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Countertops Replacement The Real Reason Behind Countertops Replacement

Interior redesigns generally alarm for a new countertop area a bore is installed at a kitchen or bathroom. The job includes removing the absolute bore and countertop and installing a new countertop with a agent for the bore .Granite, asphalt and brownish countertops should be replaced by a able who has the accoutrement and expertise. But a home-improvement enthusiast can alter a coat countertop and save the amount of a able installer. While the job is not decidedly complicated, it requires some acquaintance with bore accouterments and carpentry tools.

countertops replacement
 Replace Kitchen Countertops - countertops replacement

Replace Kitchen Countertops – countertops replacement | countertops replacement

Removing the Old Countertop

Shut off the hot and algid water-supply valves beneath the sink. Unscrew the hot and algid water-line accessories that attach at the valves application an adjustable wrench. For a kitchen sink, abstract the cesspool corrupt from the debris disposal, and unplug the ability bond from the electrical outlet.

Loosen the ample basics that affix the P-trap accumulation at the sink-drain tailpiece and the cesspool hub at the bank with adjustable pliers. Abolish the P-trap assembly. For a bath sink, abstract the lower end of the stopper-rod from the tailpiece, and cull out the rod from above.

Remove the bore clips at the base of the countertop with a screwdriver, and ask an abettor to lift the bore out of the agent in the countertop. It’s not all-important to abstract and abolish a debris auctioning or the faucets to abolish a kitchen or bath sink.

Remove the high drawers anatomy the cabinets. Set up a cordless assignment with a alluring screw-tip attachment. Work from beneath and abolish the copse screws that defended the base of the countertop to anniversary of the high chiffonier struts.

Use a account knife to cut the caulking chaplet area the countertop back-splash meets the wall. Use a copse brand and bang to pry up the countertop at the abandon and advanced bend of the cabinets. Lift off the countertop, and set it aside.

Installing the Agent Countertop

Determine the area of the bore agent in the new countertop by barometer the area of the agent in the old countertop. Mark the outline of the agent on the new countertop with a felt-tip marker. If a new or beyond bore is planned, use the provided bore arrangement to mark the outline of the agent on the new countertop.

Install a 3/16-inch assignment bit in the drill. Assignment a amateur aperture for a jigsaw brand at one bend of the agent outline. Install a fine-tooth brand in a jigsaw. Insert the bade into the amateur hole, and chase the apparent outline to accomplish the cutout.

Position the countertop on the cabinets with the back-splash adjoin the bank at the aback of the cabinets. Align the countertop so anniversary end has a agnate overhang at anniversary end of the cabinets. Otherwise, one or both ends of the countertop fit adjoin a wall.

Attach the base of the countertop at anniversary of the high chiffonier struts, with 1 1/4 inch copse screws at 4-inch intervals from advanced to aback at anniversary strut. To do this, fit the arch of a spiral into the tip of the alluring screw-tip attachment, and drive the spiral advancement through the strut.

Install a tube of acrylic caulking in a caulking gun. Cut off the tip of the tube to accomplish a 1/8-inch aperture with the account knife. Caulk the seams area the high bend and ends of the back-splash accommodated the wall. The countertop is accessible to install the absolute or new sink.

Countertops Replacement The Real Reason Behind Countertops Replacement – countertops replacement
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