is up 14.4 allotment credibility compared to aftermost year. 

A-level and GCSE pupils will now be able to booty the grades they are awarded, abode through schools, or sit exams in the autumn, in what Mr Williamson has branded a ‘triple lock’.

But the government is still afraid calls for a axiological analysis of the arrange or to canal the ‘standardisation’ action altogether.

Ofqual has warned that not abstinent the marks awarded by agents would advance to huge brand aggrandizement – with a 12 allotment point acceleration in the canyon ante for A-Levels and 9 per cent for GCSEs.  

Research by University Academy London arise bygone showed that up to 74 per cent of predicted grades are an aggrandize of assay performance.

The abstraction by UCL’s Institute of Apprenticeship additionally showed 80 per cent of abecedary predictions of A-level outcomes from a antecedent year were inaccurate.

Recruiters are anxious that the use of apish grades in the abode of sat A-Levels will disadvantage academy leavers if they advance to accompany a perilous jobs market.

Jamie Beaumont, architect of Offerd said: ‘With unemployment extensive almanac heights, it’s safe to say that the antagonism for jobs is now abundantly high.

‘Sadly those advancing out with A-levels will accept to advance adjoin university graduates and alike added acquaintance jobseekers who accept been fabricated bombastic because of the virus. 

‘Recruiters adeptness see apish grades as a “gimme” for some acceptance and accordingly would be added absorbed to accept those who accept added acquaintance or apprenticeship abaft them.’

Labour baton Sir Keir Starmer said: ‘This is complete fiasco. It was accessible that this was activity to be difficult but it’s been weeks or months in the coming.

‘To accept an 11th-hour accommodation that’s acquired boundless anarchy amidst agents I accept been speaking to, families and adolescent bodies – it smacks of incompetence.’

Speaking on a appointment to Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Sir Keir said there was a crisis that ample numbers of adolescent bodies could be ‘robbed of their future’.

Some pupils were cutting face masks at St Paul’s Aerial Academy in Glasgow today, although they are not actuality encouraged in England

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has apologised to pupils for the disruption to their ancestry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an annual with the BBC, Mr Williamson said: “I apologise to every distinct adolescent appropriate beyond the country for the disruption that they’ve had to suffer.”

Mr Williamson additionally declared the exams arrangement as “robust” and “fair” afterwards apropos were aloft that some pupils could accept their after-effects downgraded.

He said: “The system, for the cutting majority of adolescent people, is activity to deliver, you know, credible, able after-effects for every distinct one of them.

“It’s a able-bodied system, it’s a fair system, it’s authoritative abiding that adolescent bodies get the grades that they’ve formed so adamantine towards.”

Gavin Williamson insisted that the best affair is to get every adolescent aback into academy in September.

He told the BBC: “The best thing, the best affair that we can do is accomplish abiding that every adolescent is aback into academy in September.

“Is there annihilation added that I can do in adjustment to accomplish that happen? Well, if there is, acquaint me about this, and I will go out there and I will do it.

“We charge to see every adolescent aback into academy – as addition who has a wife and a brother who works in schools, and addition who has accouchement who have, you know, like every child, suffered as a aftereffect of not being, I apperceive that the best affair to do is to get anybody aback there.”



‘There has to be a base for alone adolescent bodies to be able to abode adjoin the grading,’ he said.

Sir Keir said the acknowledgment on apish grades was ‘not activity to work’ because about all acceptance would accomplish a academy mark.

‘The annual for affair actuality is that, if this is annihilation like Scotland, it will be the added beggared areas breadth the grades are bottomward graded. And that’s artlessly not acceptable,’ he said.

Sir Keir said the Government bare to acquiesce alone appeals and to authorization colleges and universities to be flexible.

‘All of that needs to be put in abode and it needs to be put in abode afore tomorrow is out,’ he said. 

A Department for Apprenticeship antecedent said the antithesis action would not be abandoned, affirmation that Ofqual had agitated out a ‘full consultation’ on the arrangement in adverse with its Scottish analogue and it was as fair as accessible in the circumstances.

The antecedent insisted that afterward the Scottish archetype would ‘solve a political botheration but actualize an bookish botheration for years to come’.

