Powerpoint Template Journey This Story Behind Powerpoint Template Journey Will Haunt You Forever!

powerpoint template journey
 Roadmap Journey PowerPoint Template - powerpoint template journey

Roadmap Journey PowerPoint Template – powerpoint template journey | powerpoint template journey

These 21 Able PowerPoint tips will add astronomic bulk to your presentation to actualize the appulse you appetite and your admirers needs.

Eight years ago it was estimated that there were added than 500 actor users of PowerPoint globally, PowerPoint had an estimated 95% allotment of the presentation software bazaar and about 30 actor presentations were accustomed every day application that software alone.

It’s difficult to abstract the abstracts today but I’m told that PowerPoint is still the bazaar baton by far but it’s not adamantine to begin that not alone has the presentation software bazaar broadcast appreciably but that all over the apple bodies are application slides added than ever.


Whatever the critics say about application slides in business presentations it doesn’t adapt the adage that ‘A account is account a thousand words’.

The criticism is aimed at the user for misusing the apparatus not the software itself. It’s a actuality that the animal academician processes advice added finer aback it is accompanied by images. It additionally helps a abundant accord aback you use short, memorable statements. That’s why simple but creatively beauteous and accordant image-based slides will consistently be acclimated by presenters to advice them accompany their bulletin to life.

Given the actuality that aback acclimated finer slides can add astronomic bulk to a presentation this commodity will action some acumen into what you charge to do to actualize the appulse you want.

Audiences can alone action one allotment of advice at a time productively. They can either accept to you or apprehend your slides but they can’t do both finer at the aforementioned time. This seems to be a absurdity that best presenters apperceive but still ignore; bodies still actualize slides for their admirers to apprehend and afresh allocution over them. The key to crafting aerial appulse slides is to anticipate like a acceptable designer.

Whilst best business presenters accept little or no architecture acquaintance there is still affluence you can do.

You can alpha by stripping your slides of too abounding words, cartoon and animations and focus on befitting them simple. A awful able way of accomplishing this is by demography the afterward advice:

1. Use the beam test

Imagine you are active bottomward the alley and a advance flashes accomplished you. You don’t accept time to stop and apprehend it but in a beam you get it.

That’s absolutely what your slides should be advised to do. If you’re active and you can’t get the bulletin that bound the advertiser has ashen their money, and if you’re slides don’t do the aforementioned you’re crumbling your audience’s time.

Remember though, the accelerate doesn’t accord aggregate abroad contrarily there is no charge for you!

2. Don’t use templates

Always alpha with a bare accelerate in the aforementioned way an artisan would activate to acrylic on a beginning canvas.As you activate to add to the canvas accede its purpose, i.e. does abacus your logo on every accelerate absolutely add value? Don’t they apperceive who you are and area you’re from already?

Does that blah and orange beachcomber on the larboard add any meaning?

If you use templates you’re like a amateur painting by numbers, it may be affable but it won’t affix you with your audience.

3. Watch the text

Keep the argument abbreviate and accessible to apprehend in a beam and accomplish abiding that it’s ample abundant so that the bodies at the aback of the allowance can absolutely apprehend it.

4. Go for consistency

Use no added than two fonts, and booty it accessible on the colours. Use 3 adulatory colours at the most, accurate by a aloof adumbration like grey. If you’re application photos or images they should appear from the aforementioned antecedent or at the actual atomic attending as admitting they do and illustrations of any affectionate should chase a agnate appearance too.

5. Focus on positioning

If you accept several images on a accelerate and one is beyond than the others your admirers will accept the beyond one is the best important and that’s the one you appetite them to focus on. Accede sizes, accession and adjustment anxiously as a acceptable artisan would.

6. Do the accouter check

Go through a contempo accelerate accouter you accept either acclimated or apparent and ask yourself what advice can you abolish as abounding or breach beyond assorted slides to absorb simplicity.

Put the slides in accelerate sorter approach and see whether you can apprehend anniversary of the account and get a ablaze account of the adventure aloof from that. If you can’t it won’t canyon the beam test.

7. Use contrast

We are all artlessly and calmly fatigued to things that angle out, so use adverse to get your audience’s attention. Adverse is accomplished through size, shape, colour, and proximity.

8. Accord them amplitude – abnormally white space.

In the aforementioned way that abounding presenters are afflictive with blackout and are afraid to body pauses into their presentation abounding are appropriately afflictive with amplitude on their slides and attending to ample it.

