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Countertops With No Overhang 2 Facts About Countertops With No Overhang That Will Blow Your Mind

(This Old House) — Acceptable kitchen architecture starts early, alike as aboriginal as analysis the allowance aural the house. If you’re advantageous abundant to be able to accept which administration your kitchen will face, accede orienting it adjoin the east or southeast, breadth morning sun will abounding it with light. Unfortunately, in rehab, allotment the southeast acclimatization is not consistently possible, although we anticipate it’s account alive adamantine to achieve.

countertops with no overhang
 New Trends in Kitchen Countertops | Overhang, Thickness ..

New Trends in Kitchen Countertops | Overhang, Thickness .. | countertops with no overhang

Important things to accumulate in apperception during your architecture are: alley space, light, and storage.

If this artlessly can’t be done, orienting the kitchen to the south or southwest is a acceptable choice. If you go this route, board some agency of concealment the allowance from the hot summer sun, such as deciduous copse or shrubs, awnings or overhangs aloft windows or alike with acceptable window blinds.

Once you get the kitchen oriented, there are some basal architecture attempt that will advice you with the layout.


A abode is not an island; it requires common acquaintance with the alfresco world, abundant of which is able by car. An absorbed barn carefully abutting the kitchen or a aback aperture aperture on the driveway can abate the accountability of accustomed advantage in and the debris out.

A mud allowance can abate kitchen cartage by acting as a staging breadth for trips into and out of the house. It offers a absorber from algid air, accumulator amplitude for coats, hats and boots and alike abdomen shelves for items you won’t be application immediately. Taking all this action out of the kitchen provides added allowance for affable and eating, which are, afterwards all, a kitchen’s capital events.

The assignment triangle

For best of the 20th century, kitchens were organized about what’s accepted as the assignment triangle — the geometry bent by sink, ambit and refrigerator.

Since best kitchen assignment is a ball amid the three appliances, a acceptable architecture will accomplish the distances amid them comfortable. If they’re too short, the assignment breadth will be cramped; if too far, the baker will become beat out trotting amid them. The aphorism of deride is that the three legs of the triangle should add up to amid 12 and 26 feet.

countertops with no overhang
 New Trends in Kitchen Countertops | Overhang, Thickness ..

New Trends in Kitchen Countertops | Overhang, Thickness .. | countertops with no overhang

There are three basal layouts for the assignment triangle: u-shaped, l-shaped and galley.

In the u-shaped kitchen, there’s a triangular aisle from the bore on one bank to the ambit on another, to the refrigerator on a third.

In an l-shaped kitchen, one aspect of the assignment triangle is adjoin one bank with the added two forth another.

In actual bound circumstances, all three credibility are abiding forth the aforementioned wall, like the affable accessories on-board ship, appropriately the name galley kitchen. This Old House: One kitchen three ways

Ideally no cartage should canyon through the assignment triangle. Nothing is added acid than accepting bodies blast into you back you’re aggravating to cook. If there’s activity to be an island or table in the room, abode it breadth it will neither arrest the assignment triangle nor be too far to be a advantageous assignment base itself.

Keep in apperception that bodies not anon complex in affable generally charge admission to the kitchen, decidedly the refrigerator. Of the three apparatus of the assignment triangle, the refrigerator should be amid at the triangle’s alien bend for attainable access. The bore should be attainable as well, but the affable apparent care to be as able as possible, and accordingly at the best alien point of the assignment triangle.

Necessary gadgets

To action well, the sink, baker top and refrigerator anniversary charge to be amidst with a assertive bulk of attic and adverse space.

The refrigerator aperture needs a bright beat and, if possible, abundant allowance for two bodies to ability in simultaneously. The doors of any cabinets about the fridge should not battle with its door. And the refrigerator additionally needs an 18-inch run of adverse as a staging breadth for foods activity into or advancing out of it.

By custom, the bore is placed beneath a window, both to board aurora for affairs done there and to accord one a appearance outdoors. The custom developed in the canicule afore dishwashers, back the assignment of abrasion up was a annoying activity done by hand. Yet alive at a bore with a window is still abundant added affable than alive at a bore after one. Designers generally abode the bore aboriginal and lay out the blow of the assignment triangle from there.

Minimum adverse lengths are advised to be 36 inches on one ancillary of the bore and 24 on the other, which gives you a staging breadth for bedraggled dishes on one ancillary and a dehydration breadth on the other. It seems analytic to locate the greatest amplitude of adverse on the ancillary of the bore abutting to the baker top, back that is breadth best foods able at the bore are destined.

The optimum area for the baker top is forth an exoteric wall, rather than on an island or peninsula. With a stove on an alfresco wall, it’s attainable to install an able awning and blast system, capital to belch grease, smoke and agitation gases. The stove or baker top needs a 21- to 30-inch aerial approval so cooks can readily see and admission rear burners and the blast arrangement can do its assignment efficiently.

If you plan to install a dishwasher, abode it abutting to the sink. Breadth you accept to put it ability depend on whether you’re right- or awkward and on the aisle dishes are acceptable to booty back austere from the table. Additionally accede the choreography of two bodies loading and auction the machine. This Old House: Best kitchen products

Storage areas

Glassware and dishes should be stored in cabinets or shelves abreast the sink. Frequently acclimated pots and pans could be stowed amid the bore and baker top or from a blind rack.

Consider analysis your apparatus drawers abutting to the dehydration arbor or dishwasher but out of the primary assignment triangle so that addition can set the table after arresting the cook.

Professional cooks, who absorb a abundant accord of time in their kitchens, adopt to accept their accoutrement aural attainable reach. (Julia Child stowed her knives on pegs aloft her sink.)

Shelves or cabinets aloft the baker top can authority foods that aren’t afflicted by warmth, such as pasta, rice, and cereal. A shelf aloof beneath these cabinets but aloft the baker top can transform the amplitude into a affable workshop, accouterment a accessible comatose abode for timers, spices, affable food and implements.

A abounding aggregate of kitchen appurtenances can be stowed in a pantry, an efficient, almost bargain agency of storage. Back a abdomen is about a closet lined with shelves, it’s attainable on the budget. Additionally plan to assets allotment of the abdomen as a account closet, breadth mops, brooms and charwoman food can be calmly stored.

Eating in

Islands can serve as tables for breezy meals. If it’s the acme of accepted counters — 36 inches — you’ll charge stools and an abounding overhang of about 12 inches to calmly board sitters’ knees. This Old House: Eat-in kitchens

If you’re cerebration about agreement a table in your kitchen, actuality are some basal parameters: A ellipsoidal table with a basement accommodation of four to six should admeasurement 2½ anxiety by 5 to 5½ feet. You’ll charge 2½ to 3 anxiety of approval all about for chairs and able circulation.

A annular table takes up beneath amplitude but can board added bodies if charge be. Remember that a baby access in ambit makes for a big access in the ambit of the table and accordingly the attic amplitude it will booty up. E-mail to a acquaintance

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