‘The aggrandizement botheration is a botheration that would aftermost for years. If you about-face up and say, ”I got As in my A-levels”, bodies will say ”What year are you?”

‘If you replied 2020, they would say, ”Oh yeah.”

‘Employers and universities would be sceptical.’

The antecedent accepted that the accouterment for application apish grades in appeals’may not be acclimated in abounding cases’.

Tory apprenticeship lath armchair Robert Halfon told MailOnline standardisation should go ahead.

‘You actually charge a analysis and balance, there is no botheration with that.

‘You additionally charge to accept a civic standard… I don’t accept we should go bottomward the Scottish avenue at all.’

Mr Halfon insisted there should be a ‘genuine appeals action that is for everyone’.

‘I able what’s happened in agreement of the mocks, but I anticipate it should be an appeals position that is accessible to navigate, abnormally for disadvantaged pupils,’ he said.

England’s exams regulator has said it is ‘working urgently’ to set out what affirmation will be bare to ensure apish assay after-effects can be allotment of an appeal.

A annual from Ofqual said: ‘We accept why the Government has capital to accommodate some added affirmation for students, by acknowledging that affirmation from authentic apish exams can be advised as allotment of an appeal.

‘We are animate actively to operationalise this as adequately as accessible and to actuate what standards of affirmation will be appropriate for the appeal. We will accommodate added detail aboriginal abutting week.

‘We will abide to do aggregate accessible to ensure acceptance accomplish grades that are as fair as accessible in the affairs this summer.’

This anniversary Prime Abbot Boris Johnson (pictured during a appointment to St Joseph’s Catholic Academy in Upminster, London) insisted the country had a ‘moral duty’ to reopen schools abutting month

Home-schooled accouchement face accepting their lives put on authority because they were ‘forgotten’ during lockdown, a arch Tory MP warned yesterday.

Students belief for A-levels and GCSEs abreast will absence out on grades this anniversary afterwards exams were annulled because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

They may be able to sit affidavit in the autumn but this will be too backward for university and sixth-form academy applications.

Unlike acceptance in schools and colleges, they didn’t accept agents who could abide ‘assessed grades’ to assay boards.

Tory MP Robert Halfon, who chairs the apprenticeship baddest committee, said: ‘It’s attractive appealing austere for these children. It aloof seems these kids accept been abandoned about during lockdown.’

Hannah Titley, of the Home Ancestry Association, said clandestine candidates had been ‘unfairly disadvantaged’. 

The cardinal of home-schooled accouchement soared by 15 per cent aftermost year – from 52,770 to 60,544 in a 12-month period.


However, unions accept been belittling about the government’s administration of the grading. 

Geoff Barton, accepted secretary of the Association of Academy and Academy Leaders, said the apish after-effects charge not be ‘automatically guaranteed’ to be the final results. 

He told BBC Breakfast: ‘I anticipate conceivably in acknowledgment to what’s happened in Scotland, what the Government is adage is we charge to accord addition anatomy of abode to adolescent people. 

‘And if what that agency is they can say ‘point to my apish results, that shows I am bigger than my final results’.

‘So continued as that’s not automatically guaranteeing that they’re activity to get that result, which I anticipate aloof adds addition inequality, afresh I can accept the cerebration there – and I doubtable it’s a Government absent to appearance that it too, like the Government in Scotland, is actuality affectionate to accouchement and adolescent bodies in aberrant times.’ 

There accept been warnings that middle-ranking acceptance could face a ‘lottery’ of grades afterwards exams were annulled this summer.

Professor Alan Smithers, administrator of the Centre for Apprenticeship and Employment Research at the University of Buckingham said: ‘While agents will about accept a bright abstraction of the top performers and those who attempt the most, they will be hard-pressed to analyze those in the middle.’

And Jo Grady, accepted secretary of University and Academy Abutment (UCU), said: ‘The blow of the UK charge now ensure that no apprentice misses out because of a awry arrangement of application marks.’ 

Mr Williamson offered the aberrant ‘triple lock’, which will additionally administer to GCSE pupils, afterwards Nicola Sturgeon performed a U-turn on Scotland’s assay results.

Last week, Scottish pupils sitting the agnate of A-levels accustomed their computer-moderated grades beneath a agnate arrangement to that actuality acclimated in the blow of the UK.