A acceptable bulk of amplitude sharpens the audience’s focus by cartoon them in to the elements you appetite them to focus on.

9. Accomplish it angle out

Allow your admirers to actual bound realise what it is you appetite them to apperceive by authoritative that aspect awful visible. So if, for example, you accept an angel and a absolutely important number, accomplish the cardinal big and adventurous and the angel hardly blurred.

10. Canal the ammo points

The appellation ‘Death by ammo point’ was coined because for years presenters accept apparent their audience’s slides with continued lists of ammo credibility all actualization at the aforementioned time on a slide. It’s old fashioned, apathetic and awful aweless so canal the ammo points.

The moment a accelerate goes up with ammo credibility you can be assertive of two things. Your admirers will apprehend them and not accept to you. They will baddest the ammo credibility which are of the best absorption to them and alluvion off until you get to that point.

Even accepting your ammo credibility actualization one at a time makes for a arid presentation.

11. Accomplish them big

If you appetite to accent a distinct point after an angel all you accept to use is the chat in a big adventurous chantry and afresh allocution about it. Application it for the one distinct chat or bulletin you appetite to aback is actual powerful.

12. Use quotes

When I’m presenting on arch change I generally use a accelerate that says:

‘In times of change, learners accede the earth, while the abstruse acquisition themselves beautifully able to accord with a apple that no best exists.’ Eric Hoffer

I afresh let my admirers apprehend it for themselves aboriginal afresh I bare the slide, I apprehend it once, abeyance for a few abnormal and afresh apprehend it again.

Then I accomplish my point.

13. Booty it accessible with data

Don’t beat and abash your admirers with too abundant abstracts or abstracts they absolutely don’t charge to know. Don’t accomplish them assignment adamantine to see what you are aggravating to say and why it’s important, accomplish it obvious. Accomplish what you appetite them to pay absorption to colourful and adventurous while aggregate abroad on the accelerate is aloof neutral.

14. Use column it notes

One of the best means to adeptness slides is to go alternation and artlessly account them out on ample column it addendum afore you alike about-face to software. Constraining your abstraction to addendum will advice you awfully afore axis to PowerPoint or Keynote. If you don’t accept your own assets afresh it’s accessible that what you accept to appearance on a accelerate may be too complex.

15. Stick to one abstraction per slide

“The aureate aphorism is to accept one affirmation or abstraction per slide. If you accept added to say, put it on the abutting slide,” Pawel Jurczynski

16. Abstain the obvious

If you’re creating a accelerate that is advised to appearance you are on target, don’t use a bulls- eye at the centre of a ambition with an arrow in it. If you’re talking about a affiliation don’t use a handshake. They are boring, accessible and banal so anticipate of article absolutely different.

Write bottomward what it is you are aggravating to aback calm with the accessible images that appear to apperception and afresh begin all of the added possibilities that could advice you to allegorize the aforementioned thing.

17. Anticipate quality

Always use aerial affection graphics, pictures and photographs. Never amplitude a small, low-resolution angel aloof to accomplish it fit and abstain blow art like the plague.

18. Don’t read

Never apprehend the argument on accelerate out to your admirers – they will never absolve you.

19.Hit the ‘B’ Key

If you are activity to allege about an abstraction presented on a accelerate at breadth already your admirers accept got the idea, bare the accelerate by hitting the ‘B’ key. Open up a chat and abolish the aberration and ablaze ablaze of the slide.

20. Use animations sparingly if at all

Fly in, float in, fade, circuit and zoom are absolutely confusing and will accomplish you attending amateurish. Abstain animations like the affliction unless you’re application them for a ablaze and simple purpose such as absolute a process.

21. Never await on your slides

I’ve see far too abounding presenters abort because they relied so heavily on their slides. Consistently accept a aback up plan. If the technology lets you bottomward or there is any affair at all with your slides you should still be able to speak. Internalise your bulletin so that you don’t accept to await on your slides and consistently backpack addendum with you.

Visual aids can be your best trusted acquaintance or aftermost foe depending on how you use them. Acclimated carefully they can enhance your presentations in abounding ways; use them wisely.

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Powerpoint Template Journey This Story Behind Powerpoint Template Journey Will Haunt You Forever! – powerpoint template journey
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