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Earlier blogs accept covered PnP use cases for simple deployments of a distinct switch.  This blog covers the architecture and automatic deployment of a complete annex infrastructure. There will be no charge to affix to the Command Band Interface (CLI) of any device.

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In this example, Enterprise Arrangement Compute Server (ENCS) is acclimated to host the basic arrangement function(s).  This simple archetype has alone a distinct function, an ISR router (ISRv).  This could calmly be continued to accommodate Cisco and third affair basic arrangement functions.

The archetype shows automatic accessories of both basic (ISRv) and concrete (Catalyst 9300).  There are two admission amid the ISRv and the 9300.  This could be simplified, but the two affiliation archetypal provides all choices of admission amid the ENCS active ISRv and the 9300 (L2, L3, PortChannel, ECMP etc).

DNA Center provides the automation accoutrement for this deployment. There are three capital accomplish illustrated below:

This archetype assumes the architecture has been complete (just to appearance how simple it is).  I will arise aback to the architecture after on.

This archetype assumes a new ENCS accessory has been affiliated to the WAN, and it is able to ascertain DNA Center.  It will arise as an bearding accessory beneath the accessories workflow.  Accouterment -> Bearding Devices

Next footfall is to baddest the nfvis accessory (nfvis is the absence name for the device), and affirmation it.  All that is appropriate is a site, in this archetype “Brisbane”.  Bang Apply.

Click on the account tab, and you will anon see the accessory added to inventory, but in the “unprovisioned” state.

Now to accouterment the ENCS based on the arrangement contour in the architecture phase.

Select the device, again go up to the “Actions” card and baddest “provision”.  This will activate the accessories workflow.

In the aboriginal step, there is little to do, unless you are accessories assorted accessories at once.  The capital affair to bethink is the “Next” button at the basal of the awning to advance to the abutting step.

Step 2 (router WAN) is breadth the WAN interface for the ISRv is done.  Bang on the baby amphitheater that links the ENCS to the WAN.  Again ample in capacity for the IP address, WAN interface on ENCS, and bandwidth.

Step 3 is the Integrated About-face configuration. ENCS has congenital in about-face with up to eight ports.   In this archetype there are centralized networks map to the two vlans.  In this example,  vlan 20 (service) is mapped to the service-net on ISRv and apparent on interface GigabitEthernet1/0 on the ENCS switch.  Similarly, vlan 10 mapps to mgmt-net and interface GigabitEthernet1/1 on the ENCS switch.

The final footfall is to analysis and deploy.

After a abbreviate aeon of time, the ENCS will be provisioned, which will actualize all of the centralized networking and circuit up the ISRv, and add it to the inventory.  You can analysis on the cachet of the accessories by beat on the hotlink on the far larboard of the ENCS entry.  Note additionally the ISRv is added, but not yet provisioned.

The aforementioned workflow is followed for configuring the ISRv. In this archetype a pre-defined agreement arrangement will be applied.  The arrangement was authentic and activated during the architecture phase.  This is absolutely the aforementioned workflow as with the ENCS.

Firstly, baddest the ISRv, goto accomplishments and baddest provision.

Step 1 is aloof a preview.

Step 2 is the router WAN configuration.  Again there is annihilation to configure actuality as WAN agreement was done in the ENCS workflow.

Step 3 is the Router LAN configuration.  In this deployment, the router has a band three affiliation (routed, OSPF) to the after Cat 9300, so this is not absolutely required.  In this case Gig3 appears in the dropdown card as it has a “LAN” tag.  Aloof baddest DHCP and the distinct abode pool.  These arise from the ENCS configuration.

Due to the deployment archetypal (the account arrangement is activity to be acclimated to affix to the switch, rather than the LAN network), these settings do not absolutely matter.  In added deployment models, they are.

Step 4 is the custom agreement template.  In this example, there are no accessory specific variables in the template.  If there were, they would be abounding in here.

Final footfall is to analysis and deploy.

Once deployment starts, it can be monitored in the aforementioned way as ENCS.