However, 125,000 after-effects – about one in four – were downgraded from what agents had predicted, arch to an clamor and complaints that disadvantaged pupils had been hardest hit. 

This morning apprenticeship abbot Nick Gibb dedicated the Government’s accommodation to acquiesce acceptance to use their apish assay results.

Mr Gibb said alone a baby cardinal would be afflicted by the move, which was advised as a ‘safety net’ to ensure that no acceptance were disadvantaged by the arrangement for assessing their grades afterward the cancelling of exams.

‘It is aloof authoritative abiding at the edges that no apprentice is disadvantaged. This is aloof to accord a assurance net for any apprentice who adeptness abatement through the system,’ he told Sky News.

‘It will alone affect a baby accumulation of people. Best adolescent bodies tomorrow will get the brand that the abecedary beatific in to the assay lath that they anticipation they would get.’

He said he believed that the arrangement for assessing A-level and GCSE after-effects remained ‘robust’ afterward the latest Government changes.

The Prime Abbot Boris Johnson during a appointment to the architecture armpit of Hereford County Hospital in Herefordshire

Middle-ranking acceptance could face a ‘lottery’ of grades afterwards exams were annulled this summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been suggested.

There are warnings that agnate acceptance could get ‘very different’ A-level grades, which may accept a ‘considerable bearing’ on their opportunities.

It comes afterwards schools were told to abide the grades they anticipation anniversary apprentice would accept received, alongside a rank adjustment of which pupils they believed would do best aural anniversary brand for anniversary subject.

Professor Alan Smithers, administrator of the Centre for Apprenticeship and Employment Research at the University of Buckingham said: ‘While agents will about accept a bright abstraction of the top performers and those who attempt the most, they will be hard-pressed to analyze those in the middle.’

But a baton of a headteachers’ abutment said it was not accessible to call allocation as a ‘lottery’, abacus that schools and colleges accept provided acceptance with ‘fair and authentic grades’ and rank orders.

Exam boards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland accept chastened the grades submitted by schools and colleges to ensure this year’s after-effects are not decidedly academy than antecedent years.

Ahead of A-level after-effects day tomorrow, Prof Smithers said: ‘While the civic brand arrangement and that for alone schools and colleges will be agnate to that in antecedent years and appropriately assume acceptable, individuals’ grades are at ample accident of actuality inaccurate and unfair.’ 

However, Geoff Barton, accepted secretary of the Association of Academy and Academy Leaders, said: ‘It isn’t accessible to call allocation this year as a ‘lottery’ aloof as acceptance are cat-and-mouse for their results, and neither is it true. 


‘I am assured that we accept a arrangement in abode now that is fair and able-bodied and will accredit adolescent bodies to go on to the abutting appearance of their lives,’ he told Sky News.

‘It is a arrangement that is in abode that will not advance to aggrandizement to our brand system, so adolescent bodies can be appreciative of the abilities they get tomorrow.’ 

Mr Gibb said in authoritative changes to the assay arrangement in England, the Government had looked at what had happened in Scotland.

‘We did attending at what happened in Scotland. We were afraid about that. We are not alteration the axiological arrangement actuality as they are in Scotland,’ he said.

Mr Gibb insisted that the arrangement was not in ‘confusion’ and banned to apologise for the backward changes.

‘There is no confusion. We accept been actual bright from the actual beginning. We had to accept a arrangement in abode to accolade abilities to adolescent bodies accustomed that we had annulled the exams,’ he said.

‘With the best archetypal in the apple there will be acceptance who abatement alfresco it. We didn’t appetite any acceptance to ache disadvantage.

‘We apologise to cipher for award solutions – alike at the eleventh hour – to stop any apprentice actuality disadvantaged by this system.’

But adumbration apprenticeship secretary Kate Green declared the Government’s advertisement on English acceptance application apish assay after-effects to advance to academy and university as ‘chaotic’.

The MP for Stretford and Urmston said one of the problems is abounding acceptance would not accept sat apish exams.

‘I don’t anticipate this is a absolute acknowledgment at all to what is now acceptable a actually anarchic situation,’ she told BBC Breakfast.

‘And very, actual annoying for (A-level) acceptance the day afore they’re due to get their after-effects award the arrangement alteration again.’

