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Star Wars: The Acceleration of Skywalker has accepted to be arguable for a cardinal of reasons, and it’s now been appear that yet addition fan-favourite appearance was dead off…and cipher alike noticed!

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In Acknowledgment of the Jedi, we met Nien Nunb, an conflicting who served as Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon. Back then, he’s become article of a fan-favourite and additionally concluded up arena a accessory role in the aftereffect trilogy. Well, his time has appear to an end, because the columnist of The Acceleration of Skywalker: Expanded Edition atypical has accepted that Nunb died during the action of Exegol. 

Apparently, afterwards Emperor Palpatine hurled his Force lightning into the sky above, the Tantive IV fell from the sky and clashing Poe Dameron and abounding of the added Resistance fighters, the admired conflicting and his co-pilot Urcos Furdam were clumsy to achieve ascendancy of the address and died as it exploded.

What a way to go, eh? 

Perhaps the better accident actuality is the Tantive IV actuality absolutely destroyed admitting it authoritative its abruptness acknowledgment in The Acceleration of Skywalker. According to the biographer of the aloft book, this is a moment which can absolutely be credible in the cine itself, so we’ll accept to adjust through that arrangement already it arrives on Blu-ray to see if that is absolutely the case. 

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When the Afterlife Star II exploded aloft the backwoods moon of Endor, the planet should accept been larboard covered in ablaze wreckage, right? Well, according to this book, there are a lot of “hyperspace anomalies” in the Modell area and that meant the charcoal of The Emperor’s greatest weapon landed elsewhere.

Ker Bif, however, didn’t get so advantageous and the Afterlife Star II bits attenuated the world’s ocean and dead off abounding breed as a result. Luckily, that’s not a fate that befell our favourite Ewoks! 

The Sith Troopers end up accomplishing appealing abundant annihilation in The Acceleration of Skywalker and aren’t absolutely all that altered to approved Stormtroopers. Interestingly, Emperor Palpatine has alleged anniversary of the Final Order’s legions afterwards the Siths of old, abounding of whom are Expanded Universe/Legends characters who accept now been fabricated assize afresh as a result. 

Those are Revan, Andeddu, Tanis, Tenebrous, Desolous, and Phobos, and it’s fair to say that best admirers will be decidedly aflame by the acknowledgment of Knights of the Old Republic standout, Darth Revan. Andeddu hails from the Tails of the Jedi banana book, Tenebrous was Darth Plagueis’ Master, and both Desolous and Phobos were alien in The Force Unleashed.

As for Tanis, that’s a new conception who congenital a weapon of some array on the planet Malachor. 

The aboriginal few account of The Acceleration of Skywalker adept by as Kylo Ren retrieves the Wayfinder and advance bottomward Emperor Palpatine. However, what the cine doesn’t acknowledge is that the planet the villain finds that accessory on is absolutely Mustafar (where Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader). 


The planet looks altered because it’s been “healing” in contempo years and the armoured creatures Ren takes bottomward with his lightsaber are absolutely cultists alleged Alazmec who colonised Mustafar and accept been attention the area of Darth Vader’s castle. That’s area that Wayfinder is located. 

At the end of The Last Jedi, Luke is able to activity himself beyond the Galaxy and the accomplishment of that is what ultimately kills him. Of course, there was antecedent for a adeptness like that in the “Expanded Universe” and that’s now been fabricated assize acknowledgment to the Visual Dictionary. 

This address was based on one baffled by a breed alleged the Fallanassi (introduced in a 1996 atypical alleged Afore the Storm) and article Luke abstruse from his Jedi texts. 

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According to this book, Luke basically “poured” his spirit from the Active Force into the Cosmic Force and that accustomed him to arch that massive ambit beyond the Galaxy. However, the ancillary aftereffect of that is that it meant surrendering himself over to the Force entirely, casual on from the bitter apple in the process, appropriately why he concluded up dying.  

Lando’s role in The Acceleration of Skywalker proves to be almost accessory and a rumoured subplot about his babe actuality baseborn from him by The Aboriginal adjustment aback she was a adolescent is boilerplate to be seen. The Visual Dictionary confirms that he acclimatized on Pasaana way aback back and that he had a babe who was absolutely baseborn from him by The Aboriginal Adjustment in animus for his role in the old wars. 

It turns out that The Force Awakens’ Starkiller Abject was absolutely housed on a planet alleged Ilum which, if you’re a fan of The Clone Wars, should be accustomed to you. The planet’s amount was fabricated up of Kyber Crystals which goes some way in answer how The Aboriginal Adjustment were able to weaponise it.

This additionally clears up why the villains didn’t aloof body addition weapon on a altered planet.  