The end aftereffect is the ISRv will be deployed, and due to the DHCP agreement on the device, the Catalyst  9300 will additionally use PnP to automatically accouterment based on a pre-defined rule.   There are now three accessories in the inventory.  You will apprehension the ISRv is “Out of date” as I fabricated some changes to the agreement arrangement post-deployment.  The 9300 is not absolutely provisioned as it has a day 0 configuration.

I now accept a absolutely deployed branch.

This breadth shows the abundant agreement and how to ascertain the arrangement profile, forth with ENCS/ISRv templates.  The templates augment the abject configuration.

There are options breadth a distinct affiliation can be acclimated to affix the 9300 and the ENCS.  In this scenario, there are limitations about cartography (for archetype anchorage approach will not auto-negotiate).  Application the administration interface to PnP accouterment the switch, agency any agreement can be activated to the advanced console ports, after defective to authorize connectivity first.

For archetype in the L3 connection, there is no absence avenue provided to the 9300. It can alone acquaint to the alfresco apple already OSPF is configured and comes up via the advanced console ports.

In this case the account arrangement and the administration networks are actuality acclimated and the LAN arrangement is not required.  When added casework such as firewall are used, the casework arrangement would articulation the router and the firewall and the LAN interface affix to the firewall.

The complete cartography is configured via a arrangement profile, and absolutely automatic by DNA Center.

Three IP abode pools are appropriate for provisioning. They are:

The accepted subnet masks are actual generous, and would be optimized depending on the deployment scenario.

While best of the ENCS agreement is automated, added agreement can be supplied in a template.  This allows capabilities that are not accurate in the architecture workflow to be implemented. For archetype PortChannel on the about-face ports. Currently, the about-face vlan are used, but not authentic via the design.  The ‘encs’ arrangement contains these added commands.

This arrangement is acclimated to configure the ISRv router. This is an addendum to the abject configuration, which includes aggregate to accomplish the router accountable by DNA Center. Although ospf is configured on the router, we charge to change the networks that are advertised. DHCP scopes to acquiesce PnP for the about-face and the account interface for the 9300 about-face are additionally defined.

This is the agreement arrangement for the 9300 switch. This arrangement will be acclimated in a PnP rule.

To actualize a armpit profile, Design->Network Profiles -> Add Profile

Select the blazon as “Routing & NFV”.  The aboriginal step  will be to accept the blazon of accessory and the WAN connections.  Account Provider Contour is authentic beneath Architecture -> Arrangement Settings -> SP Profiles.

You will additionally charge to configure the WAN affiliation from the accessory to the WAN cloud.

Finish by alteration the  services.

Editing casework is breadth you add the VNF (ISRv) and configure the centralized networking.   Make abiding you accept uploaded an ISRv angel into the angel athenaeum first, so you can chose the VNF contour for the ISRv.

Next footfall is to bang on the service-net and the mgmt-net and add a vlan tag, as able-bodied as accomplish it an admission network.

In my case, service-net = vlan 20 and mgmt-net = vlan 10

Step two is to configure the affiliation amid the ISR and the switch.  In this case it is L3.  The agreement is OSPF and the cardinal is 100.

Third footfall is to configure the VLAN on the switch. In this case, both vlan 10 and 20 are used.

Finally, analysis the arbitrary and save.

The alone affair appropriate to do is to add a armpit to the profile.

Once the desing and deployment is completed, the architecture can be absolute by abutting to the 9300 router.  The OSPF analytical has been accustomed amid the 9300 and the ISRv.

The 9300 and ISR are affiliated over an L2 articulation with the analytical point on an SVI – vlan 1. It is actual simple to change g1/0/1 to a baffled interface, or to run an etherchanel underneath, depending on requirements.

This blog shows the automatic deployment of concrete and basic arrangement accessories in a branch. Automation is acclimated to arrange the arrangement functions (ISRv router) on an ENCS 5400 and Plug and Play is acclimated to configure the 9300 switch.  Added models could additionally be used.

You can apprentice added about Plug and Play on my blog site.

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