She added: ‘Not all acceptance will accept alike taken apish exams and what we’ve now got is a arrangement which acutely is not fit for purpose. The Government itself is acutely acknowledging that by advertisement added and added changes to it.’

Ms Green said there bare to be a ‘proper robust’ appeals action for acceptance so that they are not barnacle on ‘systems that may not adequately reflect the assignment that they’ve done’.

Giving acceptance the befalling to balance A-level exams in October is ‘not an able response’, adumbration apprenticeship secretary Kate Green said.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, she said: ‘While it’s advantageous to accept as a backstop, there are a brace of apropos with it.

‘That will arise too backward in the day for acceptance who, for example, appetite to alpha a academy advance in September, they won’t accept their after-effects on time.

‘And how are these retakes activity to be organised? Schools are already accepting to accomplish a lot of changes to the academy day, to the academy premises, to how they organise academy aback accouchement go aback abutting ages because of the charge for amusing distancing.

‘So we’re still cat-and-mouse for added advice as to how it is that schools will be authentic to run these retakes.

‘It’s important to accept them as a backstop, but that is not either an able response.’

Ms Green additionally said there was a accident that acceptance from disadvantaged backgrounds in England would actuality abnormally afflicted by chastened after-effects based on teacher’s predictions.

‘I anticipate the bulk of the advantage is the appropriate one to accept on the table, and abnormally at this eleventh hour alteration the arrangement afresh is not welcome, but it needs to be fabricated decidedly added robust,’ she told BBC Breakfast.

She said acceptance bare to be able to abode if they feel they accept been abominably assessed.

A-level acceptance accepting their after-effects tomorrow will now be able to opt for the grades they got in their apish exams. (Stock image)

The Government said it would set abreast £30 actor to armamentarium autumn exams for all schools, abatement the accountability on budgets already continued to accord with coronavirus measures.

‘The SNP bootless the test, but we accept done added revision,’ one government antecedent said.

‘This accommodation in Scotland was a bad decision. It agency that in Scotland there are now acceptance walking annular with aggrandized grades that no one will booty seriously.

‘It’s not fair for acceptance this year and it’s not fair for acceptance aftermost year. Our arrangement is fundamentally fairer.’

In Scotland, abuse was prompted by the arrangement consistent in beggared acceptance actuality advised added than alert as agonizingly as the best-off.

Fighting for his political career yesterday, SNP apprenticeship secretary John Swinney said the standardisation would be unwound.

‘We set out to ensure that the arrangement was fair. We set out to ensure it was credible. But we did not get it appropriate for all adolescent people,’ he said. 

Only canicule earlier, Mr Swinney had justified the exams action by absolute that afterwards it, top grades would accept surged by up to an aberrant 14 per cent.

Yesterday’s accommodation agency this aggrandizement will arise to canyon – and raises questions as to how abutting year’s acceptance will be treated, and whether aftermost year’s pupils will protest.

Nick Hillman, administrator of the Academy Apprenticeship Policy Institute, said: ‘They accept gone for the best acceptable advantage they could accept gone for.

‘But the accommodation after-effects in a accomplished bulk of questions about whether added exams were fair – for the bodies that took exams aftermost year and the ones who will booty exams abutting year. 

Anyone who thinks this advertisement removes any bent is apparent wrong. In fact, it alien new unfairnesses for added people.’

Despite the concerns, government critics lined up to abode a agnate about-turn in England.

National Abutment of Acceptance admiral Larissa Kennedy agreed ‘the UK Government should chase the advance of Scotland by auctioning chastened grades’.  

The catechism of what to do with A-level and GCSE acceptance in a year aback exams accept been annulled has been a catchy blueprint to solve.

The Government on Tuesday came up with an answer, but it still has not admiring everyone. Actuality is a afterpiece look.

– What was the problem?

‘School’s closed! No exams!’

It adeptness accept articulate like a dream for aerial academy leavers – at aboriginal – aback the accommodation was fabricated to atom the exams for A-levels and GCSEs that anniversary year actuate the brand acceptance booty into tertiary apprenticeship or the workforce.

But afresh came the all-overs over how, in fact, they would access a grade.

– What was proposed?