Rey uses the age-old Jedi texts she blanket from Luke Skywalker to apprentice added about Exegol but this book confirms that there’s a lot added the hero has abstruse from them. Apparently, these books alike advertence the Apple Amid Worlds from Star Wars Rebels which Ezra Bridger acclimated to cull Ashoka Tano through time and save her from Darth Vader. 

There’s been belief that Rey and Kylo Ren’s affiliation as a “Force Dyad” is acknowledgment to the Apple Amid Worlds (which is allegedly additionally accepted as the “Vergence Scatter” and “Chain Worlds Theorem”) but it’s not accepted either way here. 

Luke Skywalker started training his nephew Ben Solo 19 years afore the abolition of The Aboriginal Order’s Starkiller abject and he was ten years old aback his mother aboriginal beatific him off to alternation with her brother. Interestingly, the book confirms that Rey was built-in that actual year (meaning she’s a decade younger). 

Luke’s Jedi Temple, meanwhile, was destroyed aback Kylo Ren was 23, acceptation that Luke had accomplished him for thirteen years afore aggregate went amiss and he abutting up with Snoke.  

Luke’s lightsaber was broken in bisected during The Last Jedi but by the time The Acceleration of Skywalker begins, it’s been reforged. Fixing the alien carapace can’t accept been that adamantine but what about the Kyber Crystal inside? 

Well, this book explains that Rey absolutely acclimated the healing admiral we saw throughout this blur to fix it and she abstruse of it through the books she took from Luke. This would explain how she knows to advice that serpent in the tunnels and afterwards save Kylo Ren afterwards cutting him with his lightsaber.


The Acceleration of Skywalker never bothers to explain why Accepted Hux would so agreeably abandon The Aboriginal Adjustment but The Visual Dictionary reveals that an adventure over Batuu (the planet Disney World/Disneyland allure Galaxy’s Edge is based on) is what acquired his accord with Kylo Ren to absolutely abatement apart.  

Here’s an absorbing acknowledge for you. The abstraction of a Dyad is new to the Star Wars Universe but this book addendum that we’ve credible this adeptness before, admitting with a altered name: The Aphorism of Two.

We aboriginal abstruse of that in the prequel leash aback it was appear that there can alone be a Sith Adept and Apprentice at one time but it sounds like the absolute acumen the brand of Darth Bane and Darth Sidious acclimated this aphorism was to try and actualize a Dyad for the Sith. However, in The Acceleration of Skywalker, a Dyad acutely came into actuality for the Light ancillary of the Force instead.  

Near the end of The Acceleration of Skywalker, we see a address that looks an abominable lot like A New Hope’s Tantive IV. Well, that’s absolutely what it is and it turns out that the Empire didn’t abort it afterwards it fell into their possession. Instead, it was hidden abroad in a aerodrome in the Yarma arrangement afore a above Imperial Senator who was affectionate to the Resistance handed it over to Leia Organa as a gift.  

We see one of The Final Order’s Star Destroyers use a cannon to abort a planet but they’re not absolutely application adaptable Afterlife Star technology. Instead, it uses its own capital reactor to carry off activity to barrage a alternation of bursts which can afresh be accursed at a planet like Kijimi. This additionally goes some way in answer why their abolition leads to the Star Destroyers themselves afresh alarming up. 

During Rey’s action with Emperor Palpatine, we see that they’re in a amphitheater of some array which is abounding of hooded bodies we never apprentice any added about. Well, they’re reportedly Sith Eternal cultists/worshippers who are active on Exegol and accomplishing the Emperor’s behest (many admirers accept speculated that they adeptness be clones but it appears not). 

Oh, and if you’re apprehensive why The Final Adjustment agile appears to be fabricated up of almost adolescent people, it’s because the Sith Troopers are absolutely the accouchement of the Sith loyalists who were aloft from bearing to “revere the adeptness of the aphotic side.” As a result, they’re fanatics, and this could go some way in answer why their soldiers weren’t that great. 

The Acceleration of Skywalker makes advertence to Poe Dameron’s time as a Spice Runner on Kijimi but it’s adamantine to amount out aback he would accept had time to do that seeing as she’s declared to accept been a New Republic pilot (inspired by his Rebel Alliance hero parents) afore abutting the Resistance. 

Well, it turns out that he ran abroad from his home on Yavin IV aback he was 16 and concluded up spending bristles years as a Spice Runner alongside Zorii Bliss afore chief to alternation with the New Republic. What led to that career change is acceptable actuality adored for a adventure that will be told elsewhere.  

It’s accepted for characters to get apparel changes from cine to cine in a authorization like this as, well, it sells toys. However, there’s a acumen for Rey’s new awning in The Acceleration of Skywalker. Apparently, she added the acceptable Alderaan awning as a way of advantageous account to her new Jedi Master, Leia Organa. It’s a nice blow and one which at atomic provides a adventure account for the change. 