Some argued for grades to be accustomed by abecedary estimates of what the apprentice would accept scored, based on achievement afore lockdown, including apish tests.

Some apprenticeship authorities reacted with abhorrence to that idea, adage it would necessitate boundless abasement by assay boards, as abecedary estimates were historically academy than ultimate results.

Others appropriate exams could be taken later, afterwards the virus crisis had abundantly subsided.

– Problems with those ideas?

Apart from abecedary estimates actuality beneath than accurate, the acceptable downgrades would about actually atom a flood of appeals from students, which would accept to be dealt with in a bustle as the alarm ticked against the alpha of the university year abutting month.

Similarly, the abstraction of captivation exams ‘later’ did not actually accord with the alpha of the tertiary year.

– Afterwards a precedent, was there at atomic some array of template?

Scotland was aboriginal out of the blocks with its solution. It took abecedary estimates and chastened them, with 124,000 such after-effects downgraded.

– How did that go?

Not well. Angry pupils and parents took to the streets, agitation that the abasement action – which took into annual schools’ accomplished performances – would unfairly affect pupils from beggared backgrounds, or those who abounding low-performing schools artlessly because of geography.

Thus, the Scottish Government was this anniversary affected into a hasty backflip. Downgraded after-effects would be scrapped, with abecedary estimates aback in, although any apprentice whose brand happened to accept been chastened upwards could still accumulate the academy result.

– What now for England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Amid the bouncing amnion of the coronavirus mess, acceptance will be accustomed to affirmation the accomplished arena they can.

In what the Government calls a ‘triple lock’ approach, pupils can go with their apish exam/teacher appraisal result, the chastened brand that has already been absitively from those (which will arise out tomorrow), or they can accept to sit an assay in the autumn. Whichever mark is higher, they can take.

– That easy?

Not quite. Schools regulator Ofqual will still actuate aback authentic apish after-effects can be used. Acceptance absent such after-effects to authority amplitude over chastened grades will still accept to go through an abode process, with their academy appropriate to abide affirmation to the assay board. The Government’s decision, however, does arise to accept created a altitude in which acceptance finishing academy in this amazing year are able-bodied looked after.

– Is timing not still an issue, apropos university entrance?

Universities are actuality apprenticed by the Government to accumulate places accessible for acceptance who may be backward accession due to appeals or autumn exams. Ironically, this adeptness not be a botheration for already because of the actual acumen for this blend – the coronavirus – which is endlessly the accepted assimilation of abounding bags of adopted acceptance advancing to Britain.

– Is the Government’s accommodation universally popular?

No. Acceptance may be relieved, but others abhorrence the plan agency 2020 could be looked aback aloft as a year in which an absolute academy year beyond the UK accelerating with a set of questionable, adaptable figures.

Geoff Barton, Accepted Secretary of the Association of Academy and Academy Leaders, warns the move could annual a aphotic year for British education. He says the plan creates the accident of ‘massive inconsistency’ from academy to school, as apish exams are not standardised beyond the country. Furthermore, some acceptance may not alike accept taken them afore schools bankrupt in March, abrogation their fate to abecedary prediction. Calling the triple-lock band-aid ‘a afraid and anarchic response’, Mr Barton said the abstraction that apish assay after-effects could trump affected grades ‘beggars belief’.

Labour baton Sir Keir Starmer additionally criticised the plan and – alike admitting after-effects are arise tomorrow – alleged on Prime Abbot Boris Johnson to change advance or accident ‘robbing a bearing of their future’.


Scottish assay chiefs are accused of ‘tarnishing’ their accord with agents amidst country’s allocation fiasco

By Rachel Watson, Deputy Scottish Political Editor for the Daily Mail

Exam chiefs accept ‘tarnished’ their accord with agents afterward the abortion over grades, according to abutment bosses.

They accused the Scottish Abilities Authority (SQA) of declining to accept to austere apropos aloft by the profession advanced of the advertisement of adherent grades aftermost week.

Olivia Biggart, right, accomplished all As in her Academy prelims and accepted to accomplish the aforementioned in the final results.

The 16-year-old, from Motherwell, Lanarkshire, has additionally been belief for the University Clinical Aptitude Analysis (Ucat) so that she could abstraction medicine. The SQA downgraded her after-effects to two As and three Bs.

Olivia believed this happened because her academy is in a beggared area. She will now be able to administer for medical academy in October.

Yesterday, she batten of her abatement at the annual teachers’ grades will now be recognised. She told The BBC: ‘I am over the moon because assuredly there is amends and I can accompany my career. I am blessed with what he said – and animated he apologised to us.’

She added: ‘The alone affair I didn’t like is that acceptance who were over-graded will accumulate their after-effects but that will all alike out over time.

‘But all-embracing I am happy. I don’t anticipate [John Swinney] had abounding options. They couldn’t amend every distinct candidate’s results. My dream to become a doctor is still alive.’


Following John Swinney’s affecting U-turn, unions and agents bygone launched a baking advance on those abaft the aboriginal accommodation to decline pupils’ after-effects based on their school’s antecedent performance.

Teaching abutment the Educational Institute for Scotland (EIS) and the Scottish Trades Abutment Congress (STUC) led the criticism, admonishing that the row and abortion to recognise acceptance as individuals had acquired added accent and agitated for bags during an already ambiguous time.

They additionally branded the Apprenticeship Secretary’s claims that exams are due to go advanced as planned in 2021 as ‘woefully complacent’.

Following the abandoning of exams, agents had been asked to abide a brand for anniversary adherent based on their achievement over the year and in prelims and to rank acceptance in order.

Their decisions were afresh ‘moderated’ by the SQA.

But the action sparked abuse afterwards about 125,000 grades were chaotic by SQA bosses.

Yesterday, EIS accepted secretary Larry Flanagan said the nation’s agents had been ‘extremely diligent’ in authoritative able judgments on adherent grades, claiming that they ‘even went the added mile asked of them by the SQA in bifurcation bandings and rankings’ for youngsters, admitting their ‘concerns’ over the process.

He said the EIS had warned that ‘overturning these estimates’ application statistical modelling from antecedent years ‘would advance to an clamor – actually what has happened’.

Mr Flanagan hit out at the abridgement of assurance amidst the SQA and agents – claiming that administration ‘refused’ to authority able chat with the profession.

He added: ‘Its continuing amidst agents is assuredly blah by its role in these matters.’

Mr Flanagan believes the SQA needs to be ‘more answerable to the teaching profession, parents and pupils’ rather than the Scottish Government and ministers charge abode how the assay arrangement ‘regularly fails accouchement through operating abstract quotas’.

The abutment arch warned that a accident plan should be in abode in case exams are annulled afresh abutting year.

Frangag NicDhòmhnaill, 16, from Acharacle, Argyll, a fifth-year apprentice at Ardnamurchan Aerial School, had accepted bristles Academy As but accustomed two As and three Bs. She had accomplished four As and a B in her prelims.

Frangag, right, said: ‘I’m actually blessed with the advertisement today. Hopefully I will now get what I got in my prelims.

‘It’s acceptable they are activity to analysis the after-effects that were downgraded but I anticipate they should additionally analysis those that were upgraded.

‘I’m acquisitive I will get beeline As which will acquiesce me to administer to abstraction veterinary anesthetic at university.

‘I’m acquisitive I will acquisition out about my grades soon. They should accept gone with the teachers’ estimates in the aboriginal place.

‘The agents are professionals, they should accept listened to them.’


Mr Flanagan said: ‘The accepted planning for abutting year’s assay diet on the base of business as accepted seems woefully complacent. Scotland’s adolescent bodies and their agents charge not ache the aforementioned abortion again.’

Mr Flanagan’s acrimony was echoed by Rozanne Foyer, accepted secretary of the STUC.

She said: ‘There was never activity to be a absolute band-aid accustomed the crisis we were in, but added disadvantaging adolescent banal bodies at this time of assorted accent and ambiguity would accept been a crime.’

Miss Foyer accused the SQA of accepting a ‘lack of acceptance in the acumen of teachers’ and said the abasement of pupils was ‘totally unacceptable’.

She said: ‘Teachers were tasked to use their acumen and professionalism to adumbrate adolescent people’s grades.

‘A appropriate and able-bodied action was followed by schools to ensure they got it appropriate for the adolescent bodies in their affliction and that no adolescent actuality would be disadvantaged as a aftereffect of assay cancellations.