The Resistance is ambuscade out on Ajan Kloss aback the cine begins and it’s a planet which was absolutely begin by Alderaanian scouts anon afore the Galactic Civil War. As a result, it became a bastion for that planets Royal Family and was anesthetized to Leia afterward the afterlife of her parents. 

Luke Skywalker accomplished his aboriginal bearing of Jedi there (along with Leia) and it sounds like he may accept alike taken the adolescent Ben Solo there at one point as able-bodied during his antecedent training. 

Now that we apperceive The Emperor was affairs Supreme Leader Snoke’s strings, this apparently shouldn’t appear as a surprise. However, what is abrupt is that Palpatine absolutely started Terraforming Ilum aloof one year afterwards the Empire was formed and it’s bright that he consistently planned to try and actualize addition adverse weapon while assignment connected on the aboriginal Afterlife Star. 

This additionally ties The Aboriginal Adjustment to the Empire and goes some way in assuming how Palpatine was consistently affairs the strings from abaft the scenes alike afterwards his credible afterlife in Acknowledgment of the Jedi. 

The Knights of Ren are appealing abundant a non-factor in The Acceleration of Skywalker but, uh, we do acquisition out that they accept actual addled boots! Thankfully, the accepted The Acceleration of Kylo Ren banana book is fleshing them out a little added as does this Visual Dictionary for the cine as we apprentice assuredly apprentice their names.

Vicrul: He sees himself as the reaper of the collapsed and the agriculturalist of souls. Growing in the Aphotic Ancillary with every activity he takes, this low-level Force user (like the blow of the Knights) has the adeptness to accepted abhorrence in those he’s hunting. 

Cardo: A angry warrior who makes acceptable use of arm cannons, flamethrowers, and assorted added weapons, he additionally serves as the armorer for his adolescent Knights and has an attraction with modifying weapons.  

Ushar: This decidedly awful affiliate of the accumulation believes in testing his victims and if they cartel appeal for mercy, he makes abiding to accord them a apathetic and aching afterlife address of his brand war club outfitted with active energy. 

Trudgen: Like any deranged consecutive killer, Trudgen enjoys demography trophies from his victims and as able-bodied as wielding a able vibrocleaver, his helmet additionally incorporates genitalia from a Afterlife Trooper helmet he took afterwards deating one of the appalling soldiers. 

Kuruk: A beatnik and a sniper, he additionally serves as the pilot for the Knights of Ren. 

Ap’lek: A adept strategist, he uses the Force to see through the smokescreens he uses to burrow his access and uses an age-old Mandalorian executioner’s axe as a weapon.  

Allegiant Accepted Pryde makes it bright that he already served Emperor Palpatine and the Empire and the Visual Dictionary confirms that he was built-in anon afore The Clone Wars. As a adolescent man, he accomplished in the Imperial Academy and was present for the Empire’s final angle at Jakku. 

Using his ability of the Emperor’s chicane to acceleration through the ranks of the Aboriginal Order, Pryde became one of Supreme Leader Snoke’s abutting allies and either knew he was alive for the collapsed Sith or that they were one and the aforementioned (it’s still not bright how that absolutely worked). 

This is conceivably added belief than annihilation abroad but one of the coarse attractive characters we see on Kijimi is alleged as an age-old compensation hunter alleged “Rothgar Deng.” It said that he’s application an alias and abundant capacity are provided to accomplish us anticipate that this is absolutely a abundant earlier Dengar, the abominable compensation hunter who has been operating back The Clone Wars abounding decades ago.  

Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Compass appeared in Star Wars: Battlefront II and afterwards showed up in The Last Jedi. Now, it’s been appear that it’s absolutely the Jedi agnate of a Wayfiner, appropriately how the Jedi Adept was able to use it to acquisition Ahch-To, the aboriginal Jedi Temple. As retcons go, this is a able one which ties absolutely a few artifice accoutrement calm to ensure these Wayfinders accomplish sense.  

This latest Visual Dictionary reveals a new timeline both for the aftereffect leash and alike the prequels. Now, the “Starkiller Incident” is actuality acclimated to explain how abounding years accept anesthetized amid key adventures in the Star Wars timeline with “Before Starkiller Incident” and “After Starkiller Incident” acclimated to differentiate amid aback things happened. Now, the movies are anachronous like this:


Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – 66BSI 

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones – 56BSI 

Star Wars: Episode III – Animus of the Sith – 53BSI 

Solo: A Star Wars Adventure – 44BSI 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story/A New Hope – 34BSI 

The Empire Strikes Aback – 31BSI 

Return of the Jedi – 30BSI 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens/Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 0ASI 

Star Wars: The Acceleration of Skywalker – 1ASI

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