‘The broad abasement of pupils and abridgement of acceptance in the acumen of agents – who apperceive their pupils best – because of the schools in catechism was actually unacceptable.’

The borderline for burning appeals to be fabricated – for youngsters acquisitive to go to university – was set for August 14, sparking a blitz amid agents to allege to pupils and their families advanced of appointment their grades for a review.

Dorothy MacGinty, headmistress of the absolute Kilgraston School, abreast Perth, said the SQA’s antithesis action had led to accent and ‘avoidable unhappiness’ for families beyond Scotland.

She said: ‘The SQA took a accomplished tranche of results, abnormally in English and maths, and downgraded them at Academy level.

‘This acquired a huge akin of accidental accent for pupils and a all-inclusive bulk of assignment for agents this anniversary advancing in and animate through hundreds of pages of assignment to appeal.

‘Of course, it’s acceptable that we’ve got the accommodation angry about but this has acquired a huge bulk of accidental unhappiness.’

Speaking to the BBC, Kathryn Neil, an art and photography abecedary in Angus, said she was ‘so bawling and so happy’ at the U-turn. She said: ‘It agency the apple to us. It agency the apple to them.

Drew Skinner, 17, a adherent at St Mungo’s Academy in Glasgow, wrote a damning, now viral, letter to Apprenticeship Secretary John Swinney afterwards her grades were bargain by the SQA.

Instead of the accepted two As and three Bs for her Highers, she accustomed an A, B and three Cs. Afterward Mr Swinney’s advertisement yesterday, Drew, right, from Dennistoun, Glasgow, batten of her relief.

She said: ‘It was actually amazing. I wasn’t abiding what to apprehend because I acquainted like all I had been account was rumours about what he adeptness say.

‘It was a shock. A few canicule ago they were still adamant in what they were saying. I’m relieved.

‘There was a big aberration amidst what I was predicted to get and what the SQA awarded me. Hopefully I will get the after-effects I was predicted now.

‘A anniversary amidst the after-effects advancing out and this advertisement can be apparent as a abbreviate or a continued time. They say the after-effects should be out for August 21. Bodies will get the after-effects in time for university.

‘I don’t anticipate it was anytime fair to accept advised people’s bookish adeptness based on breadth they live.’



‘We apperceive how adamantine they’ve worked. We apperceive the brand they deserve. We’ve done our job, we’ve got them their grades and that’s what they deserve.’

Although blessed with the U-turn, campaigners accept claimed it was motivated by fears over the after-effects of the abortion rather than affair for alone youngsters.

Shona Struthers, arch controlling of Colleges Scotland, said the Deputy Aboriginal Minister’s annual had provided ‘clarification’.

She added: ‘We are admiring that the Scottish Government will ensure there are abundant places at colleges to accredit adolescent bodies to abide on to added and academy apprenticeship courses.

‘Colleges will abide to do aggregate accessible to abutment acceptance with aspirations of advancing to college, and we attending advanced to affable all new and abiding acceptance aback to campuses aback the new appellation starts.

‘We accede the difficulties that the all-around communicable has presented us all with, however, colleges accept been animate adamantine to ensure that they can abide carrying high-quality acquirements and teaching safely.’

Erin Bleakley, 17, who organised a beef of about 100 pupils in George Square, Glasgow, over how after-effects were reached, said: ‘I did not anticipate this day would come.’

The teenager, who attends St Andrew’s Aerial Academy in the east end of the city, ahead said she ‘crumbled’ aback four of her six after-effects were downgraded.

After the U-turn, she said: ‘I anticipate we would all like to say a acceptable acknowledgment for not alone the acknowledgment but the after-effects actuality changed aback to abecedary estimates.’

Joel Meekison, from the SQA: Where’s Our Say campaign, said: ‘I don’t anticipate that it was problems over what bodies accomplished that fabricated John Swinney angle up and change it.

‘I anticipate it was acrimony and crisis over the assay arrangement actuality perceived as penalising marginalised groups and penalising the best accessible and beggared areas.’

A agent for the SQA said it accustomed the backbone of activity ‘among alone learners, their parents and carers – and amid added colleagues in the apprenticeship system’.

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